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Friday, June 30, 2006

Hate From Republicans

Lets take a close look at the Republican Party and what they want to sell to the American people this election.

John Murtha is a treason ridden fool but served several rotations in Vietnam in the USMC.

John Kerry is a treason ridden fool that served several rotations in Vietnam as a boat commander.

Any Veteran that served our nation that disagrees with the Bush and Chaney Doctine is not a true American.

Any Veteran that is not on their page is a treason ridden infidel.

Any American that is not on the same page as the Bush administration is an unclean infidel and deserves to die by one thousand knives.

Any American that is not blond and blue eyed is not a true American.

Any American making less than $100,000 is not a true American and should have their grandmother or granfather tossed out of the nursing home. Don't laugh they passed this law that comes in effect real soon.

Any American that has nothing to hide that thinks that listening in to your phone calls or checking your emails and banking info is a traitor asking for our nation to be attacked.

Somebody stop the madness. Vote this November and have a voice. Just make sure you don't vote for Osama Bin Laden disguised as a Bush cronny.

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What is a Republican?

I’m pretty sure they put their pants on the same way everyone else does but there is this ultimate mystery of what the real Republican is. Where is the true base of being a Republican? It isn’t in the farms out in Kansas where they are losing the fight to keep the farm from the bank by taking on even more debt to pay off the earlier debt. It isn’t in the secretaries or office workers trying to pay the rent from month to month and getting the kids fed and clothed. It isn’t in the factory worker that may loose his job to somebody in a South American country or even China. Where is the Republican parties base? Give you a clue, its in the board rooms and back rooms of the people making all the bucks in this nation.

I live in Mass a two sticks where we vote Republican Governors in because our states legislature would tax us all out of existence but I digress. I think that they banned the Republicans in this state but I can’t prove it or want to prove it. We have a state income tax that pays for a ton of services that we all get back one way or the other. Yes my family benefits from the liberal programs in our state because we have a seriously ill child in need. Mass a two sticks helps us with the bills for her care and with all the services that we pay into. People helping people.

That is the thing that I am talking about here today. Our nation as a whole would pay for taking care of our elderly citizens if they needed intense medical care. Our nation would pay for our wounded veterans if they needed medical care. Our nation would pay for a military to defend our way of life if we are in fact at war. Our nation would pay or does pay for many services to her citizens that most people don’t even know about.

In the last six years many of those services that you pay taxes for have been stripped to the bone or just simply cut out right. Programs our President says are ineffective from his point of view. Programs he cut to fund more tax cuts to the top income earners of our nation and his political base. Money begets money and the politics of big money beget an ideology that they use to stomp on the middle and lower class to pull their own weight. Easy enough to say if you have a million in the bank.

So lets look at who the real Republican base is. Is it someone that is convinced that you have to hate somebody for some reason to be a true American? That is the message we have seen over and over from the Bush Presidency. I can’t say that they are bad at what they do. They sell hate like it is the Rubicks Cube of the 70’s. They can sell their message and that is what we are all up against. How do you out sell hate?

America is a tough place to live. You have to love your country and defend your country but somehow the only kids going to fight the wars our leaders have created are the ones that could least afford to be there in the first place. It makes me wonder how many of our nations elected leaders have children in the military and fighting for what their own fathers or mothers think is the righteous thing to do?

I can’t point to my neighbor who is a Republican and call him all kinds of names or accusations of who I think he is. I like his company and he reciprocates the feeling. We crack a couple of beers and talk, and talk and lately he is coming over to my side of the isle. He isn’t a millionaire and for all I know he doesn’t have a chance at being one any time soon. Neither do I. He is a man of great intelligence and a man with a great grasp of common sense. Somehow he sees the light… can it spread?

That is how you win the vote in November. Common sense. Not hate. That is all the Republicans have to sell come this election.


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Medicare for Immigrants?

This law that the Republican Congress passed is going to cut off anyone on Medicare or Medicaid if you can not prove your legal right as an American Citizen every year. Even if you are in a nursing home with Alzheimers or Dementia and you are the only one capable to speak for yourself. No record, toss them out on the street.

Hold the damn door for that nice lady from Guatamala but make sure you take her walker as the nice boys from the Republican party shove her out the door into the cold. I know I am not the only human being in this nation that thinks this law is wrong on so many levels. I don't care if you are Christian, Jewish, Hindu or even an Atheist you have the instinct within your brain to protect your elderly. Age and what comes with it does not make you a NON CITIZEN of this great country.

Here is the problem with this law. Maybe Grams or Grampa came here illegally sixty years ago, maybe they dodged the bullet but assimilated into our world when they were young. They raised a family here and that family raised a family and so on. All of those children are paying into the system and Grams and Grampa probably did too. Lets just say for shits and giggles that they have over one hundred decendants. All will pay into the system and laws we live by. So is it right to toss Grams out of the nursing home? At the same time all of her Social Security is going to pay for her care as well?

I lost my Dad to Alzheimers and he was cared for in a nursing home for several years after we could no longer handle him. He was a Veteran of two wars for our nation and it was like pulling teeth to get him care before he went into the nursing home. And we had all the proper paperwork to get that care! How the hell are we going to prove that our elderly parents or even ourselves are true citizens? How many elderly will be cast off the rolls and tossed to the curb.

I'm sorry but I will be screaming at my States Senator and Congressman to toss this rule out. I'd suggest you do the same. Caring for the elderly no matter where they are from is a human instinct and the so called right wing of the political spectrum had better be ready to pass out sandwhiches for the millions of lost Alzheimers victims in the years to come. This law is just STUPID on so many levels.

Think about this, Franklin Roosevelt ended the poor farms across our nation by creating Social Security. In six years the Republican party has re-instated the poor farm but they are going to look at landscaping the poor farm. Any direction you look at this legislation it still comes up as tossing an old lady or an old man to the curb. Not on my watch!

So if the feds are tossing the elderly out for lack of documentation under our current Furor's rule then it will end up in the states lap. Thank you very much to the Republican Party for once more dumping even more on our plate. Why do we pay medicaid again every week out of our pay again?

Screw Bush and Screw the Republican Party. Rich pukes looking out for even more rich pukes interests. Lets see if there is another tax cut on the horizon for the millionaires.... no we don't have to wait to long... here it comes.

More good government...


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Thursday, June 29, 2006

It Sucks Being Political

I've been writing my political opinion for a couple of months and I sometimes wonder if anyone is reading the thoughts and theories I present. I'm talking about reading it and sifting it through your head and having thoughts that could expand or contract the opinions I present. Commenting on the right or wrong of my thoughts. Life is a never ending educational experience where sometimes the mighty learn from the lowest of voices. Not that I am anybody of any great purpose in this world but I have my voice where as so many do not.

In most states less than half the people that are eligible to vote actually make it to the polls. Of that half that can vote less than half of them bother to vote locally or nationally. Of that half the majority of them vote either blindly on party lines or on a sound bite from a political message. Are we becoming a society that accepts whatever is handed to us as our just deserts? How does this lack of interest by most people on daily affairs in our nation not matter to them?

I have an idea about just that situation. I think that America and her people have become fat and happy in their three bedroom home with 2.5 kids and two cars in the driveway. Most Americans today live to spend. Sometimes we spend more than we have but there is a credit card or home equity loan that will wipe that debt all out. If that doesn't work we USED to have bankruptcy where you tell all your creditors to go screw. We have become the big fat Romans that think our nation is impervious to the perils of the world. All the while our leaders are stripping away at the middle and lower class to benefit the top of the food chain.

Our government is fighting two wars in two nations that the new governments of both nations no longer want our forces there. Our nation is divided in two by the haves and the have nots. Our leaders are determined to make sure that staying the course is the message you only need to hear. Divide and conquer while the nations largest of employers and businesses screw over the rest of us with our leaders blessings. Then move our jobs south of the border with a huge tax cut benefit from our own elected leaders or they just eliminate them entirely by buying from China or India or Mexico or the list goes on.

So I'm sitting here fat and stupid as most of us Americans are and wondering if we really won the cold war or did it move into our living room? Phones tapped, bank account is tapped and my paycheck is shrinking more and more. Did the Soviet Union and the Communist Party move to Washington, DC? The President wants to attack the press for reporting news that we all need to hear but then again he wants all of us to be very very afraid. If he and the Republican party had their way then they would use the Constitution for kindling but defend such a move as protecting us all from terrorists.

Think about it. Toss it around in your head. Is the war on terror just an excuse for our nations leaders to rip off the people of the United States by creating a fear that they continually repeat the same message. Be very very afraid. Watch the idiot box that some people call the television for the Mini Publican message of whom is not tough on defending our nation. Think about the opposite side of the message? Who is defending the Constitution and your rights against the fear factor machine?

