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Friday, May 12, 2006

Karl Rove Orange Jump suit spotted...

We just got a call from a spotter in the District of Columbia area on the Karl Rove orange jump suit watch. See the previous post's on Karl Rove and friends. Mikey the plumber who used to work for a previous administration that I can not reveal thinks he saw Karl over at the Halloween Emporium trying on not a jump suit but a big huge pumpkin outfit. He believes it was Karl due to the seven Secret Service agents in various disguises as the seven dwarfs. Mikey told us that Karl could not find a mens husky pumpkin outfit and had to check the ladies section for a better selection. Hold on...Mikey is on the phone again...

Papamoka: Are you sure Mikey that it is in fact Karl Rove?

Mikey the Plumber: I'm not sure Papamoka...dose little miner dudes keeps getting in my line of site on him. Hold on a second, he's going for a squash costume. I thinks it's a summer squash.

Papamoka: What is he doing now Mikey? Talk to me.

Mikey the Plumber: Hold on Papamoka. It aint him. No I recognize one of the suspects with the guy I've been tailing. No it isn't Karl Rove. I'm sure of that now. It's Dick Cheney picking out camoflage for his next hunting trip. Sorry Papamoka, false alarm.

Operator: Please deposit an additional twenty five cents for the next recording of this private call to be forwarded to the NSA. Thank you for using Verizon and trusting us for your government taped calls.

Makes you go hmmm don't it?

Well I just wanted to let all you folks know that I'm on this story and still have my people out there in the field on the watch for when Karl Rove is booked and charged for crimes against his country. He knows its coming and it is just a matter of time.

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