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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ammending the Constitution Would Be Racist

What do you suppose the founding fathers would have thought about the proposed amendment to the Constitution today? Do you think that they would have been proud to see that it was done in a back room behind closed doors? On top of it all when one of our Senators objected to the whole matter he had no other choice than to leave the room and have no part of it.

How would a great mind like Thomas Jefferson have handled this situation? I think he would have taken the Constitution and tore it to pieces rather than let the document he treasured so much become ultimately a tool of hate and discrimination. Then I think he would have then gone on about the business of a realistic government talking about the importance of the separation of church and state.

The definition of a marriage should never be dictated by the Constitution of the United States of America. The Constitution is a document pronouncing the freedoms of the people, by the people, and for the people. What other closed minded ideologies do the Mini Publicans want to bastardize it with next? What group of people are they going to go after next? Today they went after the gays and lesbians. Tomorrow they just might define it further by saying an African American can not marry an Anglo Saxon white. Next week they go after the Asians and Whites? The week after that a Jew and a Christian…

Not that this proposed amendment to the Constitution will ever pass the full Senate but it is the simple thought that they wanted to do it so they just did it. Why did they do it? Because they knew that they could and that nobody could stop them! The separation of church and state works both ways and the government has no place or business dictating what a Pastor, a Priest or Rabbi, can or can not do in the houses of God across this great nation. All you Justices of the Peace are going to be screwed though!

Today in Washington was all about racism and hate and that my friends is the reason the Mini Publicans no longer have the support of the people.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hail to the will or the people. I cringe when i think of what will be socially acceptable in forty to fifty years. I guess thats a struggle for later generations. Also, the comparison to the struggle for civil rights of the African-Americans is Appalling. Do centuries of persecution ring a bell. I am a little surprised that California of all states passed the ban. I always thought California was a hot-bed for radicals and secularists. In the end i figure the courts will reverse the ban, again. I guess thats fine but i wonder what the long term affects of homosexuality will have upon their children and ultimately society. Don't get me wrong im sure Homosexuals do a fine job parenting and there is plenty of pathetic hetero couples. However, i believe a mother and father are detrimental in raising a well-rounded child. This is how we were made, regardless of by who or what and i believe this system works the best. I suppose only time will tell.

2:51 AM  
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