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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Blogging Stuff

I'm moving advertisers around according to the readers usage and links. I'm just dicovering that I can ban Republican advertisements on my site through my Google Adsense. All this time I have been swearing at my monitor for no good reason. I'm learning how all this works and as I do learn I will grow. Isn't that something fresh and unique that you don't hear often enough. I get it from my five year old Casey who is going to graduate from Kindergarden in a week or two. She can read and is so proud to be able to do so. The Magical mystery of life revealed to my Casey. Look out world here she comes! I'm going to be the grumpy sob behind her when she takes the oath of office for President of the United States fourty some odd years from today.

For my friends at Google Adsense... NO REPUBLICAN CRAP ADVERTISEMENTS PLEASE!!!

I'm sure there is a link on my account to edit them but that was so much easier... more fun too.


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Interesting Reading on this one

Just for shits and giggles check out The Left Coaster. There is some seriously interesting reads on that site! Check it will not be disappointed! Interesting points of view from the left side of the isle.
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Unity08 and 2006 Elections

Having a third party is a major mistake for the country. It has been shown over and over again that when a third party runs it takes more votes from the Democrats than it will from the Republican’s and tosses the election squarely in the Republican’s favor. Just from my own perspective I do not want to get used to saying President Frist or Mccain?

This Unity08 that was talked about on the Washington Post is one of those ideas that on paper sounds pretty good but in practice is a disaster. It sounds like it would draw the middle of the isle democrats that are not willing to be as extreme left as the party sometime is referred to as. I’m sure Ralph I’m stealing this election from the Democrats Nader will run with his Purple People eater party and draw the extreme liberal Democrats away too. Just off the top of my head the numbers are not looking to good. I can see some Republicans drawn to it but I think they would be more likely to loose interest in the election and simply not vote rather than vote against the party. Given all the corruption from the select Republican’s that we have seen so far it is going to be a toss up if the disenfranchised Republican’s would vote Democrat or go with this Unity 08 party?

Somebody out there is going to have to come up with a somewhat accurate equation and formula to figure this all out because it’s giving me a headache.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Harry Reid on the Take?

I saw the bit on what the Mini Publicans tried to pin on the Dem’s today and especially Senator Harry Reid. Do they think that people are just stupid? They must because of all things they could have found they decided to go with the fact that the Senator and former BOXER accepted free tickets to a couple of boxing matches. Not that going to the fights was illegal or unethical but apparently the Senator was also working on legislation on gambling and boxing in of all places Nevada! He accepted the tickets within the rules allowed by the congress.

So does President Bush have Karl Rove in some back room going over every Dem’s gift lists and highlighting the questionable ones? I’d be willing to bet that Karl has the AP or Fox News on speed dial for the fax. This is what the Mini Publican strategy is going to be from now till the election. This Dem accepted this and that Dem accepted that. Karl is going to Bushafy (new terminology) the Dem’s gifts and campaign donations all over the press over and over and over. Karl is going to paint all of the leading Democrats as on the take just as bad if not worse as the Mini Publican’s. It will not matter that the entire story isn’t true. All that will matter is that the headline hits the front page. All that little Karl wants to see is the headline. Throw enough crap against the wall and something will stick. You have to ask yourself how many people will read the headlines and just the first paragraph?

It’s one of the oldest dirty tricks in politics there is. Check the papers and blogs and watch the headlines. I’m guessing that Karl is going to try and burn one new Democrat every week till November. Dem’s need to come up with a defense mechanism for this.
Just saying “Did not!” aint going to do it.


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Monday, May 29, 2006

Politics and going down

Okay, the long weekend is pretty much over. Place your bets on who goes down in flames this week. Somebody on the take in our nations capitol will be caught with the old chubby fingers in the cookie jar. Place your bets on who it will be next?

Somebody at the White House lifted the lid to reveal that Denny Hastert had his fingers in there but I don't know if he took a cookie or not? Politics being politics then I am betting that he has his hands in the wrong cookie jar and the White House pulled the silent alarm on him. Amazing how quickly he backed off on the power play from the White House.

We shall see...

Family front, we made it finally to the cemetary. Put some flowers in for Mom and Dad and tried to put some in for other relatives but someone beat us to it. That was refreshing. I planted one single flower on my Grand Mothers sisters family graves because it was barren but her other sister had serious attention. Finally, somebody put some flowers in and dressed up the grave nice. No need for my humble tribute to the sisters Murphy that came from Ireland so long ago.

My own Dad passed away in 2003 and I haven't had the money to engrave the stone to mark his departure from this world to the next. Local vets put flags out for the vets but Dad didn't get one this year. All he is missing is the year he passed on the stone. I forgot to bring one from home so I felt bad while three out of my five girls planted flowers for him and their Grandmother and Great Grand Parents.

Back soon...


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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Family Weekend...

Been a long day here with three out of five of the girls. Two of the girls slept over friends houses so we had enough of a break to take the remaining girls out for dinner and icecream. Dad of the group, that would be me, just had a bacon cheese burger at the nearest Dairy Queen which is about ten miles from the homestead in Worcester. Earlier in the day we sat at home watching War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise. The kids liked it, I knew how it ended so I had to keep my mouth shut on the ending which was killing me! Not that the kids are not learning about viruses and bugs on the microscopic level at school but Daddy had to explain at length what killed the invading aliens in the end.

Anywho, the two little ones crashed and burned into bed at seven thirty. The batteries of their little bodies just ran out of juice. My eight year old came home from her second home two houses down and she is crashed out on the couch right now. The oldest daughter is with friends on a camping weekend that could stretch into the long weekend. Mom went to bed early having her own batteries worn down too. So here I am typing away.

I've written several books in times like these. The house is finally quiet and I can create characters and conflict and turmoil and emotions to stir the mind. Most of the writers I know have the same feelings about the craft. It has to be quiet. Try that with five daughters in the house...not going to happen often. I'm still trying to get it published but not having much luck with it. I have a few friends that went the self publishing route and that didn't work out to well for them. If you have a book that is worth the work to get noticed then keep on trying to reach out to someone that can print your work the old fashioned way. Some of these self publishing houses tell a great story but then never back it up and leave the author hanging. I'm going to keep working on the traditional route. I may never find a publisher but then again if I don't try I won't either.

So I'm blogging to keep my fingers going and my mind focused and not having much luck here either. The site is building slowly and I know this is not an instant gratification outlet. For the most part I am pretty happy with how the site is doing. I've been at it for three months and according to my friends at Technorati I have eleven links. I can Google my nickname Papamoka and come up with a dozen pages of ten links or more each. I talk about every issue that comes up and give my honest opinion. Straight Talk is growing slowly. I want it to be unique and opinionated from my perspective but I will be the first one to say that I am an idiot. My opinions change from day to day. I learn, I change. Financially, the site sucks but that is what it is. I cleaned house on the advertisers that generated zero revenue. Not that the rest of them are benefiting the site either but according to the aggreements you have to go by you can not point out the advertisers that pay in anyway, form or intention. I love my T-Shirt guys but if you are not buying the product then they are not paying for the space. Catch twenty two so to speak.

Some advertisers work on a pay per click and others strictly work on a pay per sale. I'm not having much luck with either. I was on Crooks and Liars tonight and even they have a donation site so I am thinking seriously about going that route. Then again I was on another that blatantly pointed out his sponsors so I am a very much confused blogger.

This site is a side business for me. I'm a writer. I can spin some good articles out in no time at all on any subject and I enjoy doing it. It all eventually comes down to traffic on your site. I get on average according to my Google Adsense account about 76 hits a day. Not just from the US either, people all over the world are reading this blog. I've seen hits from Russia, Mexico, Germany, Singapore, Argentina, Great Britain, a ton from Canada and the list goes on and on. Which reminds me that my site counter isn't working right. It isn't picking up all the hits. Work, work, work...

I'm off to surf the net to find the fast forward button on traffic to your website. Legally of course. Tomorow I'm taking the girls that are home out to the cemetary to plant some flowers for my Mom and Dad and my wifes Mom. Icecream may come up as an avenue of entertainment for the long Memorial Day weekend again.

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Memorial Day 2006

I have the long weekend in the back of my mind. Many of folks forget what this weekend is all about but that is okay. If you spend the time with friends and family and enjoy one anothers company then you have paid tribute to the idea behind the holiday.

