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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Political Storm is Brewing

The season for politics is coming up fast and furious and the storms are already brewing. It’s kind of funny to see all the Mini Publican’s distance themselves as far from President Bush as fast as they can. No amount of distance from Bush will help if you have a special prosecutor hot on your heals. The Mini Publicans will no longer be the red state party owners but seem to be leaning towards the orange jump suit party.

This will be the year of the anti-incumbent Mini Publican downfall election. Any incumbent has to toss out all the polls and calculations and historical data that tells you that they have a safe seat no matter whom they run against. This November is going to be a nightmare election for some politicians. Being an incumbent will be the first down side, being a Republican will make it harder, and being one of George Bush’s whipping boys will pretty much seal your fate politically back home with the voters.

I think that the one major fact influencing the swing votes away from the Mini Publican’s is the rampant corruption by so many elected and non- elected leaders. Not that the Mini Publican’s have the corruption thing all tied up but it just seems to give off the perception that they do own it. Corruption is the proverbial big wet dog that none of the Mini Publican's wants to claim but keeps coming back home to eat.

The middle class is going to finally have its say this election too. All the while that President Bush and his Mini Publican controlled house and senate have been dealing out tax cuts to the supper rich, the middle classes checking accounts have grown smaller and smaller as more of the tax burden has shifted to them.

This election is going to be filled with micro-bursts as the storm races across the country. Just like the video’s you see after a tornado has gone through and wonder to yourself how it could take out one house and leave the one next door virtually untouched. Some of the Mini Publicans might just survive the storm but I have a feeling that the majority will feel the pain and fury of a category five hurricane.

I’m looking at the horizon and the clouds are building up. It’s beginning to look like its going to be rough storm for some folks.


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