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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

States Legislating Federal Agenda

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- California would become the first state to impose a limit on all greenhouse gas emissions, including those from industrial plants, under a landmark deal reached Wednesday by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and legislative Democrats. – Washington Post

Just one more point of fact that the states on their own are willing to take on the tough issues where the federal government is gridlocked. I for one congratulate the state of California for doing what is right for its own citizens when Washington D.C. is to busy bickering over gay marriage and flag burning and the minimum wage. Washington is a joke and we all are to blame when you come right down to it. We voted the SOB’s into office and keep them there for the next thirty or more years.

Could you imagine Capitol Hill full of Strum Thurman’s? Debating the ethical use of elderly diapers as it applies to the war on terror. I know that Strum is passed away but that is the case in most federal elections to office. Once you have the golden ticket, it’s yours for life!

Which leads me to ask if our current system of government is no longer effective can it be replaced by the individual states legislating from the home base on everything that needs to be done? It seems to me that that is already happening. So is our form of government dictating its own demise by refusing to deal with the needs of its people?

I have to answer that for myself as yes and no. Yes is due to the fact that we need new blood across the board. No because much of the past laws of our land are good for society as a whole nation.

Our nation has been hijacked by an ideology that has gone to far. No matter how you cut it there is only one man that signs the laws passed by the house and senate into becoming a law. George Bush the emperor want to be.

I’m not saying you should vote Democrat this November but you should give it a bunch of heart felt thought before you accept the status quo once more. If you think that life could be better then make your vote count and vote for the new blood running for any federal office.


Visit us over at the Gun Toting Liberal for more interesting topics and posts...
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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Legal Trials and Illegal Trials

Tell me that the Bush Administration is not trying to lock up the JAG lawyers with rules for defending Terrorist’s? This article in the Boston Globe is telling me if I understand it right that they are doing just that! Last time I checked this was the United States of America and we have laws and rules and speedy trials for any crime committed against our society that have worked fairly well for a couple of hundred years.

“Most military lawyers strongly oppose allowing secret evidence, arguing that such a plan would probably violate the Geneva Conventions and create a precedent for enemies of the United States to use show-trials for captured Americans. But administration lawyers maintain that classified evidence may be crucial to a case, and revealing it would compromise national security.” - Boston Globe

Apparently, the administration under President Cheney… I mean President Bush wants different rules for prosecuting anyone caught in a terrorist activity. Rules that are one sided that allow you no defense against state secrets that were used to have you arrested for terrorism against the nation. What if you are innocent? Innocent until proven guilty does not apply here for some odd reason and we should just hang, then shoot, and then burn the people on trial for alleged crimes against America. Questions can be asked later. At which time we can all dance to the beat of Brittany Spears song…Oops I did it again.

Vice President Cheney has been trying to ram rod this ideology since he was Secretary of Defense under Bush Papa in the first Iraq war and it didn’t fly then. It won’t fly now either. One of the sad facts of life given all those troublesome congressmen and senators is that a bunch of them are also lawyers. They know a legal problem when they see one and they had better defend the laws of the land first. Does the Bar Association ring a bell to anyone? It doesn't look good on your political resume that you changed the laws of the land to support any guilty or innocent parties.


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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Israel Asks for Muslim Troops?

This is a brilliant idea and an olive branch of a peace offering from Israel to its surrounding neighbors. With Israel having the guts to offer even such a proposal says a lot about their country and their intentions in the region. By no means is this offering from weakness or an inability to defend themselves. This olive branch is a genuine gesture for peace with its neighbors.

It tells the world that Israel wants peace rather than war. The details of where the Muslim troops come from can be worked out later but this is a remarkable start towards a legitimate cease fire and the savings of hundreds if not hundreds of thousands or even millions of innocent lives. (See my post over at the Gun Toting Liberal.)

JERUSALEM -- The Israeli government said Saturday it is asking friendly Muslim countries to contribute troops to the U.N. force that is to help police the cease-fire in southern Lebanon between Israel and Hezbollah.
The U.N. wants Muslim troops included to lend credibility in the region to what so far is a mostly European force, and the predominantly Islamic nations of Indonesia, Bangladesh and Malaysia have offered to participate.
But none of those recognize Israel, which says it would be reluctant to share intelligence with a force that included Muslim nations it doesn't have relations with. While Israel does not have any veto, its opposition to a country could influence which troops are included.
– Washington Post

Now it is up to Hezbollah to offer an olive branch of peace. The likely chance of that happening is slim but there is a remote possibility. They have to want to end the madness of war more than they want to have hate in their hearts.

I give Israel credit for even proposing it. Now let us see if Hezbollah has a clue as to recognize a peace offering or not? Should they agree that this is a genuine peace offering then the tension in at least one part of the Middle East will subside for a bit.

No matter what God you pray to, be you Christian, Hebrew or Muslim you need to do a little overtime on the prayers for this to have a chance.


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Friday, August 25, 2006

Race Relations in America

I don't know if I can talk on this subject objectively. One of my best friends is an African American transplanted to New England from the Carolinas. My wife is from Polish blood and I am from Irish blood but we are including my friend and his wife as out best of friends and they are our neighborhood family. Our kids sleep over there house as much as thier daughter sleeps over ours. We give them household needs when they are lacking and they return the favor when we are lacking. Friends do that for friends. There is no black or white in this friendship. We are just friends that have a unique appreciation for one another as just friends that I would never give up. Attack my friend then you are attacking me. That is my personal philosophy. I honestly find it sad that I even have to say that they are an African American family. We never thought there was a difference between people. They are and always will be just our friends.

I can honestly say that I love my friends V and K more than I do some of my own family members. I consider their daughter one of my own because she has been in and out of my home so much that I treat her just like my own children. Our children have been in and out of their home more than you can count. It's life happening in our little city in New England.

Listening to Randi Rhodes on Air America tonight she was off the wall on racism in America and I didn't see it in my little part of the world. She did make a point though, the right side of the isle has an issue with race. They may not say it but they do have an issue with race in our country.

She was asking her listeners to call in or email in how much race relations was a problem in your area. That is where I had an issue with her talking points. I got the message that she was pissed off at all the Republicans spouting of on off the cuff racist remarks but something was amiss with her broadcast. Her anger over the issue of race relations was overbearing and uncomforagle to me as an extreme liberal listener. She made me feel guilty for having the audacity of having not one but several African American friends. Randi stepped beyond the position that I am comfortable with politically with her tirade because she did not just stop at one people but she pushed the envelope of all nations. I never looked at my own friends as anything other than parents trying to raise a family. Why should I? We are in the same boat trying to raise five daughters.

