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Sunday, February 09, 2014

Alison Lundergan Grimes (D)

When most people think of Kentucky they think of the beautiful countryside.  A state rich in natural wonders and proud people.  Good people.  I tend to think of Kentucky as the battleground for national politics and Mitch McConnell.  One man in this country that has controlled the agenda against the president and America for five long years with one simple answer.  NO!  Mitch McConnell has to go and so does his NO against American progress.  Let us put a spy glass over how Mitch voted on issues that effect everyone.

No to unemployment extensions.
No to job plans.
No to anything to do with women rights.
No to environment issues.

No to veterans with disabilities.
No to healthcare for all.
No to equal pay for equal work for women.
No to  immigration reform.
No to keeping the government open.
No to anything that comes out of the White House.

What did Mitch McConnell vote yes on?

Yes to end AFCA (Obama Care) for the billionth time.
Yes to cutting Social Security and Medicare.
Yes to cutting food stamps for the poor.  Even if 1 in 5 in KY need it.
Yes to blocking Wall Street reform.
Yes to corporations are people too.
Yes to extending tax cuts for the mega rich.

Mitch McConnell's idea of government is not about governing.  It is his way or the highway.  He might have learned that under George W but that is not reality  Mitch probably said no to infrastructure repair for his self centered agenda because it was on the president's agenda of things that he swore to never let the president do.  When your Chevy or Ford falls from a bridge in Kentucky, or California, or New York, or Miami, or Boston, or wherever you are in America you can thank Mitch for saying no to fixing our nations infrastructure.     

Our nation needs to ditch the Mitch and elect Alison Lundergan Grimes to Mitch McConnell's seat in the senate.  There is one thing we American's always do, we see a wrong and we make it right.  Mitch has millionaires backing him while you have unemployment extensions in limbo or thankful for a job that just pays the minimum bills.  Mitch has to be ditched.  VOTE HIM OUT.

I live in Missouri, but Mitch McConnell is an American problem which makes him all of our problem and needs to be out of office.  How do we little folks do this?  We take five bucks and mail it or send it to his political opponent Alison Lundergan Grimes.  She's a Democrat that will not be taking checks from people that will destroy the way of life in Kentucky or the rest of America.  She has their back and our back and I sent my five bucks.  Why did I do that?  I love my country with the same reason that Thomas Jefferson did.  We can fix it by voting out the bad apples.  The tree of liberty doesn't always have to fed with the blood of patriots.  Sometimes all it needs is a vote to oust the bad blood.

Donate here if you can afford a few bucks...

From the roots can only come new growth.  We must be united to send Mitch home.  Nationwide we have the power to send him home by having Alison Londergan Grime's back.  She's the new growth in the garden of plants that need weeding.  That is how democracy works.

We all need a government that is not bought and paid for by special interests.  Your donation, no matter how small can out do the millions Mitch McConnell will get from his paid for friends that control his vote on any topic.  Nationwide, we can ditch the Mitch if we all work together.  Rock on Alison!  Got your back.


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