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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

John Boehner is the Tea Party

John Boehner makes his final moveReporting on the nations fiscal crisis is way out of context.  Each article makes you think that the speaker of the house, John Boener has a gun to his head by a small gang of thugs called the Tea Party or their Republican mentors called Hard Line Conservatives.  Not one article has stated that the speaker of the house is the head of the Tea Party movement.  Why not?  The speaker changed the rules in the house so that only his designee can bring up a vote.  The speaker of the house pointed the gun at the president and stated his terms or he would shut down the United States of America government.  The government is shut down and on the brink of financial default.  But it is not the speaker of the house's fault?  Wake the hell up people.

How many ways can the Speaker of the House blame the hardliners of the GOP labeled as the Tea Party or Hard Line Conservatives for not funding the government or keep it shut down?  All that he wants.  He is the leader of the hardliners and the head of the TEA PARTY!  Call a spade a spade.  Only the house can fund the government but that is not entirely true.

President Obama has one move if  the Speaker of the House refuse or forces the White House into a move to fund the government and avoid default.  Executive order.  Four powers have one sidebar that over rules all.  The President is sworn to defend the nation under the Constitution and if the other three (House, Senate & Supreme Court) fail in any form that would harm the nation, the President has Executive Order privilege.

Holding America hostage financially for political gain that ended up being the one thing that destroyed your entire political party was the worst idea thought up and endorsed by Speaker Boehner.  At some point in time he thought that shutting down the government of the United States of America was a good idea.  That was his first mistake.  His second mistake was refusing to lead the House in a time of financial crisis and he should be impeached.  How many lawyers do we have in the House and how long will it take them to figure that parliamentary rule from the 1800's?


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