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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Monsanto GM Corn with BT Toxin

When you look at the ingredients of many of the products you eat, you will find corn in one form or another but the basic product is corn. It's in your breakfast cereal, it is in your ready to eat spaghetti products listed as high fructose corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup is used in most of the items you prepare for your family to eat on a daily basis. Corn is good. Corn farmers are good. Monsanto is the problem.

Did you ever wonder what was in the corn that made all of those products you consume? Monsanto does know all to well. Growing corn isn't as easy as planting a bunch of seeds and harvesting them some months later that magically appears on your dinner table. Its there in your bread rolls as corn meal, sweetener for those nice canned yams, sweetener in the soda you drink, and of course it is in the meat that you serve no matter what animal you served up for dinner. Corn is a major source of feed for cows, pigs, and chickens.

Paint a picture for you, your customer grows corn, bugs love corn just as much as you do, farmers hate bugs, farmers use insecticide to kill bugs, bugs die from eating insecticide that makes their little bellies explode. Monsanto figures a way to Genetically Modify the plant so it carries that insecticide inside the corn plant. No more need for costly insecticide for the farmer and seed sales soar for Genetically Modified Corn with BT Toxcin.

One little problem here. Genetically Modified (GM) Corn with BT Toxcin is finding its way into your blood stream according to some studies around the world, and if you are pregnant, even the placenta can not stop it from passing on to your child in your womb. Check this out and decide for yourself...

About Bt corn

Monsanto's GM Bt corn is equipped with a gene from soil bacteria called Bt or Bacillus thuringiensis. This produces the Bt-toxin in the corn. The pesticide breaks open the stomach of certain insects and kills them.

This Bt corn was introduced into the food supply in the late 1990's and problems have been occurring ever since.

Monsanto and the EPA swore that the genetically engineered corn would only harm insects. They stated that the Bt-toxin produced inside the plant would be completely destroyed in the human digestive system. They said it would not have any impact on the health of consumers.

Unfortunately they have been proven wrong, because not only is Bt corn producing resistant "superpests", researchers have also found that the Bt-toxin can badly affect human health.

In 2011, doctors at Sherbrooke University Hospital in Quebec found Bt-toxin in the blood of:

- 93 percent of pregnant women tested

- 80 percent of umbilical blood in their babies, and

- 67 percent of non-pregnant women

Digital Journal

How do you stop eating everything that has corn in it in the American diet? For the average person on the block that is impossible. But you are an American and you do have a voice to get this toxin out of your food chain. Email or call your Congressional Members and tell them you do not want poison in your food. Email the President even! Several national food chain stores refuse to carry GM Corn with BT Toxin but that is realistically impossible. Corn syrup is used in so many foods that their shelves would have to be bare.

Monsanto is a very large corporation. I wouldn't be surprised if I was contacted by them or their lawyers to take this post down. I've gotten those messages before from other companies and the post always stand on my first amendment right. I love freedom of speech and I love being an American!

One last thought, for all you new moms out there caring for children already born or inside waiting to be introduced to the world. Go to the nearest farm or farmers market and get organic vegetables.

Second last thought... I went to search out Monsanto and their reply to the first reports of immune system defects in clinical trials and it reads like a lawyer or politician wrote it. Here is the link if you want to see it (LINK)


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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

GOP to Cut Food Stamps

Our nation needs the money for tanks and war ships.  Jeff Sessions, (R) Alabama, is slightly hard of hearing when he proposed cutting food stamps for the poor.  The preacher said "Thanks and Worship".

One more reason to not vote for any Republican in the fall election.  They can not hear a single word you say if you are from the middle or lower class of Americans.


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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Politics is all about Perception

Sometimes the way to sell a political message to voters is just to tweak it ever so slightly.  The folks that wanted to save the library in Troy, Michigan know all to well that politics is all about perception.

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mitt Romney Bus Tour Joke

Picture courtesy of a Sue on facebook...

