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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Left Coast..aka California

All you folks out there in California I think you rock! I'll try to be true to my own self and I hope you do too. Keep coming back and checking the website out. Someday I think it would be a good thing to bring my kids out to visit your great state.

For now, budget crisis has us New England bound. Still recovering from heavy winter heating bills and a job that pays the bills but doesn't afford many luxuries. It's a job so I'm thankful to the people that let me do it.

Anyone know of a lobbyist that would pay for this blogger to take his five daughters and his wife out to California for a fully paid junket visit? I'm not a politician but I could do one hell of a piece on how great California is to visit and experience. Anyone listening? Damn, didn't think so. Well it was worth a shot.

Side piece, if you ever think that nobody is listening to what you have to say then think twice. I've got ears in DC that think what I say is important enough to track. I'll post later on what I'm talking about. It all involves .gov visitors from our countries capitol. Somebody in our government is interested enough about what I am posting that they feel the need to be tracking my posts. As a newbie blogger I love anyone that comes back to visit. So that is not an entirely bad thing. What if they are tracking me as a terrorist or worse yet a revolutionary crack pot idiot? Well I'm guilty of speaking my mind on the Bush White House but that is about as far as it goes for me. I did write out a couple of checks for John Kerry for President but that was a while ago. All I can say is this to those that want to check up on me...Hi!

Interesting aint it?. What do you think? Hmmm? Does .gov scare you too? Not me. I have the Constitution to protect me and a bunch of folks that will defend my freedom of speech. I also have Pat Fitz in the wings slowly uncovering a Presidency out of control. That is a man to be taken seriously. Many a butt's are puckering this weekend in Washington D.C. Dick has changed from brief's to boxers it so annoying. George has been sleeping in the nude just to get out of the butt crack pulling the BVD's habbit.


Link this site to yours and visit the sites that link here.

Any lobbyist wanting to fund a family of five baby girls and two parents to California email us!


Just wondering if this is how the Mini Publican pol's in DC do it.
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