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Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Choose to See the Glass as Half-Full on Health Care

Hello Papamoka Bloggers! It's been a roller-coaster of a week trying to ride the ups and downs related to the health care debate in Washington and across the country right now. To be really honest, the reason it took me so long to post this week was due to extreme conflict within my own mind about how to react to events. I don't like to blog unless I feel well-informed and comfortable about an issue, and this one has pushed me to the limit.

First of all, I would like to say that I think the Republicans and a few bought-and-paid-for "conservative" Democrats are doing a great job lying about the health care debate. Like the president says, they are out there sewing fear hoping to terrorize the electorate. They are using every opportunity to skew the debate, distracting people from the real legislation.

It's sad to say that their tactics are working somewhat, since most of the national polls are showing a decline in support for the health care initiative overall, however, it's interesting to note that when the polls actually tell people what's in the primary legislation, the overwhelming majority of Americans favor it. It's also important to point out that most of the polls are misleading, manipulative and unworthy of reporting.

I don't wish to get into the nitty-gritty of the debate in this post seeing that I want to talk more about why we need to stay focused, but suffice it to say that after talking to a few Washington insiders this week I feel better about the delay and most of the legislation being debated in the House and Senate.

The bill forged by Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) led by Chris Dodd (D-CT) and Ted Kennedy (D-MA) are very positive. Their work along with a few other Senate committees provide some kind of public option and clean-up most of what is wrong with the health care system in America. Hopefully the Senators will be able to find common ground during their August break.

We should be highly skeptical about the legislation coming out of Senate Finance led by Baucus (D-MT) and Grassley (R-IA) pushing for eliminating employee health benefits in favor of ineffective health cooperatives, but the good news from what I hear is they do not have the support of the majority of Democrats in the Senate.

I also hear they've earned a bit of a bad rep lately. The other Senators fully realize just how much health care industry money has been pumped into that committee, so much so that it's been embarrassing for many in the Senate. FYI, after working up there, Senators do keep an eye on their colleagues and donations - often looking for motive before a vote. They don't always like it when committees sellout to overzealous industry profiteers.

Donations from lobbyists work best when the amounts donated to each politician remain secret. When the process takes time and legal reporting leads to open accounting (past legislation thanks to Democrats), it can create conflicts between officials. There are signs it is beginning to happen in relation to the Senate Finance Committee, as some Washington insiders report many are tiring of Baucus and his industry friends.

There is also the fact that most of the committee chairs and co-chairs receiving the bulk of the money represent less than 3% of all Americans - a fact that sticks-in-the-craw of many elected officials.

The other side of this debate is - of course - the Republican lies. They are bigger and better than ever. Again, despite the August delay, I'm hearing good news from my friends in Washington. There are signs the Republicans may have gone too far once again. They may have "jumped the shark" in their opposition to health care. Many are reporting that their latest lies - the elimination of Medicare, loss of personal health care choices, and forced living wills and early death - may be one step too far to say the least.

It doesn't matter if Hannity, Limbaugh and others repeat the lies ad nausea, as long as they can easily be disproved. In the end, the lies themselves can ruin the credibility of the opposition.

The polls show that when Americans learn about the primary legislation, they support it. The bulk of the legislation goes far enough to solve most of our health care problems. The special interest groups have been spending millions on ads and the polls haven't changed that much. Most important, the president and others are willing to sacrifice their valuable political capital (something most politicians won't do) to get a bill. If the legislators spend August learning about the options and informing their constituents, then we may just have a chance to change the system come Fall.

To me, the glass is half-full. To me, the signs are pointing in the right direction.

It's easy to get discouraged these days when it comes to Washington, politicians, corporate greed and especially all the Republican lies. It's harder to actually do the heavy lifting, oppose the "ends justify the means" crowd" and fight the good fight. That's what we need our politicians to do. We need them to stay focused, and to ignore the ignorant rants of the uninformed. We need them to follow the president's lead, stay strong, and pass real health care reform for the majority of Americans who support it.