Somewhere off in this scary world of ours is and eighteen or nineteen year old son or daughter serving in our military that is going to lose their life to defend our right to put a hamburger on the grill and top it off with a wad of cheese. Add some ketchup or whatever condiment you want and you have a meal to love at a barbecue. Laughs and bonding with friends and family is what we are about and that is what I love about this country. That is what our kids in service to our country are wiling to give up their own life for. Mom or Dad, Grandpa or Grandma, sisters and brothers tossing horse shoes or bitching about the weather and enjoying one anothers company. America is a complex experiment and so many people forget that the ones that paid the greates price would do it over and over again to see just what the end result is. Freedom.

Thank a vet, I never had the priveldge to be one but my dad was my greatest hero for serving his county in not one war but two. Not once in my memory did he ever ask for thanks from his country, he just did what he and so many others voluntered to do. They served for the greater good.

Thank You Dad and all that served in the past and are serving today for this great nation of ours. God Bless You All!

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Bring the Troops Home

This story on MSNBC really pisses me off. Our kids are over there in a very hostile environment where at any moment they could be in the body bag or the person on the other end of the rifle could be. This stories headline screams out that all of our military kids fighting for their lives over there in Iraq are just blood thirsty criminals and they are NOT! They are our children that are serving our nation and they are the ones that get killed if they play by the rules as the F'n lawyers would have it. Get the damn ambulance chasing lawyers out of the battle field to make room for all the kids getting wounded that need our support. If even one of my own children were over there fighting for our President and his ideology to save the world then I would tell him or her to always shoot first and ask questions later! I want my kid to come home alive and not in a casket. War is hell and nobody can control what fighting troops will do at any time. Put yourself in the kill zone and what would you do?

Simple patriotic logic has gone out the window. Why don't we forget the mistakes of the past and instead of the politicians running the military that is trained to kill and win we should let the lawyers do it. "Sorry Saddam, illegal search and seizure we have to let you go and by the way you have one hell of a liable suit against the Kurds going for you. Call me we can do lunch. Not Tuesday because I have to defend Adolf Hitler. What a sweetheart kind of guy he is. You two could be brothers."

Our kids are not fighting against a uniformed army. Just like back in Vietnam, anyone could kill you or the next guy watching your back in an extremely hostile battle field. Journalism on the internet is cowadly and yellow without concern for our kids that are trying to survive another day or getting killed over there every day and I don't like it.

If you are going to put our kids in harms way and they have the ingrained and trained mind set to achieve the goal no matter the cost then you have to let them do as they were trained. Renegade incidents will happen and it should be up to the military to decide how best to deal with it. This is a time of war for our nation no matter what side of the fence you are on and broadcasting that our Marines are murderers is treason. We are at WAR! This screaming Liberal Democrat from Worcester, MA still remembers September eleventh every single day.

Bring the troops home and let the rest of the world take a stand on what is right or what is wrong. I am one man with one voice that will back our troops one hundred and ten percent. Iraq will go the way of Vietnam and they will live eventually under their own terms without Saddam. I think that is how it should be. Bring our troops home, this whole region of the world isn't worth it in the bigger picture. It's time to get them off our political back.

Bring the kids home and instead of funding a trillion dollar war lets put it into research on the next energy source for our country. Attention WPI, MIT, and all you other engineering schools of higher education. It is your turn to be patriotic and defend your country. Put your brains to work where your mouth is so heated and rightfully so against.


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Senator Specter or whatever...

I have to laugh. There I was watching the news tonight on CNN and Lou Dobbs had one of the Mini Publican Senators from Texas that voted against the immigration bill congratulating her for doing so. I'm one of those people that catches the sound bites of different Senators on different issues. I salute her also for voting against the bill from a middle of the isle point of view. What I thought was comical was what she said. Arlen Specter or whatever his name is that has been the front and center of the Mini Publicans on a tough border, fines for immigrants, and absolutely no amnesty no matter how it is disguised dumped 150 ammendments onto the vote. One of which is making it mandatory for our government to consult with Mexico before we do anything to secure our border! Got to love the two sided face of the Mini Publican's. Best thing to laugh at is that he is on the judicial committee. I love it when they load the gun for the firing squad of comedians.

Now that is how good government works. Tell you what you want to here and hope that nobody notices how you screwed the country over by stuffing the bill with crap. So I'm wondering what were the other 149 ammendments he dumped onto it? If you know of any of them please let me know. I'm sure they can't be anymore rediculous than asking Mexico if its okay for us to put up a damn fence! Yes Mr. Presidente Foxe we will put it three feet into our side of the border and you can have the pretty side of it. What a joke this is.


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Shots Fired On Capitol Hill

Glad to see that nobody was hurt so that a shotgun Mr. Vice President?

I can hear the comic relief for this one coming a mile a minute. Leno is going to have a field day with this one.
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King Charles I vs Hastert

King Charles I of England back in the 1640’s declared war on his own parliament and thus began the theory behind the separation of powers. Back then it resulted in a civil war in England but I don’t see that happening here. Hastert is up against that same ideology from President Bush and as a man that is sworn to defend the Constitution Hastert has to stand his ground. Even if it seems to the outside world that he is being self serving to protect his fellow members of the house from criminal investigation. Hastert should not be standing there alone taking all the heat for it either. Now is the time for all of the true defenders of the Constitution to stand and be counted with him.

This whole scenario is ultimately about a grab for more power by the President and that is never a good thing. Ultimate power corrupts. I thought it was kind of funny that some folks over at the Washington Post were not sure if Bush even broke any laws in this situation. Should we start a new list for each category or can we just add on to the one that ran in the Boston paper?
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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Political Storm is Brewing

The season for politics is coming up fast and furious and the storms are already brewing. It’s kind of funny to see all the Mini Publican’s distance themselves as far from President Bush as fast as they can. No amount of distance from Bush will help if you have a special prosecutor hot on your heals. The Mini Publicans will no longer be the red state party owners but seem to be leaning towards the orange jump suit party.

This will be the year of the anti-incumbent Mini Publican downfall election. Any incumbent has to toss out all the polls and calculations and historical data that tells you that they have a safe seat no matter whom they run against. This November is going to be a nightmare election for some politicians. Being an incumbent will be the first down side, being a Republican will make it harder, and being one of George Bush’s whipping boys will pretty much seal your fate politically back home with the voters.

I think that the one major fact influencing the swing votes away from the Mini Publican’s is the rampant corruption by so many elected and non- elected leaders. Not that the Mini Publican’s have the corruption thing all tied up but it just seems to give off the perception that they do own it. Corruption is the proverbial big wet dog that none of the Mini Publican's wants to claim but keeps coming back home to eat.

The middle class is going to finally have its say this election too. All the while that President Bush and his Mini Publican controlled house and senate have been dealing out tax cuts to the supper rich, the middle classes checking accounts have grown smaller and smaller as more of the tax burden has shifted to them.

This election is going to be filled with micro-bursts as the storm races across the country. Just like the video’s you see after a tornado has gone through and wonder to yourself how it could take out one house and leave the one next door virtually untouched. Some of the Mini Publicans might just survive the storm but I have a feeling that the majority will feel the pain and fury of a category five hurricane.

I’m looking at the horizon and the clouds are building up. It’s beginning to look like its going to be rough storm for some folks.


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Congressional Correctional

With all of these Congress people under investigation wouldn't it make more sense just to change the name from Capitol Hill to Congressional Correctional?

Just something to think about...
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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

New Tech on Hydrogen or Bunk?

I got this in an email from my brother and I am so much into new technology that I would love to think this is one of the garage mechanics that I posted on earlier here. Some guy or girl through their own ingenuity finding or inventing a way to get the oil monkey off all of our backs. I would so much love to see some American to come up with something like this that will free us of nut jobs that have us by the unmentionables for our energy needs.

This link talks about energy from the worlds greatest available resource. Water! I don't know if this is just internet garbage or actual real life science that can be proved. It's from a Fox News affiliate so it must be true or it is just bunk at its best? I don't know. I just love the idea that it could be possible. Google search it and see what you can come up with.

Always the optomist that I am, this kind of tech will never come true if there is a one hundred and ten percent Oil Man in the White House. Even if this technology is even remotely possible. There is to many Trillions with a capital T of dollars to be made to let it loose on the world. Just my opinion.


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American Idol Anonymous Addict

Yes, I am in fact a full fledged addict of American Idol. They have all the stuff you would find in a great novel. You have the heart and souls of the people singing their hearts out and then you have that monster Simon that has the last say and degrades nine out of ten performances. It doesn’t help that he has that English accent and comes off sounding like those school masters they have in Great Britain. He’s the character of the show that gets your blood boiling mad but you love to hate him. Then again he ends up not being the one that committed the crime but saves the star in the end. He still pisses me off.

