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Friday, September 29, 2006

Bob Woodward Slams White House With Latest Book

Democrats leaped on disclosures in a new book critical of the Bush administration’s conduct of the war in Iraq and called Friday for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to be fired, but the White House responded by dismissing the book as inaccurate “cotton candy.”

The book, “State of Denial,” by Bob Woodward, depicts the Bush administration as being deeply divided over the war. Some of its juiciest disclosures landed with a bang in the capital Friday, just five weeks before elections in which Democrats were already projected to make significant inroads in the Republican majorities in Congress. - MSNBC

The truth shall set you free and apparently that is not what the White House wants to hear from anyone under W. Andrew Card tried to get Rummy fired twice and was shown the door. Colin Powel a very distinguished and honorable servant to his current questioned the policy of Iraq and was shown the door. If you don’t have the Bush spin then you are most likely going to be working for this King…I mean Emperor…I mean Commander in Thief.

We should all just face the facts that our President has lied to all of us and we bought the ticket for the ride. That being said, anyone that dared to ask for their money back on the ride and pointed out that the Ferris wheel didn’t move was shown the exit very hastily.

Why is it that everyone even remotely associated with this president is either under investigation or they out right quit? The ones that quit were obviously wise enough to know that the big Bush and Cheney lie was not the truth. Simply by default the president has destroyed his own party and with that comes the Democrats revolt at the polls.

Many people of this nation are moderate politically and all it takes is the fact that our President with his personal agenda against Iraq was far greater than the nation he chose to serve. The pendulum of truth has swayed to the left and thus America will vote in mass.

I was listening to Ed Schultz today on Air America and he made a good point. This President will never leave Iraq militarily unless he is forced to do so under the threat of impeachment. There is not any other option that would change his mind.

This November if you have an “R” next to your name it might as well be a “W”. The past congress votes with W with so much legislation that has sold out the middle and lower classes of Americans is all that it takes to vote against the incumbents.


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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Papamoka is Endorsing Deval Patrick for Governor of Massatwosticks!

By Frank Phillips and Andrea Estes, Globe Staff September 26, 2006
The four candidates for governor sparred yesterday over the Romney administration's handling of the Big Dig, forcing Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey to defend the administration's role in the project. They also drew sharp lines on issues of immigration, education, and taxes.
– Boston Globe

Do you remember what fresh air smelled like in politics? In Mass a two sticks we really haven’t had that luxury in a real long time. Deval Patrick is talking the issues and putting up dozens of ideas for anything that concerns the voters of our state. Pick a subject and he has an idea to make it better and make it work.

He reminds me of the times when people ran for office in order to make a difference in peoples lives rather than point at whom is to blame. Politics as they are he isn’t afraid to throw a punch and I commend him for defending himself and his party when questioned negatively.

Kerry Healey is throwing mud and hoping it will stick and unfortunately for her it makes her look weak. Tonight on the news she tossed out the future possibility of debating the Independent candidate and the Green Party candidate in any future debates. She just could not take the heat from people with the right to be on the ballot to question her own administrations lack of common sense when it comes to governing this state.

Even the current Governor had a few words to put in on the discussion but he is hoping for bigger fish down the road in 2008. Governor Mitt, sit down and let her fight her own damn battles. You made your choice not to run and I don’t appreciate you using your office to politic for your Lt. Governor. I think I hear a primary in Iowa coming up. And there he goes…

Deval Patrick is a different kind of politician. I can't put my finger on it because I have not seen the likes of his style and class in years. Way to many years. This is a man with serious integrity and an honest belief that he can make a difference in the world. I salute him for that and appreciate the guts it took for him to run for governor. I look forward to his national status down the road because he is just what he is. Deval Patrick. An honest man has nothing to fear as long as he is truthful to himself. Deval Patrick is just that. An honest man.

Papamoka is backing and fully endorsing Deval Patrick for Governor and Tim Murray for Lt. Governor.


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Friday, September 22, 2006

Gun Toting Liberal Site

The Gun Toting Liberal is undergoing an upgrade to better suit the readers of the site. Technical difficulties have come up and we should be back up in the morning at the latest. Team GTL regrets the hassle you are going through but it is for the better.

Gunny will be back soon. If he isn't and I know that he will be, but just in case he was abducted by triple secret covert agents of the secretive branches of our elitist government then all my Jar Heads and Special forces friends call me on the top secret Papamoka home phone number. It's not a Prime Number... Wink, wink, wink. If the line is busy call back. That would be my sixteen year old daughter on the phone repeating the phrase "and like I said". Combat is never easy my friends.

