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Monday, July 31, 2006

My Friend Cares for the Children in Lebanon and Israel

***We all have friends that we talk with about serious issues and my friend who is conservative and isn't afraid to say so was troubled by the posting of dead babies and in the battle between Israel and Lebanon. I'm bothered too! These are the innocents that get killed while the Stupids fire another round at one another.

My reply to my friend Top...

My friend I don't ever want to talk politics with you but people that blatantly post stuff like that disgust me. They achieved what they wanted to sell you. This situation over there is a battle that will go on for centuries as it always has. There are no winners and that is all there is to it. They both are full up with stupidity. Its nothing more than that. Two little kids angry and fighting over the same toy and you can't seperate them. This toy that they are fighting over is land. My only fear is that we as a nation get drawn into it. Nobody will ever win between these two. Should our troops be in the middle of it?

I talked about it as my OPINION on my blog earlier today before your post here. No offense to any of my friends in the bar.

In my own life as the child of a second generation Irish born immigrants son I was raised in the world of hate of the English no matter what reason? As a child I didn't know why but that was the family rule. My father was always going off on the IRA in Ireland and his own fathers participation in events that I have no idea if they were true or not. My Mother was from an old Irish family that had been in America for so many generations that the hatred was lost. She was an American first, she raised her children, all seven of us as Americans first. She broke the cycle that my father pedaled everywhere he went. The cycle of hate only has the power to succede if someone is pedaling it.

The point I'm making is that till people want to really have peace they have to give up the guns and the killing. Not a simple task to partake but it can be done. Northern Ireland is proving that today. Now that is where true statesman and patriots of both nations came to a common ground to agree that the babies no longer had to die by the gun or bomb.

Damn, I went on and did it. I'll delete this if you ask me too Top.


Hell, I'm stealing my words here and posting it on my own site. Top raised a good point and people need to know it.

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Israel and Lebanon War

Covered in the Washington Post today...

How much stupidity does it take to fire a rocket? Well you have to be well versed in it based on what is currently going on at the borders of Israel and Lebanon. Stupidity is a wonderful thing when all you want to do is kill someone. It gives you absolute authority to kill woman and children. It gives you the right to fire on a hospital or blindly fire missiles in hopes of hitting something big forty or sixty miles away.

Both sides of this terrible and horrible situation need to get their acts together and have a clear mind towards peace when a SEASE FIRE is achieved. Nope, stupidity rules and it won’t be the soldiers of Israel dying or the Hazzbollah fighters. It will be kids, woman, teenagers and grandparents dying. Even more blood and death of the innocent to feed the fires of stupidity and the aggression of radicals from both sides.

Even better is that both sides are chucking the bird to anyone offering peace. If you want peace then they each have terms that must be met by both sides and that will never happen till the body count is ridiculous and years down the road from this point in time.

I’m betting money that the UN will chuck the bird at the two of them and then point to America or Great Britain as the ones that should put our kids in the middle of this blood fest. Then our kids can die for stupidity and I’m terrified that this President might just think it’s a good idea! America and her military is not the world’s police force. This fight between these two nations that neither recognizes as a nation will go on for centuries more. That fact will never change.

We are now trapped in a civil war in Iraq and he won’t even blink when it comes to putting our fighting troops as targets for two sides that are so full of stupidity that they blindly fire rockets and care less where they land.

Yup, time to vote for our fighting troops and defend and define why they are our military troops in service to THEIR country. Who’s up for starting a third front on the war on Terror? Hold on a second…this sounds familiar but we fought against this guy? I’m thinking…Don’t tell me I’ll get it…
It’s right on the tip of my tongue…

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False Not The News Network Debut...

False Not the News Network – Born on Date 7/31/06

Covering American Political Events While Intoxicated giving you the Fair and Tipsy facts…

Everyone in Miami today is grabbing their crotches as the President threatened to turn his full focus on domestic agenda. Sales of athletic supporters and men’s cups were up by eighty percent prior to his arrival. Local Athletic stores and Flack jacket stores praised his work on being aggressive with the economy.

Shoppers at the local Squiggly Piggly Tail Market had their coupons and pocket lint taken by strong arm of advanced storm trooper GOP fund raisers. The elderly on fixed incomes were however given receipts stating that they did in fact get a COLA raise with their Social Security this past year and thus should shut the hell up.

Local celebrities and political operatives were hosting a $10,000,000 per plate dinner where President Bush is the key speaker on regular American Values, Poverty and some other word he likes to say a lot. Inside sources tell us that he was practicing his speech and repeating the word “Deciderer”.

The President was to discuss his plans for the future of America as soon as somebody told him what that might be. President Cheney…I mean Vice President Cheney was noticeably absent from the events. D.C. Sources Tell FNNN that the Vice President was furious that W had stolen the keys to Air Force One again and would be placed in time out on his return.

The President declared today that American’s need to sacrifice more for their nations future to fight the terrorists running rampant in some parts of Indiana, Kansas and Wisconsin. Speaking of cheese heads he will be touring the Port of Miami on Monday with hopes of finding his favorite cheese snack, Port Wine. He has reportedly been told that he is full up with crackers and just needs the Port Wine cheese.

Absent in the domestic agenda tour was the President’s brother Jeb Bush the Governor of Florida. Recent local reports were that he was last seen swimming for Cuba. US Coast Guard Vessels have reported him at almost ten miles out. His Disney character duck water wings are holding up fine.

We will be back with more stories from FNNN after this advertisement from Big Oil. Stay tuned for our stroy on the government saving of millions of lives by evicting all of Alaska because of a possible terrorist threat from Al Quida Polar Bears and Ninja Seals.

This has been a satire on the events of today… I hope you enjoyed it.
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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Explaining Political Belief

Explaining Political Belief

How do you explain who you are politically? How do you look at your own life and define if you are a Liberal or a Conservative? Then you have to ask yourself how most of us got to this point in our lives? I’m a Democrat because my Dad was a Democrat and so was my mom. That isn’t a good enough reason to be for one party or the other. There has to be more to that question? Why do we vote the way we do?

I don’t know for sure but I have some ideas. My Dad was a Teamster. He drove trucks for a living and he managed a trucking company in Shrewsbury till they screwed him over and replaced his experience with a twenty six year old kid at half the salary. That company he gave over twenty years of his life too is no longer in business. Dad has been dead since 2003 and life moves on. So why am I a Democrat?

Mom was a stay at home Mom and watching the seven kids that they had together. Mom dealt with all of the family situations even when kids left the nest she was always the go to person for all of the kids in the family. Dad was old world Ireland where he turned over his paycheck to Mom and she paid the bills and worked the families funds as best she could. How she did it I have no clue? The woman made due with not much but then again we were seven kids living in a two bedroom home and we always had a hot meal and always had clothes on our back. Somehow I loved my child hood years. Today, both parents have to work to afford just to survive!

American families today face many trials and tribulations that test our spirits every day. The bills to raise a family can sometimes be huge. One of the kids gets sick and that shinny brand new SUV out in the driveway is not as important anymore. Even the roof over your head isn’t important if your family is troubled by sickness of any member. Priorities change and you adjust accordingly.

Somehow you find the hope in the tragedy and move forward. You adjust and move on. You move on with the hope that if you work hard enough you will see success. You will ultimately benefit from what America has to offer. It is out there for all of us. All it takes is having faith in the life you have. Mom and Dad made it and so can the rest of us.

So how does the other side live? When there is no question of paying for a sick child then how do they deal with it? They are no different from you and I. They love the family as much as the rest of us do? How do you define your political opinion if the rest of your neighbors are lost? How do you say that you are an American if the rest of the people in the country do not matter?

America is a huge country and growing day by day with people. There is only so much time before the people say enough is enough. This is not the Monarchies of yesteryears Europe. We have a better idea on how to run a country over here. We vote our representatives into office. If they screw us over, we can always vote them out.

