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Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Woman Has No Reproductive Rights

The Republican's are right on the money. All you woman that think you own your uterus and reproductive organs are nut jobs that need a lobotomy. Maybe you need that lobotomy to get some common sense into your head! No offense intended but the GOP thinks that all of you woman should be put in your place and know your place. Steppford Wives is not a bad thing if you will just do what you are told. Know your place woman and the world will be fine. There should be barbed wire around your reproductive organs to protect the world from nut jobs that think that woman have certain rights over their own bodies. What the hell are you whack job woman thinking? I think the GOP should bring back chastity belts too. And Berkas.

God only knows, the only woman that any good Republican man could ever trust and have faith in was his mother.

Rock on GOP...

This is the message of the GOP. God bless them. Everyone should vote for the GOP just because it is the right thing to do. For men. I think it's written in the bible or something but I could be wrong. Vote for them for congress, for the senate, and especially for president. We need to fix this nation and only a strong GOP government can do that by telling all of you woman how messed up you are in thinking that you own any part of your body. All you woman that have the right to vote now because of that bitch Susan B. Anthony should vote for the Democrat. What's his face... O something or other.

We got this covered. Men rule and babes drool. I mean babies drool. As God intended. So sayeth the GOP.


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Friday, February 24, 2012

Energy Policy for Future Generations

I am firmly entrenched in the renewable energy mindset. I look at the way that our nation lives and how we abuse energy in oh so many ways. We bitch and moan about the cost of gasoline and yet we continue to buy vehicles that get less gas mileage than the cars built in the early seventies. We bitch and moan about our dependence on other nations for our energy needs and yet refuse to look at the vast resources right here in the United States that are renewable. It seems to be ironic that we have an energy policy in this country that isn't about how we can sustain it or reduce it but how we can get more out of it by doing nothing.

President Obama was on topic in Miami recently when he spoke of the need for new sources of renewable energy that are right here in the good old USA....

You know there are no quick fixes to this problem. You know we can’t just drill our way to lower gas prices. If we’re going to take control of our energy future and can start avoiding these annual gas price spikes that happen every year -- when the economy starts getting better, world demand starts increasing, turmoil in the Middle East or some other parts of the world -- if we’re going to avoid being at the mercy of these world events, we’ve got to have a sustained, all-of-the-above strategy that develops every available source of American energy. Yes, oil and gas, but also wind and solar and nuclear and biofuels, and more.

As President Obama pointed out, that's a vision toward which we are making progress:

In 2010, our dependence on foreign oil was under 50 percent for the first time in over a decade. We were less reliant on foreign oil than we had been. In 2011, the United States relied less on foreign oil than in any of the last 16 years. That's the good news. And because of the investments we’ve made, the use of clean, renewable energy in this country has nearly doubled -– and thousands of American jobs have been created as a consequence. - The White House

As the president said, we can bitch and moan about the forever cost of our energy needs or we can ask the people to act on it. Get your ass out in your garage and find the next best solution to heating your home or water. Find a new way to power your lawn mower other than gasoline. Discover some new solution from your garden that can convert compost into high grade fuel for your car. A wise man once said that there is nothing that the mind can think of that is not achievable. It would be a wise president of the United States of America to put that thought to good use when speaking to the people.

The funny thing about leaders like the president is that sometimes they are talking to the wrong people. He went to Miami and its great University to give a speech on renewable energy but needed to talk to all of the people that tinker in their garages and basements with every conceivable possibility of making something better if not a totally new concept. The greatest resource that America has is the ability of its people to see that there is always a better solution. The president should tap that renewable resource right away.

I am and have been designing Solar Boxes that can heat your home during the winter. The same boxes can heat your hot water year round when the sun is shining. What are you doing?

As the president said... "A bumper sticker is not an energy strategy to solve our energy challenge."


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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Political Friend or Enemy

I have come to the age and mind to believe that no matter who we elect to our congress that my wallet will be taken from me. All attempts to protect what little income I have coming in must go to the greater good they say with a political smile as they leave in their limousine. The upcoming presidential election and congressional elections are no different now than they were fifty years ago or even one hundred years ago. The end result is that those of us in the middle class are going to get screwed over to benefit the people at the bottom and most certainly the people at the top. That is the sickness of politics. Somebody has to pay for the dreams of a more perfect society. Sometimes I find myself at the point where my check will bounce to the moon given the ambitions of many political leaders. And yet they cash my check anyway and give my grandchildren the lean or IOU that must be paid down the road.

I long for the days of a person of true character and convictions that will run for president and follow through with his or her promises. It seems that the only election going on is that of the Republican candidates because the President is running unopposed as a Democrat. I find it odd that none of the Republican's are reaching out to the middle class voters. Their ambition seems to be locked on people that can afford not to care about the economy, not to care about jobs, and not to care about people in general. Everything the GOP candidates are proposing or promising is harmful if not destructive to the middle and lower classes.