Randy Jackson is someone I could hang out with and know that he will give you the Straight Talk. That was a personal and shameless plug there. Randy would be the best friend of the novel that you know would always have your back. The bad guys would never get you as long as Randy is around.

Then we come to Paula Abdul. I think she is so sweet. She gives some honest opinions but she knows from her heart how hard show business is. When Paula cries, the wife cries and that is never a good thing. Paula reminds me of one of my girls with her tough girl attitude but deep down she is soft as a rose. I honestly think she hates being a judge but that is just my personal opinion on her status for next season.

Back to politics…Taylor Hicks wins this election!!! My opinion at 7:47 PM EDT

Not the Papamoka…did I or did I not say this was Anonymous?

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Hastert and Palosi are Ticked Off!

Check out this from the Washington Post

Searching Congress is illegal? Hastert is ticked off, Nacy Palosi is ticked off.

Somebody has to tell me how this search of Representatives Jefferson’s office was illegal? The guy was caught on tape taking a bribe and they found ninety grand in his freezer at home so isn’t that probable cause? I’m not a lawyer or the Judge that signed the search warrant but seems valid to me.

Missing point in the Washington Post article was who sent these FBI agents to the judge for the warrant in the first place? That is where it gets kind of sticky and that I believe is why Nancy and Denis are so pissed.

My second question is why didn’t this same aggressive urgency apply to Duke C. with all the allegations of corruption and bribes that applied to him and his office on Capitol Hill?

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Cleaned out the house

Just my Blogger rants...

I've been tracking my sponsors on this page and I had to do a house cleaning. This blog is not supporting itself right now so I had to take out the broom to those that did not help support us. There is such a thing as putting your thoughts out there for people to read and think about and develop their own opinions and that is a good thing. If the sponsors I have don't interest you then I have to re-think who is paying the bills for this site and my time to write all this stuff. I got rid of the insurance guys for your car and for your teeth. Lots of hits but nothing for the author of this blog. They were great programs but they just didn't fit the people I am getting hits from I guess. Sweep, sweep, sweep.

I'm keeping Amazon on principal because I am an author. Although unpublished to date. Google is great and I like the fact that what they put up changes all the time to reveal what I have posted lately. They are the best sponsor I have. The T shirt guys I am keeping for now because I would love to see those things all over the place. They crack me up. Dragons and we taste good with ketchup kills me! Megafriends is because I am a romantic at heart and want to see people hook up no matter what venue they have to do it from so they stay for now. Text links isn't doing much so they are close to the broom.

Just talking shop with the folks. The daily hit ratio is climbing and that is what I would like to see most. People reading my blog and talking about it later. Sometimes I hit a good nerve and other times I'm sure I piss people off. You have to comment on what you read to have an opinion. Funny, that is almost like voting isn't it?

So for the record, I voted off a couple of sponsors because they could not carry the tune for this blog. I pulled a Simon Cowel of American Idol on them.

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Evangelical's & the Dems

The New Temptation of Democrats
By Ruth Marcus of the Wash. Post Opinion

Ruth, you did a great job on this piece and I’m sure it will spark many discussions such as this one here. I thought I would ad a few thoughts of my own...

I don’t believe that the Dem’s would have to give up their soul to gain the vast amount of Evangelical Christian’s that are center of the isle. Not all of this demographic is extreme right on political issues. The Mini Publican’s would like to think that they own this group of folks and their votes as they show off that bright red electoral map but it simply is not true. One common denominator in the Mini Publican’s attack and hold on this voting block has always been to point the blame. It doesn’t matter what the reason for it was as long as the Evangelical’s knew that it was the Dem’s fault…always.

The Dem’s for the most part have not been reaching out far enough or hard enough to let these people know what else the party believes in. I for one am glad that they are getting out and meeting with these folks and talking to them. For too long the only opinion the Evangelical Christians could form on Democrat’s was based solely on what the Mini Publican’s told them.

Howard Dean and the rest of the Dem’s have a workable plan and it makes sense. It’s a brilliant plan to bring back to the party as many of these people as possible and the only way to do that is to get on the circuit and onto the broadcasts that they watch and listen too. Speak your piece for what it’s worth and point out what the Democratic Party really is.
Pat Robertson who hosts the 700 club is one of my elderly aunts favorite shows to watch but you could not find a fiercer democrat around than her. You just can’t group all of wacky Uncle Pat’s viewers as a die hard Mini Publican or as a far right Evangelical Christian. By talking with these folks new ideas for the future can be discussed and presented. The Bible belt has not always voted Republican either. They vote for the people they feel comfortable with. I can only hope that Howard Dean is up on his scripture.

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Turning Point of the War

Now they are saying that we are at the turning point of the war in Iraq but I could have sworn that I heard President Bush declare Mission Accomplished a while ago. I’m recalling something about him flying in on an aircraft carrier. There were lots of sailors and troops on the deck for a patriotic speech on a job well done. It’s slowly coming back to me now.

I certainly hope there is a turning point to this whole mess and the sooner the better. They are reporting that there are 264,000 Iraqi troops trained to date and that is a fairly large amount of firepower. I would hope that they could at the least take care of their own affairs. I am assuming that these newly trained troops will be armed. No, I’m pretty sure they are armed. Not that the NRA has a local chapter in Baghdad but those folks over there are pretty much all pro guns.

Prime Minister Tony Blaire is coming over for a visit this week to talk with President George Bush about the finer details of our eventual withdrawal from Iraq. Do you suppose these two guys would talk this whole thing out over a couple of beers? President Bush will have one of those non-alcohol brews and Tony will probably bring a case of Guiness Stout with him. This is going to be like a “Guys night out” sort of thing. Tony’s wife doesn’t like him drinking at home on Downing Street so he might just get a good buzz on at 1600 Penn. Ave. This could happen if you really think about it. You have your nights out with the guys you work with so my line of thought isn’t that far off for world leaders?

Work with me on this. The G8 Summit is nothing but a keg party for world leaders. Not that I can prove this but I hear that Putin brings the Vodka and Chirac brings the wine for those but don’t quote me on that. They were all ticked off at President Bush last year because he brought bottled water last year but the wet tee shirt contest was the highlight of the summit so it wasn’t a total loss.

So we have established libations and a theme for the event. We are going to need entertainment. The Bush impersonator is already booked so he is off the list. No Dick we are not going hunting again so stop suggesting that. Bike riding is out because Tony doesn’t want to get hat hair. We might have to come back to this one later. No Karl we are not going to ask the Prime Minister to try out an orange jump suit so just put that thing away. Pin the tail on the special prosecutor might work out. Spin the bottle of truth is a very good idea Mr. Snow. Let me write that one down.


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Big Oil companies not Gouging...

CNN Money has this story covered by Reuters

According to CNN Money big oil companies are in the clear for price gouging. The FTC agency said it had however found 15 examples that fit lawmakers' definition of price-gouging at the "refining, wholesale, or retail level."

I don’t know about you but I feel a lot better now knowing that Big Oil isn’t ripping us off. Who owns the refineries, wholesalers and retail outlets again?

This is another brilliant case of good government at work with its blinders on. So if these same folks were investigating a robbery but a murder was committed they would stand up proudly and state that they have found no evidence of a robbery and walk away. I’m assuming that the FTC was charged with only investigating big oil companies so finding the other information doesn’t count. Makes you go hmmm don’t it?

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Is the Congress infected?

Bill Jefferson (D) LA is going down doing something he is accussed of doing by the FBI and they have tapes. Bribery is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to politicians. More of the same old club dealings. Take some money to get good government.

I was reading the story and I was hoping that there was more to it. There probably will be but this is all I have to go on for now. The Congressman I'm sure has his side to tell to the courts but it doesn't look good when you have a wad of hundreds next to your frozzen meats in the freezer. Corruption knows no political sides and it will feed and infect the weak as well as the strong. Sad thing to see isn't it?

How long does it take for the people that see this sort of thing day after day till we all realize that our government and its leaders have a price tag? How long till we all think that this kind of behavior is acceptable and the normalcy of our government?

On the bright side, his court date will be long after Delay's! LOL!!!

