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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Leaders and False Prophets

There are leaders and there are false prophets. A false prophet will tell you who is to blame for the storms in your life and demand that you “hate” the people they tell you to blame simply because they said you need to do so. They will offer no solutions, give no direction or shelter, and offer only false hope if you follow them without question.

A leader will guide you through the storms of life and always put their hand out to help you weather the current storm in your life. They will teach you how to fish so that you can eat, show you how to build up your life so you can walk proud, and they will offer you a ray of hope and shelter when you thought the storm had finally beaten you.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a true leader that gave his life for what he believed in. May he rest in peace knowing that he changed the world for the better of mankind.

Glenn Beck is just another money grabbing false prophet with his fifteen minutes of fame that we have all been warned about in Sunday school as kids. Glenn Beck is using his fifteen minutes of fame to make a buck and God bless him for being creative but does he have to be a snake oil salesman to sell his sorry ass to the country? Do people not have the intelligence to not see what hypocrisy he is selling as his version of the truth because Fox News and his radio gig is a money making machine? The man needs to do nothing to be accountable for his comments, actions, or dare I say extremist points of view when he drops the Nazi bomb every chance he gets on those of us that actually have a political brain and realistic opinion.

Martin Luther King Jr. raised our nation up as a people during the hardest part of the civil rights movement using only the truth and that is the mightiest of weapon given to mankind. Glenn Beck offers nothing to the people that follow him. NOTHING! And even when he is caught in a lie, which happens all the time, all he can offer in his own defense is that he is an “Entertainer” and not a political leader. His own words betray him time and time again. Using his own logic and chalk board… Glenn Beck is a self proclaimed false prophet.


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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mosque at Ground Zero

Should they put up a Mosque within a mile of the twin towers in New York City? Nope! Sorry if you are Muslim but it is totally inappropriate to insult the memories of the 3000 plus people who were killed by extremist of a religion that has been hijacked by nut jobs. There is nothing wrong with Islam but you do not put up a Japanese shrine over the U.S.S. Arizona in Pearl Harbor to honor the people that attacked us. Is this not COMMON SENSE?

The thought that this is freedom of religion is ignorant of the thought that innocent people were killed for no other reason than to draw attention to a religion that has been bastardized by idiots that think everyone but them is unclean and undeserving to live. NOT IN THE USA! In this country you can be whoever you want to be and worship wherever you want. The folks behind this can pick another spot to plant a Mosque and worship in peace.

I don’t care who you are or what religion you believe in, you do not desecrate the graves of thousands to promote the thoughts behind the murderers that killed those thousand of people? Am I nuts or am I overwhelmed at how stupid an issue this has become? Would you build a memorial to German SS soldiers at Auschwitz?

I’m pretty sure that that a Mosque will never happen on ground zero because it is owned by the city of New York Port Authority and it isn’t up for sale, but it is an issue that seems to have become larger than life even though a Mosque built at ground zero where the twin towers once stood will never happen.

If you need a reminder then here is just one video that brings back the madness that was 9/11. Let me know if you think a place of worship should ever be over the graves of many of the family members that were never recovered.

Video Link

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Victoria Reggie Kennedy vs. Scott Brown

One has to ask yourself if the widow of the Liberal Lion in the U.S. Senate should even have to consider a run for his seat. As the wife of a man that was very passionate about his politics I’m sure there were many discussions at the dinner table regarding the events of the day. I’m sure that Victoria Reggie Kennedy learned by osmosis the skills needed to be an effective politician from her husband. She above all knows the bobbing and weaving that it takes to get half of what you want done in the U.S. Senate. That being said, nobody can force her to run against Scott Brown for the Liberal Lions seat when it comes to what would have been re-election of Teddy Kennedy. Some of the folks in the Democratic Party are thinking that she must run according to this piece in the Washington Post…

Prominent Democrats want Kennedy's widow to run for his Senate seat

By Mary Ann Akers and Philip Rucker
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nearly one year after Edward M. Kennedy's death, prominent Democrats in Washington and Massachusetts are promoting his widow as the party's best shot at winning back the Senate seat he held for nearly five decades.

Though she has seemed to bat down the idea of challenging Sen. Scott Brown (R) in 2012, Victoria Reggie Kennedy has been in some ways acting the part of a candidate. She has raised her public profile by campaigning for other politicians and appearing at events across the country.

The prospect of her candidacy is fast becoming a source of family tension, according to several Kennedy intimates. Some relatives fear that a campaign against Brown -- a popular figure even in liberal Massachusetts -- would distract Kennedy from promoting her late husband's legacy, they said. - Washington Post

Should she consider it? Of course she should! There is no greater insult to her husbands memory than the fact that a Republican out maneuvered a well known Democrat and won the race because he fought harder for it. Teddy Kennedy never saw a fight that wasn’t worth winning, and true to Kennedy family history, he won when others gave up simply because he refused to quit. But there is no dishonor to her husbands memory in her choosing not to run.

Thus, the question becomes, why are his children not choosing to run for their fathers seat? Why has the entire Kennedy clan not put up a liberal wannabe lion in his place for the Senate? Why isn’t Governor Deval Patrick not throwing his hat in the ring?

The answer to that question is the target on your back if you win from the Republican political party machine. Teddy had tough skin and never left the core of his belief to any other interpretation other than the fact that he was THE LIBERAL LION.

I think it would be fair to say that Vickie served her country already as the wife of one of the greatest political leaders in many generations of Democrats. It’s time for others to pick up the torch and run with the ferocity of a lion that needs to get the job done for the people they are representing. And it is her own choice if she sees fit to do so on her own terms.


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Sunday, August 01, 2010

I'm asking all of my readers to say a special prayer or keep my friend Jeff Barnard of Wormtown Taxi in your thoughts. Jeff is having a hard time with his cancer treatment and any help from above or just receiving some great vibes can't hurt.

Jeff runs a great blog on the local level for the people that live in and around Worcester, MA. His quirky thoughts on the local news coverage and undying support for the local police is always a must read for me every single day.

Get well my friend and please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.

Always your friend,

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