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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Politics of Faith

I'm told by friends and family that you can not be a Democrat if you are Catholic and by other friends and family that you can not be a Republican if you are Catholic. I'm not an extremist on any single issue and that makes me the beast stuck in the middle of the voting block.

If you are a Catholic then the big abortion issue comes up where you must be pro life and thus you must be a Republican. Only because the GOP has cornered the concession stand at the bible belt and you have to pay whatever prices they want for the product. I can see some of that point but the Republican party only cares about defending the life of the child and not the circumstances to which that child will be forced to live in. Rape, incest, whatever the reason, the woman and mother does not have a say over her body. I don't agree with that theory. It is her choice and no man can or should be able to decide for that woman. That makes me a very bad Catholic in the eyes of some. And before you cast your venom, clean your own house of pedophiles within your church.

If you are Catholic then the issue of taking care of the poor as Jesus asked comes front and center. The Catholic Church does more work behind the scenes without question serving millions of poor people all across the world. I applaud that service and have helped in that effort. That is what the Democrats want to do but with a political sledgehammer. You must tow the party line or be lambasted as a reject or worse not worthy of the party.

My dilemma is that both political parties and my own religion are telling me that I suck and yet they all want my support. What if I just stick to the middle and tell all three sides to bite me? Tell the Democrats that I don't want their brow beating on budget issues where I have to give my national treasury away to the lower classes at my expense. Tell the Republicans to suck my... on giving tax breaks to the rich while the rest of the nation is faltering in debt. Then when the church asks me to give a little bit more then all I can do is beg that we not mix politics and religion. The difference between all three is that I go to confession to confess my sins and none of the other are ever accountable. And that my friends is why the founding fathers separated church and state.

Religion has no place in politics. Not in this country. I'll leave your politics alone when you leave my personal relationship with my God alone.


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Friday, August 12, 2011

Standard and Poor's Under Investigation

Standard & Poor's recently chucked the American people the finger by downgrading the nations credit rating. That lead to a major sell off in the stock markets around the world. Which then lead to a credibility issue and lack of confidence in the American people to be able to repay their debt.

One thought. Don't mess with the United States of America. We don't screw around when it comes to our reputation here at home and around the world. It does not take a genius to figure out that you DO NOT mess with the US Government.

I digress to this article in the Financial Times...

The Securities and Exchange Commission has asked credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s to disclose who within its ranks knew of its decision to downgrade US debt before it was announced last week, as part of a preliminary look into potential insider trading, people familiar with the matter say.

The inquiry was made by the SEC’s examination staff, which has oversight of credit rating firms, one person familiar with the matter said. The exam staff can make referrals to the SEC’s enforcement division if it believes any laws have been violated, but the inquiry might not result in a referral. - Financial Times

Can you say that payback is a bitch? Look for the IRS to investigate S&P for questionable tax filings going back several years next in the news.

Be loud and be proud America. We are not taking any crap from Wall Street and the gang that helped to flush the toilet on our economy to begin with.


Thank you Memeorandum for the link!

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Friday, August 05, 2011

Atheist and God

I’m confused about the understanding of what a true Atheist is. An Atheist is someone that does not believe in God and that life is just a biological experiment. We are all test tube babies made from another test tube baby and there is no significance to our lives other than to be a larger part of the living world that we exist in.

I disagree with the theory that there is no God. I bare no ill will to my friends that partake in the theory that God does not exist. For the most part I congratulate them on thinking out what is a very difficult theory. The end of that theory is that we are here now and worm food in the end. It does have one simple flaw.


Hope is an amazing virtue of the human race. We can have hope that our children will grow up to be better than we as their parents could ever be. We can have hope that our parents will live longer than the average expectancy for a human being. We can have hope for numerous reasons and inside that envelope of the definition of hope is the thought process of prayer and guidance from God.

Many times in my life I have asked God for help to understand the things going on in my life. It is when I am at my weakest point that I need my faith the most because that is the last point of hope for me. I would like to think that I promote my sense of hope on others but I may be lacking the skills to do so. I’m not a preacher but I am someone that tries to make a difference in every life I touch. No matter how small a difference

I’m not a bible thumper and never want to be one. I just come to odds when someone that once believed in God is suddenly detriment to the theory that I can still have my faith in God.

The saving grace in this whole dilemma is that I am thankful that I live in a country where I can not be prosecuted for my religious beliefs and neither can my friends for their lack of belief. That is the beauty of America.

God Bless America!!!!


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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Batshit Bachmann

Can it just be said that batshit isn't just for breakfast anymore?

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