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Friday, August 10, 2012

Democrats Lost in Religion

The Democrat Party was founded based on the belief system of raising up the poor of our nation from the dregs of society.  We as a political party fight long and hard for the rights of our workers, children, and most of all, for the woman that make America strong.  We fight as a political party for feeding the children that are in our lives that have parents that can not provide.  That is not the children’s fault.  We fight for the parents that work for a decent living wage in industries where getting the job done has no thought to the cost of the people getting the job done.  We fight for the rights to have descent working conditions and a work environment that is racial free given any American that you are.  We fight for housing for the elderly and those that are just not able to provide for themselves.  We fight for veterans and the Veterans Administration and hear nothing more than a flag waving from those that choose to just raise a flag from Walmart that was most likely made in China.  Most of all we fight for every person that needs help that is poor.  And yet we are the enemy of the elite.  I’m just a Democrat that believes in charity, love for our fellow man, and truth in all that you do.  That is the same damn thing that the Catholic Church does quietly in the background.    Feed the poor, provide emergency shelter, and offer a stipend to get you through a tough time as a family.  It is what we do.  Democrat and Catholic.  It happens all the time.  Catholics fight and feed the poor quietly and we Democrats fight to defend the poor that they serve without care for a thank you.  It is what Jesus would expect and demand of us.  It's called love of your fellow man, woman, and children.

I ask myself as a Catholic if my political party, the Democrat Party, has been hijacked by the extreme of my political party and I have to say, yes it has.  Politics and religion should never mix.  It is a mess of theological and logical thinking that can be based on one issue if you live your life as an American based on your individual religion.  Politics has no place in religion and government has no place in religion.  We can not have a federal government that is based on one religion and the founding fathers of this great nation had that fact right when they signed the Constitution.

I am a Catholic.  I am against abortion.  I personally think that it is a crime against humanity.  But I am not the mother.  I am however the father of five daughters that I love very much.  But I will never be pregnant or with child as a man.  I am also a Democrat.  A proud Democrat and Liberal with a capital L.  I see the bigger picture of our national government.  I know that our nation needs major repair and reform and it will take time.  I wish that abortion was illegal but that is not going to happen.  Can we elect a leader of our nation that will fight for the other causes that I care about?  To steal a message from the first election of President Obama, “Yes We Can.”

I would think that the Democrat Party would try just a little harder to gain back the vote of the millions of Catholics by explaining this to them.  And it might resonate with other faithful followers.  Our nation is not based on Roe vs Wade.  Our nation is about the thousands of issues that people that represent us and if they will fight hard for what the people really need.  People in the middle class and in the extreme lower class need our political party’s voice in Congress.  That is the exact opposite of the Republican Party and all it stands for. 

I don’t think I am far from this statement saying that the GOP and Republican’s own the Pro Life motto.  I had a friend, a very close friend, a friend that is a Deacon in the Catholic Church; tell me that I could not be a Democrat if I was a Catholic.  He’s right.  But he is wrong too.  Jesus Christ surrounded himself with the worst of humanity including a whore called Mary Magdellan.  I’m pretty sure that all they listened to was a man preaching love and helping your fellow man.  Something I have done all my life.
My mission in life is to follow the teachings and lessons of Jesus Christ.  I like the dude, I like what he said, I like what he taught.  We have a personal relationship that I need not share with anyone.  We are bro’s.  All the rest of the political bullshit is up for other people to interpret.  Jesus and I are cool.  If I vote for someone based on a political party does not mean that they own my personal belief.  I am an American and I have the freedom to think out loud based on my first amendment right.  That is the beauty of the Constitution.  I love our founding fathers.

When is the Democrat Party going to get that message?  Stop being hijacked on one issue.  Abortion is legal, make it rare and unnecessary in your political speeches.  Stop being hijacked by the extreme of the opposing political party.  Stop letting the GOP label all Democrat’s as baby killers.  To date, as a Catholic, I have never killed an unborn baby.  I will never be ashamed of being a Democrat.  NEVER!!! 

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