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America Moving Forward

America has been through many hard times over and over again and all you have to do is look at our history as a nation. Life for each party or financial status has ebbed and flowed with every Presidency in our nations history. When the nation was doing well the people voted and placed leaders in charge to keep that momentum going on. When our nation was doing poorly then we voted to place people that could change the nation for the best.

Calvin Coolidge held a nation together under an economy that was doing well. Warren Harding was a man that had a plan that would sustain the good times but nobody followed through with his plans. Hoover just didn't care about the rest of the nation and we had the fall out of the WWI vets and the collapse of the industrial American economy. Roosevelt gave hope. He didn't have an easy time selling it but what he did sell was some hope for the lost millions of Americans. Our nation believed in him so much that we elected him four times. He wasn't selling hate, he wasn't selling who is to blame, he sold hope. Roosevelt did it by surrounding himself by many a people that didn't agree with his leadership philosophy.

Truman took responsibility for the nation and said the buck stops here. Ike took it to the next level and built our nations infrastructure. Kennedy brought us to the stars and rejuvinated the love affair with Camelot. History is pro and con on that but it is history. Johnson brought us the liberation of rights to all Americans as a path that he did not choose but dared to follow his predecesors path. Richard Nixon brought our nation to the world and detante. Then he brought our nation back to the brink of shame. But he was the one that made world wide diplomacy an issue that we all have to think seriously about even today. Ford was the forgiving President and I can't say much more about him. Jimmy Carter the peanut farmer from Plaines, Georgia expanded world peace to so many levels that it's hard to pick one. Egypt and Israel ring a bell though. Ronald Reagan, I loved the man and I loved the fact that he brought back the spirit of America. That he alone ended the cold war placed him in my liberal biased nightly prayer list. He alone made us proud again to be Americans and he backed it up with rebuilding our military. He outspent the Soviets and they could not match our science and dollars.

Then we start with the Bush Dynasty. Dad had great connections around the world and the Gulf War was a great success. Iraq was kicked out of Kuwait and that is how it should have been. Even I thought that he should have made the troops go all the way to Baghdad then but that is the history we have. We would probably be in the same scenario we are in today if he did. I don't know.

Bill Clinton was one of the most politically inteligent Presidents we have ever had but also one of the most attacked in Presidential history. He was the first President of this nation since Johnson that was able to defend the middle and lower classes and get serious legislation through to defend the needs of the people. He was the first fiscally responsible President that had to pass a budget that was paid for. Granted he had the Mini Publicans holding his throat with a knife under Newt Gingrich to do it but he left office with a government paying down our national debt.

Under our current President and his fully owned and bought Congress courtesy of Jack Abramoff and his crew we are a lost nation to special top income earners intrests.

What I find funny about the last couple of years occupation of the GOP and the entire executive branch is that the many Americans in the lower classes think that they have thier backs. Our kids fighting the many fronts of war are not Harvard or Yale graduates. They are our kids. Mom drives a school bus and Dad works at a factory.

My main point is this. The Republican Party has screwed over America for the last six years of this Presidents tenure. I don't think America can take any more of his ideology or his parties legislation to make sure the millionaires of the country are safe. You don't have to be a Republican or a Democrat or an Independant to figure this one out.


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Friday, July 28, 2006

GOP Min Wage Tax Cut

That title is nothing what you think it is. The Mini Publican’s are not cutting taxes for all them money grabbing minimum wage workers. Even though that would make sense, it isn’t what they are doing. Here is the gist of the bill.

The GOP will bring up the Minimum Wage Increase but (Big old fat hairy BUTT) they are attaching all kinds of tax cuts for all of their rich friends and supporters. This way they can go home for August and boast to all of their base how the GOP is for the working lower class. Wink, wink, wink to his or her good friends Mr. And Mrs. John Q Bazzillionaire as they continue to receive tax cuts for their Perrie bathing water.

Here is the dilemma for the Democrats when this comes to a vote next week, do you vote for the bill with all the permanent tax cuts for the top one percent to give the bottom five percent of income earners a raise or do you shoot it down? I’d vote for the increase in the minimum wage but blast the GOP in the coming election for using "Poison Pill" tactics to once more suck it up at the feeding trough of the rich.

The Republicans are never going to change tactics and they will forever be the go to party of the super rich of this nation. Once more they are showing their true colors by stuffing even more tax cuts down the throats of the American people for the benefit of the select few.


The Washington Post covered this late today too...
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Big Oil Bigger Profits

My friend Joe over at the Moderate Voice has a point in wondering about the "Windfall" profit tax. There are breaks in the proposed legislation if they use the profits for expansion of refineries, new technologies for developing products, drilling improvements etc etc. If they are honestly claiming that "Most" of the profits are used for new production then we should be draining the Atlantic because we are going to need to store all that oil somewhere.

It’s ridiculous to think that it is okay for one company to generate ten billion dollars in clear profits in just three months time. To be making that large a profit is simply greed. Think about it this way. The richest man in the world, Bill Gates, over the course of his life has amassed a personal fortune of fifty billion. Exxon can pass him by in 15 months time.

Well if the CEO’s of these companies continue down the road they have been then only they are too blame when the next Congress comes into power in January. The power to subpoena is coming and with it will come the power to break up huge monopolies as well.

The rape and pillage of America is soon coming to an end. I'm drafting a letter for Speaker of the House Nancy Palosi about this very matter. I'll mail it after the November elections...

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

November Elections

Tonight on NBC News with Brian Williams they highlighted the coming election and the feelings of Republican Americans in Pennsylvania. They feel that President Bush has let them down for a multitude of reasons and the biggest is the war in Iraq. The survey they had was 48% would trust Democrats more than Republicans at 36% to run the country. That is a huge gap when you really think about it.

I don’t know the basis of the poll and frankly I never trust polls. What I do know is that moderate voters of both parties are pissed off at the Bush Presidency and the Congress that has been railroading America. People know that our government as it is today has some problems. Republican or Democrat we know that there is a serious problem.

I’m not anywhere near privy to information on terrorist activity here at home but for the most part I’m pretty sure 9/11 and the souls lost that day were a one shot deal. Did we as a nation need to go into Afghanistan to attack the people that brought us to our knees on September Eleven? Absolutely! Did we need to bomb the hell out of Osama Bin Laden and his caves? Absolutely! Is he dead now? Yes I think he is. His bones will rot in the cave that some US Military plane bombed the hell out of it. WOOO HOOOO!

This is where the Democrats need to be as far as terrorism goes. That is the world we live in thanks to the sales pitch that President Bush has sold the American people. They need to be on message against terrorism no matter where it is in the world. Democrats running against strong politicians in tough states that have always been a Republican strong hold need to hammer the lies over and over and reinforce that they are strongly against terrorism in any form in any nation.

The war in Iraq was a personal vendetta from George Bush in defense of his father. Is the world safer without Saddam? Absolutely! Can the Democrats get us out of this mistake and save face? I think they would do that sooner than any Republican led government. Can the Democrats bring America back to the world with respect and understanding without threats of aggression? I think they can. Can the Democrats defend the world against aggression and nuclear developers without threatening war? I think that they can. Can the Democrats stop or change the aggressive tactics of big business on the middle class and lower class to end the hemorrhaging of American jobs going to Mexico or China with tax breaks for the companies moving those jobs? I think they can.

New blood is needed in the Congress and in the Presidency. America is a melting pot of many different political thoughts and it is never about royalty ruling over the middle class or lower classes. It’s kind of sad that we have to think of our parties and people as the haves and have not.

America is an experiment that never ends. That is how the founders planned it and they did a great job making sure that the people eventually have a say. No matter what you think politically it is important that you vote and be heard.


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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Politics and Americans

Most Americans could care less about politics. It’s just the folks in Washington telling us how they are running the country and the average person could care less about that process. Sometimes even I am negligent of paying attention to what is going on. Laws are passed and most of the time it has no bearing on any of us in real life. Then again their have been some not so serious votes lately.

These recent votes on flag burning, gay marriage and defining marriage are nothing but ammo for the upcoming elections to save politicians jobs and protect the base that they strive to please. Defining what you should think what are American Values.