Good news is that Exxon will once again post another record breaking profit. I'd buy shares in it but after tanking up I don't have any money left to invest. Life is good. Anyone want to buy an apple?

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Exxon Mobile Shell Hess

All of these companies are price gouging and taking full advantage of the American people and nobody in our government sees a problem with it. Why do they not have a problem with it? They don't live the life of the common man or woman? Why do they not step in and stop the madness? They have personal interest in the gains at the pump and it is a short period of time that they can get away with it. November is coming and the elections will change the grab all you can mentality. It has too. If the people that think that America status quo is okay then they need to look at the thirty bucks it takes to just get to half a tank of gas.

In todays big business world it is a free for all as long as the current administation and its party hold the majority of all houses of our government.

They are selling out America's manufacturing jobs to the cheapest sources they can find in Mexico and anywhere in the world and giving the companies that sell your job out a tax break to do so. More money in the pockets of the top is all that is important to this government. Your job and your family is not a factor in the equation. The almighty dollar is far more important to the CEO or COO making millions already to the company profit margin.

Who is up next for the record profit margin in the world? Do you as a worker see any of that profit? Do you as one of the employee's of that company see your wages increased to reflect that great profit? Think about it. Inflation is out of control and our government says that it is not. What is wrong with this picture? Somebody is telling the truth and somebody is lying. Why is your grocery bill out of control?

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Tony Snow and Bill O'Reilly

Rich Uncle Bill O'Reilly had Tony Snow the White House Press Secretary on his show tonight. I had to watch the piece just for shits and giggles. This was nothing but a fluff interview and Uncle Bill knew it. Soft questions from his listeners on the radio and soft questions for his guest and former co-worker. Uncle Bill proved tonight that he is a GOP pocket boy. Uncle Bill gets a Loufa sponge bath for the parties gratitude.

They even went so far as to put out a poll that was so lopsided that it wasn't even remotely a poll! Let me define a lopsided poll... you only ask questions that are favorable to your side of the story and obviously leave out the other side of the question. They were spinning in the so called no spin zone asking how you as a viewer felt about the recent story from the NY Times on the banking tracking of funds. I'm parphrasing but it was asking if A. Do you think the publisher that released the story should be held treasonous? B. Do you think that the New York Times should be held accountable for treason? C. Nobody is to blame? There was no question of government wrong doing or blame.

What the hell kind of poll is that. Smoke and mirrors and party politics to the parties base is all it was. I was waiting for the D. question asking if you think the government is breaking the LAW once more? Or how about E. Do you trust President Bush anymore given the fact that he and big brother are tapping your phones, your banks and your emails? Or how about question F. Do you believe the President of the United States should have the power to throw out the first ammendment to the Constitution and the freedom of the press? Or question G. Do you think that it is acceptable for the President to write in his own definition of laws that the Congress passes and act accordingly?

Fox Not the News has once more proven that they are so biased that it could make you sick.

I have to go wash my hands because all this dirty typing on the spin that Fox and Uncle Bill have spun has them just disgusting. Anybody have some bacteria fighting hand wash soap I can borrow? I need to get this red stain out too... Clorox or some other kind of bleach might do it.


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Blog Name Change`

Howdy faithful readers. I changed the name of the blog today for a couple of reasons. First and foremost was that if you Googled Straight Talk you came up with a never ending list of John McCain sites. Not good for me and my message. Second, if you Googled Papamoka you come up with all my posts. Third, I'm a Papa and a Moka and I like being just me. Sometimes being just me is fun and other times it pisses people off. I'm still me and that is all that there is to it.

Last reason, Papamoka Straight Talk sounds better and almost fatherly advice type thingy. Young folks might listen or they might not and get pissed off enough to reply back. Either way they got the message of the post. Blogging on and having fun with this site.

Come back and follow up on what is going on in the world around you from the Papamoka perspective.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Flag Burning and Orrin Hatch

Quote from the Washington Post and Orrin Hatch …

The amendment's chief sponsor, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), charged that "five unelected justices" had overturned legal prohibitions that were in force for decades and supported by majorities of the public, the state legislatures and the Congress.

"This amendment is one of the most important things we can do -- to send a message to the United States Supreme Court that you cannot usurp the power" of Congress, Hatch said.

What the hell is Orrin Hatch thinking with this statement today on the Flag desecration amendment to the Constitution? The body of judicial members put in place to define if our laws are or are not Constitutional do in fact have the right to overrule the Congress? What is he really saying? Is he saying its my damn ball and I make the rules? Temper tantrum to follow?

No Uncle Orrin, they were not elected. They were appointed and vetted and scrutinized for the position of Supreme Court Justice by the President first and then the Congress to ensure that they would defend the Constitution of the United States. Not Uncle Orrin’s political agenda today.

Today’s political showmanship and this proposed amendment to our nations Constitution was right up there with the definition of marriage amendment. It’s just politics at its absolute worst. This was never a vote defending our flag or for veterans beliefs but a vote for deception and hate once more by the Republicans. Burning the flag no matter how much I hate the idea of doing so for no matter what your reason is, it is still freedom of speech. Our very First Amendment to our Constitution. The Supreme Court would have over ruled this vote based on that fact alone. President Bush may have loaded the bench but they are not there for his special favor but to defend the laws of our Constitution. That ruling would not have come down for years to come and this November’s election would be a vague memory in American history.

Today was simply just another win for the Constitution. Once more it missed being politicized and bastardized for one generations political parties gain. This is a document for all of our future generations to come. It isn’t a toy that you can play with today and get sick of and discard tomorrow.

I hate to say it but the Republican Party is reaching at every issue they can to try and hold onto power and when the folks sit back and really think about it they know that what they are doing is wrong.

Checks and Balances is what it is all about. Thank you too our most brilliant of minds in our founding fathers.

Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves. I still reserve the right to punch anyone in the face that dares to burn my flag! I need to amend that to anyone that may call my best friend a slang name or use any racist term. Anyone eating anything other than fish on Friday’s during lent too. I have a couple of other issues I want to add. Can I add them to the Constitution too Uncle Orrin?


Feel free to link this page or not… isn’t that a nice freedom?
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Where its legal to be illegal?

I think I now understand where President Bush gets his idea on how to write laws and then break them. Not that I have anything against smokers but I know for a fact that in DC they are pretty uptight about not smoking in or on any of the Federal buildings. Being a smoker I can follow the laws of the land that I must patriotically follow.

BUTT…big old hairy BUTT… if you are a Senator or Congressman you can smoke in the little sanctuary they keep under lock and key.
Puff, puff, puff away. I think George just followed his nose and found the source of all that smoke and mirrors.

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Follow the Money

Well now the government is following the money of terrorists out to hurt America. This according to the NY Times and President Bush and Cheney. It turns out that President Bush is very upset that this was leaked to the press where as the transactions they are following are (Key Word) "Mostly" overseas.

Remember how the phone tapping story broke and it was "Mostly" overseas calls in and out of this country? Then it turned out that Grammy talking to Uncle Ned who could both be in their eighties from their respective nursing homes are both under surveilance too! So where is this "Mostly" going to end up for this latest and greatest story?

As my friends over at the Gun Toting Liberal and The Moderate Voice has this one pretty much covered I'm going to watch their followups to this story. It hurts my brain to much to try and figure all the other things that our government can do with this information. I was wondering this point of thought... if you are a Republican and oh say that you needed to hide a couple of dollars overseas from the IRS... do you think the government is sharing this info across agencies???

How many Mini Publicans are now going to see what could be wrong with this approach to fighting terrorists? Follow the money, start the head count of Mini Publican's fighting this one...

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

War in Iraq

I can’t sit here and call our children fighting over in Iraq war mongerers or war lovers or anything of the kind. Our kids don’t want to be over there anymore than you or I would want to be over there. It’s a strange land with very different customs and ways of life. War is hell and they will do their best to survive it and live for another day.

I am thankful that our kids are serving their nation as best as they can. That is all a grateful nation can ask. Our troops are serving their President’s orders and that is what a well trained military does. They follow orders. They are in the situation while we are here discussing the legitimacy of the war in Iraq. That is what we as Americans are charged by our founding fathers to do. Our troops are the ones getting killed by roadside bombs and people of a nation that just do not want our troops there. What is the point in time or event that tells our President to bring them home? What is the end of this fight? How vague does the answer have to be for our kids to come home?

I’m amazed at the cowardice of our Congress and our President to make this a political argument of who is the better American. There is no such thing as a better American in this world! An American is someone that seeks freedom here and freedom for all no matter what land you live in. Republican or Democrat does not have a strong hold on what or who is the blessed American. What we as a nation have to face is how to get our kids home and out of this political war our kids are dying in every day?

America is a land of many and of one. We give to so many nations and we are supposed to ask nothing in return but that part of it has become politics at its worst. My way or the highway is not what we are all about.

