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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

New Tech on Hydrogen or Bunk?

I got this in an email from my brother and I am so much into new technology that I would love to think this is one of the garage mechanics that I posted on earlier here. Some guy or girl through their own ingenuity finding or inventing a way to get the oil monkey off all of our backs. I would so much love to see some American to come up with something like this that will free us of nut jobs that have us by the unmentionables for our energy needs.

This link talks about energy from the worlds greatest available resource. Water! I don't know if this is just internet garbage or actual real life science that can be proved. It's from a Fox News affiliate so it must be true or it is just bunk at its best? I don't know. I just love the idea that it could be possible. Google search it and see what you can come up with.

Always the optomist that I am, this kind of tech will never come true if there is a one hundred and ten percent Oil Man in the White House. Even if this technology is even remotely possible. There is to many Trillions with a capital T of dollars to be made to let it loose on the world. Just my opinion.


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