What is a true American? A true American isn’t supposed to be about yourself. You have to look at the greater good. You have to see the needs of the people over you own personal interests. Pick a topic, pick a subject and pick a position that you want to be taken serious on. Talking to your neighbor over the fence isn’t going to get your opinion out there. Talking to your representatives in our Congress will get your opinion heard. I'm pretty sure that is the only way they will ever know how you feel on any position or subject.

Somehow most people find it shocking that you bitched about an issue and got a reply from your government representative. You instantly have political connections if you can show a letter or email from your government representative! Use that collateral to make a difference in your world. Get more people to contact their own government and ask for change. It puzzles me why people are so afraid of contacting the government.

This is America. We as a people will never be perfect but we always have the choice of changing our government by voting. If you don’t like the way things are going then vote and change it. Don’t vote and then you have forfeited your voice and opinion. That is the way the system works. That is what the ones most benefiting from the current administration are counting on. Voters are going to be lazy and fat and happy with the status quo.

My advice to you if you are pissed off at what is going on in our country is to vote. Register to vote or do whatever it takes to make sure your voice is heard. Volunteer in the party you believe in. Have a voice or shut the hell up.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Interstate Abortion Ban for Children

This is one of those issues that I don't think most parents would ever want to even consider thinking about. Someone other than the parent of your underage daughter taking your child across state lines where abortion is legal to get an abortion. Call me an idiot and somebody punch me but I don't want somebody taking one of my girls across the street to get a bandaid much less an abortion.

Politically, I want to defend a WOMANS right to choice but I don't want my 16 year old carted off anywhere to get an abortion. Once more the Republican's have served up an issue that calls you a bastard if you voted against this law and a fighter for true American values if you voted for it. As a middle of the road progressive liberal I have to give this one to the Mini Publicans.

So now I have to ask myself how are they going to sell this agenda of so called American Values come the fall elections? They are going to paste the issues of America and who voted against flag burning while our economy is tanking because of the cost of gas. They are going to splatter the reform of bankruptcy laws as a helping hand to hard working Americans as Master Card and Visa becomes the largest owners of foreclosed homes in the nation. They are going to paste the issue of Gay Marriage and the Defense of Marriage while our kids gay or straight are fighting and dying for a made up war in Iraq. Then they are going to call the Democrats Un-American because we want our troops home from the Bush manipulated through deception war in Iraq. Cut and Run is going to be the Republican war message for November and the average American just might buy it.

The Dem's are going to have an uphill battle to win the government back and bring back truth, justice and the American way. They have to get one message and stick to it. How about defending Americans from the government? Or they could push the issue of the Republicans selling out the country and renaming our great county Big Oil States of America? Big Banks of America. Or United States of Big Pharmacies. Then again, the Vice President was hoping to rename it after his former employer... Hali-Cheney-burton States of America. They have all of the no bid contracts so you might as well sign over the Treasury to them.

Americans for the most part are pretty smart people. They know a snake oil salesman or pyramid scam when they see one. President Bush and all the crew he surrounds himself with are doing what anyone in that position would do. Change the nation to make sure the supper rich stay that way and then in return they will take care of the ones that changed the system to their own benefit. Tom Delay isn't doing to bad now is he?

Things that make you go hmmm....

Novembers election is going to be all about the shiney object the Republicans are going to call American Family Values to make you vote for someone that would steal the bread from your hungry childs mouth. That isn't what America is all about.


.... Steve Houchin has some great thoughts on this topic
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Monday, July 24, 2006

Writers, Publishers and Lit Agents

I've been trying to sell my finished book to all the houses that work in the field that my book is based in with not much luck lately. I've gone through almost sixty different submissions and still no luck. Recently, I have asked some published friends of mine to help me out and I was thinking about how hard writing for a living is.

Not many people earn thier living from writing. Look around you and ask yourself how many writers you know? Do you actually know a writer or author? How about a reporter for the local paper? Somebody that publishes or writes for a magazine? Go further off the beaten path and somebody that writes all those boring technical manuals that comes with your new digital camera or CD player? I'm thinking that it is a very secrative society to be a writer in this world and I just don't know the secret double shushh shushh handshake or something. I am however very well versed in the SASE rejection letters that come back to my mail box eventually.

I know several great published writers and I can consider them my friends. Writers as a lot in the world don't interact well with the rest of the world. Talking from my own perspective I might be ADHD or something like that when it comes to meeting new people and getting to know them. I like my own space and how it is. The written word is comfortable to me like a warm set of pajamas fresh out of the dryer. Double softener sheets. I like being a writer because I can clearly put my thoughts down and say what others would like to say but can't do it in an understood coherent line of sentences. Not many people can do that. Look at your emails from your friends or relatives and tell me I'm wrong?

So I'm thinking that my creative juices of fiction writing about a current times family fighting ghosts from a century ago is not working out as well as I would have liked but I have a back up. Your reading it here and now. Welcome to my mind and all it's twists and turns. Same thing happens in a book like mine. Then there is the double back up where I write technical stuff defining my companies Quality Systems to meet or beat United Tech's systems in order to qualify to do business with companies like Otis and GE and the list goes on. ISO quality systems and plans and testing and definitions that fit the company and define it all down to the size of the paperclips allowed. Zzzzzzzzzzz. Boring technical stuff that passes muster and gives your sales team the all clear to rape and pillage.... Did I say that, I meant do business with them.

Maybe I should pimp myself out as a Quality System writer or documentor. Charge a disgusting amount of money and make a killing. That is not the happiest of routes but it could hold some prospects. I have to look up the price of disgusting but I think it could suffice.

Quality System writer or documentor available for hire. Not cheap but the work is first class and accurate to any businesses systems for quality. Say what you do and do what you say documented!

So I have this book ready to be published. I just have to find a home that it fits into at a publisher or Lit agent. Any interested publishers or Lit agents please feel free to email me at the address to your left.

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Bush And Foreign Policy

President Bush and Foreign policy are two things that don’t go together. I think I distinctly recall the catch phrase “You are either with us or against us.”, and what that statement meant on September eleven. It meant exactly what it was. No diplomacy, all military gear up, and kick ass no matter where or why. Just kick ass and get it done. Screw our friends that we have had for hundreds of years and just start a war.

This is the play book for the Bush dynasty. Now he is going to care about world opinion? How is he going to sell this to the rest of the world? Connie Rice isn’t going to be able to sell it and I honestly think that the Israeli’s are not going to buy it either. So why would the people or the new government of Lebanon called Hazbolla buy it? They will not.

George Bush is great on telling you who to hate. He is great at pointing the finger at who is to blame. He is great at protecting his friends interests. His weakest point is statesmanship and working with nations in trouble around the world. He is no Jimmy Carter or Ronald Reagan. Those were Presidents that lived for peace in the world and dedicated their office to it.

It takes a statesman to find peace. It takes the courage and belief in peace to find a truce. It takes one nation finding a common ground with a nation that does not know what being a nation is all about. If you really think about what is going on with the current situation in Lebanon and Israel it isn’t much different than what is happening here in the United States. The only difference is that we go to vote and cast out the parties we do not agree with. They toss bombs and cry over the dead and swear vengeance. All this from what is supposed to be the holy land? They are two nations in need of an outside source of calm and a stop to the aggressions on both sides. The bomb tossers are not being killed with each volley from either side? It is the innocents that are being killed.

There will never be peace in Israel or Lebanon or the Arabs of the area until two people can come together and recognize that they are a people that must live together. All it takes is one generation refusing to accept the hate and vengeance of the previous generation. Only then will peace between the two peoples exist. Till they all give up the blood of vengeance the dove of everlasting peace will never perch to lay her eggs for future generations. One does not exist without the other.

That is a sad fact of life that only a true statesman could sell to both sides.


Spread the word…
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Friday, July 21, 2006

Israel and Lebanon War

Steve Houchin has raised some genuine questions of concern regarding the current fighting between Israel and Lebanon. Is Israel using overwhelming force and tech?

