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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Bush vs Clinton

Doing the Mothers Day thing and the wife is taking a well deserved nap. The three year old is down for a nap too so Daddy gets to play. The rest of the girls are watching a movie...I am so good at this Daddy thing.

Went surfing and saw a story on CNN about a recent poll comparing President Bush performance versus President Clinton. Did they think that there really was a comparison? That would be like comparing your high school science teacher to Robert Goddard...the father of modern rocketry from my home town in Worcester, MA.

President Clinton was a man of the people and for the people and President Bush is a man for the select few and for big brother. No comparison is justified by a simple poll. Bill was a master of the spoken word that always made you think he was talking directly with you as an individual. George comes off as very distant and mechanical. George is the President now and Bill was then. Let's all move forward. Special prosecutors have a tight schedule for George and his crew.

Not that I'm propping up President Bush but he is the man at the helm and although he pisses me off more times than not I have to eventually back my President. Support our kids fighting the war and do the right thing by them. That doesn't mean I can't scream my lungs out against some of the idiotic things he does as our President! Trust me that list would fill up half of the internet and that would not be fair to my fellow bloggers. He is still our President and we are stuck with him for another two aggravating years. He is still our Commander in Thief...I mean Chief.

So there is an election coming up in November and I'm hoping that people are getting out the word as to who has been screwing them over the last six years. Twelve if you count the Newt Gingrich hi-jacking of the Congress.

Time to get back to the kids. Happy Mothers Day to all you Mom's out there.


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