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Dixie Chicks and President Bush

There is such a thing as a fine line when it comes to your respect for the President of the United States of America. Once you cross that fine line it isn’t like you can get a do over. Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks is back at it again voicing her opinion as loud as she can against the President of the United States. As an American that is her right to do so under the first amendment. All the power to her for having the courage and celebrity status to be heard on her heart felt convictions by so many. But this is a flip flop on her part because she apologized for her comments in London when she first bashed the President of the United States of America.

This is the meat and potatoes of my personal view on this Chick. No disrespect to women intended. The only reason that she apologized for her comments to begin with was because it was hitting her and the group in the pocketbook. She crossed the line not once but twice now and that is a major dilemma for her and the group. I don’t know if she checked or not but our kids, our friends kids, our neighbors kids are fighting and getting killed over in Iraq…Still! George Bush is not a Franklin D. Roosevelt or a Harry Truman but he is still the President of the United States of America. He is my President and as much as I disagree with his handling of the war or the country I will never disrespect or fail to support and defend his office. He is the elected leader of our nation and we have to speak up respectfully with facts to back up our arguments. This is coming from a Liberal Democrat that disagrees with President Bush’s POLICIES more times than not.

You can have a difference of opinion with our President and I’m pretty sure he knows that we do but when you cross that line and get personal then you have gone just that little bit too far. I’m still not buying a Dixie Chick’s CD anytime soon and that is how I am voting on this issue.


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The Da Vinci Code

What is the big deal with the Da Vinci Code book and movie? Right at the beginning of the book the author says that this is a work of FICTION! Who missed that in the book? I’ve read it and as a Catholic I don’t see the big deal with it. It isn’t going to change my belief in my religion so what are people and even the Roman Catholic Church so upset about? I’m still going to church on Sunday and still going to put my donation into the basket because I believe in the church and it’s message. One movie is not going to convert me to some off the wall movie or book cult. Take a friging pill!

As a writer I know how you work with your imagination, for some it is the greatest tool for entertaining people with a thought that you can twist and turn and make believable but it is a work of fiction. Dan Brown took facts that he can back up and put them in a story line that is plausible but not feasible according to other facts that can be backed up. So why is everyone getting so upset over this book and movie?

Frosty the Snow Man was a work of fiction and so is the Da Vinci Code. Get real and gripe about something more important.

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Religion and Politics

By Caryle Murphy and Alan Cooperman of The Washington Post

I can see some of the points that they make in this article from The Washington Post of the religious folks on the left standing up and saying enough is enough. It’s about damn time the religious left side of this nation spoke up! For a long time now it has not been considered being patriotic if you were a Liberal or Democrat. Apparently, somebody over on the right figured that they had God all locked up and could use him like a spin tool for any issue they wanted.

I am a church going Liberal Irish American Roman Catholic Democrat father of five daughters. That makes me an oxymoron on so many levels but I digress. No political party has God up their sleeve and can pull out the God card to end a hot button issue. I can’t speak for God but I’m just guessing that he or she is a hell of a lot smarter than any of these groups that use his or her name to cast fear and hate. Does it work when they do that? I’m pretty sure it does. When you cast out enough stones eventually you will break a window or two. The law of percentages works to their advantage.

Here is the major dilemma we all face. The last two Presidential elections were so close in numbers that some people say President Bush stole them both. Courts did their thing and we all know the history. That is the key to the issue or problem. Half of the people voted for him. That is mathematically a theory that some professor somewhere has already said that this is a divided nation. Two sides polarized on two very different ideologies of what this country should be all about. Looking back on that we all know the vacuum of power that has resulted. Absolute power corrupts.

I’m going to church tomorrow and I could possibly be sitting in the same pew as my friend or neighbor who is from the other side of the fence. During that time it does not matter to me politically where either of us stands on any issue. I’m spending my morning with my God and I am pretty sure that we are cool with one another. Then again I’m pretty sure that my fellow worshiper is too.


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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Religion and Immigration

Rabbi Marc Gellman in MSNBC/ Newsweek is asking the right questions about immigration but will he get the answers that he would hope for? America is a complex and difficult to understand culture of many people that strive to be one people. We are a nation of laws not just of the government but of God too. The founding fathers of this great nation still amaze me in all of the checks and balances they put in place to make sure that we would forever be asking questions of ourselves rather than have the answers dictated to us.

We are a nation of immigrants and as the descendants of those immigrants it is up to us all to decide where our nation is going to be one hundred or five hundred years from now. Will historians look back at this time and place of America and judge us as a great nation or as a failed experiment of democracy at its worst. Will they see us as a people that strived to make the best decision for our nation or a society of narrow minded self interest bigots?

Immigration and how we deal with it today is the key to our future. There are people that would hire a U-haul truck and move the Great Wall of China to our southern border. Then there are those people that would knock down all the fences to let everyone in. Somewhere in the middle is the answer to our nation’s immigration issue. One fact that is overwhelmingly bold and in our face is that in order to face our fears of the great unknown is that we must stand up to it and recognize it for what it is.

People will forever come to America for all of her opportunities. Those that discourage people following that dream are the ones that have forgotten that those same opportunities are available to them just as well.


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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Our Congress is out of touch

Life is to short…

With all the really serious issues we as a nation have to face we need serious people to lead us and fight for those issues. We have issues as a nation and these idiots in our nations capitol fighting over homophobic ideology is a joke. I for one did not elect anyone that wants to be in the bedroom with my wife and I when we are making love. Get the hell out of people’s bedrooms and back to work on real issues that matter. Then again, if they are taping all of our phones then who knows if they aren’t video taping our bedrooms too? It could happen. Big Brother is here and watching.

This whole deal on going after the gay and lesbian community comes down to racism and hate. Point a finger and condemn them for just being who they are is what the Mini Publicans do. Ask yourself this question. How many gay or lesbian people do you know in your life? Some of them are your brother or sister or son or daughter. Your neighbor or friend. They are part of this world and always have been and God willing will continue to be so. Why is it that the Mini Publicans have to point the finger at them to get re-elected? Let me know if you find out the answer to that one. I can't figure it out.

This mentality of protecting the base of the Mini Publican Party is a joke that nobody is laughing at anymore. People are getting pissed off and for a good reason. The Mini Publicans have become nothing but finger pointers that do nothing but cast blame to divert our attention while they screw over the middle and lower class. Shiny object over here folks…while at the same time they railroad through our Congress that Gays are bad, Lesbians are bad, Mexicans are bad, immigration is bad, big business is good, lobbyists are our friends, the oil companies are not screwing us over, and the list goes on and on.

My opinion is this. If you want to isolate and condemn any American for any reason and point the finger at them for all of our nations troubles then you have a fight with this Liberal Democrat from Mass a two sticks! It is sheer cowardice and ugly politics to blame or finger point just to hold your cushy government job. Hatred in America will never have a home against any American. Rightfully so. I think I will sleep better than most of them Mini Publicans.


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Ammending the Constitution Would Be Racist

What do you suppose the founding fathers would have thought about the proposed amendment to the Constitution today? Do you think that they would have been proud to see that it was done in a back room behind closed doors? On top of it all when one of our Senators objected to the whole matter he had no other choice than to leave the room and have no part of it.

How would a great mind like Thomas Jefferson have handled this situation? I think he would have taken the Constitution and tore it to pieces rather than let the document he treasured so much become ultimately a tool of hate and discrimination. Then I think he would have then gone on about the business of a realistic government talking about the importance of the separation of church and state.

The definition of a marriage should never be dictated by the Constitution of the United States of America. The Constitution is a document pronouncing the freedoms of the people, by the people, and for the people. What other closed minded ideologies do the Mini Publicans want to bastardize it with next? What group of people are they going to go after next? Today they went after the gays and lesbians. Tomorrow they just might define it further by saying an African American can not marry an Anglo Saxon white. Next week they go after the Asians and Whites? The week after that a Jew and a Christian…

Not that this proposed amendment to the Constitution will ever pass the full Senate but it is the simple thought that they wanted to do it so they just did it. Why did they do it? Because they knew that they could and that nobody could stop them! The separation of church and state works both ways and the government has no place or business dictating what a Pastor, a Priest or Rabbi, can or can not do in the houses of God across this great nation. All you Justices of the Peace are going to be screwed though!

Today in Washington was all about racism and hate and that my friends is the reason the Mini Publicans no longer have the support of the people.


