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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Polling Numbers

I do not trust the latest news on the Mini Publicans approval ratings. Whenever I see that kind of polling it makes my stomach flip around as I recall the exit polls telling us all that John Kerry had beaten George Bush. Something about the numbers just doesn’t look right when I see that across the board on the top ten major issues that 69% of the people believe that the Dem’s should be in control.

Now I know how messed up the Mini Publican’s are and how lopsided the government has been for the last six years but can the polling numbers be right? Looking at the maps to see all the red states and the few blue states it just baffles the mind how this can be.

Then I start thinking about the royal screwing we’ve all been getting down here in the middle class and a light bulb goes off in my head. The Mini Publican’s have people in the middle class too and they have been getting screwed just as bad. Now I think I can better see the big picture.

George, toss out all them red crayons. You won’t be able to use them come November.


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