America has given over the course of history so much to the world and all she asked in return is friendship. We are a nation that loves liberty so much that we want to spread it across the shores to everyone. I am one to think that our own experiment in freedom and democracy somehow does not fit well with cultures used to absolute power and rule. Then again I honestly think that we are facing that battle here at home amongst ourselves.

Tell me your opinion.


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Saturday, June 24, 2006

America's Future is Tomorow

Looking around you today in your own neighborhood you can see what is America today. One person looking out for one another and when you see something not right in the world you live in you act immediately. Its your neighborhood. What happens to your neighbor can happen to you. You do whatever you have to in order to protect your way of life.

As Americans we enjoy so many priveledges and gifts that we don't even know that we have them. We can do as we please whenever we please for as long as we please as long as it is within the laws that our nation lives under.

The largest fear we have to face today in America is if our government is living under those same laws that the rest of us abide by. That leads us to the ultimate question of what is right and what is wrong? That question was in fact dictated in our own founding fathers words put to paper so many decades ago. It started of with We the people...

In our own neighborhood we know the difference of right and wrong but in the world of nations and with the threat of terrorism anywhere is our government living by the same rules or for a single purpose?

I can't answer that question. I'm going about the business of raising my five daughters in our own little piece of the world. They are my future, they are just five of many children that will be all of our future.

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Americas Future

Where is our future as Americans? The future is only as bright as the decisions we make today for the next generations to come. What directions and paths we choose to follow will be our children’s fate to follow and live with. We have to be wise and not just think of ourselves but the many generations ahead of us.

Ask yourself what your Grandmother and Grandfather would do if Franklin Roosevelt never started Social Security to give them an income to live on in old age? What would become of your brainiac kid if John F. Kennedy didn’t dare us all to reach for the stars creating generations of engineers asking why not? Where would we be as a nation if Thomas Jefferson did not insist that we always question our governments motives? For that matter if Abe Lincoln looked the other way and never introduced the Emancipation Proclamation? America is built on a foundation of great men that did not think of the present but of the future.

What I’m getting at is that to be President of these United States of America you have to look beyond your own parties interests and work for positive changes to the American way of life. You have to be willing to challenge your people to be greater than they think they are. Ronald Reagan broke the back of the communist by diplomacy and face to face meetings and in doing so he ended the cold war by being a strong President. Today we all have the weight of the cold war off our backs and live in friendship with a people once considered the ultimate enemy.

America needs leadership with a vision for the future. When that leadership returns to our nation then we will once again be the greatest nation on Earth. That is when our people will grow and become one rather than two sides joined only by a flag that each side would die for to stomp out the other sides voice.


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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Minimum Wage and Estate Tax

If there is ever one single day in this Congress history that proves that the Republican Party is just all about the rich of this nation it was proven today. Never in our nations history has it been so blatantly stated by two votes in our house of represenatatives.

Today they shot down on a vote to not raise the minimum wage but in another vote gave a huge tax break to the millionaires once more by passing the estate tax legislation that cuts the taxes on millionaires once more. Dress the estate tax cut up as poor farmers in the midwest and sell it as a pro-American thing to do. That is how the Republicans voiced their decision on the vote. Tell the people working on that same farm that you do not need a raise in pay and then spit in their faces.

Step back and look at it from any angle or direction you want and you just have to say to yourself that this isn't right. The minimum wage that has not been raised in over ten years is okay but giving a tax break to the millionaires to protect their estates is also okay on the same day? This is an issue that is black and white. History is funny and she carries a balance sheet. Congress in the same time span has given themselves over thirty grand a year in pay raises!

To this Congress the lower class is scum and the rich need even more tax breaks and money and they are good. Same ideology with Veterans that are Democrat and die for our nation are bad and Republican Veterans that also die for our nation are good? Does anyone other than me see how wrong this is? The grab for the almighty dollar is rampant in this Congress and the haves will have and the have nots they will legislate to forever have not. What the hell would an idiot like your or I making $5.15 an hour do with a two dollar raise? Nope trickle down works better in their minds.

When a society and government goes so far as to seperate a free people to such an extent as they have chossen to do so then they have become the monarchies of yesteryear Europe. America is a country of the people and for the people. This countries experiment in freedom was never designed to be inclusive of the select few. That would be a path that would end up in disaster. This Congress has chossen a path of seperation.

From this mess we have a democracy and the choice that our forefathers gave us. We need to vote. If these two votes in your Congress make you mad then you need to make sure you vote. You need to choose who will lead us. You alone need to decide what you want for leadership in your government. That is the beauty of America. If you don't like what is happening you alone have a voice to change it. If you don't think your vote does not count, think again. The Supreme Court has decided one too many elections.

Vote for justice for all and vote for people that will change the status quo. America does not and should never have a ticker symbol on Wall Street. Isn't that where our President wanted to send our retirement system?


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Hastert $2 Million Profit

More good government. Denny after all is said and done does in fact have his hand in the "Me Too" cookie jar. Denny is claiming that his land investment and special intervention for a highway had nothing to do with one another? Ya right!

Sounds to me like a sweet deal. Denny can I get the name of your realtor? If he's too busy with your other friends in the House can I get his realtors phone number?

Our friends over at the Gun Toting Liberal have this story covered. This whole mess is going to be really good questionable material for the elections this November.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Bush in Europe

I can only pray that he doesn't embarass us all as a nation. I'm sure if he does and I'm pretty sure he will be front page over here and over there. I'm taking bets now that he insults somebody by a gramatical mistake in some speach somewhere. The odds are running 20 to 1.

Place your bets...

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What is going on with the Democrats

The Democrats need to get together and talk. How the hell do you show that you are a united party if one guy ...Kerry is promoting one plan for the end of the war in Iraq and another is promoting something else? Then everyone else in the party is talking up their own plan or personal message. Somebody pick up a damn phone and get on the same message! Email is a fairly new technowledgy too...

I may be just a regular guy or as I have proclaimed over and over again an idiot but even I can see how the Mini Publicans are going to use all of this division amongst the Democratic party to gain votes come November.

Will somebody in the Democratic Party pleas stand up and tell the rest of the party to get in line if they want to win the house and senate in November.


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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Defining the Republican Party

From the get go the Bush administration has unleashed their messenger Karl Rove to define the Republican Party base and to make sure that the message is the same. Karl Rove is one of those folks that saw an opportunity in our countries history and barely sold his message twice. Some folks would say that he was the brains behind the administration and those on the opposing side would say that isn’t that far off the mark. Tell me that I’m wrong? Karl sells hate and he is damned good at it. Just look to the news and see where he is selling his wares now.

Karl Rove alone gave George Bush the Texas Governors office with his style of divide and conquer. He then handed the office of President of the United States to George Bush twice with the same philosophy and dirty politics. Although some courts had to decide the margin of error and the ultimate winner he still won the office of President for his benefactor. Karl Rove will never see a day better than that. His fifteen minutes of fame are up. The game he plays as party politics is out of the bag. He’s done, he is over. End of game for Karl.

Who is going to listen to him? The party base will but that is just about it. They can have the millionaires and billionaires pay all they want for the next election but it isn’t going to work. One reason. He called two Veterans, two highly decorated men, Cowards. It does not matter how he phrased it, he called them cowards. That from a man that never served in the United States Military.

Somewhere out there is a reporter that is going to dig up a story on Karl Rove either burning the flag in protest to our soldiers in Vietnam or a simple statement against all of our soldiers over in Vietnam during his college days. Somewhere in history Karl Rove is going to hate himself when it comes out.

Karl Rove is nothing but a fake imposter of what the real Conservative base is. True Conservatives serve their country and fight for our way of life. They send their kids off to war just like us on the other side of the isle. Did Karl ever evade service to his country and avoid the draft? He could not have if he is in fact the voice of the Republican Party so is he also the voice of President Bush while he is on his speaking tour? Are all Democrat Veterans Cowards? Does that include our Democrat KIDS serving in Iraq?

I’m a moderate middle of the road Democrat and a Liberal and I for one will never say our kids fighting for our country do not count if they are for one party or another or even if they are an immigrant serving to gain citizenship! All our troops need all of our support and Karl Rove is an idiot selling hate. Bash a Vet that served this country and your message is just stupid. That has no place in America.

Question is this, can he sell it to all the millionaires that they have aggressively defended with all the tax cuts and throw backs that they passed. Pretty sure that they can.

Elections are not decided by the money spent, they are decided by the vote you cast. If you believe the bull crap that Karl Rove has to sell then continue on with your ideology and wait for the bank to foreclose on your home. They are not looking out for you. They are protecting the base that is the top five percent of income earners in our nation. Money talks and bullshit walks. Ka Ching goes the Republican check book mentality. That is how they protect their own interests.

Vote Democrat and get rid of the special interest and corruption.


