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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Saudi Arabia Collapse

Given all the turmoil in the Middle East it is a given question if Saudi Arabia is the next country to collapse with citizen revolt. And is this possible revolt the result of education of the countries citizens abroad? Could the education systems in the United States and other nations where the law of religion is not the norm and their citizens actually see another way of life that is not state dictated posing a problem for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? There are so many what if’s but the certainty is that the Kingdom is prime for revolt and the King knows it but has no clue how to deal with it other than throw money out the window.

Over at the New York Times they have a great piece on this very subject…

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — As one nation after another has battled uprisings across the Arab world, the one major country spared is also its richest — Saudi Arabia, where a fresh infusion of money has so far bought order.

The kingdom is spending $130 billion to pump up salaries, build housing and finance religious organizations, among other outlays, effectively neutralizing most opposition. King Abdullah began wielding his checkbook right after leaders in Tunisia and Egypt fell, seeking to placate the public and reward a loyal religious establishment. The king’s reserves, swollen by more than $214 billion in oil revenue last year, have insulated the royal family from widespread demands for change even while some discontent simmers. - New York Times

Saudi Arabia may be a friend to the United States but it is in fact an abomination to human rights when it comes to woman. Woman can not drive in Saudi Arabia. Woman can not vote in Saudi Arabia. Woman in general have no voice or say in Saudi Arabia.

Absolute monarchies are dead in these times we live in and the nation of Saudi Arabia is prime for revolt when the leaders of the nation refuse to listen to its own people. Much like here in the United States they want to throw massive amounts of money at the problems they have in their society and yet still demand that the status quo is the way life will be. This is the rule from men in their upper seventies and eighties in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Times change and so will Saudi Arabia. Sometimes throwing money out the window of your limousine at a problem is not the best solution when all that you had to do was talk to your people. Which raises the larger question if the people in power even care what their own people think? Which I doubt.


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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Sarah Palin on Paul Revere

No she doesn't know her American history. She got it all wrong and somehow she is going to re-write American History to suit her politics? Fox News should have called Sarah the beauty queen, former governor and former Fox News talking head out on this but the fluff journalism continues.

You can google search Paul Revere and find tons of credible information from the Boston area on what he actually did that night. It was in fact a simple ride to warn the colonist and NOT the British. He never fired a shot, he never rang a bell, it was a simple ride and call to arms for the colonist. You can read the actual history from the Paul Revere House website HERE.

Stay tuned for when Sarah Palin declares her next version of history and that George Washington was a double agent for the British and that we are still loyal subjects of the queen because she likes the tiara dress code. Freaking fruit loop whack job!


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Friday, June 03, 2011

Pat Robertson On Muslims

Is Pat Robertson nuts or is he pandering to the fear mongers? No matter how you look at it he is spreading hate of an entire people based on the fact that a few of them are just nut jobs? I'm Irish and some of us Irish are very difficult people to deal with, aka stubborn, head strong, throw a punch first. Does that make us all total jerks? Hell NO!!!

In this video Pat Robertson equates all Muslims to the Nazi's of WWII and that is just wrong no matter how you slice it. If you have to play the Nazi card to sell hate of a religion you think is an abomination then you lose the argument. His thoughts are complete bigotry and this poor man is pandering to closed minded people.

Why is it that people like Pat Robertson that claim to be Christian sometimes say the most un-Christian things? Makes no sense.

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