Israel has used overwhelming force in a scenario that has been boiling for years and years. The only reason it has come to this boiling point is because the newly elected government of Lebanon will not recognize Israel's right to exist. Israel in return will not recognize Hezbollah. Dilema and mistrust ensue.

Two kids with sling shots and a beef will fight eventually. The only difference is that the Ghazza strip is a walled off city of over one million people that now have no water, no electricity and no refrigeration for food. A city surrounded by overwhelming force. A people held hostage by a political party that offered only the better of two evils.

Is this genocide in the desert because they can do it? Is it a walled in city of people that just want to be a nation once more? This arguement could go on for thousands of years and in fact it has. Nobody wins the arguement, you just keep a head count of the dead for each side.

Somewhere out there is a world leader or a diplomat that has an idea of how to end this madness. Only problem is that the two sides have so much hate for one another that they might as well be wearing ear plugs. The tote board for dead bodies grows by the day and only true diplomacy can end this insanity.

It isn't going to come from this administration. It has to come from outside of America. Time to step up to the plate world. America is full up with idiotic ideas on how not to play nice in the school yard. I think the President's current replies say enough about where he stands.

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Free Money!

I was just driving by 1600 Penn and saw a hand painted sign on the front of this impressive limousine in the drive way. "Free Money" it said. Wanting to see what it was all about I knocked on the front door like the sign said... "See House Owner". Well King... I mean George opened the door and welcomed me in even though I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. For all he knew I could have been one of Sam Walton's grand kids. Pointing to the fine print of his sign I saw that it only applied to millionaires and billionaires and Gaggillionaires.

So while I was in there being edumacated on high finance and world wide economies I couldn't help but notice the yard sale signs he had just finished painting. Apparently, Rhode Island is going into the White House tag sale this weekend. A few friends in the oil business need a weekend retreat and it should sell fast. Massachussettes is being marked down for the sale to promote traffic for the tag sale. He's been trying to sell Alaska for years but no matter how low he goes it just never seems to sell. California was almost bought last weekend by Saudi Arabia but he couldn't clean out all the liberals living there. That was a deal breaker. Had to give the money back. Mexico actually bought Arizona, Nevada and Texas through default. They just moved in and put five bucks in the jar.

Well it was nice talking to George. I had to get home to be with my family in what will soon be not Mass a two sticks but Kuwait a two sticks. I don't think the wife will like having to wear a bikini burkah to the beach but we do what we have to do to get by. George had a bunch more of signs to paint and I didn't want to get in the way. All you folks up in Maine should know that Quebec is coming to the tag sale...


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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Status Quo or Real Government?

Americans are going to be bombarded with the power of the NEW and Improved Republican Party this fall for the run up to the elections. Karl Rove, the almost indicted man that we can all trust is already loose on the nation spreading his message of deception and hate where ever he can get a microphone. Karl has one gig left and he is giving it his last best shot. He has to know that the game is over.

Karl, Dick and George have screwed over every form of life under the millionaire level in eight years. The message no longer sells. All the people they took up the hill with them are going down because of him and the other two. End of Game.

You can think that you are a Conservative Republican if you want but if you are struggling to pay the bills on your own home because they have doubled or tripled then you are not part of the chosen few that Karl, Dick and George were talking about. You and your life were not part of the Bush Presidency experiment of conservatism.

Who is left to take the money from? Gasoline is out of control. Home heating oil is out of control. Prescription drugs and the ability for even government agencies to buy them cheap is gone. Big business and raping of the shareholders is alive and well but the value of the shares are gone. Pensions and the wipe out of them is a fact. The small farms are almost gone. Trust in the banks is gone as they charge more and more to hold your own money. Trust in our government at any level is gone. Americas respect as a people around the world is gone. One nation under God has become two peoples under God. The haves and the have nots has been recreated by this President at an extremely rapid rate.

One saving grace is that they tried to kill Social Security but by the grace of God the people never fell for that one. That was a bag of goods that the people choose to not give up.

You can call yourself a Republican and vote blindly across party lines or you can think how much worse your life can get as the Rolls Royce’s of the upper class pass you by at the bread line. Electing millionaires to public office is opening up the club house for more of the same of the last six years.

Never in the history of the United States has one party ruled absolute with such devastation to the lower classes over all three houses of government. When that happens then absolute anarchy is opened up and corruption at every level is possible. The President, The Senate, and the House of Representatives are a fully functioning vacume of power out of control. The only thing stopping them from raping the nation for all of their own gain is the first amendment to the Constitution. The press reports the injustice of everything that they do. That is when the people vote and toss out the party causing so much injury to the nation by simply voting. Your vote counts so do your duty as an American and make your voice heard.

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Embryonic Stem Cell Facts

Stem Cell Research information for people wondering what it is all really about. Educate yourself and decide for yourself. Click on the links to see what is happening around the country and around the world.

I could go on and on adding links to this issue but you can always Google it yourself too! Education of any issues that is put to our government is critical for the people that care about it to look into.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Stem Cell Research Veto

President Bush today proved once more that he is the “Decider” in the country and he knows what is best for America. Even if you don’t like it, he is going to make you eat it. Today he decided that Stem Cell Research is bad for our nation and science will have to seek other avenues to further expand the knowledge of this critical science.

President Bush wears fear like Ronald Reagan wore his Teflon jacket. He is comfortable in fear, he embraces fear, he spreads fear freely. If you look at all of his policies they are pretty much driven and passed though the use of fear tactics.

The lead up to war in Iraq he blamed terrorists like Osama Bin Laden in bed with Saddam but that was never true. Using fear of weapons of mass destruction he willed his fear on the people and brought us to war.

Prescription drugs he tells us that come from Canada that originated from US companies we should be fearful of? They might not be the same drugs sold in the states for huge profits by the drug companies and his pals. The list of fear tactics he has used are endless. Using the value of a life he painted his canvas with adopted embryos that are now children. He used the kids as the shiny object over hear while he held his veto pen over the bill and killed the future for millions of Americans and people all around the world. Calling his veto of the legislation the moral thing to do.

Today he willed his fear on the 14 million Americans from the baby boom generation that will soon come down with Alzheimer’s in their twilight years. Not to mention the millions that will be diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Then there are the many that will develop Juvenile Diabetes or cancer of so many different forms and sources. He just vetoed their future existence away using one simple emotion. Fear.

The same fear tactics that they used to attack DNA testing in its infancy. Pick a science and the far political right has feared it at every start. Today, at some clinic that was storing the embryos that could have been used for expanding medicine and mankind they are placing them in a black plastic trash bag. The donors of the embryos no longer have need for them or they are coming to a point where they are degrading past a useful purpose. Embryos are frozen and over a period of time they degrade and have to be discarded. This is the point where the research on Embryonic Stem Cells would kick in to accept them for scientific research purposes. Instead they will continue to label the bag as medical waste to be incinerated.

What many people don’t also know is that in the bill he vetoed on Stem Cell Research were also strict federal guidelines on the uses of human embryos for research. Those guidelines were tossed out too. President Bush’s veto does not stop the research. It simply prevents federal government money to be used in that research. And that research now has no Federal Government guidelines for the ethical use of those embryos.

We can now thank the Republican Party and it’s President for selling fear so well that they have moved the cures for millions of Americans with multitudes of disease far into the future. I was thinking about this and it was kind of funny that it even crossed my mind. If you followed the money to be made if this research is blocked where does it go? Then it hit me! Drugs, lots of drugs are used to treat the symptoms of all these diseases. You can’t make a ton of money if you cure the disease. If you cure it then what happens to the drug makers profits?

Things that make you go hmmmmm?

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Is Bush out of Control?

Each Congress member and each Senator serving under our rules of government has sworn an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America. I don't recall seeing anywhere in the oath that they should keep quiet while the President of the United States breaks so many laws of the land?

I'm rather upset that my own state Senators and Congressional Representatives have not spoken up. My faith in them is what I am now questioning. How can you be a representative of my family and my opinions if you do not speak up for what President Bush is doing. Does he have to break the record for laws broken before our legally voted in members of government question his decisions? The Congress and the Senate are supposed to be our check's and balance? What is the bar that he has to cross before Ted Kennedy or John Kerry say enough is enough? For that matter the Congressional delegation from Mass a Two Sticks? Does he have to crack the 1000 mark before it is wrong?

