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Friday, December 21, 2012

John Kerry Senate Seat Replacement

Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts will be the next Secretary of State replacing Hillary Clinton.  His nomination by President Obama was just a formality.  Even John McCain is calling him "Mr. Secretary" in person.  Now the question becomes who will replace the elder statesman from Massachusetts in the US Senate?  Get rid of the hack statewide politicians that want to be the person filling the Senate chair and go with guts and a brainiac.  Someone that can speak loud and clear and get people to agree that the facts never lie.

If you know the state of politics and the mishmash of getting elected then the best choice is Dr. Rachel Maddow who happens to reside in western Massachusetts.  I can honestly think of not one soul worthy or bright enough to replace John Kerry in the US Senate.  She speaks from the gut and speaks facts from the gut because her mind is all about facts.  Her personal agenda is all about getting to the truth and putting it out there and screaming it to all that would listen.  What better person would you want for your representative in the US Senate?

Would she give up the nightly news show for a US Senate seat is another question to ask?  Against Scott Brown, she would wipe the floor with him in any debates and at the ballot box.  She is the only person I see that could be a force for true change in the Senate and in all of our nations lives for the better.

Dr. Rachel Maddow for US Senate!!!!  I'm up for that.  Sorry to toss you under the bus Rachel but your state and your country need you.  Do the right thing.  RUN for the US Senate.


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