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Monday, May 15, 2006

Bush Immigration Speach

Now I was expecting him to say a little bit more than he did and the eighteen or so minutes was more of the same crap. Guest worker program, Mexico is our friend, Going to double the guard, Back of the line and pay a fine, Melting pot of America. As our proud leader and President of the United States of America he hit this issue with all he had...nothing new. No wait, he did address all of our Congressman and Senators and told them they needed to find the middle ground between amnesty and deporting twelve million people by the second Tuesday of next week.

President Bush mentioned that he is going to double the funding for the Border Patrol. If you did a little checking you would find that he did that for the 2006 budget and then immediately cut it. Thinking about that one for a minute. He fulfilled two promises he made in the Presidential election against John Kerry. One is that he doubled the budget for the Border and two is that he was fiscally responsible and cut the federal governments expenditures. Kept his base supporters happy on both items. Win win for Bush???

For all you civil libertarians out there, pay attention to the part of the speach that he spoke on a tamper proof immigrant registration card. That is how they are going to track the location and status of all immigrants. Is that for as long as they live and even after they become American citizens too Mr. President? So when the local police that he is going to expand their authority can make sure you are supposed to be here if you have an accent. The ACLU is going to love this new plan.

Speaking of this expanded authority he wants to give the local police, isn't that more of Bush shoving the job of the federal government back down the throats of the States and local cities and towns. This is his version of "No Immigrant Left Behind". Another program he can fund to look good for the cameras and then cut when nobody is looking. More of Bush being Bush.

Local News: With all the rain hitting our state the damn in Methuen, MA partially broke and they are evacuating people downstream. They are expecting the rest of the damn to let go shortly. Keep the folks down stream in your thoughts and prayers.


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