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North Korean Missile Launch

Voice of America News seems to have a lot more pertinent information on the upcoming North Korea Missile launch or test. Looks like for the most part that the preparedness of our own military is not in question when it comes to our own missile defense systems. As the folks in the piece say, how can you tell if it is a test launch or a real launch?

Denver Post seems to have a little information but seemed it was more of a "He said She said" routine. Do you ever get the feeling that the press in this country really isn’t interested in what ever North Korea is saying to the rest of the world?

I did a Google search on "North Korea Missile Launch" to see what was going on with it and the rest of the world is more concerned than our own nation! I don’t mean to sound like Chicken Little but this is a LONG RANGE Missile.

Somebody should tell President Bush about this or is he napping right now? Things that make you go Hmmmm?


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Safavian is Guilty - Wash. Post

One more down and out for the count with a guilty verdict on four out of five counts. This is just one more trial that the Mini Publicans are going to go through over the next couple of years. All of the dealing of Jack Abramoff is slowly coming out of the woodwork and I’m just guessing that Rep. Bob Ney will be next on the indictment list. We all know how loyal these guys are when it comes time to facing a jail sentence or co-operating with the special prosecutor.

It’s nice to see justice finally coming around. It’s a slow process but when it comes to the end of it all it is more than worth the wait. For me personally, I’m glad that they are dragging it out for as long as they have. Each trial keeps repeating the same message. Every couple of weeks there is another news headline of yet another Mini Publican going off to jail. As our good friend Karl Rove is fond of saying. Keep to the same message and repeat it over and over again. Howard Dean couldn’t pay enough money for this kind of advertising.

I’m waiting to see the first bumper sticker that says…Republican = Guilty Plea.


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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Selling Hate in America

In America we have an ongoing experiment that began over two hundred years ago. The original idea was to break away from a monarchy and let the people rule themselves by first declaring a Declaration of Independence. A war for that independence soon followed and that is our history. Brilliant minds wanting the simplicity of freedom from oppression.

How they did it and succeeded was amazing. They gathered where they could and talked and argued out a plan for success. It was a simple plan that millions of Americans have had the great opportunity to enjoy every single day.

I don’t think anywhere in their thoughts and ideas was there a thought about how to hate other Americans. No, I’m pretty sure that they went beyond all means to make sure that hate was not in our countries founding documents. These were great minds that performed great deeds of courage and forethought. They sold America on what her future could be based on the consensus that everyone had a legitimate opinion.

Today in politics it is all about selling hate and finger pointing. That isn’t or never will be a uniting force for any society. Divide and conquer is all that it is all going to be about from here on out. Our nation is so fragmented that two people will walk into a discussion ready to beat the daylights out of the other first rather than come to a resolution of the discussion. What the hell happened to us? Somebody tell me what is wrong with this picture?

America is a unique country the world over. We have our faults and we have our mega huge pluses. If we are divided then we all have a problem. As a nation we always choose the side of right over wrong in international affairs and if we as a nation do not have our own affairs in order then our voice elsewhere should be mute.

Just my idiotic thoughts.

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Friday, June 16, 2006

Karl Rove talking Crap in NH

I heard this on the radio on the Ed Shultz show from a caller in New Hampshire about Karl Rove talking at some political event. She is claiming that he outright called Senator John Kerry and Congressman Murtha cowards! All because they were against the idiotic vote the Republicans put forth today in Congress.

I don't give a flying crap who he thinks he is but if he bashes one veteran it is a shame, when he bashes two it is a travisty. When he bashes two highly decorated Vietnam Veterans then he has crossed the line. I am so upset over this that it is not even funny. How dare he call these men cowards? How many bullets has Karl Rove dodged in service to his country?

Karl Rove is the political message boy for the Republican party. He is the one deciding what the message of the party is going to be come the elections this November. I think it only fitting that the Democrats point out all of Karl Roves statements especially this events and blast them in fifteen second commercials across the nation.

The new Republican Party message is that you are only a great American Veteran if you are a Republican. All of us Democrat's, Independent's, Libertarian's, Green's and any other persuasion...we don't count if our kids die in service to our country! Why does that seem so much of the same old same old from the Republicans? Good American is a Republican, bad American is everybody else. Karl is off on the nation wide Republican hate message tour and he's got my blood boiling!

But wait it gets better...Did the Republican lead resolution they passed today paint all of the people against the war in Iraq as cowards?

Can anyone tell me if Karl Rove ever served in the military? I should clarify that as the United States of America's Military? He sounds like a scumbag to me and political mercinaries like him will serve whomever has the most money.


One last message... Screw Karl Rove and his attack on Veterans!
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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Flag Burning

I have to agree with my friend over at the Gun Toting Liberal on where all this bull crap from the Mini Publicans is going. Flag burning? The one and only time I have ever seen a flag burned was down at my fathers Veterans of Foreign Wars Post and it was a demonstration of respect for all the tattered flags turned in by regular people that respect our flag and trusted veterans to deal with it in a respectful manner.

Driving around my neighborhood I don't see to many signs for a flag burning party and barbecue but I do see lots of yard sale signs. Tons of yard sale signs! That in itself tells you that folks are not doing so well. That isn't important to the Abramoff gang on Capitol Hill. They have to go after the religious base that is always patriotic and will always defend America to the end. It simply amazes me that they get the message through? How do you word your side of the case to sell to your constituents that you need to send thier children off to die in a war that they lied about to begin with? Then you had to change the reason for it to something else because somebody found out you were lying. No WMD's or Mobile Biological Weapons trucks... Then you had to change it again to make it so vague that nobody no longer knows what the war is really about! Then you hold a non-binding vote to prove who is tough on terrorism and who is just Constitutionally bound to uphold the laws of our country?

So here we all are at flag burning. I'm pretty sure that it is a freedom of expression issue and you can't top the Constitution on that. Would I punch somebody in the face for lighting my flag on fire? Probably. My freedom of expression has rights too. But I can understand the reason for doing it to get the attention of your government to the seriousness of your arguement no matter what it is. Then again, the Mini Publicans are trying to warp the Constitution and bastardize it with every issue they can think of aren't they? Defining marriage was a good one for the Mini Publican base but that didn't work out so well did it?

If they try to change the Constitution based on the fear of our flag being burned as a matter of free speech and Freedom of Expression then you have to ask yourself what is next? Who is next? The simple answer is YOU!

Whenever a government passes a law to supress your right to express your opinion in any form or manner then it is the beginning of the end of that government. Vote wisely come November.

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Linking Iraq to the War On Terror

If the Republicans want to play dirty politics with linking our support for our troops who are our kids fighting over there I think the Democrats should hand them their heads on a platter. It is a non binding resolution that the Republicans are trying to use to nail down the Democrats across America as not supporting our troops. The Republicans will use the no vote as the Democrats being weak and non-supportive of our kids fighting and dying to hold on to their seats in November. The vote doesn't mean jack squat so everyone of our Democratic Representatives should just vote yes so we don't have the dagger to our throats. Screw them!

That would be the task that the Mini Publicans would love the Democrats to take but there is a much larger picture here. Linking the war in Iraq to the war on terrorism is two distinct things. Some of us know the war in Iraq was a diversion to just smack somebody upside the head for 9/11 and some of us our losing our kids lives for the right to smack somebody upside the head.

Iraq is a war that Bush and his co-conspirators started just for the sake of getting to beat the daylights out of Saddam Hussein. He did try to kill his dad so this school yard fight has gone military at the cost of 2500 of our childrens lives. At the same time it is smoke and mirrors to feed over 300 billion tax dollars to special interests to support the war and pay for the troops to be there for George Bush's version of Wag the Dog.

Linking Iraq to the war on terror is an open check book for generations to come and we as a nation can never let our check book be open to anyone that can sign a check.

There is a reason why this President has to take a nap every day... he can't sleep at night. Kind of makes you go Hmmmm don't it?

No sleep deprivation here
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Conservatives for American Values

If you get a chance you have to check this blog out. I was dying laughing on some of the posts!!!

Conservatives for American Values is formatted to be almost like SNL news. Your going to love it!

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Karl Rove and Valerie Plame

Yesterday we heard that Karl Rove is off the hook according to Patrick Fitzgerald the special prosecutor investigating the outing of Valerie Plame as a CIA operative. Apparently, Karl did it but because he forgot that he did it they can’t pin it on him. Can I use that same excuse if I forgot to pay my taxes? How about if I forgot to pay the mortgage on my house could I keep the house if I told the bank "I forgot?"

Moving past that. Now that the investigation is over and we have to accept the fact that good old Karl is not going to be prosecuted is it okay to ask what the hell this investigation has been doing for two plus years? How is it that all this time has been spent for them to say that "Karl forgot" and that is okey dokey?

Then you have to ask yourself if President Bush was serious when he clearly stated that if someone in his administration had anything to do with this case then they would no longer have a job in his administration. So is Karl fired? Probably not going to happen where as President Bush will pull the "I forgot" card too.

