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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Patrick Fitzgerald, Special Prosecutor?

Is the name Patrick Fitzgerald and the Bush administration synonomous with Kenneth Starr and the Clinton administration? I see him as the Bush administrations worst nightmare. Ken Starr was investigating the sexual behavior and indescretions of a President but Pat Fitz is actually finding real laws that were broken all across the Bush administration. Today I saw on MSNBC that he had the actual newspaper with Dick Cheney's hand written notes in the margin on Phil Wilson's piece in the paper.

I for one would not want to be in President Bush's place right now. The walls of a deception filled house are caving in and nobody in his own party are coming to help. Rats jump ship long before the Captain. Now will come the Mini Publican in Congress cry for investigations. Watch it happen before your very own eyes as the former devout turn their backs on President Bush in his last remaining days in office.

This is past the point of putting your finger in the damn. The flood waters of corruption are coming over the top of the damn? Ask New Orleans how that feels Mr. President? Should we wait a couple of days before he asks them? Been there, done that!


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