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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Evangelical's & the Dems

The New Temptation of Democrats
By Ruth Marcus of the Wash. Post Opinion

Ruth, you did a great job on this piece and I’m sure it will spark many discussions such as this one here. I thought I would ad a few thoughts of my own...

I don’t believe that the Dem’s would have to give up their soul to gain the vast amount of Evangelical Christian’s that are center of the isle. Not all of this demographic is extreme right on political issues. The Mini Publican’s would like to think that they own this group of folks and their votes as they show off that bright red electoral map but it simply is not true. One common denominator in the Mini Publican’s attack and hold on this voting block has always been to point the blame. It doesn’t matter what the reason for it was as long as the Evangelical’s knew that it was the Dem’s fault…always.

The Dem’s for the most part have not been reaching out far enough or hard enough to let these people know what else the party believes in. I for one am glad that they are getting out and meeting with these folks and talking to them. For too long the only opinion the Evangelical Christians could form on Democrat’s was based solely on what the Mini Publican’s told them.

Howard Dean and the rest of the Dem’s have a workable plan and it makes sense. It’s a brilliant plan to bring back to the party as many of these people as possible and the only way to do that is to get on the circuit and onto the broadcasts that they watch and listen too. Speak your piece for what it’s worth and point out what the Democratic Party really is.
Pat Robertson who hosts the 700 club is one of my elderly aunts favorite shows to watch but you could not find a fiercer democrat around than her. You just can’t group all of wacky Uncle Pat’s viewers as a die hard Mini Publican or as a far right Evangelical Christian. By talking with these folks new ideas for the future can be discussed and presented. The Bible belt has not always voted Republican either. They vote for the people they feel comfortable with. I can only hope that Howard Dean is up on his scripture.

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