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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Talk Radio on Abortion

I've started to listen to Al Franken on Air America on the radio lately and for the most part he is pretty good to listen too. I like the jokes and his delivery to his guests that he times just right. I love the idea that he takes the radio broadcast on the road across America and in some places he is not really welcome but he shows up and does the show anyway. I give him credit for standing up for his thoughts and I honestly don't think he is far off base from me on most issues. Here is my beef, or brussel sprouts for you vegetarians reading this.

I'm an Irish Catholic father of five beautiful girls and they are my world. I love them all and their mother so much it would make you puke. I'm also as expected Pro-Life. I'm a Democrat too. I'm not an in your face anti abortion kind of guy but I believe in life. It happens. Call me a moron or whatever but this is a faith based issue for me. Call me any amount of names or give me any kind of facts and numbers and it is never going to change my opinion on the issue. Get over it. On the other hand my faith also tells me to hate the sin and love the sinner. Which if one of my daughters choose that path then it would never change how much I love them. This could get deeply philisophical and that is not something I could ever keep up with.

I like listening to Al, he is up beat and on the message politically that we deserve better from our elected officials. We do deserve better and we are not getting it. Then there is the big old hairy BUTT in your face called abortion. It seems like it is a hot buton issue for him lately and it is a hot button issue for me too as a Catholic. He has had many an educated opinion personality on abortion and it just makes me uncomfortable to even listen to the interviews. I'm not telling him to change his venue or emailing him or suggesting anything other than just saying that it bothers me to hear it. I have the option of tuning to another radio station and I do. That is my choice.

What I am getting at with this post for a point is that not all Democrats are out there saying abortion is okay or should be morally justified. This is the biggest difference between the hard core Republicans of this country and the Democrats. The bong is not being passed around the house just after the kids eat dinner every night in every Democrats household. Republicans do not have the market cornered on family values.

So now that I have touched this hot button, anyone care to comment?


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Republican Party Crumbles

The fallout for the Mini Publicans is coming fast. Of all things to happen the Congressional Ethics Committee woke up today after a couple of years doing the Rip Van Winkle thing. This is the committee that if one of our congressional folks pulls a no-no then these people send them for a time out. Well it turns out that while they were sleeping all hell broke loose and many a member lost their way. The leaders of men had looked the other way for so long that it became inevitable that many more would go astray.

I’m sure that we have all seen the email out there that comes around every couple of months or so listing how many crimes that have been committed by our elected leaders in the past. I believe that one started with the check writing scandal back years ago. I think the current crew has topped that old email and made the record unbreakable. Jack Abramoff was looking to get a gold medal for a few of our elected elite. If he was ever successful we will see down the road.

Saying that they all do it does not make it okay either. This whole thing about being in an elected office and thinking that you are above the laws of our land is wrong no matter how you paint it. The end result will never justify the means if you broke the law to get there. I heard this in a speech the other day about immigration from somebody important but I forget his name where he said that we are a nation of laws. Now is the time for those laws to apply to those in government that have broken them.

The Democrats had the full power of the Senate and the House for forty or more years before the Newt Gingrich “Contract with America” campaign that ripped the seats right out from under the Democratic Party. Were there scandals of this caliber before the Mini Publican's took over our capitol? I can't really recall any that would match this magnitude? What ever happened to Newt Gingrich anyway? Why was he cast out of office? He was cast out because he forgot why he was elected to begin with. He forgot the people that put him their. The voters.

There is a theory that I have been working on for some time regarding politics and politicians. Politicians are the worst kind of salesman there is. They will sell you a vacuum but deliver a broom because it serves the same purpose. We all know that they will say anything to get there but which ones really mean it? The answer to that one is beyond me. They all claim to have high values and speak to the constituents on what they want to hear during an election. That is how they get into the worlds most exclusive club. This is a club with benefits beyond belief because the members say that it should be so. All the while they pass laws that hurt the people that can least afford it and reward the people that paid for the campaign to get them elected.

Republican’s politicians today try to mirror the way of Ronald Reagan and his message to all the people. Granted, President Reagan had some serious issues but he knew how to tap into the hearts of the people. Reagan had his own ideology and core belief systems and that is what made him good for the country. He didn’t have to copy anyone else because he had his own voice and stump to shout from. Mini Publicans today are still playing off of his Presidency with bumper stickers of “Reagan, me too” mentality but without the personal belief to back it up. Once elected it seems like a dive for the feeding trough of special interests for the majority of them. What is in it for me mentality! That is where they lost the message of Ronald Reagan. Reagan had principles and core beliefs that he never wavered on or had to hide from. That was his most admirable trait. He was just Ronald Reagan.

So the ship in Washington, D.C. is sinking and now the Ethics Committee thinks that it should speak up. To damn late for that! Your day in the sun was about eighteen months ago. Go back to sleep. House Speaker Nancy Pilosi will wake you in November. By the way Mr. Congressman, this subpoena is for you, and you over there get one, and you and you and you and Dick this one has a gold sticker on it so this one is especially for you. The rest of you go stand in the corner till your voted out of office.


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Polling Numbers

I do not trust the latest news on the Mini Publicans approval ratings. Whenever I see that kind of polling it makes my stomach flip around as I recall the exit polls telling us all that John Kerry had beaten George Bush. Something about the numbers just doesn’t look right when I see that across the board on the top ten major issues that 69% of the people believe that the Dem’s should be in control.

Now I know how messed up the Mini Publican’s are and how lopsided the government has been for the last six years but can the polling numbers be right? Looking at the maps to see all the red states and the few blue states it just baffles the mind how this can be.

Then I start thinking about the royal screwing we’ve all been getting down here in the middle class and a light bulb goes off in my head. The Mini Publican’s have people in the middle class too and they have been getting screwed just as bad. Now I think I can better see the big picture.

George, toss out all them red crayons. You won’t be able to use them come November.


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Polling Numbers

I do not trust the latest news on the Mini Publicans approval ratings. Whenever I see that kind of polling it makes my stomach flip around as I recall the exit polls telling us all that John Kerry had beaten George Bush. Something about the numbers just doesn’t look right when I see that across the board on the top ten major issues that 69% of the people believe that the Dem’s should be in control.

Now I know how messed up the Mini Publican’s are and how lopsided the government has been for the last six years but can the polling numbers be right? Looking at the maps to see all the red states and the few blue states it just baffles the mind how this can be.

Then I start thinking about the royal screwing we’ve all been getting down here in the middle class and a light bulb goes off in my head. The Mini Publican’s have people in the middle class too and they have been getting screwed just as bad. Now I think I can better see the big picture.

George, toss out all them red crayons. You won’t be able to use them come November.


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Major Breakthrough for a Newbie

Okay I'm stopping my whinning about people not reading and supporting this little hobbie of mine called Blogging. Today MSNBC/Newsweek linked to this site and I have to say thank you to them for doing that. Not that the rest of my links are not just as important but this totally caught me off guard. I'm what you would call a newbie at this and to have them think that my writing and thoughts on their article was worth linking is a big boost to this idiots ego. Trust me I'm just a regular idiot, not a supper idiot or medium idiot. I'm just a regular kind of guy.

I feel like one of those movie stars that just won an Oscar or something and I want to thank my Mom and Dad for always believing in me and of course my plumber, the guy that delivers the mail, the lady that lets me cut her off in traffic every morning, the local gas station that takes my money every couple of days, the supermarket cashier for her infectious smile and I could never forget my dog Max for always being my friend.

Enough is enough of that...


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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


How do you get a blog to support itslef if the folks reading it don't support the efforts to put the message out there? Sponsors are out there and the support isn't there. Should I give up this avenue of thought? Is my line of thought so much off that what I say is repugnant to the people reading it? These pages are available to you at the expense of my family to get the word out on what is wrong with this world we live in. Participate in the discussion and support a voice that you agree with. You have my family and my thanks for doing so. Pass the word if you agree or don't agree on how good this site is or if this is just a jerk that you can't stand what a jerk I am. Either way it makes you have a voice in your life and your government. Then go and vote your own convictions. Till then a little support is appreciated.

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Phone Companies NSA Denials

The Left Coaster has a scoop on the NSA and phone companies amount of co-operation that is now being denied by all the phone companies. Has President Bush been caught doing the one thing he should not have been doing? Tossing the Constitution out the window along with the trust of the American people?

Taking an oath of office as the President to defend the Constitution of the United States of America and our people and then doing as you please regardless of the laws we all hold dear and close to our heart is a serious accusation. Makes you go Hmmm don't it. Is this more of the same from his administration? Kind of reminds me of the Nixon days. Not that I want to go there but that is where the President has gone on his own. Somebody call the fire department to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The place is going up in flames.