The issue of race or racists comments has no place in America. We are one nation under GOD and that is all there is to it. I think that is what most of us believe one way or the other. Life is to short to start asking if people are afraid or willing to defend their neighbor and friend. I would think that my friend would defend me if someone spoke ill of my heritage and I will always do the same in kind. Racist comments no matter where they come from have no place in this great country.

America needs to know that we as a people united together is a greater force than the worst possible monster that could ever accost us. The war on terror will go the way of the war on drugs. It will fade into a distant past while our soldiers around the world fight on for a brighter future for the world.


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Terrorist boxes!

Did I ever tell you how much I hate moving. We are for the most part into the new place but still a ton of stuff to go... Boxes are my enemy. I hate to see them empty at the old house and I hate them even more when they are full at the new house. Empty or full I think we should declare them terrorists and call in the Marines to kill them all.

Finding new locations for your old junk is fun too. I actually moved a box from my old home that I packed when I moved from my previous two other homes over fifteen years ago! Don't even think about telling me if I haven't used it then chuck it. There be memories in that little tattered box. I'll just put it in the way back of the closet just like it was at all the other places. I think it likes dark stuffy spaces. I swear that I heard it purr when I put it ever so gently down....

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Stem Cell Break Through!

The news is out and medical research has found the way to harvest cells from an embryo without destroying the embryo. That in itself is amazing to me. Working on the cellular level and being able to do that is just amazing to my mind.

In the world as we know it the future of so many diseases that destroy young and elderly lives could be wiped out with the possibilities coming from stem cell research. I have to give cudos to the folks that were able to take one cell from an embryo and grow more stem cells from it without destroying the embryo. Simply boggles my mind.

The possibilities for medical science is now beyond anyones guess.

Sometimes God works in ways that just might piss of the folks that think they know him best. Stem Cell research is and will be the medical communities next frontier. Can you thank a researcher for doing what he or she loves? Thank you Mr. or Miss, or Mrs. Researcher. Your work is appreciated by many in so many ways.

Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's could be a thing of the past much like Polio or Small Pox. Grand parents can live to hold a grand child on thier knee and enjoy the love of life. Grand parents are an important part of young childrens lives and they should always be around for as long as they can.


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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Summary of GW Bush Legacy

My friend over at had this to say about current events. I tend to agree with him for the most part...

"Here's a president who wants to be remembered as a 21st century Harry S Truman. The major difference is that with Truman, he told you what he thought and he had a reputation for honesty. His greatest redemption was that he turned out to be right, and it was his credibility that made him remembered as one of the all time greats. President Bush doesn't have that. There have been too many staged moments, too many not quite truths, or truths from a certain point of view, or truths behind other errors, too many soundbites, too many poor decisions, too much infringement on people's liberties. In short, he's too late."

Americans much like the elder Bush President policies are tired of world politics for the most part from GW Bush as well. Bring the troops home. Take care of re-building New Orleans and Louisiana and Alabama and Missisipi instead of funneling hundreds of millions to nations that will just blow one another up tomorow. Thousand year wars is not a place for American troops. America and her people have to come first. Our business in Iraq was done when Saddam was captured. The rest of it is target practice for the insurgents and thier own civil war against our kids defending President Bush's terminology of democracy.

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Political Opinion and Debate

I'm having fun over at the Gun Toting Liberal posting my political opinions. The audience over there is huge compared to here but I like my own site as well. I give them my best stuff much like I do here but the comments over there are sometimes deep and personal. You have to have some tuff skin if you are blogging politics but it bothers me when folks take your article or opinion and label you as an idiot because you spoke your mind? Speaking your mind on how you feel on any issue is an amazing thing as an American. People can disagree with you and that is a good thing to happen. The issue is discussed and debated. The main objective is to talk about the issue and together we as Americans can come to a resolution on the issue. Name calling is not my thing. I prefer an open mind rather than casting anyone that does not agree with me to hell forever and a day.

Politics is all about the now, not history, not yesterday, it is about today and tomorow. The future of our nation is and will be based on what we have learned from our past and what we are willing to do to change it. Change is always a good thing. Sometimes you don't like it but it is just change.

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Still Moving the Family

We are still moving and life here is total chaos. Does it make me less of a man if I have to use the wife's deodorant because the box with mine is back at the old house? With all my daughters and the wife I have to make sacrafices during this move. I'd prefer not to stink out my co-workers with my BO during this very stressful time of our lives.

We can't take the dog with us whom is also male so I'm losing my male bonding buddy. That sucks on so many levels. I love my puppy boy Max. We asked a good friend of mine if he and his girlfriend could take him. They are seriously thinking about it. Keep my baby boy Max in your thoughts and prayers that we find him a good home.

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Gun Toting Liberal

A good friend of mine has an extremely well visited blog called the Gun Toting Liberal and he has graciously given me the opportunity to post on his blog. I'm not by far someone that can write as well as some of his other contributors but I'm giving it my best shot. Stop by and visit and wish me luck! Post a reply on the site too!!!

I'll be posting under my real name Matthew O'Keefe. Check it out and let me know what you think. I'm hoping that the exposure on the Gun Toting Liberal web site will help me to improve my writing and thus make my writing works all the better. Maybe even get a publisher or Literary agent to take on my book. We shall see.

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Politics and George Washington

I’ve made it a resolution of my life as an American to read up on our past Presidents and what America was to be. My first selection was a book written by Joseph J. Ellis titled His Excellency George Washington.

This book tries to get you into the head of who George Washington was but it doesn’t get you all the way there. The one thing I get from the book is that Washington never wanted the role he was chosen for but knew that there was no other person able to fill the role. He was much like many of us that just wanted to live his life but could afford to have principals for the greater good.

George Washington was a man of a very much complex mentality for his time. He was never a self proclaimed military guru but he knew what men and heart that he needed to win the battles he was to fight. He knew that he could not match on the open battlefield the British Regulars. He chose the military mentality of attrition against a greater foe. Fight with a vengeance and retreat with hope that you inflicted the most damage you could to fight yet another day.

The war for this great nations independence against the crown of England took its own toll on America because half of the population was for it and the other half against it. That is so true to this day. America hates a one party system but will fight against change because it may be different. Then again it is still America when the lights are shut off to go to bed.

Reality is that you have the rights and voice you do as an individual to vote for your government because one farmer from Virginia that became our first President thought that you should have that right. Government by the people of the people.