This whole scenario makes me wonder if the special prosecutor whose office is unusually tight as a drum on information is just yet another Bush administration scam?
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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bush and the Iraq Visit

Politics will be politics and President Bush has his game on for the greater good of the Mini Publicans destined for a tough battle come November. Today was politics at its absolute best. Bush shaking hands with Al-Maliki in Iraq when it was supposed to be a video or confrence call. Then shaking hands with all the troops and thanking them for their service to our nation.

Back up a second. Think about it and have an opinion. President Bush is playing politics because he doesn't have anything left to give. He is playing to his base and playing them like a fiddle and good old Karl Rove got the off of one charge today so today was a good day to grandstand on a mission well done. NOT!

Even under secrecy levels so much indured by many a souls how dare he risk his life and our nation to grandstand over the death of Al-Zarqawi to send a message back home? How dare he threaten the office of President of the United States of America to play politics. This was a stupid stunt that a seventeen year old Iraqi kid could have shot down his chopper thinking it was just another U.S. Military chopper!

Iraq is a warzone and you do not take the risk of our countries leader for granted for a political statement. God help us if Dick I don't run the White House already Cheney should be sworn into office.

No matter what party my President is from or from what side of the isle he or she could be from you should never in time of war risk the office for the sake of politics. That is exactly what President Bush did today. It was a stupid idea. Our nation, although divided over the war is still at war. One shot could have taken us and the rest of the world over the edge if our President were killed by a renegade or hostile enemy in Iraq. That would have made the killing of Zarqawi a back page issue in the life of the world. The headlines all over the world would be that President Bush is dead and the terrorist or idiots of the world would have the ultimate headline that they die of thirst for. Muslim against Christian Holy War would begin all over again because of a stupid political move. The Crusades happened once under the authority of a Pope and could it happen again under the authority of a Republican administration? Keep pulling stunts like this and it could.

Like it or not and I do not. President Bush is my President and leader of America. He is the representative that I did not vote for but he is still my President. This is a risk that he should have never taken and it is unforgiveable. All jokes aside, you should never put the leader of the free world in a situation where he could be killed by somebody throwing a stone to signal the guy with the rocket launcher to fire away.


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Monday, June 12, 2006

George Washington The Man

I've been reading up again on George Washington and this was indeed a man with an amazing mind. Everything you read about him is about the greater good of the people. Our first President was a man of many amazing talents and skills. When it came to the end of the day he was just a farmer at heart. That was his true love. How could he do things differently and change the nature of farming. The rest of the stuff happened around his life because he was nothing more than a simple farmer that was also a military man of confidence among his peers.

He was also very aware of history and some of his papers are amazing to read knowing all that we know today of the times he lived in. The struggles he and our young nation faced together and united as one. If you get the chance to read some of his writings then you will see the amazing difference between what we have in office today and what we were all blessed with as our first President.

Great men or great woman are far and few between. I'm a fan of our history and our Presidents and I can't help but think that there could be another George Washington amongst us all that could once again unite us rather than divide us. Who is that person of our time that can stand the challenges of what is expected of a United States of America President? Who is that person that can take a country that is so fractioned that the last two Presidential elections were tossed into the courts to decide the winner and make it one again? Where is the true leadership of our nation headed? Have we as a nation turned into the haves and have nots of yesteryear Europe and all her Monarchies? Have we as a nation forgotten the big picture as we cast aside others from foriegn lands as unacceptable to our way of life because of the color of their skin or the hardship they fought so desperately to get away from? How can we call ourselves Americans when we are the nation that accepts all and welcomes them but you have to meet a litmus test?

George Washington was far wiser in his day than any politician alive today to know that the only way for our nation to stay on top was to fight for human nature and the freedoms that free men would be willing to fight and die for. Individual rights should always be greater than the government that would serve that individual. That is the big picture.

Today in our world of government they are taking rights back faster than you can think of in order to protect you and I from Terrorists. Who is protecting us from our government if our rights are stripped away in order to fight an un-declared war by a President that does not consider any laws to apply to him? Something to think about. He didn't pass the legislation that is taking your rights away, he sighned your rights into law away.

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Yearly Kos Convention

Check out the video from the guest speakers. I just watched the Howard Dean speech and he had some good points that might interest you.

Something I find amazing about this convention is that these folks meeting out there in Lost Wages are not millionaires or politically connected folks. They are the you and me of every day America. CSPAN had it on the idiot box AKA television earlier today and it was pretty good to see the real folks talk about what they were truly concerned about in our lives here in America.


Tell a friend about this site and build on what can be a new America...
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George Washington Vs George Bush

There is so extreme a difference between these two Presidents of the United States that it is not even funny. George Washington believed in the expansion of our peoples rights and George Bush believes in the contraction of our rights. George Washington believed in the common man so much that rather than become a King he walked away. George Bush would prefer to be an Emperor but that is another discussion for another day.

Below are some clips from George Washingtons first address and in it you can see what I am talking about. He talks about Immigration and the serious need for people to be aware of thier rights as an American.

George Washington First Annual Message 1/8/1790

Various considerations also render it expedient, that the terms on which foreigners may be admitted to the rights of Citizens, should be speedily ascertained by a uniform rule of naturalization.

Nor am I less persuaded, that you will agree with me in opinion, that there is nothing, which can better deserve your patrionage, than the promotion of Science and Literature. Knowledge is in every Country the surest basis of public happiness. In one, in which the measures of Government recieve their impression so immediately from the sense of the Community as in our's, it is proportionably essential. To the security of a free Constitution it contributes in various ways: By convincing those, who are entrusted with the public administration, that every valuable end of Government is best answered by the enlightened confidence of the people: And by teaching the people themselves to know and to value their own rights; to discern and provide against invasions of them; to distinguish between oppression and the necessary exercise of lawful authority; between burthens proceeding from a disregard to their convenience and those resulting from the inevitable exigencies of Society; to discriminate the spirit of liberty from that of licentiousness, cherishing the first, avoiding the last, and uniting a speedy, but temperate vigilence against encroachments, with an inviolable respect to the laws.

The welfare of our Country is the great object to which our cares and efforts ought to be directed. And I shall derive great satisfaction from a co-operation with you, in the pleasing though arduous task of ensuring to our fellow Citizens the blessings, which they have a right to expect, from a free, efficient, and equal Government.
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KOS Convention in Lost Wages

I was watching the Kos Convention out in Lost Wages today on CSPAN and it was very interesting to me as a semi liberal blogger. They were discussing how much of an influence we as bloggers can have on politics in today’s society and how much more we need to do to progress our general message. Basically, we are about the truth in politics but there are extremist out there that will write anything to keep their own name in the head lines…COUGH COUGH ANN COULTER IS SATAN COUGH… Sorry about that. I had a tickle in my throat.

For me and where I stand politically I’m sort of torn apart and in the middle of both sides but I definitely lean left. I can’t stand President Bush but I’m not sure if Al Gore would have done a better job post nine eleven. John Kerry I like but don’t like. I’m a flip flopper on Kerry but I did donate to his campaign because I do not respect how George Bush has dealt with the office of President of our country.

I’ve seen polls out there on which party people trust more to handle our nations affairs and the Democrats have a slim margin on the plus side. I’m good with that poll. I think the Democrats would rather use diplomacy over threats of military force with any nation that we disagree with. The Republicans seem to prefer bullying tactics first and then the oh shit approach later.

If you look at the big picture of our nation and its great history every few years the powers at the top have changed. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. Change is inevitable and the time for change is coming once more. The beauty of our amazing system of government is that if we don’t like the looks of our government then we can vote and change it. I just love the concept of it. Vote and change it. Our founding fathers may have had their own personal demons or political issues but they blessed us with a government with a foundation that can change.

So I’m going to keep on blogging on what I think and if you take it as left then you can take it as that. If I lean to far over the line and sound like a righty then I am hoping that my friends reading this blog pull me back from the wrong path.


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Doing the Right Thing

MD Dad turns in son

Somebody tell me it isn’t tough to be a parent in today’s world and I’ll point you to this story in the Washington Post. Here is a Dad that truly loves his son so much that he turned him in to the police rather than see him go down an extremely wrong path.

Sometimes as a parent you have to do things that your children may not appreciate today and will probably not appreciate it for decades but you do what you have to do to protect your child. Being a good parent takes guts and tough decisions. You look at the big picture and choose the best path that will take you and your child forward in the right direction.

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Friday, June 09, 2006

Inflation and Recession Possibility

It makes you wonder if the price of oil can bring on a recession in our countries economy. The price of oil just isn’t reflected in what you pay at the pump it is reflected in almost everything you do day to day. Anything made of plastics that is derived from oil is going to go up in price as much percentage wise as oil has. Everything that has to be transported by truck or by ship or by plane costs is going to go up. Many of the things you use every single day that you take for granted are going to have the cost of that lack of attention go up whether you or I like it or not. Vegetables from California and Florida trucked to the Northeast during the winter months are going to skyrocket in price when the cost of transporting the product exceeds the cost of growing it.

