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Monday, May 15, 2006

The Minuteman and Ed Schultz

I was driving home and had Air America on and Ed Schultz had Chris Simcox, the President of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. These are all the volunteers that are patrolling the border for illegal immigrants trying to cross from Mexico to the United States. It was a pretty good piece and Chris Simcox made some really good points.

One of the first things I caught off of the show was this guy is pissed at President Bush for playing politics with the border issue. He's right too. President Bush is in the toilet as far job performance goes and there is some serious percentage points he and the Mini Publican's could pick up if they play this right. Chris Simcox isn't playing politics with the border issue and he believes that this is not a Mini Publican issue or a Democrat issue. It is an American issue.

Chris Simcox pointed out the lack of commitment from President Bush based on the news coming out on his speach tonight to the American people. Using 5000 to 6000 mostly unarmed National Guard members as support and backup to the Border Patrol would do nothing to stop the flow of illegals crossing our border. They would have no authority to prevent someone from crossing. Chris stipulated that we need our military enforcing our border now more than ever since 9/11. He continued about the lip service they have received from the Bush administration by funding the largest increase in the 2006 budget and then cutting it. He went on and Ed Schultz asked him to repeat this statement twice just to be sure that he heard it right. The Mexican border on the Mexican side is not controlled by the Mexican government but mostly controlled by five large drug cartels. Those drug cartels own the border and can get anything or anyone across at any time that they want.

The interview went on where Chris listed some of the statistics where only twenty percent of the people crossing illegally are caught each year. How the illegal immigrants know that all you have to do is keep trying to get across till you have succeded. Chris let it be known that his organization isn't going away anytime soon and that he will be watching the speach by President Bush tonight. George isn't one of Chris Simcox favorite people and he wasn't afraid to say so on the Ed Schultz show today.

I'm looking forward to the President's speach tonight at 8:00 EST.


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