President Clinton had to define the meaning of the word "It and Sex" but this President can tap your phone, your email, and your work phone without anyone in any state saying this is wrong. Am I nuts or are all of our elected leaders scared of this Texan with a walking disorder? Is the word Impeachment not understood when a President is breaking all the rules of our own government? Well that can't happen when his own party is in control of the Congress.

The thing that gets me wondering even more is why isn't his own party trying to reel him back in to reality. We still do not have an act of Congress for the War in Iraq but then again our President is calling it a war every single day. Is there a Congressional member that will have the guts to play that card so the Mini Publicans can sweep it under the radar? The Democrats need to put this issue on the table and call the Republican's on it. Let's see them defend a so called war based on deception and lies.

The problem with the Democratic Party today is that they are not playing the game of politics like the President is. The President would burn the Constitution and the bill of rights to protect his friends interests. The Democrats need to make sure that politcal stance is a talking point in every political election across the nation. Follow the money and you end up with the Bush Presidency.

Then again, we could re-elect all the Mini Publicans and have another couple of years of losing liberties and simple freedoms. All this for a war against a crew of enemies hiding in caves and fearfull of showing their own faces in public.

Iraq is a civil war and that is what it is. Freedom has no place in the discussion. If people are willing to kill themselves attached to a bomb then it is more than just American occupation.

So, here we are. Our President is above the laws of the land and our congress is letting him be whoever he wants to be. So we wait. November isn't that far off. I'm just worried how much damage he can do till then.

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Attorney General Ordered to Back Off!

The President has clearly pushed the outer edges of the envelope and with a Republican controlled Congress there is nothing that can be done to reign him in. As long as he has that Ace up his sleeve and the backing of the Congress he can pretty much do whatever he pleases. Only the Congress can call him to task. Apparently, in my opinion, the law of the land is for all and when our Congress refuses to act on those laws then they need to be asked to politely leave our government via the voting box. So much for swearing on the Bible to defend the Constitution of the United States of America!

Steve Houchin had this to say on it...

The Attorney General should have gone straight to the Speaker of the House and or the Head of the Senate. He alone chose not to do so. If they didn't act accordingly then he should have gone to the media. Does that make the Attorney General complacent with the illegality of what the President did?

Things that make ya go hmmm?


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Gay Marriage Ban Failed

Well the party of “Family Values” lost the fight to change the Constitution today to all them pesky liberal Democrats and soft on “Family Values” limp wristed Mini Publicans.

In order to keep the “Family Values” agenda going today to prop up the Mini Publicans this November a bill was introduced by extremist Conservatives that asked for a Constitutional amendment stating that you can no longer date your sister.

Closed door meetings while drafting this key to saving American Family Values covered key points of the bill such as brothers dating brothers will be way out. Mothers dating sons (Bloodline Mothers only) is being hotly contested by some members of the Mini Publican’s. Fathers dating and or marrying adopted daughters was removed by the moderates who pointed to the Lefty precedent set by a certain Lefty leaning Hollywood director and film producer. So that part was Lefty outty. Sisters dating sisters was okayed as long as a video tape was made available at a discount price so members could study this very central point of their “Family Values” agenda.

Prominent Democratic leaders were laughing to hard to give coherent comments…

Yup, it could happen!


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Monday, July 17, 2006

Bush on the Mic at the G8

Well it was inevitable. You can't keep so much talent locked down and good old uncle Dick is running around the White House spreading expletives like you would spread manure on your fields. President Bush said a swear and it was caught on a live microphone. Then he decided to "Wing it" with his speech at the closing of the G8 summit. Now doesn't that show you how much he really respects the other leaders of the world? Nope, wait a second, he had more to say... Some of these guys talk to long.

Yup, world leaders sometime talk to much when the world is in crisis! Hello, elevator buttons light up but the damn car won't move to the top floor. I heard that he thanked the Primate Minister of Great Britain for a sweater that he personally picked out but most of the audio on that part was muffled when they started to hug and manhandle one another. You tell me why Bush walks that way? I didn't say it, Bush did! Don't hate the messenger.

So now he is headed home thinking he did a great job by telling all the Arab leaders of the world to go screw themselves when it comes to Isreal defending herself. Hello worlds only remaining supper power leader... We are a peaceful nation that likes to stop wars that can never be won as soon as possible. Is the word "Peace" not in your vocabulary? Laura help him look up vocabulary in the dictionary.

Here we have the Bush legacy, peace is bad and bombs raining down on kids and moms is okay.
It doesn't matter which side of the border either to him. The UN is his personal idea of a napkin you wipe your mouth with and the leaders of the world at the G I already 8 are just wasting this president's time.

Somewhere in the White House is the Vice President in a straight jacket screaming like a mad man. Nobody knows why he asked to be put in the straight jacket they just followed his orders. Locked up his shot gun too.

So what is happening in your world? Mine has me going what the F*ck was he thinking? That is not short for firetruck either.

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Kathy Griffin in Iraq

I was watching the idiot box and came across Kathy Griffin doing her D List show and she was over in Iraq entertaining the troops. I give her credit for a job well done for our kids fighting over there. She and the crew she dragged with her had the soldiers laughing their butts off for over two hours and that is what they needed.

It took a ton of guts for a civilian like Kathy Griffin to go over there when she didn’t have to. None of the celebrities are forced to go over there and cheer up our troops and they aren’t paid for it as far as I know. It’s nice to know that not all of the celebrities of today are forgetting all the kids fighting over there. Even when shells were incoming prior to the show in Baghdad she could have bolted out of there and nobody would have thought lesser of her. She went on with the show for the troops regardless and that took more than guts, it took balls. From one American to another I thank you Kathy Griffin wherever you are today for what you did for those kids of ours serving their country.

Kathy is one of those comedians that has a gift from God and I love her style and delivery. Doing the dirt on celebrities and telling it like it is. I laugh my butt off at her timing and quick wit. She is on my A list as far as celebrities go.

So getting to my point of this post… The USO does a ton of good work supporting our kids in uniform wherever they are serving and it wouldn’t hurt for all of us to donate a dollar or two to them. They run a non-profit show and it is a privately paid for organization that depends on appreciative folks to help them pay the bills to bring smiles to our troops in the thick of things. Helping our kids in Iraq to laugh when all they see is death and destruction all around them every day. The USO brings home back to our kids through great entertainers like Kathy Griffin and I would be a jerk to not say so many other celebrities willing to risk their own lives to bring a smile to our kids in service to our nation.

Papamoka Challenge…I dare you to log on to the USO website and just donate a dollar. If you can afford more then do so. I’m just asking for a dollar to be donated to the USO. Can you spare it or not? What is a smile to our kids fighting far from home worth to you?

Please feel free to post on this site if you donated to support our troops through the USO.

America is the nation of freedom and charity and supporting our kids should be on our radar.

God bless them all and I pray for their safe return home.


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Saturday, July 15, 2006

November Elections and Revolution

Our country has been hijacked by a self proclaimed King George that the original Revolutionaries fought to save us all from. Not since the Revolutionary War has there been such a division of the haves and have nots. We are a country divided just like it was in the times of the original revolution. One third of the nation fought for the independence of the nation, one third was loyalist, the last third did not care either way as long as it did not effect their lives. Thomas Paine convinced a nation that liberty from a monarchy was the greater good.

We as Americans are living under the tyranny of a self proclaimed King and there is no way to politically stop the madness of our King. With our government held strong by his own party they will rape the fortunes of the lower classes and divide us on issues that both sides hold dear to American values but stab both sides in the back over the almighty dollar. The only value they hold dear is the size of their own payback for gifts granted and deeds done to feed the top of the base that they serve. No matter what crime has to be committed to get the job done.