PS - Please consider contacting your elected representatives often to remind them we support real health care reform with a strong and effective public option.

Michael Boh

Papamoka's Left Coast Contributor
from Our Rants & Raves Blog

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Papamoka Home Cooking

I’m starting a new leaf of this blog and I may branch it out to its own site but that is yet to be decided. I’m cooking up a storm and my five baby girls love my cooking so here goes installment one of Papamoka Home Cooking. I’m working on getting a digital camera to show pictures. I would love to have you see how delicious this stuff looks while it is cooking.

Potato Pancakes to Die FOR!

This isn't your traditional Polish or German recipe. This is all me aka Papamoka's creation. Have you ever smelled something so amazing cooking and your taste buds were going nuts before it was served. Cooking potato pancakes is a slow process and the cook is unfortunately left at the stove during the whole process. The enjoyment as the cook is the repeat request for more potato pancakes from not just your kids but your friends that you invited over for dinner. This is how it works, the recipe I have below is for serving five kids and two adults. If you have big eaters, then double everything.

Five pound bag of potato’s peeled, cut, and boiled.
Mash the potato’s and add two full sticks of butter (1/2 pound)
Add milk so they are creamy potato’s.
Mash the hell out of them to get as many lumps out
While still hot add one Tsp Celery Salt and Paprika
Add one Tsp salt and pepper
Add one TBLSP garlic powder (Fresh Garlic doesn't work)
Add one TBLSP cinnamon
Cool in the fridge for a half hour
Add five eggs (helps bond the potato so you can cook them and flip them) Mix the eggs in well.
Add one cup of Bisquick, maybe more depending on the texture of your potato mix. It should be almost like mashed potatoes that are consistent in texture but a little past the creamy side.

Preheat a griddle or frying pan on low heat, low heat is critical, two or three on an electric stove and really low flame for gas, and use tons of butter every time you add new potato pancakes to it. About the size of a burger is easy to flip.

For a 12” Skittle, use a quarter TSP of butter. We are frying these bad
boys and we want a crispy edge. Four at a time is best and easiest to flip without damaging other pancakes.

Browning on the first side takes about seven to eight minutes on low heat. Basically, you are cooking the eggs in the mix. Flipping can be difficult but quick wrist action is the key. Cook on the other side for two to three minutes or until lightly browned.

Serve up with condiments of your liking and a fresh made garden salad. I happen to love just sour cream but a half and half of sour cream and cottage cheese mix is the kids favorite. Next time I make it I’m going to try it with Blue Cheese salad dressing. Then again, melted butter over the top in the last minute of cooking might be interesting too. Experiment away with this Papamoka special meal and enjoy the flavor of life.

Let me know if you try it and like it. Then tell your friends to come to Papamoka’s for dinner. Email me at


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Virginia Foxx Nut Job on Healthcare

I should first start off by offering this little piece of information about the Republican nut job from North Carolina, she claims that every American has health care. I can’t make this stuff up! She said it, believes it, and is freakin’ delusional! I wonder what her net worth is to be able to boast this lie about our healthcare system? “All Americans have healthcare”. Raise your hand if you know of someone that does not have health care? Email Congressmen Foxx if you do not have health care insurance. Check out her statement, you have health care…

(No video, just a sound bite)

Is she right? I hate to say it but she is correct. It’s called an emergency room! That’s the problem Virginia! DUH IS YOU Virginia. That is what is busting our health insurance system. Yes you can go to the ER if you have a medical emergency, and yes you will get patched up and sent home. The issue Mrs. Foxx, God that is ironic (she gets and extra X in her name to differentiate the filth and lies Fox News reports as almost the truth), is that emergency rooms do not and will not treat long term health care problems like cancer, leukemia, muscle disorders like MS or can I go through a plethora of other life threatening medical problems that millions of Americans face every single day. Emergency rooms are not for long term treatment that could save lives!