Working for a manufacturer in New England we see all the price increases that come every week. Our field is in Wire and Cable and the costs over the past year alone are insane. There is a saying in our industry that when the down turn in the economy comes we are the first ones as manufacturers hit and the last ones to recover from it.

Everything that we do is surrounded by the use of oil in one form or another and yet our government that still has no long term energy policy and still does not consider this a national topic to be overly concerned with is still doing nothing. We all saw how they looked into the price gouging after Hurricane Katrina and found the oil companies not guilty of the act and moved quickly on to more serious topics like defining marriage and the estate tax. Flag burning is next on the agenda as the price of gasoline will break the $3.00 barrier and stay there because they just don’t see the big picture.

Then again, maybe they see the big picture and will greatly benefit from the big picture. I don’t know of too many elected leaders or the people seeking to be elected that live where most folks do as pay check to pay check Americans. No, I’m pretty sure most of our elected officials in Congress don’t worry about the cost of living.

Ask yourself how much further you can afford for the cost of tanking up your car or heating your home or feeding your family or keeping the electricity on can go before you have to look for extra work? Will that work be available if everyone is cutting back? Will the dollar value of your extra hours keep up with the rising costs of just living the American dream? Getting that annual pay increase from your regular employer is not always going to keep up with the cost of living so what do you do? You cut back. And then you cut back some more.

The American economy is consumer driven and when the American consumers can no longer afford to just get by then they will cut back. When the cut back wave starts, and it is coming or has already begun, many people are going to loose their jobs because of it. People will not be buying the latest model cars and will be making do with what they have. Extras in the budget will be cut immediately without a second thought. Vacations and the money to pay for them will just not be there. Watch the news as companies across America start laying off people by the tens of thousand at a time.

Washington has the energy plan on the table though, it just isn’t important enough to debate yet. Senator Frist has all of our backs. More good government at work. NOT!

America needs real leaders and real people to take on the real issues that effect all of us not just today but down the road. Special interest has been at the feeding trough for so long that it has grown into a beast that is out of control. It’s time for the American people to vote in November and vote out the people that listened to special interests first and foremost. Tom Delay said his goodbye today and he didn’t regret a minute of his service to himself first and his country second. Let’s just see how the trial works out for you Tommy?

The one thing the Republicans forgot about while they were giving billions away to the top five percent of the nation was the middle and lower class majority of Americans. When the cost of living to us is rising faster than we can afford it, we adjust our spending habits and our way of life as we reconsider our opinions and decisions to focus on our priorities. Roof over our head and making sure the kids don’t go hungry. The wallet of the middle and lower class Americans can only take so much abuse before it makes us think that something isn’t right here.

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Politics Fine Gray Line

In politics it is funny to see how each side takes an offense as to how the other side is reacting to any given issue. Take the Ann Culter debacle this week. The left is outraged and ready to tar and feather her for daring to say anything remotely off color about the widows of 9/11 and in my opinion rightfully so. The right is outraged at how narrow minded the left is and not listening to her overall point and that the left can never see the big picture.

Or take for instance the not soon enough demise of Zarqawi in Irag. You might have heard about this story in the news lately. He’s the murdering thug from Al Qaida that choked to death on a thousand pound bomb courtesy of the US Military. I’m just guessing that nobody was willing to perform the Heimlich maneuver on him so he is no more of this world. The left is pretty much glad that he is dead but knows that this is not another one of President Bush’s turning points of the war. The right is pissed off that we aren’t all partying in the streets and sending congrat’s cards to 1600 Penn Ave in DC for a job well done.

Then we could look at the corruption problem with our elected leaders and see where each side lands on this one. The left is willing to pay for the handcuffs for every Republican arrested and split the cost of the orange jump suits. The right accuses the left of finger pointing and then turns up the heat on Democrat Representative Jefferson so much that they might have broken a law or two in doing so.

What this all comes down to is that there was an election this week to replace the now convicted Republican Duke Cunningham and the election was as close as you would want it to get. The Republican won the election by just over five thousand votes. The real story behind the Republican winning is all in the look see at the money trail. It cost them four point five million for the seat. The party spent whatever amount of money it had to in order to win. One thing I have not seen online is what the voting numbers and margins were in the previous elections for the same seat.

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Zarqawi and the War

With the death of Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi it is time for the Prime Minister of Iraq Nouri Al-Maliki to step up to the plate and lead his people. Without a true leader directing all of the different factions then chaos will remain a mainstay of life in Iraq. With all the militias and factions clamoring for more power over one another it is going to take serious leadership skills to change the daily events of one group killing another and the retaliation factors that come into play the next day.

I’m led to believe that a country like Iraq needs a firm leader that is willing to do whatever is necessary to maintain the peace. Maliki’s first ambitious leadership role should be to disband and disarm the militias that are so volatile and unpredictable. The only way he is going to be able to achieve that task is by using brut force.

John McCain was on Imus this morning talking about the appointments of key ministers in the Iraq government and that alone spoke volumes to how much progress has been made to date. Each one of the ministers had to be approved by the three parties sitting in the government. Which of course means that all three parties agreed that the appointees were acceptable to their own individual parties needs.

I would like to think that the death of Zarqawi is a real turning point in the war but I honestly don’t think so.
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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Widows and kids of 9/11

Ann Coulter is an idiot and has no clue what the widows and widowers and orphaned kids of 9/11 went through and still are going through. Losing a parent or a spouse is a difficult life event and you never get over it totally. Your Dad or Mom or sister or brother or child could have passed away twenty years ago but they are and always will be in your daily thoughts. Ann Coulter sells hate and a supremist mentality that has no place in our world or society.

Ann Coulter is a screw up and hate monger looking for a buyer and I'm not buying her hate. I don't think anyone should. Anyone can write a book. Not everyone can get a publisher to take on the book. That is where the attention of the anger from her moronic statement should be focused. Somewhere in some editors office someone bought on to her theory and mentality and said we can make a few dollars off of this book filled with hate and anger and accusations. That is the avenue for the folks to follow.

In the next few days as this issue heats up I would not be surprised to see a statement or even the publishers of this book go on the television to apologize for this idiots statements. Best case scenario is that they pull the book. That would be the right thing to do.

All I can say is that she is an idiot. To the widows and kids left behind from 9/11 you and your loved ones that passed on that horrible day are in my prayers. I can't apologize enough for her saying what she did. I don't even know her but I feel like I should comfort the families so devastated by that days events. It was just wrong and she can't take it back. My prayers are with you.

Somehow I can't seem to understand where the hell her mind was with that statement.

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Ann Coulter and 9/11

Ann Coulter is nothing more than a shock jock with a book to sell. Her comments about the widows of 9/11 were idiotic and we all know it. Frankly, she deserves to be in the spot light so we can all see what an idiot is and put a face next to the label. So what is the deal with this woman with so much hate and anger spewing out of her mouth? Was there a mistake in the womb and her mouth was swapped out with her ass? I don’t think that even she knows what drives her rage. To be honest with you I sort of feel bad for her. All that hate will eat you up and spit you out.

So I’m just wondering if the Conservative movement and the rest of the Mini Publican’s are getting on board with this woman? She paints herself as the go to voice for the Chris Matthews show and appears rather frequently as the voice of Conservatives. Is the example she is setting the true face of Conservatives? I’m just wondering because it makes for great material from the left side of the isle where I’m sitting.

I thought it was almost comical when I saw a blip of her interview with Matt Lauer and she went after him for giving her attitude. Matt Lauer can give a great interview and for him to back pedal like he did so as not to offend her kind of made me sick.

Okay now we have to sum up because this idiot does not deserve the time of day. She is like the car accident on the highway, you hate to see it but everyone looks. Conservative Republican politics equals driving angry and being an idiot. Think of it like this, the guy flipping you off because he cut you off on the road is a Conservative Republican.

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Bush and Frist dilemma

What do you do with two guys that think that the country needs to focus on hate issues first and formost rather than deal with real life issues that every American is suffering under. Gas prices out of control, home heating cost trippled and as a parent you have to make the choice over groceries for your family or heat? Then your President and his friend Frist decide that it is a good thing to cut home heating assistance to New England because big money needs another tax cut. This is the legacy that Bush and Frist have ownership of. Do not let them show you a shinney object in one hand and pass another injustice on the American people.

