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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Our Congress is out of touch

Life is to short…

With all the really serious issues we as a nation have to face we need serious people to lead us and fight for those issues. We have issues as a nation and these idiots in our nations capitol fighting over homophobic ideology is a joke. I for one did not elect anyone that wants to be in the bedroom with my wife and I when we are making love. Get the hell out of people’s bedrooms and back to work on real issues that matter. Then again, if they are taping all of our phones then who knows if they aren’t video taping our bedrooms too? It could happen. Big Brother is here and watching.

This whole deal on going after the gay and lesbian community comes down to racism and hate. Point a finger and condemn them for just being who they are is what the Mini Publicans do. Ask yourself this question. How many gay or lesbian people do you know in your life? Some of them are your brother or sister or son or daughter. Your neighbor or friend. They are part of this world and always have been and God willing will continue to be so. Why is it that the Mini Publicans have to point the finger at them to get re-elected? Let me know if you find out the answer to that one. I can't figure it out.

This mentality of protecting the base of the Mini Publican Party is a joke that nobody is laughing at anymore. People are getting pissed off and for a good reason. The Mini Publicans have become nothing but finger pointers that do nothing but cast blame to divert our attention while they screw over the middle and lower class. Shiny object over here folks…while at the same time they railroad through our Congress that Gays are bad, Lesbians are bad, Mexicans are bad, immigration is bad, big business is good, lobbyists are our friends, the oil companies are not screwing us over, and the list goes on and on.

My opinion is this. If you want to isolate and condemn any American for any reason and point the finger at them for all of our nations troubles then you have a fight with this Liberal Democrat from Mass a two sticks! It is sheer cowardice and ugly politics to blame or finger point just to hold your cushy government job. Hatred in America will never have a home against any American. Rightfully so. I think I will sleep better than most of them Mini Publicans.


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Blogger Miss Cellania said...

Forty million Americans without health insurance. War in the Middle East. A growing gap between the rich and poor, with jobs dissapearing. Senior citizens who can't buy prescriptions. Children who can't read. Genocide around the world. And some people think intimate behavior between consenting adults is the most important thing the government must deal with. Duh.

1:31 PM  

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