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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Harry Reid on the Take?

I saw the bit on what the Mini Publicans tried to pin on the Dem’s today and especially Senator Harry Reid. Do they think that people are just stupid? They must because of all things they could have found they decided to go with the fact that the Senator and former BOXER accepted free tickets to a couple of boxing matches. Not that going to the fights was illegal or unethical but apparently the Senator was also working on legislation on gambling and boxing in of all places Nevada! He accepted the tickets within the rules allowed by the congress.

So does President Bush have Karl Rove in some back room going over every Dem’s gift lists and highlighting the questionable ones? I’d be willing to bet that Karl has the AP or Fox News on speed dial for the fax. This is what the Mini Publican strategy is going to be from now till the election. This Dem accepted this and that Dem accepted that. Karl is going to Bushafy (new terminology) the Dem’s gifts and campaign donations all over the press over and over and over. Karl is going to paint all of the leading Democrats as on the take just as bad if not worse as the Mini Publican’s. It will not matter that the entire story isn’t true. All that will matter is that the headline hits the front page. All that little Karl wants to see is the headline. Throw enough crap against the wall and something will stick. You have to ask yourself how many people will read the headlines and just the first paragraph?

It’s one of the oldest dirty tricks in politics there is. Check the papers and blogs and watch the headlines. I’m guessing that Karl is going to try and burn one new Democrat every week till November. Dem’s need to come up with a defense mechanism for this.
Just saying “Did not!” aint going to do it.


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