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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Talk Radio on Abortion

I've started to listen to Al Franken on Air America on the radio lately and for the most part he is pretty good to listen too. I like the jokes and his delivery to his guests that he times just right. I love the idea that he takes the radio broadcast on the road across America and in some places he is not really welcome but he shows up and does the show anyway. I give him credit for standing up for his thoughts and I honestly don't think he is far off base from me on most issues. Here is my beef, or brussel sprouts for you vegetarians reading this.

I'm an Irish Catholic father of five beautiful girls and they are my world. I love them all and their mother so much it would make you puke. I'm also as expected Pro-Life. I'm a Democrat too. I'm not an in your face anti abortion kind of guy but I believe in life. It happens. Call me a moron or whatever but this is a faith based issue for me. Call me any amount of names or give me any kind of facts and numbers and it is never going to change my opinion on the issue. Get over it. On the other hand my faith also tells me to hate the sin and love the sinner. Which if one of my daughters choose that path then it would never change how much I love them. This could get deeply philisophical and that is not something I could ever keep up with.

I like listening to Al, he is up beat and on the message politically that we deserve better from our elected officials. We do deserve better and we are not getting it. Then there is the big old hairy BUTT in your face called abortion. It seems like it is a hot buton issue for him lately and it is a hot button issue for me too as a Catholic. He has had many an educated opinion personality on abortion and it just makes me uncomfortable to even listen to the interviews. I'm not telling him to change his venue or emailing him or suggesting anything other than just saying that it bothers me to hear it. I have the option of tuning to another radio station and I do. That is my choice.

What I am getting at with this post for a point is that not all Democrats are out there saying abortion is okay or should be morally justified. This is the biggest difference between the hard core Republicans of this country and the Democrats. The bong is not being passed around the house just after the kids eat dinner every night in every Democrats household. Republicans do not have the market cornered on family values.

So now that I have touched this hot button, anyone care to comment?


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Blogger Steve said...

Interesting post. I like the comments you made regarding being a democrat and not toeing the party line on all issues.

I'm not entirely sure I agree with you that being pro-life is a family value. I do believe that the decision to support choice or not support choice with regard to abortion is a moral one, and one that requires far more thought than the usual lines hurled out. But as a personal conclusion, I don't know that I would label being pro-life a family value if that would insinuate that being pro-choice would not be.

It's possible that "family values" is a buzz word with no actual definable meaning, also, but that's for a different time.

But you're absolutely right regarding the family value market. The Republican party has not cornered it. There are many moderates who believe strongly in family, and many democrats who have solid family values as well.

8:47 AM  

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