I’m an American citizen, born here, raised in Worcester County my entire life. I don’t have health insurance. I more or less work for myself now and I can’t get affordable health insurance even from the state of Massachusetts because my parents didn’t have a name for me before they left the hospital that I was born in. My birth certificate reads pure and simple “--- O’Keefe” and the fact that I was a baby boy born to Jack and Louise O‘Keefe. Feel free to call me Dash. The kids are covered but I’m screwed no matter how many times I tried to prove that I am and have been an American citizen.

Do I have long term health problems? You betcha I do and I can’t see the specialty doctors at UMASS Hospital that I had when I was gainfully employed. So I deal with it and live with it. I’m not important in this battle simply because there are so many more people that DO NOT HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE that are important to this countries future. He or she may be sitting right next to you at this very moment. Without health insurance for all of our people then only the silent voices of the sick and poor will pass out of our range of hearing. That works fine for those of us with tons of cash in the bank and have a voice and pulpit to preach from. It doesn’t work for those of us hoping that the symptoms and progression of our medical issue that grows worse daily will not or does not take us one step closer to the casket. We have so much to offer and Virginia Foxx is lying for the sake of the almighty dollar and whatever connections she has financially to her political office. How do you sleep at night Virginia? Follow the money is always the rule of thumb. I dare to wonder how many skeletons are in the Foxx closet.

Life is precious and anyone that comes out with a statement as moronic as Virginia Foxx’s, that declares all Americans have health insurance should be questioned and that statement vilified. I personally find it more than stupefying that she is so anti abortion and yet she has no problem with letting millions of Americans die each year simply because they have no health insurance. What is the difference Virginia? What is the difference?

This fight for healthcare for all Americans isn’t a right verse left issue. It is a fight for life. Defend your argument against life from the right side of the political spectrum. If you can’t your stance against health care for all, then why is the right side of politics so much against healthcare for all Americans?


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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bloody Battle Over Health Care

Is it fair to say that healthcare is something that every working American is concerned about? Would it also be fair to say that each year your employer is under the gun by an industry that is out of control and if they are paying X amount of dollars they are held hostage to pay XYZ more in dollars for the same health care plan. And then the covered benefits drop!

Health care in America is out of control. Ask any business owner that has to face this issue every single year and he or she will tell you that it is the biggest expense of doing business and keeping employees. Ten, twenty, even thirty percent increase every single year is not uncommon to provide health care to your employees. Employers suck it up, shop for better plans but the cost is still higher every single year. Ergo, the cost to the employee grows every single year. The cost of doing business grows and it is a problem that can and will end America’s ability to be the leader of the free world. If we can not take care of the weakest amongst us then our basis as a nation that is or was based on freedom is lost.

As a concerned person thinking about this issue you can not and should not rely on any one source as to the cost that it will end up to you. Most companies pay 50% to 75% of health care for employees. It’s rare to find a company that pays all of it. Bottom line is that the cost keeps going up year after year and that cost has to be paid from someone. All of the people not insured or covered that use the emergency room in your city adds to the cost for everyone that pays for health insurance. And don’t you think for a minute that your job is safe when the cost of doing business just across the border in Mexico is dirt cheap. Corporations are moving manufacturing jobs across the border at an alarming rate simply because they can not afford to do business in America. Stock holders rule and you lose! End of discussion as the corporate boys toss down another martini at the nineteeth hole.

It is entirely up to you, believe the lies that pundits are selling against a national health care system or invest in the future for America that provides Social Security for its elderly and can and should demand a health care system for all of her people. Once more this discussion comes down to the middle class that pays the bulk of taxes. Are your willing to end the brunt of paying for everyone elses healthcare? Do you as a taxpayer have a problem with rolling back the tax cuts for the mega rich back to the President Clinton era? Do you as a taxpayer have a problem with that money used to insure the folks using the emergency room like the local clinic?

