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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

American Idol Anonymous Addict

Yes, I am in fact a full fledged addict of American Idol. They have all the stuff you would find in a great novel. You have the heart and souls of the people singing their hearts out and then you have that monster Simon that has the last say and degrades nine out of ten performances. It doesn’t help that he has that English accent and comes off sounding like those school masters they have in Great Britain. He’s the character of the show that gets your blood boiling mad but you love to hate him. Then again he ends up not being the one that committed the crime but saves the star in the end. He still pisses me off.

Randy Jackson is someone I could hang out with and know that he will give you the Straight Talk. That was a personal and shameless plug there. Randy would be the best friend of the novel that you know would always have your back. The bad guys would never get you as long as Randy is around.

Then we come to Paula Abdul. I think she is so sweet. She gives some honest opinions but she knows from her heart how hard show business is. When Paula cries, the wife cries and that is never a good thing. Paula reminds me of one of my girls with her tough girl attitude but deep down she is soft as a rose. I honestly think she hates being a judge but that is just my personal opinion on her status for next season.

Back to politics…Taylor Hicks wins this election!!! My opinion at 7:47 PM EDT

Not the Papamoka…did I or did I not say this was Anonymous?

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