If General Washington of the Continental Army wanted to, he would have been the first American King. He didn’t and he couldn’t do it. America and what she had to offer was greater than he. Even King George III of England thought him to be a far greater man than any other before him. George Washington was the glue that kept the young American experiment of government alive because he was just a man with a purpose and that purpose was the birth of our great nation. Without him, it would have failed with disastrous result.

So now you have to ask yourself this. Where are the leaders of the United States like Washington?

I don’t honestly know that answer myself. We can only hope that they are on the horizon and asking us the same question.

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Bush Economy Booming!

President Bush today announced that the economy is doing great and projected timetables to pay down half the debt he built up will be ahead of schedule by one full year. His reasoning for this miraculous turnaround is that his tax cuts are feeding the nations economy? Someone please slap me upside the head. I must be just stupid! This story from the AP and on the Washington Post must be a lie too.

Today Ford Motor Company announced a shutdown of most of its North American plants due to bloated inventories and a continued plan to slash 25,000 to 30,000 jobs on top of that.

General Motors is feeling the love of the Bush economic boom and cutting 30,000 jobs. Apparently, the Presidents tax cuts are being spent on other things besides cars, trucks and SUV’s. This story of a collapsing economy from NPR must be a lie too!

I have to admit that I am not an economist but the reason the debt is being paid down faster is pretty simple to me. If you double the cost of a gallon of gasoline then the taxes taken in double as well? Let us just look at how much profit the oil industry is begrudgingly taking in. Record breaking corporate profits also follows record breaking corporate tax payments. DUH!

One thing to seriously point out is the profits that all these oil companies are admitting to are after tax profits. Things that make you go hmmmm?

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Republicans Attacking Palosi?

Just checking things out online and wandered over to the “Other Side” of Fox News and found this great piece by Susan Estrich. Susan is one of the token Democrats that they have over at Fox News and her credentials are pretty significant but not inspiring. She ran Mike Dukakis Presidential campaign a few years back against Bush senior. According to her piece the latest Republican tactic to get elected in North Carolina to the house is to advertise about Nancy Palosi? What? Far as I know Nancy Palosi is not from North Carolina? Nancy Palosi is big news for the Republicans and that leads you to think as Nancy does, they are desperate and out of ideas.

If this is from the Karl Rove play book to hold the house then it looks like the Democrats are going to overwhelmingly win the house and the senate. Something that I am hoping and praying for on a daily basis.

To be honest with you, I don’t think the Republican’s really know how badly they are going to get voted out. The Republican party is so out of touch with the American people that even Bill Frist thinks he has a chance at the Presidency in 08? Billy boy, umm if you were running for Howdy Doody look a like you would have a better chance.

One of the things that I am concerned about is voter fatigue on all the real issues. It is a given that even moderate Democrats and Republican’s are pissed at the current situation that the country is in and that rather than vote for a Democrat to fix the problem they just vote for a replacement Republican in key states such as North Carolina? Different person but the same red state theory which could invite even more disaster for our nation as a whole.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

K Street Prostitutes for Hire

In the capitol our great nation there is a street called K Street. That is where the prostitutes known as lobbyists hang out to be at the beck and call girl status of the highest bidder. It looks like to the girls down on K Street that the highest bidder is going to be the Democrats in the coming election.

K Street and its own houses of ill repute are hiring Democrats willing to sell their souls in an alarming rate according to this story in the Washington Post.

This is how the system really works. Send the money to the new coming power and hope to get your bidding done. Most of these lobbying companies represent the biggest companies in America and they don’t care who is in power and for what reason. Money talks and politicians love money. Here we go with the beginning of the sell out of America from the Democratic side. This might not be as painful as you would think but it is going to cost you some blood along the way. Big Business is important to America and her economy and you are just one little cog in that wheel. Shut the hell up and take what they tell you is good for you.

Do the math and figure it out for yourself. The tax on a gallon of gasoline at $1.50 is nothing compared to the tax at $4.00 a gallon. The haves and have nots will never be the same and the haves in fact have the nation by the short hairs and will never let go. Not as long as BP, or Exxon, or Shell, or pick any energy company has K Street on speed dial with a ton of cash.

Guess where that ton of cash came from.... Yup. You know the answer already. Welcome to American politics and how our once great nation works.

Things that make you go hmmmmm????

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Vacation and Foreclosure

We here at the house are in the process of moving and also on vacation this week. Post's may be intermitent and scattered.

Life here is rough with all that it has to throw at you. We are in the process of losing our home because of stupid financial decisions by yours truly for what ever reason there was. Rather than let the bank holding the mortgage tell us we have X amount of days to get out we are evacuating the premises on our own. That sounds sad and disheartened but we are looking at all the positive attributes to our given situation.

Renting saves us $700 a month and then we don't have to pay for water and sewer that comes to just about $500 a year. House insurance versus apartment insurance will save us $800 a year. All the expense of upkeep for an old house are gone too! To top it off our kids don't have to play on the street and will now have a huge yard to play in. A safe neighborhood and quiet end of the city to grow up in.

Don't get me wrong. It sucks losing your house to the bank but the alternative is far brighter for our five girls. Dad made some bad calls on the refinancing once too often but the banks took the risk as well. How the hell they looked at our situation and finances and said we could afford a $1700 mortgage is beyond me? How we managed to pay it for the last year or more is mind boggling but there was a lot of Macarroni and Cheese suppers.

We tried keeping up with it but you can only tap your 401K for so much before you have to face the facts. Two plus two for a paycheck is never going to equal ten no matter what the credit report says we can afford to pay for a mortgage. The new apartment is huge and it is a fresh start.

Basically, we are doing what we have to in order to survive in this nice financial world that has been handed to us. We can't declare bankruptcy to even save the house. According to them we make to much. Can't refinance with an interest only mortgage because our credit is shot with late payments everywhere you look on the credit report. We are in a catch 22 situation and that is fine.

The bank can have the walls that support the house but they will never have our home. That is something we are packing up in the last load to leave our former residence. I'll be sure to buckle the little ones in and the older girls will do their own seat belts. Home is where we make it. That is the future and I tend to like what it has to offer.

Home is wherever Mom and Dad are and the girls will be happy with that. Frankly, I'd rather have them raised with two less stressful parents than pay for some walls that just keep out the elements.

Back when I can...

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Monday, August 14, 2006

New Leaders for America

Life in this world of ours is not easy. People will forever be people and battles against one another will break out here and there over ideology or religion or even monetary policy. People as a whole will never change. History tells us that with every year that passes. The people with the most money will rule over the ones with the least. That is and has been the common sense of American politics since the Revolutionary War.

