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Monday, May 28, 2012

Mitt Romney Running Scared

When you are running for the highest office in the land and I am not talking about head of the IRS, you need to show your face on multiple media outlets and news talk shows.  It is just the way that the political system works these days.  Mitt Romney is afraid of all other networks that might just ask him questions that he can't answer or will outright refuse to answer.  And if you are the type of politician that Mitt Romney is then you want softball interviews that play to just one image.  Wholesome and good. And that is why he only appears on Fox News and their network of family and friends. That is bullshit and a man hiding an agenda that he does not want you to know about.

Picture from The Blaze

People ridiculed John Kerry when he ran for president for being a flip flopper on all kinds of issues.  Mitt Romney has him beat big time if there was ever a lifetime achievement award for pandering and flipping and flopping around on issues like a fish in your boat.  "What do you want to hear to put me back in the water?" The fish that is Mitt Romney would say.  Pick an issue and he was for it, against it, and then for it if it would get him votes.

It would be hard to have respect for a man that fears facing tough questions from anyone.  Be it a media representative or a regular Joe.  Both vote.

I found this courtesy of Memeorandum for a link to Politico and I thank them for the news tip.  Big wig Ed Gillespie in the Romney Campaign dared to go toe to toe with Bob Schieffer and failed miserably.  No guts no glory...

"You think we're ever going to see [Mitt Romney] on one of these Sunday morning interview shows? I know he does Fox, but we'd love to have him some time, as would "Meet the Press" and the ABC folk, I would guess," the CBS "Face the Nation" host asked Sunday.

Gillespie, an adviser to the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, pointed out that Romney spoke "to schoolchildren last week."

Then, he said he'd take Schieffer's suggestion under careful consideration. "We'll have to consider a number of options, and I'm sure the morning shows are [some] of them," Gillespie said.

Schieffer, pointedly, politely replied:  "I know schoolchildren are happy to see him."

This kind of campaign style wreaks of someone that only wants to give a speech where it is safe to say whatever you want and the prompt cards for applause to the audience will go up and the sheep will react.  Much like all of the visits of W. Bush at the end of his presidency.  Military bases and only locations where people never questioned what he did as president.  President Obama will tare up Mitt Romney in any debate and spit him out with simple logic and reasoning.

Watch this video and you tell me if he would be for or against anything if you held and egg timer in your hand.  Even Mitt Romney does not know what he honestly stands for...

Can I get extra syrup to go with those pancake issues you flipped and flopped Mitt?

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Alzheimer's and Coconut Oil Connection

I'm always curious about any news on Alzheimer's disease and any breakthroughs regarding the treatment for people with that disease.  I have to confess that my curiosity is based on having cared for my father (that's his picture) who eventually died from it back in 2003.  Lately, I have noticed that there are more and more different treatments for multiple medical problems and diseases that are from an organic or homeopathy origin.  And yes, that may also be due to the fact that my girlfriend is 100% organic in her Vegan lifestyle and all I have to do is ask her what she has seen lately and she is ten times better than Google.  Hint, hint Google.  Send me an email and I'll send you her contact info.

Dr. Mary Newport from Florida is all over the internet with her claims of treating her husband who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease with organic coconut oil.  Just four teaspoons a day and she saw dramatic results in the first week.  Over the course of a year her husband slowly regained his abilities according to her statements.  You can see her story in this amazing video about Dr. Mary Newport from You Tube on her treatment plan for her husband who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease with just coconut oil.

This led me on a search to which the girlfriend said to check this page out on the subject.  Over at Natural News they have this to say in the article from 2/23/2012 titled "Coconut oil may be able to reverse the progression of Alzheimer's disease"...

The most cutting-edge research suggests that Alzheimer's may stem from an inability of the brain to process glucose, leading to cell death. But the brain has another source of fuel: ketones, produced by the body from mid-chain triglycerides like those found in coconut oil. In fat, the most promising experimental Alzheimer's drugs being tested today is nothing more than medium-chain triglycerides derived from coconut and palm kernel oil.

Coconut oil also turns out to be an extraordinary cooking oil because it resists smoking, even at high temperatures. Try cooking in coconut oil instead of olive oil (or cheaper vegetable oils) and you'll notice a clear difference. -
Natural News

Any treatment that is better than a medication from big pharmaceutical companies that claim it "May slow the progression of Alzheimer's Disease" that actually shows results is great news.  Like all treatments, using coconut oil may not work for everyone.  Having hope and trying is better than throwing in the towel and giving up.  You can check out her book as well as others available at Amazon.


PLEASE SEND me any link if you see any news from any source on new breakthroughs in Alzheimer's Disease treatment.  My email is in the side bar.  I'll do a post on it or add it to this one.


5/20/12***  HAT TIP to CW Padden who contacted me about this subject.

Special note from CW... The Coconut oil must be organic, raw, and unboiled.  Processed coconut oil that is hydrogenated is not what this post is all about.  Thank you CW Padden from Ireland!!!  Hugs at ya.

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Billionaires for Handouts

That old phrase that the squeaky wheel will always get the grease is so true.  Especially, if you are a billionaire like Joe Ricketts.  Joe is self funding several right wing political action groups in a self declared war against President Obama to get this country back on track fiscally.  Joe is all in favor of cutting entitlements and anything in the federal budget when it comes to the lower classes.  In his mind he sees it as handouts to people that don't deserve it.  Especially, those lazy loafing blood sucking people on Social Security.  Just because you paid into Social Security all your life doesn't mean you have to take the benefits due you.

