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Friday, May 26, 2006

Bring the Troops Home

This story on MSNBC really pisses me off. Our kids are over there in a very hostile environment where at any moment they could be in the body bag or the person on the other end of the rifle could be. This stories headline screams out that all of our military kids fighting for their lives over there in Iraq are just blood thirsty criminals and they are NOT! They are our children that are serving our nation and they are the ones that get killed if they play by the rules as the F'n lawyers would have it. Get the damn ambulance chasing lawyers out of the battle field to make room for all the kids getting wounded that need our support. If even one of my own children were over there fighting for our President and his ideology to save the world then I would tell him or her to always shoot first and ask questions later! I want my kid to come home alive and not in a casket. War is hell and nobody can control what fighting troops will do at any time. Put yourself in the kill zone and what would you do?

Simple patriotic logic has gone out the window. Why don't we forget the mistakes of the past and instead of the politicians running the military that is trained to kill and win we should let the lawyers do it. "Sorry Saddam, illegal search and seizure we have to let you go and by the way you have one hell of a liable suit against the Kurds going for you. Call me we can do lunch. Not Tuesday because I have to defend Adolf Hitler. What a sweetheart kind of guy he is. You two could be brothers."

Our kids are not fighting against a uniformed army. Just like back in Vietnam, anyone could kill you or the next guy watching your back in an extremely hostile battle field. Journalism on the internet is cowadly and yellow without concern for our kids that are trying to survive another day or getting killed over there every day and I don't like it.

If you are going to put our kids in harms way and they have the ingrained and trained mind set to achieve the goal no matter the cost then you have to let them do as they were trained. Renegade incidents will happen and it should be up to the military to decide how best to deal with it. This is a time of war for our nation no matter what side of the fence you are on and broadcasting that our Marines are murderers is treason. We are at WAR! This screaming Liberal Democrat from Worcester, MA still remembers September eleventh every single day.

Bring the troops home and let the rest of the world take a stand on what is right or what is wrong. I am one man with one voice that will back our troops one hundred and ten percent. Iraq will go the way of Vietnam and they will live eventually under their own terms without Saddam. I think that is how it should be. Bring our troops home, this whole region of the world isn't worth it in the bigger picture. It's time to get them off our political back.

Bring the kids home and instead of funding a trillion dollar war lets put it into research on the next energy source for our country. Attention WPI, MIT, and all you other engineering schools of higher education. It is your turn to be patriotic and defend your country. Put your brains to work where your mouth is so heated and rightfully so against.


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