Even George Washington, our first President of the United States of America was looking out for his own interest by fighting the Revolution of America against the crown of England. He had more to lose if he did not fight for freedom and the end of England’s rule over the colonies. When the war started he could never turn back. He was committed to our nation and our ideas of liberty and justice for all.

Look at today’s leaders of our nation and it makes you wonder who they really care about? It isn’t you or I. There is no gain in thinking about the poor of our great nation when millions of dollars can flow into a campaign from the select few.

I read once that the politicians wanting the power to run our nation need not be concerned with the lower classes because they do not vote. That is something the nation needs to hear. Your opinion does not matter if you choose not to vote. They win, and your voice is silent if you choose not to vote.

Freedom from oppression has many faces and sometimes it comes in the form of your own government. You as a citizen have the right to vote. If you choose to ignore that right then you are forced to accept what they legislate as law.

Educate your children on the importance of voting. That is the first step on getting your voices and arguments pro or con known.

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Ireland and Israel Politics Comparison

Long ago in a generation twice removed in my own family were sons fighting against a cause they felt just and true. Uncles of my father fought for Israel and some of them never came home but others did and Israel never forgot them. Pensions for services rendered were paid.

My own Grandfather was supposedly an IRA member back in the old country but that is a tale past down generation to generation. How true I will never know for sure. The hate that he had for the English was so strong that even after he immigrated to America and married and raised two children to hate the English without question. Children learn hate faster than they do love. Hate is easier to express. Hate has its own way of getting into your blood and sticking to your bones. Love of life and just people takes a ton of work.

America is different. It took two generations in my own family in America for the hate of people of English descent to just simply fade away. My Grand Father hated them for deep personal reasons. My Father hated them less but still hated them for unknown personal reasons. That was a fact of life for him as much as the door to enter your home was a doorway. My own mother’s family had been here for over two hundred plus years so they disagreed with political parties and participated in the system to elect new leaders of America in our own state.

Ireland has changed over the years. The IRA is different today too. Learning that life long lesson is different than firing a gun at the ones you thought you hated. Politically, you can change life. It takes time and it takes a giant leap of faith which the Irish are truly blessed with. Time is kind and she lets it take what it takes to get the job done.

The world is the same all over. People will agree to disagree and sometimes you can not ever change that. Life goes on and if the best you can do is live under the missile attacks and hope to God that it does not hit your neighborhood then that is all you can do. Most of the people on the border of Israel and Lebanon accept that as an every day event anyway. The time has come to stop that for both sides of the border. Living in peace is not so hard to do.

It’s a little known fact that many of the people living in the entire region don’t care who their neighbor is next door. They just want to raise their families in peace. Much like in Northern Ireland they just want their children to grow old and be happy. Living in a war zone is hell on earth and nobody wants that for their children. Sometimes I wonder if it would be wiser to send the children of both sides to the diplomacy tables rather than the so called adults.

My message is this, sometimes you can’t wait a generation or two to let the hate go. Today is as good a day as the next to let it end. Time will tell if the current UN resolution will hold to keep the peace. I’m praying that it will. I’m pretty sure that my God is no different than the Jewish God or the Muslim God or whomever you are praying too.

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Terrorism and Politics

The Mini Publicans starting with good old Dick Cheney have started to throw rocks from inside the glass house that is American politics. Even Joe (I’m a Democrat today and an Independent now) Lieberman is on the band wagon. All of the rock throwers are pointing at the Democrats and saying that the party is limp wrested when it comes time to defending our nation from terrorist attacks.

Stop the presses! Is it just me or is this more politics than a stomach could take? Somebody pass me the Tums and if that doesn’t work I may need a Pepcid. Who the hell do all these talking suits think they are fooling? America has some serious issues to deal with and pointing the finger at anyone but themselves is a waste of time. America needs people to defend her from attack from any avenue possible and yet we have all these blow hards telling us whom is to blame for our lack of an attention span when it comes to terrorist attacks.

I’ve had it with people that are supposed to be the leaders of our nation telling us one thing but leaving out parts of the truth. Pick an issue or pick a side and they are both guilty of it. The truth is that all they are doing is padding their own seats and covering their asses for the sake of some form of power. Protecting the interests of those that put them in elected office is far greater than what the American people need from them. Pick a side of the isle and you can pretty much follow the money from there.

Our nation along with so many others could have lost thousands of lives this week if not for the intelligence networks of many nations working together for the common good. That should be the lead story in the papers and on the blogs. Instead we get the Democrats are against protecting America or the Republicans are willing to lock us all up for our own good and protection. Either way you look at it from either side of the isle, they blame us ultimately. Yup, your neighbor the Democrat is to blame for the attacks against America. Or is it the nice folks on the other side that are Republicans to blame for the attacks against America? All the folks in Washington are blaming everyone else and that frankly points to you and to me.

If either of my neighbor’s houses was on fire, I would rush in to save them and their children without question of personal injury to myself. Why would I do that for them? Because I am an American first and the fire that is terrorism doesn’t care what political party, race, religion or status in life you come from. All it knows that it has fuel to feed on.

How do you get Washington and the people that are supposed to represent us to see that?

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Cowards and Terrorists

How do you fight a war with terrorists? Being a civilized nation we can’t use the same tactics that they do? We can’t hijack a couple of planes and fly them into the tallest buildings in Iraq or Afghanistan? We can’t bomb their subways or trains? We can’t murder their loved ones in the name of God as they choose to claim? What are we as the ones being attacked by an invisible and faceless enemy to do?

I would think that you would start with interrogating the ones arrested in Great Britain today for as long as possible and then some more? I’ve never thought torture for information was right but this days events has me thinking twice on that very topic. If the government of Great Britain chooses to turn the detainees over to the United States and we happen to secretly fly them first class to some country that encourages torture then I might just be okay with that now.

If the reports are true and you do the math, close to or more than 3000 people of the world would have been killed over the Atlantic Ocean just because they were on an American owned and operated airline. This isn’t just American’s on these planes. These are people from all over the world from every nation under the sun. These aren’t just Christians or Jews or Buddhist’s or Hindu’s or Muslim’s or Arab’s and every religion the world has that fly these same airlines as well. The plan was to kill all these people regardless of race, religion, age, sex or add whatever classification you want. I'm asking one question. For what purpose? What form of logic makes you think that innocent people are in fact your military target?

The people that tried to pull this today were not humans in any sense of the word. These people are nameless and faceless cowards that don’t have the guts to be real men and face their enemy in battle. They are simple cowards that brag how they are martyrs before God while they kill innocent and defenseless woman and children while killing themselves as well.

“Not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists have been Muslim”. Jay Severin on a Boston radio show made that remark several years ago and somehow it seems to have some consistency to it and I don’t know why? I’m deliberately not providing a link under his name for personal reasons that are political.