Gun Toting Liberal will be back...

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President John Adams Books on Display in Boston

Down in Boston they are showing to the public the full library of President John Adams that was once reserved for researchers only. This is huge for history buffs that come to Boston just for all the sites and places that played a significant part in this great nation’s birth.

In the pantheon of Founding Fathers, John Adams is usually considered an also-ran. There is no memorial to him in Washington, no portrait of him on US currency, no singular achievement that is drilled into the heads of schoolchildren from Maine to California.

But opening today at the Boston Public Library is the first public exhibition of the second president's vast personal library, a priceless collection of 3,802 works whose breadth helps show why this Braintree farmer is gaining recognition as one of the true American giants.
– Boston Globe

Living just sixty minutes from Boston I'm looking forward to taking a day trip into the city just to see the collection. The Adams family was the first political dynasty of our nation and I would love to see the written words in the second President of the United States of America’s private collection of books. The bonus to seeing the collection is that this President loved to make notes in the margins of every single book he read. Comments to the author of the book and if you think about it the first blogger in American history. Those notes alone will tell people and history so much more about the man that followed George Washington's foot steps.

Hey cut me some slack I love Presidential history.... Twenty years from now I might just take a trip to Texas to see all of our current Presidents coloring books.


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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Muslims and Christians

I have to agree with my friend over at the Gun Toting Liberal site that Muslims and Christians don't have that much of a difference between them when you get right down to it. Kids to get to school, jobs to go to and pay the rent from. Sports games that the little ones are involved in. I could go on and on. In America religion is different and politics is different. That is the vast difference between an American ideology of government and for the most part the majority of governments in the Middle East.

Here in America we can argue over church and state issues and then go smoke a butt and laugh about the comedy on the idiot box the night before. Life in the Middle East is do or die religion. If you forsake your religion you forsake your government over in the Middle East and then people will come to kill you for it. Those people are your own family sometimes! Tell me it isn't a fact and I will retract that sentence in a heart beat.

Muslims and Christians can find peace in America because of the strong foundation that has been placed down in our government and our laws to protect freedom of religion in any form. That is why the people that can do so immigrate here to America and they are the ones with degrees with tons of letters after them. I'm thinking that we as Americans do not want to shut down the brainiac flow from the Middle East.

Any government around the world based on religion alone is bound to fail through its own interpertations from religious reasoning. Government and Religion should never mix. George Bush can not push his faith on the Muslim world because he wants democracy when theocracy is all they have ever known.


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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bush and the Republican Slamming Door

President Bush has jammed through Congress some serious legislation that pretty much grants himself a pardon for the actions he used to get America into the war in Iraq. His focus is solely based on covering his own ass and his own political party doesn't see the trees for the forest?

The slamming door to this President will come this November when the political clout he thought he had over America is wiped clean out of the government with the elections. I'm seeing poll after poll and it isn't just the Congress that is going to switch power but the Senate is close to losing Republican control as well.

This is not a bad thing in my mind. I for one have had it with the spin control of this government and the bate and switch legislation. Yes the Republicans wanted to raise the minimum wage but the United States Treasury had to cough up a hair ball for estate taxes on the richest one percent of our nation the size of Montana if it was to pass.

The last days of the Republican controlled government are going to be filled with the give aways to the top and the screwing over of everyone else in America. George Bush is going to finally take out his veto pen when this next Congress takes office.

Hopefully, the Democrats will take enough seats in both houses to make sure that his pen is fresh out of ink.

We shall see...


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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Pope Benedict and Muslims

Pick a religion and pick a world location and you find men distorting what true religion is. Pope Benedict pissed of most of the Muslim world by one simple statement that was broadcast all over the world as a "Hate" message that was not a hate message.

Granted, Benny should take some lessons from John Paul II's play book and not go off the religious path of the religion he heads. The world is in enough of an upheavel with George its my way or the highway Bush to begin with.

God loves us all and he doesn't care where you live or what you do as long as you are doing right by mankind. No war message there or in any religion that preaches the word of God.


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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Fighting for the American Ideology

America is in a situation that politically we can or shouldn’t get out of. I’m talking about the war in Iraq. We need a plan that makes sense to the American people that will work other than what President Bush is talking about. He wants to “Stay the course.” and that is not going to work.

