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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Buffet Tax and Jobs Bill

Is President Obama on target to fix the broken finances of the U.S. Government with his two recent proposals? In one hand he is asking for a jobs bill to create jobs and in the other he is proposing a tax increase on millionaires. In some respects I think he has the right idea but needs to go further with fixing the budget and the nations ongoing debt problem.

Common sense tells you that you can’t pay all of your household bills if you have less coming in than going out. Common sense also tells you that in order to fix that problem you have to cut spending first and increase income. No matter how you look at the process the two are joined for the end result. All of the bills need to be paid and paying down the nations debt should be a prerogative for both political parties.

The “Buffet Tax” where millionaires will pay a minimum percentage is a good start at a second job income coming in for the treasury. It makes sense to tax someone like Warren Buffet that pays less tax percentage wise than someone raising three kids on a middle class paycheck. The majority of income that financially sound millionaires make is from income from investments that are taxed at 15%. If you have three kids on your middle income salary you are taxed around 23% of your total income on average. With the treasury shelling out more than it takes in then you need the extra job income from the “Buffet Tax”.

Then comes the jobs bill that is supposedly paid partially for with the above mentioned tax increase on millionaires. What jobs are going to be created is the long term question? Green jobs are good but the nation needs jobs in the manufacturing sector where products are made and goods are sold that feed more MADE IN THE USA jobs. You can not hand out checks to industries that are going to take the money and run for the border to outsource even more American jobs. Or in the case of some “Green” jobs, file bankruptcy after a couple of years. Do we really need a jobs bill? Damn straight we do! What the jobs bill needs is some meat and potatoes of long term good jobs that will be in America for more than two or three years. It can be done and it can be done in several American Made industries. One industry is where I suggest that the jobs bill should start.

When you look at jobs in this country, one of the largest is the automotive industry that has the single ability to feed growth of new jobs down the supply chain. Ergo why George W. Bush had no choice other than to bailout the industry when the economy crashed. When you build automotive plants no matter who the brand name is, it builds second stage, third stage, fourth stage, fifth stage, sixth and seventh stage and even more jobs outside of that plant in suppliers plants and the transportation industries. Thousands of small companies all across this country feed the automotive industry with parts and each widget made here is made by someone paying into the U.S. Treasury in the form of a payroll tax.

It’s time to bring the jobs back and you do that by offering incentives to overseas companies to build more automotive plants here in the United States. How do we do that? The same way local communities do by offering companies tax incentives and financing for the new plants. Every plant that is built is a win win for long term good paying American jobs. The trickle down from the automotive industry and each plant no matter where it is placed is phenomenal. Entire cities and thousands of jobs, homes, and communities are built around them and that is just common sense. Who looses?

Can we get these companies to build plants in America? Of course we can and it is a plan that both political parties can and should agree on. The President could charm any manufacturer to build their goods here in America and Speaker Bohner could sell it to his political friends in the business community. Together they could get it done. But they won’t.

It is more important for the political parties to bicker over politics rather than put bread on American workers tables. The end result is that both of them will be eating cake after a two hundred dollar dinner of good food and good drink. But you should know that they both really care about good long term jobs for America.

End of discussion is that the President wants a jobs bill but that would make him look good if it succeeded and that would make the Republican’s look bad and the only outcome that is acceptable to the GOP is no new jobs and no new taxes. How that is politically sound for a struggling economy is beyond me but they do wave the flag pretty damn good so I’m sold on it. NOT!

I guess Marie Antoinette was somewhat right. But no cake for all of you looking for a good job at a good wage. But make sure you vote Republican because that will help you get a good job at a good wage and then you can continue to pay more than millionaires in taxes percentage wise if you can find a job. It only makes sense. And pigs will fly.

First class if they are on the menu at the RNC fund raising dinner. Try applying in the food service industry. It is after all a job.


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Monday, September 12, 2011

Perry Social Security Shot in the Foot

Just to be real, Rick Perry (R) Bovine Governor of Texas has never looked kindly on the Social Security System. It is in fact the ultimate ENTITLEMENT program that he would love to kill. Screw you retirees and scum sucking liberal retiree's. If you get a check from the government then you are sucking on the tax payers tit and you just suck. Pardon the double metaphor. Even though you paid into the system all your life. You still suck. You are scum because you are not a millionaire that can and will still cash a Social Security check when they turn 65 years of age. Why? Because they paid into the system too!

I am going to be honest with the American people. Our elected leaders must have the strength to speak frankly about entitlement reform if we are to right our nation's financial course and get the
USA working again.


We must have a frank, honest national conversation about fixing Social Security to protect benefits for those at or near retirement while keeping faith with younger generations, who are being asked to pay. - USA TODAY

Third RAIL!
What the Governor means is that we should kill Social Security even though it is not part of the federal budget system of accounting. When Governor Perry or should we call him Governor Worry touches the sacred cow of Social Security that every person over 65 depends on for the bulk of their income, he shoots himself in the foot. No politician has ever won the White House since FDR created the Social Security system even thinking about changing Social Security that FDR enacted to eliminate elderly poverty. And that is what the system still does to this day. Screw Rick Perry with wanting to reform a system that takes care of our elderly! Be it now or thirty years from now.