Health care in our country is a joke. We can do better and should do better. The United States of Ameica is the worlds only super power left and yet we are the worst at caring for our own people. Our nation is under the gun with the cost of health care and there is only so much time before the machine gun cost from the health care providers makes wood chips out of the door that is your paycheck and health care. Employers all across America can not afford the increases that health care cost so what is the alternative? Moving manufacturing jobs to Mexico or Canada works for the bottom line and stock holder value! How does that fit with your bitch fest argument against health care reform when your paycheck goes out of the country? I don't know about your town but here in my city they are dumping jobs to Mexico like there is no tomorow. This issue on health care will come to a fight, and it will end up being resolved when it isn't a question of if you can get medical attention when you need it but if you deserve it as an American citizen.


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The President Needs to Up His Game to Win

Hello Papamoka Bloggers! The president's prime-time news conference last night seemed okay on the surface, but most of the early feedback seems to suggest the president has fallen short.

There's no doubt he was informative and extremely competent (a far cry from the way the illiterate George Bush sold his expensive wars and half-ass legislation), but unfortunately that may not be enough when it comes to fighting the evil forces out to kill health care reform.

A billion dollars a year derived from 20% plus profits occupying one-sixth of our GDP can generate some pretty tough opposition - especially when you have greedy Republicans available for purchase.

Instead of a press conference Mr. President, perhaps you should have considered a speech, or a lecture? There is no doubt Americans want health care reform, but most of the current complaints (by reasonable people) are about how the plan will effect them personally, or about how it will add to deficit spending. Those answers would have been helped by more visuals.

We all understand show and tell. Powerpoint? You definitely needed a few visual aids sir.

I feel horrible criticizing a man who I consider one of the smartest and most competent, but tough times call for extreme measures. The only way health care reform will succeed is with the support of the vast majority of Americans - it's the only way to fight the riches of the industry and the greed of the Republicans.

Most Americans need to be hand-held into this reform. Unfortunately, the president didn't reach far enough last night.

Fighting the Republican lies is only possible by educating the people. Senator George Voinovich (R-OH) admitted on CNBC Wednesday that "a desire to prevent the Democratic president from scoring a historical victory with a public health plan accounts for at least 50 percent of the GOP opposition to the plan." Senator Demint called the health care struggle the president's possible "waterloo."

It's clear the Republican opposition is devious. They are the ultimate con artists. They sell expensive wars and legislation (benefiting big business) with barely any opposition, while we are forced to account for every word and every dime. They succeed by lying to their constituents, and to the American people. So, how do you fight that kind of opposition? You do whatever you have to do, that's how.

To the President and Congress

First of all, I think the president and congressional Democrats should do more to point out the Republican past. They should remind Americans who created the debt, who got us into war, who destroyed the economy, who passed expensive corporate legislation, and who has done little to help middle-class Americans over the past thirty years or so. It would remind people who to trust.

Destroying Republican credibility would help undermine their current opposition. We could simply tell the truth!

Second, this reform effort requires every man on deck, including celebrities, scholars, community leaders and activists, or anybody who can help. You're doing a lot Mr. President, but you need more help. Please don't try to go it alone.

Finally, unlike George Bush who encouraged us to "go shopping" during wartime, you should encourage us to hit the streets. We're willing and able to do whatever is necessary. We have your back sir, as long as we have your leadership. Explain until you cannot explain anymore, and use us as necessary. We are ready to do our part.

Michael Boh
Papamoka's Left Coast Contributor
from Our Rants & Raves Blog

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pat Buchanan, the other White Meat

It doesn't take much to come to the conclusion that Pat Buchanan, former Nixon speech writer and Republican candidate for President long ago in a galaxy far far away is a white supremist. In his fat and happy little world, all things are controlled by rich, white, Republicans. There are no woman equal to the task of the SCOTUS, there are no people of any race other than his lily white skin that deserve to be in high office.