How do you fight a war against an enemy that you can’t see? Is this the beginning of the third world war and basically religious martyrs against the world? How do you fight a war against a peaceful religion that has been hijacked by extremists? How do you fight the unknown in a civilized manner without killing the innocents by the hundreds of thousands in the process?

I have a thought but it would never happen because of the almighty dollar to be made in the region. Pull out. Get out and stay out. Pull all American interest in the entire region and keep it out. Drop our tools, leave the keys in the trucks, post a "Free" sign on the embassies and just leave. Just get the hell out and let them continue the fight on thier own over who killed who's goat five thousand years ago.

Anyone have a reply or comment I would really appreciate it….

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al-Qaida Attack Pre-empted!!!

With the twenty and counting arrest recently in London from the terrorists that were going to murder hundreds if not thousands of people pre-empted it makes me wonder what is next? Who is next in line to be attacked? Where will the cowards that call themselves Jihadist turn up next to kill the innocent?

There is so much about this whole damn war that I don’t think any one of us will ever understand. I can’t for the life of me understand why a child or even an adult would ever want to be a suicide bomber? Why would you want to get on an airplane and detonate a bomb at thirty thousand feet killing not only yourself but, all of the innocent people on that plane? What do they ever gain from it? The only answer that I can think of is Nothing!

The lack of logic behind it all does not compute on any level. For the lack of logic they are committing murder for the sake of what? If this is a holy war and that is pretty much what they say it is then whose side is God on? Can God even pick a side? If God could pick a side do you honestly think he’s going with the side that is killing innocent people?

A friend of mine and I have been talking this up going back and forth and trying to figure something out as far as all this insanity goes and I think he is right. We have tried peaceful resolutions, paid them off, rebuilt their entire countries and they still want to kill us. This is in fact may just be the third world war.

My sincere thanks to the hardworking folks in Great Britain’s law enforcement that were able to thwart what could have been the mass murder of far to many innocent lives.

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lieberman Vs. Lamont CT Race

Lieberman Vs. Lamont Race

10:27 PM Lamont leads by 52% to 48% for Lieberman according to CNN

The Democratic race for Senator between these two very distinguished gentlemen is over. Ned Lamont has won the primary race. I don’t have a dog in this race but then again I do as a Democrat. Senators not only represent the state they serve but they also represent the nation overall. The people of Connecticut have voted and the better candidate for the people of Connecticut has won the Democratic Party’s primary to elect a United States Senator.

I’ve been a Joe Lieberman fan and supporter for years and I appreciate all of the work that he has done not just for the people of Connecticut but for our nation. He has stood by his convictions and people have appreciated him for doing just that. The man has the honor and dignity to stand behind what he says. That is a rarity in our political world today. Unfortunately, the people have spoken from the Democratic Party in Connecticut and as the person on the ballot and running a clean campaign you have to accept it and move on. It was a close race and it was for the most part a clean race.

Major question is this for the Democratic Party; will Joe Lieberman bolt from the party to run as an Independent? He has made it clear that he would do so. Politically, I think it would be like screaming at the winds of change. The only outcome would be that a third party candidate would prove that the Democrats do not have a solid message to change the government. The selfish move of one man to try to hold his position in government would fraction the winds of change that are blowing so hard against the status quo.

Joe Lieberman the Democrat I will always respect and speak favorably on, the other Joe as an Independent? I can’t say much on that subject that is positive. Especially, since I voted for him as my Vice President Democratic candidate in the election stolen by the courts.

If Joe runs as an Independent Candidate for Senator from Connecticut I can not support him in that venue. That is the lesson learned from Florida and the Supreme Court in the Bush elections. Third parties steal away from the agenda that the Democratic Party is trying to get elected and the ability to change America.

Ralph Nader elected George Bush twice in key states and yet he is still screaming at the wind for change. DUHH? If Ralph registered as a Democrat the world would be a far safer place today.

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Mass a two sticks Governors Race

Mass a two sticks is a nickname I have given my state because we are so over taxed for our own protection that that is pretty much all you have left over on pay day. The Governors race is on and all the candidates are out and running for their lives for Governor Mitt Romney’s (R) corner office. Mass a two sticks has what you would call the Oxymoron Governors Race. Let me explain… We are one of the most Liberal states in the nation with Teddy Kennedy and John Kerry as our Senators and I don’t think I have to explain any further on being a liberal state given our Senators. As a state, we are pretty much all Democrats but we have what I would like to think our token Republicans. So why do we elect Republican Governors over and over again?

Here is the Why of that question. Checks and balances. I’ll vote for a Democrat State Rep. and a Democrat State Senator because that is pretty much the only choice on the ballot. Mind you I’m as liberal as you can get but then again I am an Irish Catholic father of five. Then I have to look at the dilemma of voting my check book and what is left over for Governor. Most Democrats in the state are very much aware of the citizens income tax reduction initiative that has been voted on twice and passed twice that has been repealed by the overwhelming Democrat led legislature twice. Mass a two sticks besides all of its liberal preferences is still an Old Yankee state. (No offense to die hard Red Sox Fans including my five daughters).

This is where the Moderate Democrats come into the equation. Moderate Democrats ensure that the state has checks and balances by voting for a Republican Governor. In prosperous times our legislature takes in the large amounts of revenue from an expanding economy and try’s its best to spend that and then some. They forget that from time to time things turn south for the winter and rather than cut programs they expand them and increase taxes on the citizens. To which the Governor has the ultimate veto and line item authority. Moderate Democrats are the true base of the Bay State.

Getting past that point, the Boston Globe staff reporter Cristina Silva had a confusing piece on Kerry Healy who is the Republican go to woman for the next Governor. I for one am leaning toward the Attorney General Tom Reilly but that topic is for another post on another day. I thought Healy was clear on her pro choice stance which is rare for a Republican but some folks have issue with her lack of replying to their questionnaires.

I usually don’t cover state or local politics but this election result could lead into what happens to our current Governor Mitt Romney in his bid for the Presidency in 2008. Interesting fact from the article on how he flip flopped on the abortion issue from his Governors race just a few years ago to say he isn't running for President but is running?

Things that make you go Hmmmm?


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Oil Pipeline Investigation...not!

