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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Politicians Running for Office

One of my favorite bloggers is the Gun-Toting Liberal and for a good reason. His site keeps coming up with these thoughts that make me go Hmmmm? You really don't see that in the serious top end bloggers anymore. He looks at the world from the perspective of what if and then says "What the hell is wrong with this?" That is what you would call inspiration to a writer and serious thinker about our country and a simple blogger like me. You have to always be in the mindset of what if? Or for that matter why not this? Doing the right thing is always going to be doing the right thing but doing wrong benefits the individual doing it for what purpose? Again it makes simple folk like me go Hmmm?

Gunnies point today was about the lack of politicians with the dedicated philosophy and spirit of serving our country to make a change in the world. That mentality is long gone in our world of political leaders that should be making a difference in all our lives. He is absolutely right that most politicians today see serving the American people as a fast track to wealth in one form or another. If you think Gunny or I am wrong in this line of thought then ask yourself this question? How many millionaires are not in our elected government service to our nation? I'm pretty sure that somebody has a link somewhere that will give the exact numbers. I would guess that it is less than ten in total of the Congress and the Senate. You can't count elected representatives in the first or second term. They haven't been privy to how the machine in Washington, D.C. works. Money grabbing machine needs time to be primed.

So my friend Gunny is of the mindset that the Republican Party...from this point on to be called the Mini Publican's and the Democratic Party...from this point on to be called the Dem's, have nothing to offer people in the middle class or lower class. It is a given that the Mini Publican's are one hundred and ten percent pro big business, big religion, anti abortion, pro death penalty (oxymoron in there somewhere), anti illegal immigrants, pro tax cuts for the oil companies and top 5% of income earners. That is the party line of the Mini Publican's for the most part.

Dem's are pro choice, against the death penalty, (oxymoron in there somewhere), pro education, pro small business, pro immigration, anti tax cuts for the rich and big business give aways, and believe in civil liberties and looking out for the bottom of the income earners of our country. That is the party line of the Dems for the most part.

Where do we go from here? There is an election in November and you have to decide where you want to stand. Exxon will post another ten to fifteen billion net profit and the Mini Publicans will say it is market driven. Immigrants will still come into the country and all of the Congress will point the blame at the other side of the isle. When it all comes down to marking your ballot you will have three thoughts in your mind. Your wallet first, your kids future second, and your religion third. Who do you trust more with the future of all three thoughts in the back of your mind?

That all being said, a third party is not the answer yet. The only thing a third party has ever done to date is protect the interest of the ruling party that they wanted voted out of office to begin with.


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Blogger Gun-Toting Liberal said...

Hey bro, I truly appreciate the "kudos" and the link. Thanks to you for reading and enjoying the GTL blog. We do our best to both entertain AND make you think, so if we can achieve either one of those with our readers, we've hit a triple. If we can do both, it's a home run, so thanks again. You're quite the writer yourself.

Blog ON, and thanks again :-)

10:36 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...


You earned your props my friend. Keep speaking your mind and knowing that people like this smuck are listening. Everyone can take a little from what everyone else has to say.


10:57 PM  

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