I think it is only right that we award Mr. Buchanan the SCUMBAG trophy. This idiot that MSNBC has on the payroll for every news magazine show they have is a throwback to times long gone bye bye. I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears for this interview with Rachel Maddow with our SCUMBAG recipient. Pat actually thinks that America was built only by rich white folks. He actually thinks that someone like Judge Sotomayor, who graduated at the top of her class isn’t smart enough for SCOTUS??? MSNBC should fire his fat white ass! Or is MSNBC backing up what their paid political spokesman has to say?

Here we go from You Tube…
Video Link

Thank you Rachel Maddow for bitch slapping this moron! Here is your SCUMBAG award Pat, hand crafted by artisans working with a shovel down at the local sewerage treatment plant. You might want to run the AC in your car on the way home Pat, heat tends to make our trophy give off odors that tend to match the words coming out of your mouth.


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To drink or not to drink, that is the question

There seems to be a little bit of piss and moaning going around about President Obama having an occasional beer, martini or any other kind of alcoholic beverage. My opinion on this particular subject is biased due to the fact that I have enjoyed a few domestic beers in my day. And yet there will always be someone out there to immediately play the “He must be an alcoholic” card on anyone that even walks by a liquor store. Those would be the nice folks that are without sin and can afford that lovely glass house high up on the holier than thou hill. We all know these nice folks, the ones that exchange pleasantries after church but refuse to recognize one another while picking up their beer and wine.

President Obama is not getting drunk, hammered, inebriated, passing out, slurring his words, or even tossing his cookies on the porcelain thrown. From all reports that I have read, he will have one, or maybe even two at the most drinks and that is all he will have. Do I need to mention that he has a designated driver courtesy of the Secret Service for four years so it isn’t like he is out drunk driving which I highly discourage even after one sip of anything with alcohol in it.

This is what is being said over at Politico and I recommend reading the entire piece…

When President Barack Obama confessed his occasional urge to have a puff of a cigarette, inquiring minds wondered: Does Obama ever savor that smoke with a glass of cognac? A splash of port? Or even, perhaps, a good, old-fashioned ale?

To be sure, Obama is anything but a lush. But unlike his predecessor, former President George W. Bush, who refrained from cracking open a cold one in or out of the White House, Obama has enjoyed a tasty beverage or two since moving into the Executive Mansion.

But rather than sticking to one signature drink, Obama’s choices are varied: beer, wine, martinis, sparkling wine, margaritas.

Sip, Snip, Knock over a plant…

After Obama was seen with beer in hand at the Wizards game, callers lit up the lines at WWL, a sports radio station in Louisiana, according to the station’s website.

“People are losing 5, 10, 20,000 dollars a day in the stock market, and he’s sitting there drinking a beer,” one caller said. “It’s insulting. There’s a lot of people suffering.”

Another caller complained, “The president is the president 24 hours a day. I don’t think he should drink on the job.”
- Politco

There is a big difference between getting drunk and enjoying an occasional drink at a social gathering. Some of our President’s in history could be described as high functioning alcoholics and some not so great leaders of the United States should have tossed back a few shots to get their heads out of their backside so to speak.

George Washington, a great man, a great leader, but was also the largest distiller of whiskey in the newly formed United States of America. George liked his whiskey.

Ulysses S. Grant had a hankering for whiskey and cigars to which President Abe Lincoln was thankful for when then General Grant managed to turn the Civil War around and eventually end the death and suffering on both sides of the battle fields.

Teddy Roosevelt, the mans man as President never liked alcohol but he would drink a gallon of coffee in no time flat. And as a sober man he did great things for his nation such as creating our National Parks, implementing the USDA to enforce food safety, and of course breaking up the corporations that thought they owned America.

Calvin Coolidge was a teetotaler and sat on his hands while the great depression was knocking on the door of his Presidency and passed the buck to Hoover.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt loved to toss a few back and he wasn’t shy about it. He still managed to pass Social Security, pull a nation out of the Great Depression, and be a successful Commander in Chief against two enemies, in two parts of the world. Its interesting to point out that his counterpart in England, Winston Churchill, did his best work when he was somewhat inebriated.