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Politicians Running for Office

One of my favorite bloggers is the Gun-Toting Liberal and for a good reason. His site keeps coming up with these thoughts that make me go Hmmmm? You really don't see that in the serious top end bloggers anymore. He looks at the world from the perspective of what if and then says "What the hell is wrong with this?" That is what you would call inspiration to a writer and serious thinker about our country and a simple blogger like me. You have to always be in the mindset of what if? Or for that matter why not this? Doing the right thing is always going to be doing the right thing but doing wrong benefits the individual doing it for what purpose? Again it makes simple folk like me go Hmmm?

Gunnies point today was about the lack of politicians with the dedicated philosophy and spirit of serving our country to make a change in the world. That mentality is long gone in our world of political leaders that should be making a difference in all our lives. He is absolutely right that most politicians today see serving the American people as a fast track to wealth in one form or another. If you think Gunny or I am wrong in this line of thought then ask yourself this question? How many millionaires are not in our elected government service to our nation? I'm pretty sure that somebody has a link somewhere that will give the exact numbers. I would guess that it is less than ten in total of the Congress and the Senate. You can't count elected representatives in the first or second term. They haven't been privy to how the machine in Washington, D.C. works. Money grabbing machine needs time to be primed.

So my friend Gunny is of the mindset that the Republican Party...from this point on to be called the Mini Publican's and the Democratic Party...from this point on to be called the Dem's, have nothing to offer people in the middle class or lower class. It is a given that the Mini Publican's are one hundred and ten percent pro big business, big religion, anti abortion, pro death penalty (oxymoron in there somewhere), anti illegal immigrants, pro tax cuts for the oil companies and top 5% of income earners. That is the party line of the Mini Publican's for the most part.

Dem's are pro choice, against the death penalty, (oxymoron in there somewhere), pro education, pro small business, pro immigration, anti tax cuts for the rich and big business give aways, and believe in civil liberties and looking out for the bottom of the income earners of our country. That is the party line of the Dems for the most part.

Where do we go from here? There is an election in November and you have to decide where you want to stand. Exxon will post another ten to fifteen billion net profit and the Mini Publicans will say it is market driven. Immigrants will still come into the country and all of the Congress will point the blame at the other side of the isle. When it all comes down to marking your ballot you will have three thoughts in your mind. Your wallet first, your kids future second, and your religion third. Who do you trust more with the future of all three thoughts in the back of your mind?

That all being said, a third party is not the answer yet. The only thing a third party has ever done to date is protect the interest of the ruling party that they wanted voted out of office to begin with.


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Car Seats and Celebrities

Somebody tell that idiot Britaninni Spears that car seats save kids lives. Did she not have the time to read the directions that are posted all over the damn car seats? Get your friging publisist or their assistant to install it the right way. I know this isn't political but as the father of five girls who at one time had three car seats in my own vehicle for the PROTECTION of my children this pisses me off. This idiot thinks that because she is a celebrity that the laws of physics do not apply to her. They most certainly do and maybe she should read up on it where this really weird looking dude named Newton proposed an amazing theory...For every reaction there is an opposing and opposite reaction. Go fast in car Britannini, hit tree, baby go through the windshield, say bye bye to baby. Get a brain or pay someone to install your childs car seat the right way or keep the baby out of the damn car!

Back to politics. George you got caught tapping the phones illegally. Shut the hell up and assume the position. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law... Karl, not you this time, the boss is going down. We will come back to you another day. Damn it Dick get out of the back of the paddy wagon! No Rummy you can not ride up front and turn on the siren. You and Dick and Karl just go sit down and wait your turn. It's almost like they are a bunch of first grade kids. Police work is so difficult in the District. Not that that is tough enough but we have to deal with these guys all fighting over who's hand was in the cookie jar first. So many crimes and so many criminals. Tomorow is another day though.


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NSA Phone Tapping

I’m getting the feeling that this whole phone tapping or data mining thing is going to be the final downfall of the Bush Presidency. You can see it written on the wall when the FCC is investigating the telephone service companies that supplied the information. Those companies broke a few laws by handing over that information so readily. Then to top it off the President first says they didn’t listen in to calls and then flip flops and says that if Al Qaida is calling then they want to know about it. So if Al Qaida is calling then are they listening in? How do they know it is Al Qaida calling? Does it show up on their caller ID? Then you have to ask yourself if they know that Al Qaida is calling then why the hell don’t they trace the call back like every police department does to an address? Give the U.S. Marines the address and that should pretty much wrap up the War on Terror! Oh that’s right, in order to be fiscally responsible President Bush cut the funding in the budget for the caller ID boxes over at the NSA.


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Radio Immigration Spin

The spin is in and I was rather surprised to see that Uncle Bill O on the Radio Factor wasn’t as upbeat about the speech from President Bush on immigration. I was fully expecting him to give non-stop pats on the back to the President for touching all the hot spots and solving all the arguments concerning immigration and the border. Low and behold Uncle Bill seemed a little down and out on the whole situation but was in slightly pleased that the troops will be on the border. One of his guests tried to point out that since President Bush had made his stance on the issue clear that it was now time for the media to point its full attention at the Congress. I was shocked to hear Uncle Bill tell her right out that Bush wasn’t getting away from this issue that easy. He’s the man in power and that is where the buck stops. She tried to counter argue his point so he just whacked her upside the head with a loufa sponge.

Over on Air America Al Franken also surprised me with his commentary on the speech. He actually thought that the President hit all the right buttons. Bush’s poll ratings in the Franken home went from one percent approval to the high three’s. I had to double check the radio dials because it almost sounded like Al was working at Fox and Uncle Bill was on Air America? Dogs and cat’s living together and stuff.

Here is my bit on the speech and my spin. Bush said what he thought his base wanted to hear and he also said what he thought the heavy string pullers of this issue wanted to hear. My main question is where he is going to get these 6000 National Guard troops from? As far as I know the guys serving over in Iraq and Afghanistan are on their second or third or even fourth rotation?


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Monday, May 15, 2006

Book up for Publishing

Pesonal self promotion. I have this fiction book completed about a young Boston raised family that moves into a dilapatated Victorian era mansion in the New England suburbs that is still inhabited by the original owners ghosts. I've tossed in lots of paranormal activity and interaction with the gifted children. Any Literary Agents or Publishers wanting a look at it email me.

If you are a newbie author trying to get published then I have advice for you over at my other website that is in the side bar or you could click here. Authors and Writers.

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Bush..Immigrants = Terrorists?

See the link above for the full text of President Bush speach on immigration tonight (5/15/06) on a couple of the networks.

I think I won the bet from earlier today on his linking immigrants to terrorists but I lost the bet on the number of times he said the word terrorist. One thing I did win was that my oldest sat with her Dad and watched it with me. Mom who is not political went to bed and my daughter and I talked about the speach when President Bush finished. What he did say and what he didn't say. You would be surprised the questions a fifteen year old can come up with and have her very political father be dumbfounded. Who said teenagers don't listen to thier parents? She's been listening to her Dad after all!

Okay so now we need to figure out what the spin doctors in the news and talk radio will be saying tommorow. I'm picturing alot of people saying that he really didn't say anything. Even his die hard supporters like The Factor and Uncle Bill are wavering on him. If there is a positive spin on the "Bush Immigration Plan" it will be on Fox News.

I can't wait to hear what Imus in the Morning has to say. That is going to be a great morning drive to work. It's kind of scarey when the only voice on talk radio you trust is a recovering Cocaine addict? Not that he is right all the time but the cranky old jerk just says what he thinks and does not care who is on the other end being interviewed. I pitty the Senators that are on the air with him tomorow.

I'm going to check out some of the blogs around the internet and see where the spin is going. One thing I do know is that our nations immigration issue had no answers from our nations leader tonight. Which should make you wonder if it was just President Bush putting his neck out for the rest of the Mini Publicans about to be slaughtered come November?


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Bush Immigration Speach

Now I was expecting him to say a little bit more than he did and the eighteen or so minutes was more of the same crap. Guest worker program, Mexico is our friend, Going to double the guard, Back of the line and pay a fine, Melting pot of America. As our proud leader and President of the United States of America he hit this issue with all he had...nothing new. No wait, he did address all of our Congressman and Senators and told them they needed to find the middle ground between amnesty and deporting twelve million people by the second Tuesday of next week.

