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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Ferguson June 2015

My wife and I went to the farmers market today in Ferguson, MO.  We live just a few towns out from there and we missed the vendors that we bought product from in the past.  Mind you, we thought about the past violence over the death of Michael Brown and we like many others think his soul never received justice.  That being said, the farmers market was bigger now than it was ever before.  A band was playing, people were smiling, and the entire place was jammed to capacity.  We circled the parking lot for a while just to find a spot.  Thank you Aldi’s for staying strong with Ferguson and allowing the farmers market to share your parking lot!

Yes, there were our farmers that we had to just buy the veggies from but there were church groups, community groups, and of course the police had a stand too.  All were just passing out community organization news and information.  It was an amazing site to see.  And this was not just people of one color out and buying fresh vegetables, it was all people of all walks of life.  It was a community coming back into itself.  My heart was happy seeing all that my heart could see.

I bought a couple of jars of homemade jams from some young boys from Bohlen Family Farm that happens to be in Ferguson.  Sunday morning I plan to test the blueberry and strawberry jam out on some buttered toast.  Of all the farmers there selling products, these two boys impressed me the most.  One was white and the other was African American.  We talked for a bit and it was just about what we bought at other stands.  When we told them we bought fresh picked Mulberry’s from a stand down the way they were upset because they have been trying to find someone to supply them with fresh Mulberry to make jam with. 

It was a great day.  I’m glad to see Ferguson coming back.  I’m sure issues are still pretty strong and heartfelt in the community but we all have to come back from it and learn that we are in a process of change for the better. 

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