Richard Nixon was a man that enjoyed his beverage of choice all alone and yet he managed to open up China to the world. Then again he had that little plumbing problem too that was his downfall.

Jimmy Carter, well he didn’t drink and I think both sides of the political aisle would say he was not very successful as President and just leave it at that.

Ronald Reagan, the Big Gipper, loved a cold brew and was proud as hell to have one in Boston with the folks during one campaign stop. There are some folks that say that the friendship between Speaker of the House Tip O’Neil and President Reagan was not entirely based on respect of one another. And somehow Reagan managed to install the actions needed to pull down the Iron Curtain.

Bill Clinton, lets just say that Rudolph the red nosed reindeer had some competition every Christmas. Clinton still managed to be President during the most prosperous times in American history and working with a Republican Congress managed to balance the federal budget and pass on a one trillion surplus to George W. Bush.

George W. Bush, AA poster boy President. I think we can all say that he used every excuse starting with 9/11 to screw over the middle and lower classes and left our nation with to many messes to clean up.

I think it can honestly be said that some people in the position of President could imbibe an occasional adult beverage, some shouldn’t have, and some should have. History is the ultimate judge on the issue and President Obama will face that test when he is no longer President. Till then, I trust that President Obama enjoys his beverage of choice in moderation and on occasions that are acceptable to our society.

Have to run, NASCAR is on! Somebody toss me a cold beer…


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Monday, July 13, 2009

When In the Course of Human Events, It Becomes Necessary

Hello Papamoka Bloggers! Well, I attended another dinner over the weekend where a political debate broke out and the minority at the event offered the rest of us a political and sociological glimpse into just how unyielding America's Republicans are today.

We - Democrats - were trying to make our case that today's problems are too important to be ignored - the way they have been by the GOP (and Blue Dog Democrats) for decades, but we didn't go there. No matter how hard we tried to make our case for real reform where necessary - health care, energy, environment, finance and the rest - they would argue in fear of taxes. Of course, pointing out our historically low taxes didn't matter one bit.

Of course, the money their party already spent meant nothing to them - neither did the majority of the debt the GOP CREATED, to be brutally honest.

It was a tiresome experience. Though it seemed like a well-reasoned political evening where people actually listened to one another, the discussion went nowhere fast. Despite all our efforts, the Republicans that evening wouldn't give an inch. They wouldn't support us, the Democrats or Obama on any issue, or help solve any problem. They also offered us no solution of their own. They were hard-headed to the point of severe annoyance.

It's true, they didn't seem to think a plan was necessary. They said the GOP didn't need a plan, because everything would "work itself out the way it always did." Incredibly, that was their answer to everything. They refused to accept the idea that legislative, government policy and systemic changes always proceeded societal and economic development. It didn't matter, they wouldn't listen. To them, it was all Democratic BS!

They want their leaders to stop us from changing the status quo, no matter how scary the data is suggesting a very dark future for most Americans. No matter how serious, they didn't care. One minute they would acknowledge a crises (while defensively refusing to be blamed in any way), and the next minute they would be talking about how "real people and the market would work it out." That was their STUPID and INSANE answer to everything.

A Republican doctor at the event kept rambling on about how horrible health care is in the rest of the world, scaring all the other Republicans at the dinner to death. After prodding he acknowledged no real experience with those health systems. After being exposed to data showing otherwise by yours-truly, he still wouldn't give an inch. Any change was bad. I finally gave up.

I must admit, I left the evening depressed. If intelligent, civilized, politically-aware Americans cannot sit together and find common ground, then what does our future hold? We seem to come from two different Americas these days. One cares about the majority, while the other focuses on its own interests.

Looking back, and this might burn a few bridges, but my conclusion is that it's Republican individualism gone wild. They're simply selfish. They are determined to reject any change to help their fellow Americans, or even America itself, if it requires them to compromise their lifestyle in any way, or costs them any money. It's that simple.