Oil Pipeline investigation…not

Here we go again. The Wash. Post has this one covered... The worlds production of oil is not supporting the $100 per barrel that the industry was hoping to see before W is out of office so what were they to do? Hmmm, shut down 8% of the nations domestic production might do it? Timing is going to be critical so lets see when is a good time? When Congress goes home for the summer holiday would be good…

Everything in the news around the world and here at home is revolving around what the price of oil will do. The closer it gets to $100 per barrel the more secure the world will be. For a few people anyway? All the rest of us can just take it on the chin and pay the $6 per gallon at the pump and long for the days of $3 per gallon with fondness in our hearts.

Does anyone logically think that the 5-10 Billion in quarterly profit is going to come out of BP’s pocket to pay for the pipeline repair? Nope, bend over at the pump and leave your wallet just in case the Chairman of BP want’s to get a burger for lunch too!

One pipeline down means a free for all as far as price gouging goes for all the other oil companies. When Congress does get around to investigating this whole mess, I’m betting all of my pocket lint that they find the companies not liable and price gouging never happened.


****Gun Toting Liberal had some thoughts on this same topic.
"That’s right, I couldn’t make this up.

The Democrats are actually PISSED OFF because the drilling and pumping of oil in the “pristine Arctic winter wonderlands” of Alaska has been suspended, and the Democrats are DEMANDING answers…"
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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Anniversary of Hiroshima

Michael Linn Jones over at the Gun Toting Liberal inspired this post...

With all the turmoil in the world today we have days to remember like today. Today is the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima Japan that started the end of WWII. Three days from now will be the anniversary of the bombing of Nagasaki Japan. These days in history are to be remembered not because it ended a horrible war but what steps it took to end WWII. These days were forever destined to be recorded as the introduction to the world of the nuclear generations of people to come.

My own father served in the United States Navy as a medic in the Pacific attached to the Marines in WWII. He later served in the Korean War but stateside in Boston notifying medical persons that the government paid to educate that they were being activated for duty in Korea. He was given the Purple Heart for shrapnel that went through his leg on Iwo Jima. They patched him up and back he went. Something he never told any of his seven children. I was twenty three and the baby boy of the family and never knew that he was ever wounded in the war. We all knew that Dad served in WWII but we never heard him tell us directly about it.

In his later years he started to talk a bit more about what he experienced. How the medics and doctors and anyone with medical service training in the Pacific were gathered up immediately after the surrender of Japan. How they went in afterwards to help the people of Japan that needed medical care. What he saw he told me once made him sick to his stomach for days. After all the carnage he had seen just getting through the island hopping what he saw in Hiroshima was worse. Treating so many children and woman and the elderly for so many weeks and months swore him off a medical career forever.

How my father stayed even remotely normal after living through what he did and then was able to raise seven children is beyond my comprehension. When you have been to hell and back and seen what it has to offer it changes you.

This is the view from our side of the fence. How do you suppose the people of Japan see this day in history? Both sides are the only peoples of the world that know what a nuclear weapon can do and we should both be telling the world to never forget these days.

Directly over my entertainment center in my living room is our nations flag that draped my Dad's coffin. The day of his burial I was presented by two United States Navy sailors as part of the honor guard. I will never forget what he went through for his country and that is something that nobody can ever take away from him or me. God bless ya Dad and thank you for being my Dad...

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Peace in the Middle East

Some folks say that Peace in the Middle East is an oxymoron. Other folks say we should make it all a glass parking lot and let Israel nuke the whole place. Then there are the folks that say peace is possible if you have the right people talking at the forefront. The situation there is out of control and Israel may have bitten more off than they can chew. Sympathy for Israel defending itself was fine until they moved inland into Lebanon. That is occupation and defending yourself and overwhelming a country unable to defend itself are two different things.

Someone in the world has to step up to the podium and volunteer to be the broker for peace. The United States has a full plate and the current administration does not understand what true and lasting peace is all about. Our political nation no longer has the reputation of a peaceful loving people. The United Nations does not have the backbone to stand strong and force the peace with negotiations or peace talks. It will take a miracle just to get these two sides to even agree to meet to talk. It will take a person of enormous heart and knowledge to get both sides to sit down in the same room and talk.

I don’t know if the person or persons that could get the peace talks started exist but I do know that there are so many people that are willing to try. All that President Bush has to do is ask. That’s all that it takes. He won’t though. Israel and the confrontation with Hezbollah in Lebanon is taking his butt off of the front pages. Less ink for him in the press is always a good thing for him.

Getting these two sides to sit down and talk is going to be hard but that is the only way to end the madness of the differences between them. They need to talk, break bread and agree that the bread was good first. Moving on from there is the tricky part but it can be done.

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Friday, August 04, 2006

Israel and Reality

I completely understand the need for Israel to defend itself. I have no argument with that but I do have an argument for overkill. There was a report in the Washington Post today all about the overkill and it is all against Israel. Thirty farm workers were killed by one missile strike. Farm workers is just not listed in my dictionary any where close to the meaning of the word terrorist.

This is making me wonder if the government of Israel is going to far with this retaliation and effort to stop Hezbolla and its attacks against Israel. Could they be using overwhelming force without care to the innocent people that are just trying to live life day to day? I’m thinking that they are. The American media is starting to sway against Israel and focusing on the woman and children being killed. That is something Americans for the most part are strongly against no matter what the political situation is. Israel will loose American support if they continue to be blasted all over the news as killing innocent people. It doesn’t matter if the terrorists were amongst them when they launched the missiles towards Israel, the media will play the pictures of the dead mothers and babies that Israel’s bombs killed.

All of the media reports I’ve seen are talking about the innocent people caught up in this and Israel claming that they targeted missile launching points doesn’t cut it for me. Blindly firing rockets from thirty or forty miles away in such a densely populated country is going to kill too many innocent people. Israel needs to clearly state what their objective is in this conflict.

The need for a cease fire is growing larger by the day and the bombs Israel drops today is only feeding the aggression in the middle east against them. Tit for Tat is all that the mentality of the entire region knows. You killed my brother, I shall kill you sister. Wash, rinse repeat all over the place. Fifty years from now when I’m ninety three we will still have the same headlines across the media. All the while innocent people are dying on both sides for the sake of what? What is the root cause of all of this turmoil?

This situation needs serious statesman and serious world diplomats and thinkers. President Bush is out of the office for the next ten or so days so this will have to take a back burner status. He has some serious brush to clear or something like that down in Crawford Texas. One has to set your priorities.

Did it ever enter anyone in the Bush administration thoughts to ask any of the former Presidents to go on a diplomatic mission? Nahhhhhh. Bill Clinton was never about Middle East peace. George Senior was never about building relationships in the Middle East. Jimmy Carter was never about Middle East peace even given the Israel and Egypt peace treaty. Nope, sending Condi Rice in that has no playbook to speak of was the game plan. With us or against us mentality is not diplomacy in any sense of the word.

