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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Fresh Air and Politics Post Nov. 7th

It was a down and dirty election and the Democrats cleaned house at the voting booths and that is a miracle. Most folks don't know the millions or dare I say BILLIONS of dollars that go into our elections nationwide. The system is bought and paid for by political donations from the folks that can afford to donate large chunks of cash. Special interests and corporations.

The only problem with the political machines and the donations of special interest in this election was that rural Americans voiced an opinion with their vote. They voted in mass against a well oiled Republican voting eating machine. Most of the papers across the nation had the latest polls and most of the polls were close to the end results. I was however surprised by the race in TN and Congressman Ford losing that tough fight. Congressman Ford has some huge potential and he is not out of politics for long. I would look for him to pop up later in a position with great credibility and honor.

Tester kicked ass with Burns and that was so sweet. I was watching that one pretty closely.

The Webb and George (I'm not a racist you Maccaca) Allen race is still officially undecided with Allen holding out for a recount even though his opponent has over seven thousand votes for a lead. Go home George. Just go home.

Everyone take a deep breath, the worst of the American experience is over for the the next two years. Then you want to take a deep breath because then we vote for President and it is going to be one of the ugliest battles politically you will ever see. "W" is out and Cheney is not running so it is going to be an open blood bath to the end. Nobody honestly knows who the front runners will be till the smoke clears from the televisions executives offices till all the high priced advertisements and Cuban cigars play out in New Hampshire first.

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