President Bush has a King mentality and he is using it to serve his friends. He is using the office of President to serve the few and sending the lower class children’s off to fight for a lie that he created. Divide and conquer. That is the President’s message and he has never changed that message.

That isn’t what America is all about. We are a nation of many thoughts and many different ideologies. We are never about loading the pockets of the oil companies or the banks or the special interests of the rich wanting more and more. We are a nation of people that see a wrong and want to make it right. We are a people that help up the people that are disadvantaged. We are a nation of people that no matter how someone from the outside of our great nation looks at us we are all Americans. We are a nation of people that expect more from our leaders to do the right thing and have the right to question them when they do not do the right thing.

How do you defeat a self proclaimed monarchy in America when all hope is thought to be lost? You vote them out. Simple. Not that easy. You have to convince the majority of people that your ideas are better than the status quo. That is the dilemma we all face. Vote or be screwed over again by more of the same.


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Friday, July 14, 2006

Stem Cell Research Funding

This is an area that draws at the heartstrings of Americans and their religious belief’s. Embryonic stem cells are the choice for scientists to use for research purposes but the Federal Government will not allow research beyond the lines created prior to 1991. By not allowing I am talking about not funding the research with any federal monies. The religious side of the ban on the research is that the embryo is a potential life and by using the embryo for that research you must kill it to study it.

The dilemma over funding the research or not funding it is what I would call an American argument for the ages. Being a society with deep religious belief’s and that ideology is what makes America different from many governments around the world. American’s will elect a man in a wheel chair to the highest office in the land but I do not think they would ever elect an atheist.

I would say that I am a fairly religious person being a Catholic but I am also a realist. Science and the Church have been at odds with one another for centuries. Many a great scientists and people we look at today as the founders of our new sciences were excommunicated from the church and where possible sentenced to death for a proven scientific fact today that we take for granted as common sense. The Sun does not revolve around the Earth but that was an argument just like Stem Cell Research is today that you could be held accountable by the church.

Many Americans benefit from medical breakthroughs because so many scientists and researchers are looking at the same problem from so many different angles. Humanity is a progressive species. We have the ability to study our bodies and find answers to stop the suffering of so many by so few great minds. Disease and life long disabilities do not care if you go to church every Sunday or what God you pray too.

Even more Americans suffer and eventually die from many diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or even accidents that cause spinal cord damage leaving a person crippled for life. The baby boomer generation has approached the age of retirement and now it is our turn to fall to God’s will and perish from this Earth in each of our own unique ways. Some of us will get cancer, some of us will survive two or three fights with cancer because of research done twenty or thirty years ago. Some of us will fight Parkinson’s that has no cure today. Slowly over time our bodies will fail us and our lives will be gone without hope. Some of us will face Alzheimer’s but we will never know it because we will forget everything and all our loved ones that will care for us for as long as they can. The list can go on and on. I don’t know who said it but I loved the quote, as soon as you are born you are dying. I would like to add to that something that is kind of really important. Life is what happens between the time you are born and the time they pronounce you out of here for the long dirt nap.

Meanwhile, somewhere at a clinic that uses donated embryos for fertility purposes only has an expiration date for use on the embryo’s. They are tossing in the trash the same lives the churches taught us all that were of the utmost value. Somebody has to explain to me how throwing those embryo’s in the trash is placing a higher value on those potential lives?

It’s kind of ironic when you see that Nancy Reagan had to call on several people in our Congress to tell them that Stem Cell Research was a very important issue to the American people. There is a woman that has lived the life of what it means to care for someone she loved so much and watch as he faded into the sunset of life. The lion of the Republican Party’s wife had to show her claws for the legislation to have a chance. Now it does.

President Bush is going to veto it. His first veto as President of the United States of America is going to be against the possibility through scientific research of saving millions of American’s lives. Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s don’t care what political party you come from. When they come to visit they stay for the duration. Folks need to speak up.

It’s a proven fact that most people are afraid to contact their own representatives in Congress or even the President. There is no law against doing so. They want and need to hear from you. They are there to represent you. Make the call or email or visit a local office.


Feel free to link to this site and spread the word… your support is appreciated.

*** added link from Newsweek... 7/16/06
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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Plame Suing Cheney, Rove & Libby

Now that we all know that the special prosecutor was basically just punching the clock and drawing a check from the feds over this whole scenario we come to the private side of the law. Valerie is suing Dick, Karl and Scooted out the door Libby. Now if their butts were never quivering over the Federal case against them this should. This time its personal! This time it is going to cost them cash! Real money. Not taxpayers money but real genuine write a personal check money.

So do we do the Visa commercial thing and express how priceless this whole thing is. So now Dick has to hire a lawyer, Karl has to hire a lawyer and Scooted out the door Libby has to hire a lawyer to defend themselves in civil court. Priceless!

I'm betting that the civil courts will get a different verdict than a special prosecutor that just punched the clock and took the money for nothing.

"What is your verdict Jurour?"

"They all did it your honor! Give the pretty lady one hundred million."

"Gentlemen, will that be on your Visa or American Express?"


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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Forgiving Yourself

My friend over at has a firmer grasp on life than most of us do. She has this great gift to write how her heart feels and her words make you reach out to think about your own life. Her words are not just for herself and her own feelings but something that most of us should really consider. I was touched by her latest post.

Sometimes it takes a great leap of faith to understand the person you are and she has the gift to speak and write how you make the trip there. Having the ability to put those words down for everyone to read is un-imaginable to me. God grants a gift to so few that can put to words and cross anothers heart with meaning. Gal South has the gift and I have no doubt in my mind about that.

I look forward to reading her next post....

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Being a Progressive Democrat

I listen to Air America Radio out of Boston and I generally like the stuff I hear. It’s comical and funny at times and serious at other times. This is not radio for a Ditto head or remotely conservative Mini Publican but it is entertaining. In the past couple of days they have brought up the subject of what is a Progressive Democrat and I think I’m guilty of being one. So I had to find out what a real Progressive Democrat looks like on line. I love the search engines and I trust them completely to get me to the source of information I want.

I checked the Karl Rove Mien Kempf site and he had a picture of my house on it. That is pretty good proof right? Then I checked the Rush home cam “Haters of American Values” site and there I was typing this very post. Freaked me out! Now I was starting to get paranoid so I was going to call my brother in Florida to ask him if I was nuts but the operator cut in. He asked me who I was calling and why I was calling them and if I knew that terrorists were listening into my phone? I thanked the Vice President and decided to make a local call to my sister. The line was interrupted as I had to explain to the operator that I was just going to ask her that if I put chives in my meatloaf did that make me a Progressive Democrat? I thanked the Secretary of Defense and decided that I had to ask my neighbor friend. Grabbing a beer I stepped out my door and explained to the FBI agents that I was just going over to chat with my buddy Vincent. After the strip search I was cleared but they had to confiscate my underwear because the Urine spots under a black light almost resembled an AK47 held by Osama Bin Laden in a picture taken ten years ago. That made me forget why I was leaving the house so I went on line to check out some sites and found some interesting reading and had a couple of independent minded thoughts.

I don’t hate my government. I think it is going in the wrong direction. I don’t hate our kids fighting for their country. They are following orders that they should follow under any President. I don’t hate the media at Fox not the news or Bill O’Rielly even though he twists the real story to show his own agenda to prop up the Mini Publicans. I love my flag and my country. I don’t like anyone defining marriage between two individuals. I don’t hate Teddy Kennedy, John Kerry, Joe Lieberman, Joe Biden or even Nancy Palosi. I’ve never met any of them so how could I.

Hold on a second. The CIA agent stationed at my house that is babysitting the kids while I type this post says I misspelled something but I’m leaving it the way it is. He only has authority to correct posts to this site based on overseas topics. Where was I?

Anywho, I’m thinking that I am in fact a Progressive Democrat. I’m just getting a gut feeling about this one. The wife may be able to tell me that I am not but that is something we will discuss in our own bedroom late at night after the girls are all asleep. Then again, the FBI agents tell me that they have us on video with sound to make sure we don’t try any covert positions that might threaten the security of our nation.