This is what you have to do to see a change in America. You tell a friend what you read here or anywhere else and tell them to tell a friend. They tell friends and the progression of the idea moves on. As American's we are beholding to one another. If you can not look out for your brother and sister then your lot in life is not worth being. All the legislation that Bush and Frist have railroaded through the Congress will screw over the middle and lower class for decades to come. Debts to high, Bush and Frist screwed you and made it easier for the credit card companies to take your home. Big business banks, big business Bush and Frist are the same thing. Can't heat your home and you are over sixty five, sorry we need to pass a tax cut for big oil companies. Want to get your kid a good education and believe in the President's no child left behind then you might want to call a cab or something because Bush cut it out of the budget. If he didn't then Mr. Puppet Frist did one better.

If you are a middle or lower class American you no longer have a voice in this government. Bush has railroaded everyone but his base supporters and he will walk away with a smile on his face for doing so. Millionaires and Billionaires will take good care of him when he leaves office. That is how that side of the fence works.

All this latest agenda that President Bush is touching on is all smoke and mirrors for the run up to next November elections. Spread the hate and paint the fence the color that is the party of the President. It's all pointing at what all of us middle and lower class folks should be afraid of and how they have all the answers to it. Be very afraid of terrorists, immigrants and be very afraid of the gays and lesbians. Most importantly is that you should be very afraid that your life needs to be Constitutionally defined. That is the only way to be a true American. Anything less is not American. Bull Crap!

I'm an American! I don't care if Bob and Bob or Jill and Jill want to have a recognized union or marriage. If they find a church that says they are married then that is that churches belief. How does that differ from the fact that the Jewish faith recognizes Jesus as a prophet but not the Mesiah? It is religion! What the hell does that have to do with me and my marriage to my wife and my five daughters? Fear does not and never will define my wife and my definition of what our marriage is. What Bush and Frist are proposing has no reference other than hate and I'm pretty sure that I don't want my girls raised in a hate mentality sanctioned by our government with a Constitutional Ammendment saying so. No I'm confident on that fact.

I'll say it ten times and one thousand times. President Bush and Frist, get your homophobic thoughts out of Americas bedrooms and back into the government decisions that need to be dealt with today. It would be a better line of legislation to keep your ideoalogy out of the churches that do in fact have the right to define marriage. Separation of Church and State. Then again that is the Constitution and that is pretty simple idea but it works.


Spread the word and come back for more...
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Bush Cop Out on America

Bush Cop Out

Being President of the United States is an honorable right of passage for a statesman. How you get to that high office is by proving your worth to the nation as a whole. The nation elects you to the office. Americans vote and choose who should lead the nation forward in this world. You can be a Republican or a Democrat or any party viable and be President of the United States of America and fulfill the office with all of the promises the oath of office requires.

The oath of office of the President of the United States has been taken by so many great leaders and statesman that it goes all the way back to George Washington.

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States."

Where in that oath does President Bush see that he can do as he pleases and decide on his own if he alone has to honor the laws that the Congress passes? Rather than using the power of the veto President Bush has attached a letter of his interpretation of the laws that Congress has passed. His interpretation is not what the law is. Congress writes the laws of the land. End of discussion. The office of President signs the law into effect. There is no “BUT ME” in the process.

President Bush disagrees and he has the power of millionaires and lawyers to back him up with litigation to defend his actions. No argument would ever be settled till he would be long out of office. Impressive moves to avoid the Constitution that you swore to the best of your ability to, preserve, protect and defend.

This all comes down to the Bush ideology that you can do anything you want because you are in fact the President of the United States of America. Nobody can ever muster up the forces needed to stop you. It works out even better for you seeing that you have your own Mini Publican party’s control over both houses of Congress.

One simple reminder to the President, there are a bunch of Congressmen and Senators that also swore to defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Enough is enough. Americans need to vote the wrong ideology and steam rolling politicians out of office and that is all there is to it.

America has kids fighting and dying over reasons that most Senators and Congressmen would vote against today if they knew the truth when the time came to vote for it. Enough is enough. There is no reason for our kids to be fighting a war that nobody will ever win and there is no reason for three dollars a gallon gasoline other than our President protecting and defending his own special interests.

Exxon will post fifteen billion in clear profit and our president will claim it is market driven while hundreds of thousands of simple Americans loose their homes because the Buick is costing almost as much as the mortgage to own and run.

And he calls himself a man of the American people? I don’t think so! Only if you make over a million dollars a year or have some BIG OIL connection is he the President of the American people. So goes the rest of the Republican Party. So you reap and so you sow.

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Monday, June 05, 2006

Hold the Frigin Presses!!!

President Bush and Puppet Man Frist (hey the guy looks like a puppet to me) had an important speech to make today that is at the heart of all Americans deep darkest fears.

Gay Marriage and Flag Burning are the tops of their political agenda to save our nation. Holy crap that is huge news! You know how these things spread. It’s like a virus that infects everyone and before you know it POW! Everyone is gay and burning flags in the living room. It could become the next American pass time. Invite all your same sex friends over, a couple of them get married in a strictly Pagan ceremony and hold hands as they toast marshmallows over a dozen American Flags in the barbecue pit. It could happen ya know!

With all the really important problems this country has going on right now they think these two issues deserve immediate attention? Here they go again with the Shinny Object over here while they entertain their political base with real un-government issues over there. What a joke. A really idiotic and bad joke.

Somebody needs to explain to Bush and Puppet boy Frist all about the separation of church and state thingy that Tommy Jefferson was so big on. I liked Tommy, he was a really smart guy that did stuff to found the nation. Then George and Puppet boy need to be told about freedom of speech. Damn it if good old Tommy covered that one too!

The two of them need to stop screwing around and get some real work done. Wait a second, Puppet boy Frist is running the least worked Congress ever. Damn it if George isn’t one of the largest users of vacation time too. America, we have a real problem to deal with.

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Church and Community

My family and I are Catholic and we are sort of heavily involved with the community and our church. I'm a member of the Knights of Columbus and the wife is into all kinds of stuff that I can't keep track of all that she does. She makes me look like a slacker and that is okay. Today we had the great opportunity to see one of our own neighborhood kids...well he's fourty four, but he said his first Mass. It was awesome! Father Walter Riley did a great job his first time out and there were priest from across the nation at St. Bernard's today to witness this great event. The Riley family is a rather large family in this area of the world so they filled half the church on their own. They are a great bunch of folks that no matter when you see them they have a smile on their face and a warm welcome that you just know in your heart that is genuine.

Walter is a different breed of priest in todays chaotic world. He doesn't hide the fact that he is a die hard Red Sox fan and even said so during the Mass. He even went so far as to say that he was displeased with his nephew aged twelve that is a Yankee's fan. Went so far as to say he was looking for a twelve year old in the neighborhood to kick the crap out of him. I kid you not! Right there in church, where you are supposed to be so hush hush and never talk like that. I loved it! So did the rest of the parish. When he thanked our pastor and friend Father Richard Trainor for all his guidance and insight on what it is to become a priest in this world the parish applauded so loud and for so long that it was heart warming and a unique momment in my life.

Here are two men that have not just dedicated their own lives to God but also to us here in this poor district of the city. Giving up all that their own lives could be to be someone that all of us need sometime or another. In return they let us know that God loves us and we will get through the worst storms our lives will endure. I admire that trait and that vocation. Somehow it hit me today that I should be greatful for men like these. They have chosen a path that is most honorable and the rewards they get from it are only seen by the faithful that they help to endure yet another day. When you think about it, it will mess with your head.

Faith is an amazing thing. I don't care if you are Catholic or Protestant or Buddist or Jewish or Muslim. Keep your faith based in love and that alone will change the world. That sounded like a hippie thing didn't it? I am NOT a hippie! Just someone that has seen how faith in God can change your own little world.

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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Unity08 is Fragmented

Holy crap! I'm not a friendly advocate of any third party but Unity08 is one fragmented bunch of angry folks. Just checking out the comments from people associated with it was more than interesting.

Get a grip and vote for the Democrat's in 2008! If you want change from what has gone on for the last eight years then get the Mini Publicans out of office by uniting with the Democratic Party! Maybe the Mini Publicans are right that we as a party can not come to some term of unification? I don't know how splitting the party and the like minded people will do the country any good other than handing the Mini Publicans a victory at the polls come November.

For the most part I would not think that this whole idea of a third party could come from no body else other than a Karl Rove institution. Divide and conquer. As long as we are divided then they will rule the country.

Just for the record, we have to put up somebody better than Hillary in the next election. Serious times need far more serious people to step up to the plate.

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American Values

Someday, somewhere, somebody is going to wake up and know what America is all about. We are a nation of many different lines of thought but united under two things no matter how you slice it. We are a nation under God and we are a nation of laws. Man made laws and God's laws are not that far from the truth. Sometimes man gets the idea of what God meant wrong but eventually we get it right. We are not a perfect country and we are forever changing as a nation. That is why we hold elections to move our nation forward. Where we are today may seem out of touch ten or twenty years from now. That is called progress. God is in the details and all he or she asks is that we love one another. Pretty simple message when you really think about it.