President Bush mentioned that he is going to double the funding for the Border Patrol. If you did a little checking you would find that he did that for the 2006 budget and then immediately cut it. Thinking about that one for a minute. He fulfilled two promises he made in the Presidential election against John Kerry. One is that he doubled the budget for the Border and two is that he was fiscally responsible and cut the federal governments expenditures. Kept his base supporters happy on both items. Win win for Bush???

For all you civil libertarians out there, pay attention to the part of the speach that he spoke on a tamper proof immigrant registration card. That is how they are going to track the location and status of all immigrants. Is that for as long as they live and even after they become American citizens too Mr. President? So when the local police that he is going to expand their authority can make sure you are supposed to be here if you have an accent. The ACLU is going to love this new plan.

Speaking of this expanded authority he wants to give the local police, isn't that more of Bush shoving the job of the federal government back down the throats of the States and local cities and towns. This is his version of "No Immigrant Left Behind". Another program he can fund to look good for the cameras and then cut when nobody is looking. More of Bush being Bush.

Local News: With all the rain hitting our state the damn in Methuen, MA partially broke and they are evacuating people downstream. They are expecting the rest of the damn to let go shortly. Keep the folks down stream in your thoughts and prayers.


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The Minuteman and Ed Schultz

I was driving home and had Air America on and Ed Schultz had Chris Simcox, the President of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. These are all the volunteers that are patrolling the border for illegal immigrants trying to cross from Mexico to the United States. It was a pretty good piece and Chris Simcox made some really good points.

One of the first things I caught off of the show was this guy is pissed at President Bush for playing politics with the border issue. He's right too. President Bush is in the toilet as far job performance goes and there is some serious percentage points he and the Mini Publican's could pick up if they play this right. Chris Simcox isn't playing politics with the border issue and he believes that this is not a Mini Publican issue or a Democrat issue. It is an American issue.

Chris Simcox pointed out the lack of commitment from President Bush based on the news coming out on his speach tonight to the American people. Using 5000 to 6000 mostly unarmed National Guard members as support and backup to the Border Patrol would do nothing to stop the flow of illegals crossing our border. They would have no authority to prevent someone from crossing. Chris stipulated that we need our military enforcing our border now more than ever since 9/11. He continued about the lip service they have received from the Bush administration by funding the largest increase in the 2006 budget and then cutting it. He went on and Ed Schultz asked him to repeat this statement twice just to be sure that he heard it right. The Mexican border on the Mexican side is not controlled by the Mexican government but mostly controlled by five large drug cartels. Those drug cartels own the border and can get anything or anyone across at any time that they want.

The interview went on where Chris listed some of the statistics where only twenty percent of the people crossing illegally are caught each year. How the illegal immigrants know that all you have to do is keep trying to get across till you have succeded. Chris let it be known that his organization isn't going away anytime soon and that he will be watching the speach by President Bush tonight. George isn't one of Chris Simcox favorite people and he wasn't afraid to say so on the Ed Schultz show today.

I'm looking forward to the President's speach tonight at 8:00 EST.


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Bush Speach on the Border

I'm taking bets now on how many times President Bush says the word "Terrorist" in tonights speach. I'm just guessing but I'm putting a nickel down that he says "terrorist" at least twenty times. I'm putting another nickel down that he links the words Immigrant and Terrorist in one sentence within his first two minutes of the speach. He will single handedly find a way to call the illegal immigrants terrorists. Watch the speach and place your money down...

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Frank Rich article and GTL

Check out the article from Frank Rich from the NY Times on President Bush accusing the press of treason on Phone-Gate posted on the Gun Toting Liberal. Great feedback and quick coverage from GTL. Great work Gunny!

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New Readers

I'm trying to expand the readership here and would like to ask all my regulars to let your friends know about this site. Any help you can offer is appreciated.


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Bush vs Clinton

Doing the Mothers Day thing and the wife is taking a well deserved nap. The three year old is down for a nap too so Daddy gets to play. The rest of the girls are watching a movie...I am so good at this Daddy thing.

Went surfing and saw a story on CNN about a recent poll comparing President Bush performance versus President Clinton. Did they think that there really was a comparison? That would be like comparing your high school science teacher to Robert Goddard...the father of modern rocketry from my home town in Worcester, MA.

President Clinton was a man of the people and for the people and President Bush is a man for the select few and for big brother. No comparison is justified by a simple poll. Bill was a master of the spoken word that always made you think he was talking directly with you as an individual. George comes off as very distant and mechanical. George is the President now and Bill was then. Let's all move forward. Special prosecutors have a tight schedule for George and his crew.

Not that I'm propping up President Bush but he is the man at the helm and although he pisses me off more times than not I have to eventually back my President. Support our kids fighting the war and do the right thing by them. That doesn't mean I can't scream my lungs out against some of the idiotic things he does as our President! Trust me that list would fill up half of the internet and that would not be fair to my fellow bloggers. He is still our President and we are stuck with him for another two aggravating years. He is still our Commander in Thief...I mean Chief.

So there is an election coming up in November and I'm hoping that people are getting out the word as to who has been screwing them over the last six years. Twelve if you count the Newt Gingrich hi-jacking of the Congress.

Time to get back to the kids. Happy Mothers Day to all you Mom's out there.


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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Left Coast..aka California

All you folks out there in California I think you rock! I'll try to be true to my own self and I hope you do too. Keep coming back and checking the website out. Someday I think it would be a good thing to bring my kids out to visit your great state.

For now, budget crisis has us New England bound. Still recovering from heavy winter heating bills and a job that pays the bills but doesn't afford many luxuries. It's a job so I'm thankful to the people that let me do it.

Anyone know of a lobbyist that would pay for this blogger to take his five daughters and his wife out to California for a fully paid junket visit? I'm not a politician but I could do one hell of a piece on how great California is to visit and experience. Anyone listening? Damn, didn't think so. Well it was worth a shot.

Side piece, if you ever think that nobody is listening to what you have to say then think twice. I've got ears in DC that think what I say is important enough to track. I'll post later on what I'm talking about. It all involves .gov visitors from our countries capitol. Somebody in our government is interested enough about what I am posting that they feel the need to be tracking my posts. As a newbie blogger I love anyone that comes back to visit. So that is not an entirely bad thing. What if they are tracking me as a terrorist or worse yet a revolutionary crack pot idiot? Well I'm guilty of speaking my mind on the Bush White House but that is about as far as it goes for me. I did write out a couple of checks for John Kerry for President but that was a while ago. All I can say is this to those that want to check up on me...Hi!

Interesting aint it?. What do you think? Hmmm? Does .gov scare you too? Not me. I have the Constitution to protect me and a bunch of folks that will defend my freedom of speech. I also have Pat Fitz in the wings slowly uncovering a Presidency out of control. That is a man to be taken seriously. Many a butt's are puckering this weekend in Washington D.C. Dick has changed from brief's to boxers it so annoying. George has been sleeping in the nude just to get out of the butt crack pulling the BVD's habbit.


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Any lobbyist wanting to fund a family of five baby girls and two parents to California email us!


Just wondering if this is how the Mini Publican pol's in DC do it.
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Patrick Fitzgerald, Special Prosecutor?

Is the name Patrick Fitzgerald and the Bush administration synonomous with Kenneth Starr and the Clinton administration? I see him as the Bush administrations worst nightmare. Ken Starr was investigating the sexual behavior and indescretions of a President but Pat Fitz is actually finding real laws that were broken all across the Bush administration. Today I saw on MSNBC that he had the actual newspaper with Dick Cheney's hand written notes in the margin on Phil Wilson's piece in the paper.

I for one would not want to be in President Bush's place right now. The walls of a deception filled house are caving in and nobody in his own party are coming to help. Rats jump ship long before the Captain. Now will come the Mini Publican in Congress cry for investigations. Watch it happen before your very own eyes as the former devout turn their backs on President Bush in his last remaining days in office.

This is past the point of putting your finger in the damn. The flood waters of corruption are coming over the top of the damn? Ask New Orleans how that feels Mr. President? Should we wait a couple of days before he asks them? Been there, done that!


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President Bush to do list

Do you suppose that when George Bush took the oath of office as President of the United States of America that he had a "To Do" list. I've been thinking about it and if he did I think I know what was on that list...and what he's accomplished.