President Bush has said that he will not withdraw our forces from Iraq even though the country is in the middle of a civil war. Bush is leaving it all up to the next President of the United States of America. Does that make any sense to anyone?

Even given the latest report from the Senate released Friday that the administration lied to America and the world he is dumping it on the next guy in his office. That makes no sense but then again Haliburton has huge no bid contracts that have made Dick I’m not the President Cheney a multi millionaire while in office.

Dick Cheney according to Air America and Dr. Rachel Maddow has gone from twenty million in assets to over ninety million while serving his nation as Vice President. I don’t think his pay as the VP could get him that much higher in personal wealth but I may be wrong. Then again, he was the big guy at Haliburton before he became the VP?

Things that make me go hmmm? Do you think this administration had a rub my back and I’ll rub yours mentality? I'm leaning in that direction for some odd reason and I don't know why.


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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Political Investment

What is the value of an investment to each person? If you buy a stock you are investing in a companies short or long term future. True investors look to the long term payback. Short investors look at the slide in value of the company. Profiteers see the spikes and jump in and jump out just as fast.

What about politics? Investing in an election of someone to political office. Whatever your investment is it is what it is. An investment. If you donate time, then you see the long term future. If you donate money you see the short term future. If you donate money to the oppossing candidate you are still seeing the future but you are betting against them winning with your investment.

Politics is a funny bussiness. You can be the golden child one day and the next day tossed to the curb. I invested in one Presidential race and I lost my shirt but I didn't loose my belief that he had the message I wanted for America. I wouldn't invest in him again but there will be others that I will send a check off too.

America is a long term experiment and each generation has to figure it out all over again. Life changes. World changing events happen. Wars happen for one reason or another and you have to invest your thoughts into the process if you want the same old same old or a little something different.

Investing in the future takes many avenues and so many people just never see it. It isn't politics that they hate, its the need for funds to pay for the politics that they hate. Campaign finance reform would work if we had the voices to make it so but that is an investment for another day.


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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Cop Killers and the Death Penalty

CASSADAGA, N.Y. - One of two troopers ambushed while searching for an escaped convict died Sunday of his injuries, and state police vowed to capture the man they believe killed him.
Joseph Longobardo was shot in the leg Thursday night while staking out the property of a former girlfriend of Ralph “Bucky” Phillips. He died at a Buffalo hospital, a day after his leg was amputated, with his wife at his side, State Police Superintendent Wayne Bennett said.

His death came in the midst of one of the largest manhunts in New York history. State police warn that Phillips, who has been on the run for five months, could hurt anyone who gets in his way.-
Associated Press posted on MSNBC

Pick any crime you want and I am against the death penalty for the most part. Kill a law enforcement office and I am pro death penalty. Same thing goes for anyone that murders a child or a woman.

My thinking on the cop killers is that the police are our last line of defense as far as carrying on a civil society. Step out of line, break the laws of the land then the police are there to protect and defend our laws. When you shoot one of my brothers in uniform you are in fact shooting at me as well.

As liberal as I am and with a deep religious belief I have no problem throwing the switch when it comes to cop killers. Eye for an eye.


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Friday, September 01, 2006

Enough of the Iraq War!

Voting or not Voting?

Look around your house and see what you can see. Everything from the lights on in the dinning room to what is on the television in the living room is legislated. What you have to say in it is whom you place in government. It is just that simple.

Your vote in any election counts! It is just that simple.

I’ve heard from friends and family that think that what I just said is not true. They are what you would call the sheep. Whatever the world tells you to do, it is what it is and you are off to get stripped of you wool.

If you are of the belief that terrorist are going to knock in your door at two in the morning then you need to get a life. 9/11 was a one shot deal and our own government has made it more than it is. Osama is now the boogey man and we are the three little pigs. Terror driven to give up anything to save our own hides according to the Bush administration is the way to go.

I’m suggesting that you vote a straight Democrat ticket because that is what I am going to do. Diplomacy is not in the Bush administration vocabulary.

Diplomacy is never late for dinner, firing a gun at a potential enemy takes that line of thought off the table.


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Believing the Lie

I was reading this article over at "The Nation" and the story is so true. People will believe the lie even if they have known the truth. Sometimes it seems that is what the Bush team for the upcoming elections is trying to do. They aren’t going to give you the whole story just the part that makes them look just a wee bit better.

The only problem with their theory is that the American people are not in the mood for the lies anymore. Sometimes I just want to send George and all his buddies to go stand in the corner.

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