We as a nation will learn from our mistakes and our next President will not even remotely resemble the current one. Not to be overly religious but I thank God for that. George Bush will go down in the history books as the president that did nothing for his country but insight fear. Not a kind post for his work but the millionaires that will pay for his presidential library or whatever he decides to build to his own honor will matter little when it comes to the truth.

The candidates are lining up for the elections coming in November and you have to ask yourself if you believe in them as they believe in you? Do you want an honest government or do you want more of the same? Do you want new blood or more of the same corruption and passing the buck? How many special prosecutors do we need to run our country? How long do we as a nation have to look like we are run by a majority of crooks and liars?

When I was first enrolled to vote, my Dad offered me two pieces of advice that had always worked for him when voting. You should vote for the Democrat first and if he is Irish that is the one you vote for. He used to also say that the rest of them were in it for themselves. I'm thinking that Dad wasn't far off in his vote.

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Terrorists in Canada

I was reading this story tonight on MSNBC about a roundup of potential terrorists in Canada and it just struck me as odd. They have supposed Al-Quida links and info that they had plans to blow up some buildings but there is definetly something missing. Maybe they didn't put enough information in the piece but something is missing. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Getting past all that I have to say that I'm concerned about our own governments judgements on homeland security and what came out this week. The Department of Homeland Security dropped the ball and made New York city and Washington, D.C. on the short list for funding to combat possible terrorist attacks. Apparently, the two cities with the greatest loss in the history of this terror driven war that we are all stuck in don't rate as a risk for future attacks.

Somebody down in the capitol needs to kick the SOB running the DHS in the ass and tell them to wake up. How rediculous is this whole scenario? If you were someone wanting to inflict the most damage to an enemy then you would look at a heavily and dense populated area like New York city. If you wanted to go for a political attack then you would attack our nations capitol. Makes me wonder if this was a political slap in the face for both cities being a heavily Democrat voting area?

Or we could go the conspiracy route and say this is all a "Wag the Dog" thing. Common sense just doesn't seem to wash with this story and the raid today in Canada of all these terrorists. Something isn't right. My gut tells me that.

Time will tell. I'll be watching the on line news to see where this whole thing turns. Something is not right in the world. I just can't put my finger on it.

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Friday, June 02, 2006

Thank you 4and20blackbirds

I just wanted to make the folks out there reading this blog to let them know that we appreciate our links to this site. I'm very selective to whom I link to and this site has the substance and clear thoughts that we all need to hear. Jay has some interesting thoughts on his site and it is worth the trip to click on over to see what he has to say. It is so refreshing to see folks that just have an opinion on any issue and put it out there. I love this county so much for that simple right. You can only appreciate this gift we all take for granted if it is taken away from you. Think about it and speak out to defend it.

Thank you Jay @ 4and20blackbirds for the link.

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Immigration Laws from our Congress

If you have the dream to come to America for a better life then you will do whatever you have to to get here. I can't honestly blame the current people living here illegally for doing so. They fill a void for our nation that the rest of us do not want to do for a living. They come for the dream and no matter what legislation the current administration tries to pass as laws to make them criminals it will never make a difference. The land of opportunity is America. It isn't Canada, it isn't Great Britain, and it is never and will be China. This is the location that immigrants will seek for a better life than what they had from the countries they were born in.

Then again, do they know that we have serious issues that we deal with every day that effect all of us like immigration? Damn straight they do! This is where they want to raise their families so they do have a voice.

I'm of the mindset that if you came to this country to seek the dream then you are going to try harder to make that dream come true for you and your children than the spoiled brat kid that I'm raising under my own roof. Next generation will be their own kid. The cycle is the cycle. Get used to it.

Coming to America is a risk. No, it is a gamble. Betting that your children will be better off here than in the country you came from. Pick a point on the map of the world and where would you want to be to have an opportunity to make a better life. The United States sticks out like a sore thumb. As the father of five daugthers I hope and pray that they will do whatever it takes to make sure my grandchilden someday down the road will be better off than their parents were. What is the difference between us and immigrants wanting a better life for their families? There isn't one. People are just people. America is what she is and together we are the land of opportunity.


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Iran and Diplomacy

I’m a firm believer in diplomacy at all levels to avoid war. When one door shuts you have to seek out another door. If that one shuts then you seek another. As the shampoo bottle says wash, rinse, and repeat. America was founded on the ideology that people have differences of opinions and the world is the same way. President Bush is not a fond believer in diplomacy at any level. It is his way or the highway. You are either with us or against us. Bring it on. Did I forget any of his other catch phrases?

Benjamin Franklin spent nearly all of the Revolutionary War abroad brokering agreements to find peace or a friendly ally. Peace in the world was what he sought out no matter who would listen. Our current President put a stubborn representative to represent our country to the United Nations. The UN is an organization that brokers peaceful agreements with many nations on a daily basis that could stop the insanity of a nuclear argument between the United States and Iran. Diplomacy is a give and take conversation. One does not work without the other.

President Bush in being the toughest kid on the block is isolating entire nations in a hot bed region just because he thinks he can. Arrogance has no place in the diplomatic dealings of nations. Diplomacy starts with two people sitting down at a table and just talking. I’m encouraged to see other countries trying to intercede with this potential conversation with the United States and Iran. It is a start that needs to be nurtured and grown. Bush needs to come to the table and just talk. Ultimatums to just get to the table are just wrong from either side. They need to sit down and just talk. Regroup and sit down and talk some more. Wash, rinse, and repeat.

This country was in a cold war for decades where the entire world could have been obliterated at the push of a button and all it took was the two toughest kids on the block to sit down and talk to end it. It didn’t happen over one meeting but several meetings where they disagreed but agreed to sit down again and just talk. Those two men were Reagan and Gorbachev. For the most part they became friends because of it.

People around the world are no different from you and I. They are doing their best to survive and care for the people around them. Today’s leaders of the world are no different than yesterdays unless they forget that to get along in this world you have to talk to the rest of the world.

While the Bush administration is looking at all the possibilities of why Iran wants to talk to the toughest kid on the block they might just want to ask themselves if it is just to talk and get to know one another once more. No troops ever died because two leaders got together to just talk.


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Homeland Not Security

Did somebody over at Homeland Security take a nutjob pill? The District of Columbia was listed in the bottom 25% of attack risks according to DHS. Somebody want to clue them in where one of the planes from 9/11 crashed and why the second plane went down in PA? Apparently you can't see the Pentagon from this clowns window so it doesn't count.

Is this the same crew that said New York City didn't have any national monuments and dropped their rating just yesterday?

More good government at its best!
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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Republican Fear

What the Mini Publicans fear most is that they no longer have us all by the neck screaming at us what to be afraid of. The truth is setting the flock free and no amount of double talk from this administration is going to keep the truth out. It has been the main theme of the Mini Publican's to point out the faults of many American's and blame them for all the ills of our society. Truth has a way of pointing out that while they cast the shadow of fear to the left they were taking the country apart by dividing us rather than uniting us. Blame the fear, blame the Democrats, blame the enviromentalists, blame the liberals, blame the immigrants, blame the middle class, blame the Catholics, blame the working poor, blame anyone but make sure you divert attention while you stuff billions back into your friends pockets. Then tell the country that trickle down economics really works while you cut education but claim to leave no child left behind. Even better you tell the country in your state of the union address that we are addicted to oil and need new alternative energy sources and the very next week you cut the funding for alternative energy research.

The GOP has done nothing but line the pockets of the rich while stiffling the middle and lower class to pay for the money they gave to the upper class. Then they put the shinney objects of hate in our face so we don't see them defiling the Constitution and basterdizing it to their own liking.

This coming week we are going to see them point the fear in the direction of marriage once more. They think that we should define it. That is a matter for churches to decide and the government has no business sticking its nose into what marriage is. Separation of church and state is where this whole arguement is canceled out. If you change the Constitution to define marriage then you open up the flood gates for all other church and state arguements. Thomas Jefferson was a far wiser man than Bush or any member of the GOP today.

If you listen to anyone from the GOP that is pounding the drum on any issue, just pick one, they point you to something to be afraid of first. Why? It's easier to sell hate than progress. America was built on progress and change and hate of any people has no place in our society.


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100% Port Container Inspection

Port security and inspection of the containers is a huge issue to national security. Why not inspect them all? In the private sector more and more companies are relying on their vendors to perform the role of quality assurance and inspect one hundred percent of their orders. Then the vendor has to provide certified test reports and certificates of compliance to the company buying the products. Why can’t we put these same rules in place when it comes to our ports and the containers coming into the country?

It makes far more sense to push the majority of the cost of inspection back onto the people that are shipping the containers into this country than our country trying to do it all here. Spot checking here and in the ports overseas to make sure the inspections are being done will be far less costly too.


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