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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hastert and Palosi are Ticked Off!

Check out this from the Washington Post

Searching Congress is illegal? Hastert is ticked off, Nacy Palosi is ticked off.

Somebody has to tell me how this search of Representatives Jefferson’s office was illegal? The guy was caught on tape taking a bribe and they found ninety grand in his freezer at home so isn’t that probable cause? I’m not a lawyer or the Judge that signed the search warrant but seems valid to me.

Missing point in the Washington Post article was who sent these FBI agents to the judge for the warrant in the first place? That is where it gets kind of sticky and that I believe is why Nancy and Denis are so pissed.

My second question is why didn’t this same aggressive urgency apply to Duke C. with all the allegations of corruption and bribes that applied to him and his office on Capitol Hill?

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