Thank God Rick Perry is the GOP favorite son in the polls. My candidate, President Obama, will be a landslide winner. Keep talking Ricky and Michelle and Mitt. Keep bashing the pocket books of the elderly that vote. I'm loving this!


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Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 Memorial

There will never be enough tears for that horrible day on September 11, 2001. The beautiful waterfalls on the footprint of each tower and the names of each person lost will never bring them back. NEVER. The water falling over those beautifully built memorial decorations will never match the amount of tears cried. When you think of the actual intent of the attack on America it was a political mental masturbation by one person that corrupted an entire religion for the sake of what he personally thought God wanted. In reality, it was two political systems sick that used to be in cahoots with one another and they were simply tired of dealing with each other. The two sides could no longer work together and then became enemies. ALL POLITICS!

The end result was thousands of innocent lives lost on 9/11 that will live on in American history as a reason to fight extremist of every kind. Our nation has paid a heavy price for our vengeance and those days need to end. We need to move forward and stop paying the vengeance forward with our military sons and daughters. We as a nation do not need to fight the war that is thousands of years old of who killed who's goat that has been going on for over a millennium in the Middle East.

There was a mindset in this country several generation ago in law enforcement when it came to the Gangster Wars. They make our jobs easier if they keep killing each other. And in the words of Ule Brenner as the Pharo in the classic movie The Ten Commandments, "So let it be written and so let it be done. We need to get out of the Middle East and back in touch with the people of America. Our nations resources in law enforcement do not need to forget the mission but our troops need to come home. Ten years is enough. Let them settle tribe differences the way they have always done. Vengeance, and more vengeance, and more vengeance, and more vengeance. It is a way of life in their countries. It is not ours. That is not the American way. Never has been and never should be.

I have a little watched link in the sidebar that counts the number of troops that have been killed since these two wars started that you should look at. Add it to your own site if you like. It scares me that the number keeps growing and the end result is that nothing will ever change if the mentality of revenge keeps existing. You can not change a culture that is refusing to accept change. You can not bomb or kill enough people where the culture that you are fighting only sees that a reason for revenge. It has never happened as the result of war. Never. And it never will.

For all of my friends that have a close six degree of separation to 9/11, you are in my thoughts and prayers. For all the military families that have lost a loved one, you are in my prayers also. One thought that keeps coming back to my mind is that I can never forget all of the innocents killed on that day. I just can't get that out of my head. Call me stupid for thinking that enough blood has been shed for a goat killed 1000 years ago. But I think we all can say that the leader of the extremist group has been taken out, the leader of Iraq has been taken out, and the leadership Taliban in Afghanistan has been taken out? What left is to be done? Can we get the hell out of there now? Or do we have to bring Jesus Christ back to make it an okay plan that is acceptable to all political faction to get the hell out of the Middle East?

God bless all of the souls of the fire fighters, police, and all of the other first responders that went in where everyone else was running out that paid the ultimate price for saving another persons life. For all the innocents lost to a madman and his quest for revenge I pray for eternal peace for your souls. Rest in peace and dance with Kings.


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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Rick Perry Third Rail

In politics there are several topics that are hot spots that can burn your ass. One such topic is Social Security. People like Social Security because it is a plan they have paid into all of their lives and it is supposed to be guaranteed. As much smoke and mirrors that is played into the funding of it the system is sound for decades. Most people never plan for retirement and that is going to be the only income they have in their retirement. For some people that is all they can afford and it is what it is. Not everyone is a business owner, some of us are the people doing the work to make that business thrive for meager wages.

Along comes the Tea Party and the folks that think that the government does not owe you a retirement even if you paid for it all you life. Then comes the politicians running on the extreme fringe like Rick Perry (R) Texas, that thinks that he can friend the extremist while he runs for President under the GOP ticket. NOT going to happen Ricky. Even hinting that Social Security needs to go the way of the dinosaurs is a third rail in politics. I should explain.

Social Security was enacted to protect the workers of America that could not save for retirement and ended up on the streets, no support, and eventually buried in poppers fields because they were the workers that worked for poor wages and lived in poverty all of their lives. The only ones profiting from their hard work were the business owners. President Roosevelt ended that cycle by passing Social Security to make people have a guaranteed income when they were in their declining years. FDR passed it to protect the lower classes and the elderly. And yes he screwed over business owners to make them take care of their workers. God bless his heart.

I should explain further that the Presidency of this country can only be won with the swing of the moderate vote of both parties. A larger portion of the political pie than people think. Be you Democrat or Republican, and if phasing out Social Security is a political candidates forum, would you vote for them? Hell NO! Stupid move on Governor Rick Perry's part.

Grab that third rail of politics Rick Perry and I guarantee that you will be the Governor from Texas that just ran for President and was blown out of the water by some old folks in their fifties to eighties that saw your threat on their wallet and voted no for you candidacy. You sir are a Double Dumb Ass winner. You sir need someone that has a clue as how to run a national campaign. You should call Mitt Romney or hitch a ride on Sara Palin's bus.

Just stupid.


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