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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

NSA Phone Tapping

I’m getting the feeling that this whole phone tapping or data mining thing is going to be the final downfall of the Bush Presidency. You can see it written on the wall when the FCC is investigating the telephone service companies that supplied the information. Those companies broke a few laws by handing over that information so readily. Then to top it off the President first says they didn’t listen in to calls and then flip flops and says that if Al Qaida is calling then they want to know about it. So if Al Qaida is calling then are they listening in? How do they know it is Al Qaida calling? Does it show up on their caller ID? Then you have to ask yourself if they know that Al Qaida is calling then why the hell don’t they trace the call back like every police department does to an address? Give the U.S. Marines the address and that should pretty much wrap up the War on Terror! Oh that’s right, in order to be fiscally responsible President Bush cut the funding in the budget for the caller ID boxes over at the NSA.


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