This was taken today in Ohio where the Mitt Romney aka Mittens for President bus tour is out to meet and greet the masses.  Three cops, ten or more Secret Service agents, twenty five or more reporters, and one guy that was just looking for directions to get to Indiana.  Sad.  Just sad.

One thing is certain in this election.  Romney will never be President of the United States.  Even a US Congress representative draws more supporters.  Speaking of that, where are his GOP supporters from the House and Senate from Ohio?

Four more years of Obama, good, very good.  Enjoy the bus ride Mitt.  See America on other peoples donations for your nation wide "Nobody Likes Me Tour".

Go back home Mitt, pick one of your many homes.  The 99% have the President's back.


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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Thank You Lawrence Davis Jr. for Your Service

How would you react to a veteran of WWII being buried in a cardboard box without any consideration other than to put his sorry ass six feet under?  Would you be pissed or just think that it isn't important to really think about because you have popcorn in the microwave?

Lawrence Davis Jr. was buried in a cardboard box in the Veterans Cemetery in Bushnell, Florida in 2004. Lawrence Davis Jr. was a United States Army veteran of WWII. He received a so called respectful burial because he had no family?  I don't think so.  Is a respectful burial a card board box?  Somebody at the cemetery mentioned his name in a ceremony sometime in 2004 and that is all the respect this soldier received for fighting for his country in WWII. The state of Florida, the Veterans Administration, and the funeral home or mortuary that handled his remains have some serious explaining to do.

The discovery of a World War II veteran buried in a cardboard box at Florida National Cemetery has triggered outrage in Congress.

Workers made the discovery after they removed a headstone at the cemetery in Bushnell during routine maintenance, reported Saturday.

The veteran named Lawrence Davis Jr. died in 2004 and had no loved ones to make funeral arrangements for him. He was buried in a shallow grave with no casket.

The medical examiner sent Davis' remains in a cardboard box, and they were buried in the same box.
Veterans Affairs manager Maurice Roan said, "We usually bury the container they come in as long as it's sealed. We make every effort to make sure they get a dignified burial."

He added that the department goes out of its way to show dignity and respect.

We are a nation that owe all of our freedom and rights to people that have served in our military since the 1700's.  This man deserves the same right as any veteran to have a full military funeral no matter his rank or his final lot in life.  He served, he fought for all of us.  And this is how we as a people take care of our veterans?  We should be ashamed.

I went to a funeral once for a man that had no family and no children when I was just 18 years old.  I worked for a hospital in Worcester, MA as a janitor and used to talk to the old man when I was in his room emptying trash and cleaning up the room.  He was pretty sick. He passed away and I went to the Catholic church not far from Showcase Cinemas on Main street in Worcester for the service.  I was the only one there.  It was me, the priest, and the casket for the entire service.  I was far to young to realize how sad a day that was but it was what it was.  I said my prayers for him and thanked him for the many laughs we had in the short time that I knew him.  All I remember was that his casket was covered with our nations flag and it was a proper service for a man that served our nation.

Lawrence Davis Jr. deserves our countries gratitude and thanks.  Or would you prefer giving a Nazi salute or maybe bowing in submission as subservient to all of our political leaders if this man never existed?  That is how he was treated and it is just wrong.

To all the Veteran's out there.  I thank you for what you did for America and what you defended should make you proud.  Thank you.  Lawrence Davis Jr. deserves that same gratitude.  Don't you think?  I thank you for your service Lawrence Davis Jr.  You deserved better treatment.


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US Budget Surplus is Back

For the first time since 2008 the US Government has run a surplus. And the winner in all of this is the current occupant of the White House, President Obama! This was posted over at the Congressional Budget Office, aka CBO, in the beginning of May...

I wonder how the Republican's are going to take credit for this?  You know it's going to happen.  Just a matter of time.  One thing is for certain, they didn't help the economy in any single way as the party of "NO!".   

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