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Friday, May 26, 2006

Senator Specter or whatever...

I have to laugh. There I was watching the news tonight on CNN and Lou Dobbs had one of the Mini Publican Senators from Texas that voted against the immigration bill congratulating her for doing so. I'm one of those people that catches the sound bites of different Senators on different issues. I salute her also for voting against the bill from a middle of the isle point of view. What I thought was comical was what she said. Arlen Specter or whatever his name is that has been the front and center of the Mini Publicans on a tough border, fines for immigrants, and absolutely no amnesty no matter how it is disguised dumped 150 ammendments onto the vote. One of which is making it mandatory for our government to consult with Mexico before we do anything to secure our border! Got to love the two sided face of the Mini Publican's. Best thing to laugh at is that he is on the judicial committee. I love it when they load the gun for the firing squad of comedians.

Now that is how good government works. Tell you what you want to here and hope that nobody notices how you screwed the country over by stuffing the bill with crap. So I'm wondering what were the other 149 ammendments he dumped onto it? If you know of any of them please let me know. I'm sure they can't be anymore rediculous than asking Mexico if its okay for us to put up a damn fence! Yes Mr. Presidente Foxe we will put it three feet into our side of the border and you can have the pretty side of it. What a joke this is.


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