I have to end this post. The wife is back from shopping and I have to ask the Tank to move so she can get the Mini Van into the driveway.

Talk to ya soon,


Feel free to link this site to yours and spread the word…

Vote Democrat this November!!! Enough is enough!!!
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Raising the Minimum Wage 2006

I get pissed off whenever I hear the explanations for not raising the minimum wage. Claiming as reality that raising the minimum wage will curtail Small business employers from hiring more people simply is not true. Sprinkle some fairy dust on this one and it can fly just like the Mini Publicans say it will. The reality of this tell no truths is if a small business is doing well then they have repeat demand which means repeat profits. Which means the business will expand and grow.

Any small business owner with less than ten employees will be the first one to tell you that they aren’t successful because they are doing it alone. The front lines of a small business are the ones dealing with the businesses needs daily. That front end cashier of the small town market that keeps the little old ladies happy is more of a contribution to the business than the owner trying to save five cents on every can of beans he buys from his distributor. The kid stocking the shelves and helping customers in the store is building friendly memories when he knows exactly where the item is that the customer has been searching for. The guy that comes in nights part time and washes the floors and cleans up the store is building on the business by presenting a clean environment to do business.

Each person in any business no matter how small or big is contributing to the prosperity of the business because they are themselves profiting from the business by getting a paycheck. The majority of small business owners don’t need to be told what to pay the workers they hire because they already know the value of a good employee is returned in how you as the owner compensate them. The flip side of this coin is the employers that do not value the labor they hire and will continually rotate the employee’s out through the revolving door.

I get pissed off when I see our leaders in Congress that are already millionaires telling us that the folks making minimum wage don’t deserve a pay raise because it will hurt bussiness across our great nation. It is the ultimate slap in the face to have someone wearing a tie that would be three months of your pay at the minimum wage define why you don’t need any more pay for your efforts. Then on the news that same day you see yet another CEO get a check for $100 million or more in thanks for his services for a couple years of work. Makes you go hmmm don't it?

For the record, it has been nine years since the federal minimum wage has been raised. Once more the states are taking it onto themselves to set the levels. Check out where your state stands on the minimum wage. The Federal Government has been stagnant at $5.15 per hour.


Feel free to link this site to yours and spread the word...

Vote Democrat come this November!!!
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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Boston Progressive Talk Radio

My thanks to the crew over at Boston Progressive Talk Radio for linking us on their website. They have some great stuff on the website and I listen to the Air America broadcasts during the day. I like Rachel for the morning drive and Al Franken is on for lunch and then Big Ed Shultz is on for the drive home.

Sorry Randi Rhodes I don't get the chance to hear your show that often. I've got the five girls to deal with at night so we can't hear the radio over the screaming!!!! Not that they are closet Republicans but??? Could they be?

Yup I think my girls are conservatives and could be closet Republicans... What's a Dad to do? You have to love them anyway.... LOL!!!

Anywho, welcome on board to Papamoka Straight Talk and our own collection of proggressive talkers.

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Bush Praising Bush on the Deficit?

President Bush declared today that he and his huge tax cuts for the top 5% of the country has increased revenue to the federal government by so much that it halved HIS DEFICIT predictions. Now there are several ways you can look at this. Pat George on the back for a damn good job or smack him up side the head because when he walked through the front doors of the White House there WAS NOT A DEFICIT in the federal budget!!!

So somebody tell me why he thinks he is a financial genius? I have to say that he broke it he better damn well fix it! President Bush inherited a government that was PAYING DOWN the nation’s debt at a good clip. That wasn’t good enough for him so he handed back all the money that was paying off President Clinton’s debt, President Bush Senior, President Reagan’s, President Carter’s and Ford and Nixon and the list goes on down the line. For the first time in generations of Americans we were paying off our debtors.

Bush screwed it up and he knows it. Now China holds the vast majority of our nation’s debt. Teddy Roosevelt spoke quietly but carried a big stick… China has gobbled up our debt so they can see how that big old stick was used. It’s just a matter of time before they try and use it… no wait, North Korea is firing long range missiles and over everyone’s objections it’s okay because China says it isn’t a big deal. That is another story but still part of this story.

Let’s just get to November and vote the Mini Publican’s out and get the rest of the nation back to some sense of normalcy. I fully agree with my good friend the Gun Toting Liberal that we start by raising the federal minimum wage up to where a person can survive on a paycheck. Thinking outside of the box is hard to do when all the people that are supposed to be doing it…our elected leaders…are all from the upper income classes.


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Monday, July 10, 2006

Ann Coulter and Plagiarism

More latest updates and opinion from The Rude Pundit on the Ann Coulter plagiarism story and I have to honestly agree with him and not her political spin distributor to the newspapers syndicator. She was lazy and copied almost word for word. No wait let me re-word that as she would have.

"More latest updates and opinion from the rude pundit on the Ann Coulter Plagiarism story and I have to honestly agree with him and not her political spin distributor to the newspapers sydicator. She was lazy and copied somewhat word for word. No wait let me re-word that as she would have."

Yup, thats different alright! Print it and sell a half million copies in her newest book....



PapaMOKA... different or the same?

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Ann Coulter Accused of Plagiarism!!!

Oh this is too damn good to be true… Check the link on MSNBC from an AP update. Looks like MRS Valdermort may have dabbled in the nasty arts of copying other peoples homework at magic school…
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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Common Sense in Politics

In the mail yesterday I happened to get a letter from Senator Teddy Kennedy on the upcoming elections across the nation this November. He made some good points on our nation being under attack from within. It was loaded with common sense points that everyone should be voting Democrat in 2006.

Our nation has some serious problems to deal with and the Republican party is to much involved with the almighty dollar that keeps them in office. They seem to have a special place in their hearts for big business and the top five percent of our citizens. In the real world terminology where you and I live, the check was good and they bought the vote they needed.

Look around your own neighborhood and see where real life is. You aren’t on an estate if you are renting a three bedroom apartment. You are not an industrialist if you go to work at the local factory that will soon be shut down to put more money in the owners pockets as they move your job to Mexico. You are not a financier if you use the atm machine to get cash out of your checking account.

I see it over and over again that people think that they are a true Republican but they are working a nine to five job and still struggling to survive. The Republican party message sells division and isolation of who you should hate and why it is their fault for our country being screwed up. Divide and conquer is the game plan. Meanwhile the rich get richer and the lower classes sink further.

America is and was built on one word, why? Put any issue on the table and ask yourself why it is on the table first or why it should be changed or legislated. The Republican’s are attacking Gay America and forcing the issue to define marriage and telling those of us that are male and female married partners for life that Bob and Joe will make our marriage worthless. One word…Why? What the hell does Bob and Joe have to do with Mat and Christine? One word… nothing.

America was not founded under a flag but an idea based on freedom. Freedom is a huge monster that has many faces and hides in many places begging to be let loose. Once freedom is loose she takes many forms and some of them upset people like me when I see our flag burned but I have to see the higher road. You can burn my flag but you will never burn what it means to me personally. Freedom wins out even though the ultimate symbol of it is but ashes after the flames. The red, white, and blue of my flag still wave on in my heart.

We have huge issues to deal with and wasting time on issues so ridiculous is politics at its worst. Health care for our nation is under attack and yet our government can do nothing to help us because the people in charge of the government have the insurance industry fully in their pockets. Prescription drugs for our elderly and everyone else is out of control but once more we can not get relief from our government because the check from the drug companies is mightier than the needs of our people. Home heating oil and gasoline for our nations ability to be mobile is up and out of control but once more our government chooses to do nothing because the checks to the campaign have cleared. Car insurance, health insurance, home insurance, life insurance is out of control because our government is ruled by one party cashing the checks once more. Everywhere you look in your life you have been screwed over by this current President and this current government.

Common sense is not alive in Washington, D.C. and the only way to resuscitate it is by voting Democrat this November.

