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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Defending America

President Bush tried to reassure the public this week that its privacy is “fiercely protected,” and that “we’re not mining or trolling through the personal lives of innocent Americans.”

Just thinking about all that is going on and it has slowly been coming to the front of my mind that we ALL have a problem on our hands. President Bush in his capacity to defend our country under a perpetual terrorist attack has come full circle. Building secret agencies to snuff out possible terrorists within has brought him all the way around to suspecting all people of the United States as terrorists. He suspects everyone and anyone of the possibility of attacking our nation at its core.

Your phone, your neighbors phone, the phone you use at work or the cell phone most of us can't live without is under attack from terrorists within. The only difference now is that the terrorists of today are coming from our own government that suspects us all as a possible terrorist?

Anyone that says that this really is not a big deal because they have nothing to hide is dead wrong. Every liberty that you give up to our government in defense against terrorism is a liberty you will never truly have again. President Bush is no longer the Commander in Chief of a proud nation but a Director General of fear and accusation. I recall and old story about World War II and the Nazi's that spoke of the tale "They came for me today". It starts off that they came for one group of people that had no effect on the persons life, and he didn't speak up. Then another group, then another untill there was only this one person left and nobody spoke up to defend him when they came for him because everyone that would have done so was already gone.

What other secrets is the President hiding in defense of our nation? When is enough going to be enough for the people of this great country to say that they have had enough?


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