That was my conclusion. Individual Republicans seem to be heavily invested in the status quo. The last thirty years since Reagan have given them most of what they wanted, primarily low taxes and minimal regulation. It doesn't matter if it doesn't work for most of us, as long as it helps them personally. They refuse to sacrifice anything for the greater good, or for a better future. They also seem unable to imagine a better world for some strange reason. It's as though they lack imagination.

They are refusing to help their nation compete and succeed. There's only one way to describe that position, and the word is unAmerican! We don't want to, but due to Bush and the Republicans (and those annoying Blue Dog Democrats), we Democrats know that sacrifices are now necessary. Whether it involves money or lifestyle changes, we must act now!

We Americans for America must fight their spurious claims of socialism, government waste, and their worst claim of all, Democratic corruption. If necessary, we must move forward without them.

If we cannot find common ground, let's ignore them and move on. President Obama needs to stop relying on phony bi-partisanship and focus on success. We cannot stand by and allow their personal greed to ruin what are legitimate attempts to reform our system.

If that calls on us to use the same dirty tactics of the GOP, by calling them unAmerican and unPatriotic, then let's do it. I don't necessarily believe it (thinking them ignorant instead), but if it works it may be worth a try.

We need to fight fire with fire. We need to show them how the "party of no" is trying to prevent access to affordable health care, clean domestic energy, guaranteed food and water safety, safe regulated financial markets, and a world without the threats of global warming and environmental catastrophe.

We also need to show them that instead of Republican lies and debt without end, we Democrats are trying to forge a healthy, effective, prosperous and financially sound America.

They may be willing to gamble with our children's future - and the planet's, but we are not. We are determined to change what isn't working. If our current crop of Democrats fail to deliver, I suggest we work hard (like we did to elect Obama) to defeat them, and install new ones. That's right, let's threaten to FIRE THEIR ASSES! That should scare them.

I say let's forget bi-partisanship, for it's a dead-end. Let's focus on real problems, real solutions, and finding corruption-free, fair politicians willing to deliver.

It's my new mantra! The Republicans are a waste of our time and energy. Let's force the Democrats to do their jobs. If they don't, let's fire them and find new Democrats. Let's stop playing games. It's time to create a better America for the majority of Americans. That's patriotism. That's what this nation was founded on, the "unalienable rights" of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" for ALL Americans. It is time. It has become necessary for WE THE PEOPLE to act.

Michael Boh
Papamoka's Left Coast Contributor
from Our Rants & Raves Blog

PS - What the minority Republicans and conservative Democrats don't realize is that most of us feel our leaders have turned their backs on us - ordinary hardworking Americans. Unless politicians focus more on WE THE PEOPLE and our concerns - instead of corporations and special interests - campaigns of change thwarted by the elite will ultimately give way to real revolution.

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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Those Silly Republicans and their Democratic Debt

Hello Papamoka Bloggers! Since I seem to have drifted into my summer season, which is more about playing outside than writing about politics, I'll still do my best to get angry about something. Let's see, how about what I like to call the most recent Republican Brainwashing Initiative (RBI 2.0). Let's face it, the majority of them (non-tea-party-folk) have been relatively silent for a while. I think that seems to be changing.

I think our Republican friends are beginning to stir a little more these days. It seems they've been listening to FOX "News" (RBI central) long enough now [since their election losses] for some of their more heinous brainwashing to take full effect. At least in my world, they've begun to share. They're beginning their usual blame game, and unfortunately facts have little to do with how they assess or assign blame.

The lies have begun to flow like girly-poop in a man-sized Texas toilet. In the same way Ronald Reagan's fake legacy blossomed after a a few years (I guess they forget faster these days - must be the drugs in our water), George W. Bush is beginning to emerge as a competent president who ran a highly successful foreign policy and economy. The signs are there that he is destined for honor and glory within the party. I must admit, you have to admire them for their ability to turn anybody, even the biggest loser, into a hero.