I enjoy watching Santorum make a complete ass of himself and his supporters every time he opens his mouth. Mitt Romney makes me laugh with his attempts to be a regular guy even though he has over a hundred million in the bank. Don't let me get started with history professor Newt. Newt would be better off buying a tour ticket of the White House than trying to occupy it by the election process.

In the end, my friend John Myste has a very good point for those of us that think that they will not vote this election because "None of the Above" seem to be of the quality of character needed to occupy the highest office in the land. His point is the selection of justices to the Supreme Court. There is a 5-4 conservative leaning on the current bench and the next President of the United States could have the opportunity to appoint several more justices to that court. Politics will always be a screwing over of the middle class no matter what political party is in charge but the court is like luggage. You keep that stuff forever. I would by far rather have a supreme court with a liberal leaning than one that would wipe its backside with the Constitution of the United States.


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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Election of a President

It is interesting to see how presidential campaigns are funded. On the Democrat side you have people giving one dollar, five dollars, ten dollars and sometimes a tad bit more. Yes the President has some big campaign donors where they max out at $2500 for a plate of chicken and a short speech from the President of the United States of America. But when you look at Governor Romney and his fundraising efforts it is all the people that can max out donations. That should set off an alarm in your head where the Presidency can be bought.

But Romney has proved unable to tap into the emotion-driven small-dollar contributors that helped power Barack Obama in 2008, and which fueled even his more Establishment rival, Hillary Clinton, this time four years ago when she too began to run out of big donors. The result: Republican fundraisers say that despite his success so far, they think Romney is fast approaching a wall, and that he will likely be forced to pay for the campaign out of his own deep pockets.

“I don't know that he’s completely tapped out, but they are trying to look under every stone,” said a top New York Republican fundraiser. “You run out of people you can hit up for $2,500,” he said, referring to the legal limit for primary contributions.

“Here in New York he has had fundraiser after fundraiser after fundraiser,” said another top New York Republican. “Even in New York, there’s only so much you can get out of the city.”

Romney is unusually dependent on those contributions. Over 82 percent of Romney's haul from individuals in 2011 came in donations greater than $1000 —which doesn’t even include the larger donations to the SuperPAC that supports him, Restore Our Future. And as Rick Santorum stays in the game with a growing pool of small donors — to whom he can return for another $20 or $100 when the millions they’ve given him runs out — Romney’s campaign has launched an intense, late scramble for the cash to fend off his conservative challenger. - Buzz Feed

I thought that the idea to elect a president was not based on the money they had but the people that supported his ideas to be the next president of the country? Apparently, the system has changed and money talks and presidents are selected by the size of their bank accounts.

That leads me to think that the people that have been blessed with those huge bank accounts do not want us one dollar, and five dollar, and ten dollar people donations. Money talks and that must mean something. Mitt Romney has tapped into his personal wealth for many campaigns because he could not sell what he was saying. Nobody was buying it with donations that’s for sure. He tapped his own funds to run against Teddy Kennedy and lost it all. He tapped into his own funds to win the Governor’s office in Massachusetts by simply flooding the state with advertisements. He tapped into his own funds in the last presidential election and still lost. We should feel sorry for Mitt Romney, he so much wants the power of the Presidency of this nation that he would put himself on earned income credit tax status. Why does he want it more than the money he built his life up to have? That is the question that us little people that give five and ten bucks will never know because we are not sending our money to Mitt for Prez.


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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kids with Cancer

As a parent I pray to God that none of my five girls ever come down with cancer. Kids with cancer is one of the worst battles any parent can fight. You have to be the better emotionally controlled person to tell your child that all will be fine while you fight with the people that say that certain treatments are not covered and the bills mount up. It is a battle that you never want to fight and I pray that many of my readers never have to face. To have a child that is suffering from cancer is hard enough. When the bills for the treatments come in it is even harder.

A friend of mine is going to shave his head to support kids with cancer for a fourth year in a row. Greg Wies lives outside of the St. Louis, MO area and has a heart as big as the whole outdooors for kids with cancer. It is a noble cause. He is a good man in times when you question the honor of many.

If you care to donate to the cause then please like this post on your Facebook page first. Spread the word about these kids and the families that they have. Click on the child's picture above to donate to Greg's efforts to help out another parent of yet one more kid with cancer. As a parent I would sell my soul to save my child from cancer and I think that you would too. Help out another parent before you are in their shoes. If all you have is a dollar to donate then that is one dollar of hope that these kids didn't have before. Many small donations when combined together can and will make a difference.

I hope that this effort and post helps. Papamoka loves kids and hates to see even one sick.