#1 Divide the country into them that are with us and those against us. Done

#2 Give billionaires and millionaires huge tax cuts. Done

#3 Wipe out Bill Clintons environmental achievements. Done

#4 Give oil buddies huge tax breaks. Done

#5 Sell out the elderly to the Big Drug buddies on Christmas card list. Done

#6 Start a war to keep attention off home. Done

#7 Take away some of those pesky civil liberties freedoms. Done

#8 Create big brother agency to give Dick something to do. Done

#9 Create "No child left behind education and not fund!" Done

#10 Take a nap. Done

#11 Let oil buddies make huge profits and look the other way. Done

#12 Create big brother little sisters to get in big brothers stuff. Done

#13 Go on vacation alot. Done but need to aggressively tackle this one in debth.

#14 Pass senior drug plan that rips them off big time and take money from big drug company buddies. Done

#15 Gut Alzheimers research and blame the Dem's. Done

#16 Isolate country from the rest of the world and start a second war. Done

#17 Call Mom and Dad on their birthday. Done

#18 Buy Laura Canada. Not Done yet

#19 to #666 is up to you...

I could use some help finishing this George Bush to do list...

Post your comments and suggestions!


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Defending America

President Bush tried to reassure the public this week that its privacy is “fiercely protected,” and that “we’re not mining or trolling through the personal lives of innocent Americans.”

Just thinking about all that is going on and it has slowly been coming to the front of my mind that we ALL have a problem on our hands. President Bush in his capacity to defend our country under a perpetual terrorist attack has come full circle. Building secret agencies to snuff out possible terrorists within has brought him all the way around to suspecting all people of the United States as terrorists. He suspects everyone and anyone of the possibility of attacking our nation at its core.

Your phone, your neighbors phone, the phone you use at work or the cell phone most of us can't live without is under attack from terrorists within. The only difference now is that the terrorists of today are coming from our own government that suspects us all as a possible terrorist?

Anyone that says that this really is not a big deal because they have nothing to hide is dead wrong. Every liberty that you give up to our government in defense against terrorism is a liberty you will never truly have again. President Bush is no longer the Commander in Chief of a proud nation but a Director General of fear and accusation. I recall and old story about World War II and the Nazi's that spoke of the tale "They came for me today". It starts off that they came for one group of people that had no effect on the persons life, and he didn't speak up. Then another group, then another untill there was only this one person left and nobody spoke up to defend him when they came for him because everyone that would have done so was already gone.

What other secrets is the President hiding in defense of our nation? When is enough going to be enough for the people of this great country to say that they have had enough?


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Friday, May 12, 2006

Karl Rove Orange Jump suit spotted...

We just got a call from a spotter in the District of Columbia area on the Karl Rove orange jump suit watch. See the previous post's on Karl Rove and friends. Mikey the plumber who used to work for a previous administration that I can not reveal thinks he saw Karl over at the Halloween Emporium trying on not a jump suit but a big huge pumpkin outfit. He believes it was Karl due to the seven Secret Service agents in various disguises as the seven dwarfs. Mikey told us that Karl could not find a mens husky pumpkin outfit and had to check the ladies section for a better selection. Hold on...Mikey is on the phone again...

Papamoka: Are you sure Mikey that it is in fact Karl Rove?

Mikey the Plumber: I'm not sure Papamoka...dose little miner dudes keeps getting in my line of site on him. Hold on a second, he's going for a squash costume. I thinks it's a summer squash.

Papamoka: What is he doing now Mikey? Talk to me.

Mikey the Plumber: Hold on Papamoka. It aint him. No I recognize one of the suspects with the guy I've been tailing. No it isn't Karl Rove. I'm sure of that now. It's Dick Cheney picking out camoflage for his next hunting trip. Sorry Papamoka, false alarm.

Operator: Please deposit an additional twenty five cents for the next recording of this private call to be forwarded to the NSA. Thank you for using Verizon and trusting us for your government taped calls.

Makes you go hmmm don't it?

Well I just wanted to let all you folks know that I'm on this story and still have my people out there in the field on the watch for when Karl Rove is booked and charged for crimes against his country. He knows its coming and it is just a matter of time.

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Immigration and the Border

It's about time somebody started using some common sense about the border. Placing the National Guard on the border or the U.S. Army on the border should have been done years ago. Only till the border is vigorously patrolled and sealed can we as a nation seriously look at our immigration issues. Travel to Europe and every single nation over there has their troops on the border so why shouldn't we?

This whole scenario is much like a plumber trying to fix a leaky sink but never shuts the water off. Of course its going to continue to leak. Once the water is shut off then you can go about patching the sink or the drain or the pipes that are the source of the leak.

President Bush is going to address the nation Monday night around eight o-clock so I'm getting the VCR warmed up and dusted off. He is supposed to talk about immigration and a few other issues and I just want to be able to hit rewind when I catch a mis-truth. This should be good.

Personal note: Thanks to the folks over at Crooks and Liars for the links and of course to my friends over at the Gun-toting Liberal for the link.


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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Impeach Bush?

Huge question but not likely if the Congress is Mini Publican control. Dem's would be the ones to head up the investigation to begin with but with a Republican controlled Congress and Senate it will never come to the floor for discussion. Protecting the man in the White House is a 24/7 job for the Mini Publicans. They have to much special interest money to protect and defend. The only way that President Bush will be called to task is if the people speak with their votes. Otherwise it is all smoke and mirrors for the Mini Publicans. The magicians of the political machine will work his or hers best to point the blame elsewhere for the hard core red states. The Dem's have to pick the battle cry that is an overall American issue and keep it front and center if they want to win the government back.

DNC leader Governor Howard Dean, or someone with his ear... Corruption is a starting point. Keep the message the same and pound it home. Nobody likes a thief.


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Bush and the Phone...Gate?

I'm sitting here trying to remember what President Bush said when this whole wire tapping thing came up originally. Didn't he say something about it needs a court order or something like that. Didn't he also say something about they are only looking at calls coming into the United States and going out of the United States later? Didn't President Bush also say that members of Congress were notified before?

This is all so fuzzy to me because I'm trying to keep up with the Bushism's and what he likes to call protecting all of us Americans against terrorists. I'm glad that he is looking out for us but I honestly think he believes that he is above all laws no matter what the circumstances. I would hate to be the one to wake him up from his Napoleon Bonapart dream but somebody has to stand up to what he is doing from the Congress. What is the safe guard for a President that has lost his way? I don't think we will see the end of how far he will go any time soon. When the Congress gave him the authority to defend our country against terrorists they gave him a blank check to go on a shopping spree. Now is the time to take that authority back. Both sides of the isle see his intrusion into the data gathering of Americans is big brother at it's worst. What is next, is he going to be opening our mail? Doing the George Orwell thing and planting cameras in our homes? What is next?

I heard earlier today on the radio that they have in this database every single call from all of the customers of the companies that supplied the information. Bush claims they are not listening in to these calls but he also said months ago that they were not tapping Americans? Which statement is the truth? Which Bushism do you listen to?

This all starts with 9/11 and the horror of that day. Bush took it and ran with it. Point the countries aggressions outside of our borders and pound the message home repeatedly. Check his campaign style and it is the same. Find the message and repeat it over and over till the people believe it. Fear is a powerful human emotion. Then you put in place something that average law abiding folks would never have a problem with when "Terrorists" are out to get us all and call it the Patriot Act. Take away a few civil liberties here and there and let it bake at 350 degrees then raise the temperature to take away a few more civil liberties till golden brown. Let rest and tap the phone lines of all Americans and serve. No laws broken here. The Congress gave him the right to do it to us and we have a nice piece of cake that none of us should ever swallow.

You have to really think about it for a while to see the big picture. If the Congress gave him the authority to defend the country without stipulation then is he breaking the law? To that question I have no idea. I'm not a lawyer or a Republican. As a Democrat I say he has broken more laws than I could ever dream of but then again I'm just a blogger. The Republican AKA Mini Publican controlled Congress is never going to really go after him for any of this. It isn't in their own best interests to do so. You have to remember that they take care of their own. Karl Rove will never see a day in jail no matter what he is accussed of and the same goes for Scooter Libby. If Bush told them or ordered them to do it then they will all eventually walk away unscathed and held up high on the pedastal of the Mini Publican party. Presidential orders are followed with pride no matter the cost.

I honestly can't wait for the November elections. Clean Sweep! Both the Congress and the Senate are going to go a far swing to the Democrats and rightfully so. Enough is enough. It took Bush less than one term to wipe out all the good that President Bill Clinton did for the country and it will take decades to wipe the George W. Bush legacy from the face of this nation. History is all about what you did that made a difference in peoples lives. President Bush will only be remembered as the President that sold his nations trust to the highest bidder.


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