Unfortunately, and equally perplexing, President Obama is now the one responsible for everything bad that's happening in the world - especially the bad bits they're mostly responsible for.

I could ramble on (as I usually do - to get the facts right) with a laundry list of BS they're beginning to buy into again, but that would be exhausting for all of us, and I want to go play outside. So, let's focus. What are the far-right screw-ups - the ones who drink their own Kool-Aid - really annoying me most about these days? What propaganda pisses me off the most?

I know! It's that latest false factoid being spewed on FOX "News" day and night these days - not to menation the lesser media minions. Hannity, O'Reilly, Cavuto and the rest are all talking about it ad nausea. They even have their creepy-crawlies Coulter and Matlin carrying the water on other networks. I guess it must be an edict from the top, wherever that top is these days.

What is it? It's their claim - which my friends and family now believe - that Barack Obama has now contributed more to the federal debt than any president before him. It's BS, but they keep saying it.

The claim is outrageous. It has no bases in fact. The federal debt remains the responsibility of the Republican Party, since their leadership created over 90% of it. Barack Obama has contributed to less than 1% of the federal debt so far, and his annual budget deficit is still overwhelmingly the product of George W. Bush.

A matter of fact, George W. Bush is responsible for contributing the most to the federal debt. Now that's a fact you can take to the bank.

Of course, the far-right will ignore the obvious facts. A matter of fact (sorry, it's a fun word), I'm pretty sure we'll have somebody crapping those very same Republican BS-talking points in response to this very post.

As always, the Republicans are lying to the American people and to themselves. As you can see by the chart above, George W. created the largest annual deficits in American history. Incredibly, those annual deficits would be even higher if war borrowing had been included on the federal books. Barack Obama has included those negatives since taking office, which has increased the debt

I know it had to be done, but I wonder if the Republicans will get away with painting us with their own stink of irresponsibility. Unfortunately, our own honesty may become a liability in 2012.

In my humble opinion, because of these and other lies, the Republicans have no honor. They are liars, plain and simple. The Republican leadership/elite will do or say anything to regain their power, and that includes massive doses of propaganda. We can only hope the American people will not fall for it again. "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me." Let's hope that shame remains a distant memory.

Just to be clear, the facts about the federal debt are simple. I have reviewed them on this blog numerous times. The overwhelming majority (over 90%) of today's federal/foreign debt was created during the leadership of the Republicans. They borrowed to lower taxes. It was done mostly under Ronald Reagan, George Bush, and George W. Bush. Bill Clinton lowered the debt. Those are the facts (see the chart below).

Like most Democrats, I can't stand the way President Obama is forced to spend to salvage today's broken economy, but to blame him for the debt is tantamount to blaming the Democrats for starting the Iraq War. They may have been involved to some degree, but the blame lies clearly at the feet of the Republican Party.

I will probably be writing about some of the other bits and pieces of propaganda the Republicans are pushing these days, but let's leave those for another time. Today it's all about the way they're lying about the money.

What do we ordinary American citizens do? We do what's right, and tell the truth. Please, keep talking to your friends and family about the facts. Tell the truth about the lies. I don't care how many times we have to say it, it's important to get our message out. WE ALL NEED TO TELL THE TRUTH!

WE MUST NOT allow those at FOX "News," or similar-slimy-corrupt-propaganda-fake-news-outlets, to poison the minds of the American people. We need to keep reminding our friends and family the truth about what really happened, and most important, about what really went wrong.

Michael Boh
Papamoka's Left Coast Contributor
from Our Rants & Raves Blog

PS - I know most have to work, but I'm taking a break at noon to join a group of protesters in front of Dianne Feinstein's office on Santa Monica Boulevard at noon this afternoon. If you're in LA, please consider joining us to call on her to support a strong public option as part of health care reform. If not, please think about contacting your representatives. It's the only way to prevent the private-sector from robbing us of affordable health care. Thanks - MB

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