Don’t even think about telling me President Bush needs some time off. Being President of the United States is a twenty four and seven days a week job. You do not take time off as the leader of the free world. He wanted the job so bad and this is what it is. In two years he can clear all the brush he wants and the American people will thank him for it with a generous pension. Till then it is time to be the grown up in the world and talk peace and make both sides come to the table.

Is that so much to ask?

As President of the United States George Bush has no credibility around the world. Given that fact you would think that somebody in his staff would have told him to think outside of the box? With us or against us isn’t just for the terrorists! Peace in the world takes patience and a bit of deep thought. Not seeing that porch light on at the White House or in Crawford for that matter.


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November Rain and Politicians

I’m having a problem understanding politicians and how they think about us. Joe and Josephine Sixpack out here in America. All these elected leaders of the people must really think that we are stupid to the core. They played up the issues so much that you almost have to believe that they are almost sincere.

Most of us along with our 2.3 children follow the rules of the land and just do what is right. You see somebody drop a dollar bill and you pick it up for them and hand it back to them. You see somebody loaded with groceries and you open and hold the door for them. You see a wrong in your own little corner of the world and you give it your best shot to fix it.

This week we saw the Senate in all its gridlock glory load the political shotguns full of rock salt and fire away at the other side of the isle. Both sides of the isle were firing away at the other with so much political name calling ammo and rock salt that snow will never stick to the ground in our nation’s capitol for a thousand years.

The argument most of this week was to raise the minimum wage and to cut the estate tax. Two very distinctive issues that are in fact water and oil legislation at its political best. Two unique very well thought out ideas that if they stood alone there are good arguments pro and con. This week the real losers were the folks back home. This was about you but not what you thought it was really about.

These “elected” leaders have been setting us all up for the fall elections. Both sides of the isle are guilty of it and I honestly think that they believe that people back home will never catch on to the games they are playing out for the benefit of nobody else but themselves. All the bickering and sound bites coming out of the capitol this week and the past several months was not about the legislation at all. It was about talking points for the barrage of political commercials that are going to be on everyone’s radio and television this fall. It was and has been for months now all about the election in November.

Take a minute to look at what has been proposed the last few months. All of it was really important political base solidifying issues that will make fantastic political advertisements for the fall elections across the nation. It’s all about the thirty second sound bite. The Democrats voted against flag burning, the Republicans voted against Stem Cell research. The Democrats voted against raising the minimum wage. The Republicans voted for cutting more taxes on big (rich) families. Everything this Congress has voted on this year was all based on getting re-elected come November. Gas is still $3.00 a gallon but fighting against that doesn’t get you re-elected does it? Shinny object over here does.

Yup, more good bought and paid for government.


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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Gal South is Back

My friend and I hope she accepts that as such or someone that links here is back and ready to kick butt! Check out her site and mind your manners folks. She is in fact a Southern Gal stuck in the North so be on your best behavior.

The girl has an unbeliavable gift for writing what she feels and that is very different than writing what you think. Allright I have to explain this to my good friend the Gun Toting Liberal. He's down in the deep south in Alabama and sometimes the AC cuts out on him but he is good people in my book for life.

Gunny, she writes from grammas heart and knows the soul of people. She make you and I look like idiots in the written word and comprehension. That means understanding of what she said. Welcome her back to the blog world on your site or I'll tan your hide!!!

Hey, she might be able to fill that position for posters you might have...or not?

Break in the blog here....

Sorry to all my regular readers but you have to check out

The woman has life by the keyboards and knows how to squeeze the meaning out of it so that idiots like me say "holy crap"!

Welcome back Dee Dee...

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Best Friends

Sometimes in life you come along to meet a few people that you can say are your friend and then sometimes you come across some people or someone that is a good friend. Then you come across and pass to the next level to someone that is or has the potential to be a best friend for life. It depends on the circumstances that the friendship evolves on and what life deals the two of you and how as friends together solve life and all the challenges it makes you face.

It isn’t like falling in love where you try to find all the answers to your loves life? Friendship is different somehow? New best friends are even harder to understand but it makes you comfortable and happy and you can say or do whatever and its okay or they tell you to cut the crap. New best friends are the new conscience of your mind where as the old best friends are so familiar with your crap that they just look at it as the norm. Whatever you do is fine as long as you don’t puke on the dog again so to speak.

In the story of all of our lives we will all go through best friends from time to time and it isn’t that we have forgotten the best friend bond. It is that you as a person have moved on emotionally or physically or geographically. BUTT, big old hairy Butt, the bond you both relished never really leaves you from that best friend you knew once. Life has changed for you and for them. That is a force and fact of life that most of us do not have the choice to fight against but it will happen.

You graduate High School and move on. You graduate college and move on. You move from one house to another. You change jobs. You make choices for your own life that are important to you as and individual and your immediate friends accept it because they don’t have the tight bond with you as a person. Your close friends and people you call your neighbors will miss you and you them if you have to move. Your best friend and that relationship will never change no matter your location. Or for that matter your situation.

I’ve had situations in my life where my best friends have been out of the picture for years. They were going through tough times or moved away or whatever the circumstances. Picking up the phone and calling them brings back all the memories and today is yesterday. No time has passed. The bond lives on. The trust, the faith, the willing to do anything for them is still there. Why that bond survives so many years of absence I will never know but it just does. I am not an angel or someone that most people would call a friend or even a best friend but the ones I have been graced with over the years I have lived are still my best friends. You can’t take it away once you have it.

Your best friends of yesterday are never forgotten and never will be. That is humanity at its absolute best and I thank God for it. I also thank God for the new best friends I will meet in my travels and tribulations we all call life. Life is what we all make of it and finding new best friends is just one of the perks.

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

False Not the News Network - 8-2-06

False Not the News Network – Born on Date 8/2/06

Covering American Political Events While Intoxicated giving you the Fair and Tipsy facts…

Today President Bush recognized the nations need for relief given the heat wave of hundred plus temperatures and offered some Energy Tax reliefe to the nation. Effective tommorow the nation has an energy break on its electric bill to help keep the temps down. Temporary workers in Americas government offices will be banned from sucking up any air conditioned air. Surplus US Navy diver tanks will be placed at critical office entrances and temps will be forced to don the tanks. Government workers with extreme Southern accents will have to prove citezenship through a lengthy HLS process that may take months. President Bush was pleased to see half the nation not sweating as he signed the bill.

