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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Radio Immigration Spin

The spin is in and I was rather surprised to see that Uncle Bill O on the Radio Factor wasn’t as upbeat about the speech from President Bush on immigration. I was fully expecting him to give non-stop pats on the back to the President for touching all the hot spots and solving all the arguments concerning immigration and the border. Low and behold Uncle Bill seemed a little down and out on the whole situation but was in slightly pleased that the troops will be on the border. One of his guests tried to point out that since President Bush had made his stance on the issue clear that it was now time for the media to point its full attention at the Congress. I was shocked to hear Uncle Bill tell her right out that Bush wasn’t getting away from this issue that easy. He’s the man in power and that is where the buck stops. She tried to counter argue his point so he just whacked her upside the head with a loufa sponge.

Over on Air America Al Franken also surprised me with his commentary on the speech. He actually thought that the President hit all the right buttons. Bush’s poll ratings in the Franken home went from one percent approval to the high three’s. I had to double check the radio dials because it almost sounded like Al was working at Fox and Uncle Bill was on Air America? Dogs and cat’s living together and stuff.

Here is my bit on the speech and my spin. Bush said what he thought his base wanted to hear and he also said what he thought the heavy string pullers of this issue wanted to hear. My main question is where he is going to get these 6000 National Guard troops from? As far as I know the guys serving over in Iraq and Afghanistan are on their second or third or even fourth rotation?


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