Thank you,

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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Thirty Nine Cent Bullet Theory

I'm of the honest opinion that if you live a life of evil then you should be judged and sentenced as evil. I am by far not a huge fan of the death penalty but I am not in favor of giving monsters that commit horrible crimes a free life trip to Club Med with all expenses paid! My brother from another mother and I are debating this between our blogs. I am friendly to the thirty nine cent bullet theory when it comes to true monsters in our society that commit despicable crimes against society. John Myste likes the happy pill, feed them, cloth them, treat them, and nurture them theory. Not I!

Take the Nazi's of WWII. I would take out a mortgage to pay that bullet bill. Dr. Joseph Mengele, the monster of Auschwitz, he liked twins to see whatever evil thought came into his mind and how it would effect them. Connecting veins together, organs together, spines together, and every other medical abomination the mind could conceive. Once the experiment ran the course he had no need for the surviving child and they too succumbed to his madness. He was evil, he needed to be stopped, nobody stopped him. He lived to a ripe old age in South America.

Mass murderers, serial killers and such we really don't need that appeal thingy that the courts always go through so the monster lives ten or twenty years after the death sentence. Give the judge a box of bullets and shoot them right then and their! "Bailiff, shoot him!" Your appeal is with your creator.

As a liberal I can honestly say that I have no problem buying the bullet or firing the shot to shoot someone that has raped or murdered any child. No PROBLEM AT ALL. But I am still a liberal. I just defend children first over the rights of monsters. Same goes for someone that rapes, beats and murders and elderly person. Send me the bill for the bullet. Same goes for someone that kills a police officer in the line of duty. Send me the bill. In my mind it is common sense to protect the weakest in our society and those that defend and protect our society from the monsters that have no conscious idea that what they are doing is wrong.

I don't come to this opinion easily. It is an ongoing opinion that could change but I do not see a snow balls chance in hell of that happening anytime soon. Does my opinion and hope for the thirty nine cent bullet theory have legs to stand on? Some say yes, some say no. I'm good to go with it. No CLUB MED for people that care not about their fellow human beings. Their soul was lost when they committed the crime. My bullet is just expediting the delivery for judgement before God.




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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Applebee's Recycling Problem

I have to be honest and say that I have been an Applebee's customer and fan for years and years. Not just here in Missouri where I now live but back in New England as well. When they say you are in the neighborhood, you are in the neighborhood! The food is awesome, the layout of the restaurants are consistent no matter where you visit the Applebee's in your neighborhood. One thing that the entire chain has mastered is how to friend customers even if you see them just once. The get to know you approach is like someone from your own neighborhood and that is why I almost always choose Applebee's when we go out to eat or meet a few friends or family.

I joke with my girlfriend that if you want the best salad then you go to a steak house. It has been a rule of thumb that has never let me down. On occasion when I want that awesome salad we always go to the same steak house chain and the service sucks beyond belief. Even sitting at the bar you are at the mercy of the staff if they feel like servicing you when they are good and damn well ready. Not so at Applebee's. We found out by simply asking for special consideration one night because of my girlfriends need for a specialized diet. The manager came over to the table to take her order as she needed it made. He went to make my girlfriend her salad himself in the kitchen to make her visit enjoyable. He did the same thing three times after that one visit till his staff knew what kind of salad needed to be made to please just one customer. Try that at any other restaurant and see what happens.

Anywho, we got to know the staff at our local Applebee's in the St Louis, MO area and we like them like family. I saw something this past week where some glass bottles from the bar and empty beer bottles were tossed in the trash and it lit a fuse in my head. That lead me to asking one of the staff if the company recycled glass and other products? I was kind of shocked at the answer. "Everything goes in the trash." I was shocked! I asked again to be clear if they recycled anything? The staff member stated that several of the wait staff have complained and that corporate did not want to hear about it. They even went so far to state that several of the employees take bags of glass home to put in the recycle bins in their own neighborhoods.

I'm shocked that this is common practice in my favorite neighborhood eating establishment? I checked the corporate website by Googling "Applebee's Recycling" and all it came up with is that the corporate headquarters has an intense recycling program but it is up to the individual locations to recycle. That does not make sense? Even if the individual locations are franchised then it is cheaper to recycle than pay to haul it away.

This is a corporate policy that needs to be reconciled if the company policy is to be part of everyone's neighborhood. Next time you are at Applebee's you can ask if they recycle from that location. If they so no, then please ask for the manager and ask him to forward a request to corporate from a neighbor dining in the establishment. My girlfriend and I visit several locations during the course of a month and plan on doing just that same thing. They just might get the idea that recycling is good for the neighborhood we all share. Enjoy your visits to Applebee's! I love the food and folks that work there! Change starts with one voice and when it is many loyal customers requesting change and if it still falls on deaf ears then that is wrong.

I'm hoping that the folks at corporate Applebee's get wind of this soon. The sooner the better for the environment in everyone's neighborhood.

Post a comment on what you think about this and it might be a good idea to check other eating establishments to see what they are doing about local store or restaurant recycling?


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