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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Car Seats and Celebrities

Somebody tell that idiot Britaninni Spears that car seats save kids lives. Did she not have the time to read the directions that are posted all over the damn car seats? Get your friging publisist or their assistant to install it the right way. I know this isn't political but as the father of five girls who at one time had three car seats in my own vehicle for the PROTECTION of my children this pisses me off. This idiot thinks that because she is a celebrity that the laws of physics do not apply to her. They most certainly do and maybe she should read up on it where this really weird looking dude named Newton proposed an amazing theory...For every reaction there is an opposing and opposite reaction. Go fast in car Britannini, hit tree, baby go through the windshield, say bye bye to baby. Get a brain or pay someone to install your childs car seat the right way or keep the baby out of the damn car!

Back to politics. George you got caught tapping the phones illegally. Shut the hell up and assume the position. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law... Karl, not you this time, the boss is going down. We will come back to you another day. Damn it Dick get out of the back of the paddy wagon! No Rummy you can not ride up front and turn on the siren. You and Dick and Karl just go sit down and wait your turn. It's almost like they are a bunch of first grade kids. Police work is so difficult in the District. Not that that is tough enough but we have to deal with these guys all fighting over who's hand was in the cookie jar first. So many crimes and so many criminals. Tomorow is another day though.


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