On the other hand, Joe is for community benefits.  Take the Chicago Cubs for instance and Wrigley Field.  Joe is looking for a blank check from the taxpayers to rebuild his field.  It's for the children damn it and it is the right thing to do.  I found this and the picture over at Think Progress...

That means $300 million is needed for the ballpark proper.

 Half would come from the team, presumably in increased revenue from more signage inside Wrigley and retail and other entertainment in what amounts to a game-day carnival on Waveland Avenue on Wrigley’s north side and Sheffield Avenue to the east.

 And half would come from $150 million or so in bonds to be retired with increased revenue from the existing city and Cook County amusement taxes on ticket sales. Specifically, debt service would get the first 6 percent in growth above a base level of around $15 million a year now.  

 But it’s a little more complicated than that.

 The team also wants a 50 percent cut of any increase in amusement tax revenue growth above 6 percent. And unlike the bonds, which would be retired in 30 or 35 years, that would be forever.

It's for the children that Joe needs to put that money in his pocket.  And as Judd and Josh who wrote this article pointed out, the fifty percent cut of the amusement tax is in perpetuity.  How else is poor old billionaire Mr. Joe Ricketts supposed to pay for enough grease to submerge his squeaky wheels at a depth deeper than the Titanic?

Back to Joe Ricketts point.  We have to have a fiscally responsible government that knows how to control money and deposit the checks in billionaires checking accounts.  I'm sure he has a plan or two to hire a couple of servants and put this economy back on track.

When it comes to politics and screwing yourself over I am thinking that Joe Ricketts should be a professor.  Rick Telander over at the Chicago Sun Times put it best.   Did it ever dawn on this foot-in-rich-mouth family that Mayor Rahm Emanuel was Obama’s chief of staff and that they need Emanuel’s help to float any of the bonds and tax schemes they want to refurbish their own park?

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Friday, May 18, 2012

America is Freedom

Take yourself out of the illegal immigration thought process and look at America from a foreign shore.  Not as an American but someone that sees a hope for themselves and their children.

Only in America can you come from another nation and become an American.  That was a phrase that President Reagan used frequently and it always found a soft spot in my heart whenever I heard him say it.  That isn't an entirely true statement but the world looks at America as the land and shore of opportunity and that is a double edged sword.  With all the differences we have as individuals from all walks of life we all strive to do better for not just ourselves but for our fellow man.  Take politics out of any situation and we are a truly caring nation accepting of individuals from so many backgrounds that you just have to love being an American.  That is what we are.  When you look back at your own family history, you are the offspring of someone that had more guts than you would ever dream of having and moved to America.  They dreamed of a better future and the only place in the world that offers that is right here in the United States of America.

When you look at the history of America and all the greatest gifts that individuals have given to the world from America, it is mind boggling how the people that invented new technology and innovations came from so many of different lands if not themselves but one generation or two before.  What I am getting at is that the American way of life is not hindered by any controls.  Yes, you can make the argument that government regulations to bring a new idea to market are a hindrance but so is life in general.  I have said this time and time again, America is the land of free thought because there are no boundaries to your thoughts.  When we as American's see something that isn't working for us, back yard and garage mechanics across the country get to work inventing new devices that make it work cheaper and faster and that is how we do things.  No boundaries of thought allowed.  One perfect example is the electric car and America's reply to the high cost of imported oil.

We see a problem and we find solutions and the greatest of inventors in American history is Thomas Edison.  He found 1000 ways how not to invent the light bulb.  That is passion at its very core to simply describe what it means to be an American.  We choose to not accept what is and forge our own path forward of all others.  And we make no apologies for doing the best that mankind can offer to the world.

Neil Diamond said it best here.  And he is right. "THEY COME TO AMERICA".  And so many gifts that changed the world they brought with them.

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

US Oil Reserves Double World

Facing our energy needs now and in the future is something that all American's are concerned about.  We all have to pay for energy use in one form or the other and the cost of that energy seems to have grown more and more each year.  Moving away from oil dependence from other nations is a great idea but it is a path that will take at least two generations of Americans to accomplish.  Renewable energy sources are expanding in the United States as far as implementation and large scale projects about to break ground.  Wind and solar energy is growing by double digit percentages every year   That is how we begin our journey to energy independence.  In addition we must consider tapping  the vast resources of oil that are right here in the United States.

The GAO came out with a report this past week that stated the following regarding shale oil reserves in the Green River Basin area of Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming...

Increasing domestic oil production. Being able to tap the vast amounts of oil locked within U.S. oil shale formations could go a long way
toward satisfying the nation’s future oil demands. The Green River Formation—an assemblage of over 1,000 feet of sedimentary rocks that lie beneath parts of Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming—contains the world’s largest deposits of oil shale. USGS estimates that the Green River Formation contains about 3 trillion barrels of oil, and about half of this may be recoverable, depending on available technology and economic conditions. The Rand Corporation, a nonprofit research organization, estimates that 30 to 60 percent of the oil shale in the Green River Formation can be recovered. At the midpoint of this estimate, almost half of the 3 trillion barrels of oil would be recoverable. This is an amount about equal to the entire world’s proven oil reserves. The thickest and richest oil shale within the Green River Formation exists in the Piceance Basin of northwest Colorado and the Uintah Basin of northeast Utah. 

Picture courtesy of Pete's Place from August of 2008

In North Dakota they are experiencing a boom of employment due to the shale oil deposits being tapped.  Tapping those deposits and reserves is a technology in progress and like all new technologies its potential for extracting more of the oil will only grow over time.

It makes you wonder if the current spikes in gas and oil will be neutralized and a downward trend of pressure on pricing from the vast volume of oil available in the Green River area will effect the markets?  Time will tell.


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