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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bikers, Muslims, and Jumpers on 9/11

America and many other nations are still healing from what happened on September 11, 2001.  A day in history that lives on with its own special number that everyone knows as nine eleven.  Everyone knows the number as the day we lost our innocents in a world gone mad. The day in which planes were hijacked and one of them crashed into the twin towers in New York and as it was live on the television news as the second jet crashed into the other tower. 

It was a crime against humanity from what our government says was a terrorist attack and truther's say was a government conspiracy.  It does not matter what any of the people declaring it one or the other as much as it meant to the jumpers stuck in the burning towers on 9/11.  They jumped to avoid burning to death or suffocation from the intense heat of the fire in both of the World Trade Center Towers.  They were innocent victims no matter what.  They jumped from all sides of both towers as the fire raged in the floors below them.

Do I know that 9/11 was the act of terrorists?  I do not.  The assumption of many is that it was radical Muslim terrorist by all newsworthy sources.  Just as it was likely that Japan had attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7th so many years ago.  Both dates are unforgettable for the people of America.  It is human reaction to ultimate hate of another human being when attacked viciously.

A group of peaceful Muslim's wanted to gather on the Washington Mall on 9/11/2013 to speak about the fear of Muslims that Americans have as a nation.  In my personal thoughts the words NO EXPLETIVE WAY come to mind.  Pick another day you idiots!  And yes it was idiotic for a religious group to want to gather to preach to Americans on the worst day in our nations history when the people that professed to be Muslim killed thousands of innocent Americans on 9/11/2001.  The local and federal government in Washington, D.C. should have refused their permit based on common sense.  Based on the fact that this man jumped to his death along with hundreds of others from both towers.  A jump that would take almost ten seconds to reach the ground that was clustered with firefighters and police.

(picture by Richard Drew)
Along comes a group of Bikers to protest the Muslim gathering on 9/11/2013 that want a permit to do a non-stop run through the fair city of Washington, and the local government says nope.  No can do.  But that pesky freedom of travel thingy gummed up the works.  My personal thanks to all of the people that participated in this ride on DC.


I bare no grudge against people of the Muslim faith, the few that I do know are amazing and loving people.  Just as I know many Christian people that are amazing and loving people.  We are respectful of our differences and understand the fact that you do not mock another persons faith.  And you do not use a day of mourning for millions of Americans as a day to get the word out about your faith. That was dead wrong.

People of all faiths, I recommend reading this article by Tom Junod in Esquire.  A brilliant piece that may make you cry from time to time but a must read.  I find myself praying harder for all of the people that died that sorrowful day on nine eleven.


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