Teddy Roosevelt was a President that broke up the monopolies for the benefit of the people of America. He didn't do it as a Republican but as a leader of his people. Party politics had nothing to do with his love of America and her people. He wasn’t in the pocket of any one company. He had the guts to take on corporate America and show them the door. Our nation needs a kick ass and take names later Congress and Senate. Or a President that isn’t bought and paid for by special interests. Vote Democrat in 2006.

Let me know what you think?


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Gay Marriage

States across our nation are having our legislators vote on what marriage is. Does that bother you as something that they have no bussiness dictating as the law for your state? How about your own bedroom with your wife or dare I say patner? Same sex just if you were wondering what I was talking about.

Love between two people is so complex to begin with and now the government wants to define what that is? Do you see a problem with this? So if my wife and I decide to make love on the sofa is that going to be ruled as something we could be arrested for? I'm a heterosexual but I don't care what my neighbor is doing in their own bedroom or their own living room furniture. Should I call the police if they use toys or should I dare say lubricants in the privacy of their own bedroom? Where is the line drawn on whom is an acceptable member of our society as Americans and whom is not?

Look around your own life and tell me you don't know a gay or lesbian person and love them like one of your own kids? Hell, they could even be one of your own kids. What gives the government the right to legislate the right to freedom of happiness and liberty except the gays or lesbians? I think the Constitution covers this one in every state and all the way up to the Supreme Court. Hate has no place to fester in this nation and never should.

Karl Rove will sell you a different story. Point at the weakest link and make you hate it and despise it and call them the reason for all your fears. What do you do if it is your son or daughter that he is pointing the full power of the White House at and all it is just full of hate?

The Democrats are not pointing fingers at anyone than the people that are selling the hate message. Vote your own consience and you decide where our nations moves next. Back to hate and segragation or forward with hope and new possibilities for all.

America is bigger than the message they are selling, we just need to see it for what it is and vote accordingly.


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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Joe Lieberman is a man of principal

My good friend the Gun Toting Liberal raises severals questions about the Senator from Connecticut about his determination to hold his senate seat and still be a Democrat. Uncle Joe is not a favorite son of the Democratic Party anymore because he stands on his own principals. I personally do not think Joe is a pocket boy for George Bush or Dick I'll shoot you in the face while bird shooting with a twelve pack under my belt Chaney. The media is sometimes slanted on what he says and why Joe does what he does. He is a favorite target for a ton of negative media because he stands by what he says and what he voted for as the people of Connecticuts representative in the Senate. He voted for the war, he voted to support the troops fighting that war and he is not and never will be a Senator that will not support his fighting sons and daughters in our military. Joe knows as much as you and I know that we started this mess and we have to finish it or leave the war in terms that are humane and realistic. We can't leave a country that we destroyed in tumoil and political destruction. A fully functioning government and military has to be in place to ensure success in Iraq no matter how you paint the picture. That is the reality of real world politics. Not flip flop politics. You either support the mission and the troops or you spit in their faces. I don't want to see a repeat of Vietnam ever again and this war and situation that President Bush GOT US INTO is his legacy not ours.

The game plan is in politics. Paint one Democrat the bastard son and Karl Rove will use it as the poster boy for multitudes of small election fights across the nation. It only helps the Mini Publicans that this featured and former VP candidate was on the national ticket for the largest office in the nation.

I listen to Imus in the morning and if you have ever heard what Joe Lieberman has said to defend himself on what he voted for or against then it makes sense. Imus is not a fluff interviewer. He doesn't give a shit if he pisses you off or not on the air or off ...ergo the Imus vs Clinton rift. On issues that I was pissed off at Uncle Joe he clarified why he voted the way he did and it was never to be a Bush baby boy. It was always his personal belief to back the military and what we as a nation sent them to accomplish. Shit, even I sound like a freaking republican. Makes me wonder if I should check my shorts to see if my Johnson has been hijacked? I'm still going to back our kids fighting for our country and our President even though I disagree with the war. Uncle Joe is doing the same thing. Backing our kids in the military.

Joe Lieberman is not a traitor to the Democratic Party. He is what I would call a Statesman that is willing to stand behind his words. I think the Democratic Party has turned its back on him and that came from no other circle than the favorite daughter for the next Presidential election and her snub of support for him.

I can't understand how yet another millionaire running for the United States Senate against Joe is good for the country? What special interests is he going to look out for? Democrat or Republican there is only one reason that a millionaire runs for office, more power for them. That is where our system of government is broken. The grey area of parties is defined by the millionaires of our nation seeking higher office.


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Monday, July 03, 2006

Fourth of July and Family

I personally love the Fourth of July weekend for so many reasons. Foremost is that one of my daughters is a Fourth of July Birthday Girl. The other reason is all the family and friends cookouts that you get to go to. I love showing off my five daughters to the world and to our family. I'm so proud of each and everyone of them. Granted I'm biased but they are all very beautiful girls and they make their Daddy proud.

I like cookouts because you get to see people you love and care deeply about but you don't get much opportunities to see them other than funerals. I prefer cookouts over funerals anyday of the week. Cookouts you get to laugh at stupid stuff and make fun of life and enjoy one anothers company.

Yesterday, I was at the family barbecue and festive event and had so many opportunities to hear where people in the family are in the world politically. I was kind of shocked being in the liberal capitol of the world in Mass a Two Sticks. Then again I wasn't. Nobody in the family would ever vote for Hillary for President but then again not many of them vote? You learn something new every day whether you wanted to or not.

It makes me wonder though how you could be so much against a possible candidate but then again you aren't going to vote anyway? How common is this same cookout going on across America? I don't know the answer to that one but I'm pretty sure its up there percentage wise higher than George Bush popularity rating.

Enjoy your Fourth of July holiday and remember a veteran in your prayers that never made it home.


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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Immigration and the 4th of July

The Fourth of July is amongst us and everyone in Worcester Mass a Two Sticks is festive. We have the Grand Nationals up at Green Hill Park with all the hot rods and classic cars from days gone by and life is good. Burn outs are happening all over the city and people are enjoying the festive weekend.

Some of our neighbors put on a great fire works display over at the empty parking lot of the local hospital and it really touched me as my five girls and I watched the show. For over twenty minutes they shot one rocket after another up and we cheered as a family. Just for the record, fireworks are against the law in Mass a Two Sticks but the police officers are kind enough to look the other way for the enjoyment of all the kids watching our little piece of the world’s celebration of Independence Day. It was great to see all of the folks in the neighborhood come out to see the show and cheer along.

My girls hooted and hollered with the best of the crowd over the sheer joy of seeing such a great display and celebration of our American holiday. Freedom and respect of a nation based on freedom was shot off with every rocket. Every boom that bounced off the neighborhood buildings was cheered. My kids went nuts over it and loved it.

Tonight led me to a line of thought that I don’t think a lot of us consider this time of year. Freedom. Freedom is a huge advantage in this world if you don’t have it. To some it is like being able to breath where there was no air. As a person of immigrants from Ireland I can understand what freedom is. I think that the message that is freedom is lost on generations of Americans as they forget the old world and live here with all of our given freedoms granted to us by the many that served our nation.

America offers absolute opportunity to everyone. If you choose to work a nine to five job for an employer then that is your choice. If you choose to build your own business then that is a freedom our country offers you.

Some folks get pissed off when they see a so called foreigner running a gas station or operating a small business. I think it is great. Only immigrants see what the opportunities are available because they came from nothing. Most Americans see our society as working for someone else. Immigrants see it differently. They see the opportunity that you and I miss. They reach for more where you and I settle for what is the status quo.

In their reach for the American dream they create jobs for future generations and expand our economy. They take the risk that most of us dare not venture. Why they do it is simple. They are used to being handed nothing and having to survive with that. They make our country more than she could ever be without them. Only because they seek the dream that most Americans have forgotten that our founding fathers handed us down through the generations.

This isn’t a Democrat or Republican issue, it is a human being issue. Some will see the glass half full and others will see it stolen. Immigration is a necessity to our nations survival and expansion for the greater good. Immigration be it legal or illegal is a commodity that our nation can never have enough of. The dilema that comes with it is for us to decide and fix.


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