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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Cleaned out the house

Just my Blogger rants...

I've been tracking my sponsors on this page and I had to do a house cleaning. This blog is not supporting itself right now so I had to take out the broom to those that did not help support us. There is such a thing as putting your thoughts out there for people to read and think about and develop their own opinions and that is a good thing. If the sponsors I have don't interest you then I have to re-think who is paying the bills for this site and my time to write all this stuff. I got rid of the insurance guys for your car and for your teeth. Lots of hits but nothing for the author of this blog. They were great programs but they just didn't fit the people I am getting hits from I guess. Sweep, sweep, sweep.

I'm keeping Amazon on principal because I am an author. Although unpublished to date. Google is great and I like the fact that what they put up changes all the time to reveal what I have posted lately. They are the best sponsor I have. The T shirt guys I am keeping for now because I would love to see those things all over the place. They crack me up. Dragons and we taste good with ketchup kills me! Megafriends is because I am a romantic at heart and want to see people hook up no matter what venue they have to do it from so they stay for now. Text links isn't doing much so they are close to the broom.

Just talking shop with the folks. The daily hit ratio is climbing and that is what I would like to see most. People reading my blog and talking about it later. Sometimes I hit a good nerve and other times I'm sure I piss people off. You have to comment on what you read to have an opinion. Funny, that is almost like voting isn't it?

So for the record, I voted off a couple of sponsors because they could not carry the tune for this blog. I pulled a Simon Cowel of American Idol on them.

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