Expanding his immediate relief to the nations energy needs he is asking the Congress to pass overwhelming legislation to make air conditioning for whole houses and inground pools tax deductible for income earners over $1,000,000. The savings from this energy bill could be dumped back into the economy as immigrants from hot nations invade America with car wash and wax workers. During a brief White House open mic speech he had a few comments. “I’m glad that with this expanded energy saving bill that we can still creat jobs for our people, good paying jobs. Jobs that have to get done. And stuff like that. It’s all about jobs.”

In other news President Cheney… I mean Vice President Cheney was tackled by his secret service detail during a White House press conference. Full details are not available but inside sources tell us he saw a bee near the President and was risking his own life to kill it.

The Senate today passed a law on Oil Drilling in Coastal waters. Senator Kennedy of Mass. Was outraged as sixty oil rigs were raised overnight twenty feet from the Kennedy family compound in the waters off Hyannis, MA. Governor Mitt Romney was very displeased as he had strictly signed on for wind power on the Senators back stoop.

We will be back right after this commercial from our friends over at Haliburton… Feeding our troops for $12,095 each per day…

This just in... Iraq President Jalal Talabani said Wednesday that Iraqi forces will assume security duties for the whole country by hiring private security firms such as Wackenahut and Pinkertonson to take the place of American and coalition forces by January of 2007. Security Guards will have cell phones with speed dial settings to the police in New York city.

This post is a satire on daily events and it is sponsored by…YOU!
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Mel Gibson and Rabbi Marc Gellman

I have to say that News Week's Rabbi Marc Gellman has some seriously good points on this whole Mel Gibson crime against humanity. What Mel Gibson did frankly scares me. He is the father of a bunch of kids and he is out there being stupid. I for one can never say that his driving drunk is forgivable because it only takes one head on collision to destroy not just one family but many.

You see it to often in the news and in the papers on yet one more idiot thinking he or she can toss down a twelve pack at the bar and get behind the wheel. The lives effected after the fact are numerous and impossible to track. Basically, if you drink and drive you are an idiot in a three ton bomb looking for a target to hit. Mel Gibson was arrested for DUI and I'm sure now that he has time to think about it he is probably thanking God above that he was.

I honestly can't say that I have never gotten behind the wheel after just putting a drink down. I'm guilty too. I was younger and far more foolish and yes STUPID!

Getting to his racial comments, while intoxicated, I do have to say that most of us say some pretty idiotic stuff after we have been drinking. For most of us the press isn't always ten or twenty feet away listening to every word we say. I prefer to live by the words of Jesus at the stoning of Mary Magdelan. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Do I agree with Mel Gibsons racial insults? Hell NO! Drunks say idiotic things especially when they are about to be arrested for doing something they honestly know was stupid. Do I agree with Rabbi Marc Gellman, absolutely!

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Defining Marriage

A friend of mine at 4and20blackbirds was talking about "The Purpose of Marriage" on his blog the other day and I have to say that I have never seen the topic covered so well and with such clarity and dignity. I just had to put a link to it because as a liberal married father of five daughters I don't need the marriage between my wife and I defined by the government. I personally think that marriage should be defined by the two people that enter into the marriage. Marriage isn't something that should ever be entered into lightly. It is a life long commitment to one another.

I don't ever want my government or any political party telling me if my marriage is okay or "Illegal"! George Bush, Bill Frist and Deny Hastert have no business in peoples relationships or marriages. The only reason this topic is on the US Senate floor is to ram down the throats of the people more hate. We are full up Senator Frist. Find something else to pedal...

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Minimum Wage in Mass Raised to $8

The state of Mass a two sticks raised the minimum wage today to $8.00 an hour by 2008 over-riding a Mitt Romney veto of the bill. Mitt the millionaire Romney Republican Governor thought a quarter an hour increase to $6.75 and hour was a better idea. The Boston Globe has the full blown story.

This brings me to the thought about the States taking over more responsibilities where the Federal Government should be legislating. More and more states are passing laws that technically are in the jurisdiction of our Congress and Senate. That sends up a flare in my back yard so to speak.

Is our Federal Government so gridlocked that the States have to pass laws one by one? Every state is doing it on any given subject. The Fed’s vetoed Stem Cell Research Funding. California passed one of the largest state funded grant programs in the nation last year. Mass a two sticks passed a bill stating that gay marriage is infact legal. A ton of other states banned gay marriage. States are passing laws on their own and chucking the bird to the Federal Government. So why do we need the Congress or the Senate or the Supreme Court and the Constitution again?

So you have to ask yourself a question on what the Federal Government is actually doing for Joe Q. Public that all his or her (Joe is short for Josephine too) money is paying for in taxes? Granted the military is a given…. FEMA didn’t work so well during Katrina. The war in Iraq was pretty much paid for by a check from the US Treasury to Haliburton? This list could go on for pages after pages.

I say we run a state by state referendum to change the process and get rid of all these self serving special interest elected leaders of our Federal Government. Wait a second we do that already... November we vote the problem out and send in the new blood. One warning from Papamoka though, make sure you read the fine print of your choice candidates and always take what they say with a glass of water.

Things that make you go hmmmm???


This site sponsored by… YOU!
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Castro Still Not Dead on FNNN

False Not the News Network – Born on Date 8/1/06

Covering American Political Events While Intoxicated giving you the Fair and Tipsy facts…

Today’s top headline story is that Cuban leader Fidel Castro is still not dead. Power of the island communist nation was quietly ripped from his cold but not dead hands by his younger brother Raul. In a brief statement Raul Castro noted that the hubcaps on the 52’ Buick were his too!

Tony Snow from the White House pressroom confirmed that Castro is not dead as yet but he could definitely confirm that General Fransisco Franco of Spain was in fact still dead.

In Florida today Governor Jeb Bush met quietly with the US Coast Guard to go over plans for a mass evacuation of Cubans. Being very fond of the Cigars he wanted to make sure they didn’t get wet when he evacuated them all at once as soon as Castro is dead. Protestors waved signs stating that there are people in Cuba too.

This just in… Castro is still not dead.

In a related story rescue workers in Worcester, Mass. Raced to the scene of a small two seater aircraft that crashed in Rural Cemetery late this afternoon. The dead number over 300 so far but they expect that number to go much higher as they continue to dig through the night.

We will be back after this commercial break brought to you by Big Drug companies charging American’s a bundle while giving it away in Canada…

This FNNN broadcast has been bought and paid for by Bazzillionaire’s R Us and the Organization for Dumbing Down (ODD)

****For serious commentary and opinion on Castro still not dead we highly suggest The Gun Toting Liberal...

****The Washington Post has this story covered too...

****The New York Times has this story covered too...

****MSNBC and the Associated Press has this stroy covered too...
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