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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Bernie's Base is on Fire!

One of the things that I love about the Bernie Sanders campaign is the fact that it is all paid for by working class stiffs like you and me.  We can donate $25 or $35 and feel that we are putting the money to good use.  Our guy Bernie is fighting for us and our wallets!  Medicare for all would save this country and low income families billions of dollars.  College education for all would save our low income families billions of dollars and let many send their children to college because they simply do not have the income to do so!  Rebuilding our infrastructure would put 13 million people to work on our highways, bridges, water plants and the list goes on and on.

Hillary can out raise Bernie Sanders easily early but she can't keep that momentum up.  People get tapped out at the max that you can donate to a political campaign.  Bernie does not have that problem.  Most of his donors are contributing $30 and not $2400 or whatever the max out is.  2.3 million people have donated to Bernie Sanders for president.  That is far beyond what President Obama did in his entire campaign in 2008 and the first primary has not even been held yet!  Those 2.3 million contributors will donate again if the campaign needs them to and they are.  Our guy was under attack from the DNC and we went nuts and donated $1 million bucks in one single day!

Did the Sanders campaign screw up with the DNC, they sure as hell did?  Was I pissed?  You are damn straight I was very upset and disappointed.  But the campaign dealt with it and fired the person responsible.  That is how you deal with a wrong and make it right!  What troubles me is the DNC reaction to cut off all access to the data that the Sanders campaign is required to secure at the DNC server.  The system the DNC has is faulty, the Sanders campaign told them of the problem and they never fixed it 100%.

Now comes my main question.  The Sanders campaign accessed the system 24 times which was wrong, how many times did the Hillary Clinton campaign access the system during these breaches?  She has a greater communications system than Bernie Sanders could ever dream of having.  How much information did they download from the Sanders campaign data?

I've never signed up for anything to do with Hillary Clinton, neither have most of my friends that are very political.  Why are some of them getting emails from the Clinton campaign?  Something is rotten in the wood pile and we all know what it is.


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Friday, December 11, 2015

Religious Freedom in the Age of Trump

The Donald has been busy again with his mouth.  First it was the Mexican rapists and murderers and now once more it is the Muslims.  Not long ago he stated that mosques should be shut down.  Now he thinks that we should ban all Muslims from entering the country.  His thought process runs to the side of separatists and that is never good for our nation.  Especially, if you are the one being targeted.

Thomas Jefferson battled the likes of Trump back in his day in the great state of Virginia.  He was the author of the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom that passed in 1786.  This statute separated the recognized church from the state.  That same statute was used to write the Constitution of the United States of America.  His thoughts on religious freedom were heavily influenced by John Locke who spoke on the subject in England in 1689.  Locke, like Jefferson fought for peoples right to religious freedom which was for the Muslim, the Jew, and even the Pagan.  Jefferson much like Locke used the word Muslim in defense of and for religious freedom.

Flip the coin on the subject and insert Baptist or Catholic or Jew instead of Muslim.  Could any politician get away with even suggesting that their house of worship be shut down?  Could any politician get elected by banning any of them from entering our country?  Why would it be even remotely okay to even suggest to shut down all mosques or ban all Muslims from coming to America?

How fast would you as a Baptist, a Catholic, or a Jew be up in arms protesting and demanding any politician to step down from the race for President that would suggest such an action against your faith?  Would it be faster if the military starting boarding up your house of worship?  Would you take up arms to defend your religious freedom?  That my friends is what Trump wants to accomplish.  Divide you and separate you and tell you who to fear.  He's up in the polls? 

As Bernie Sanders said recently... "That kind of crap is not going to work in the United States of America."

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