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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bush and the Phone...Gate?

I'm sitting here trying to remember what President Bush said when this whole wire tapping thing came up originally. Didn't he say something about it needs a court order or something like that. Didn't he also say something about they are only looking at calls coming into the United States and going out of the United States later? Didn't President Bush also say that members of Congress were notified before?

This is all so fuzzy to me because I'm trying to keep up with the Bushism's and what he likes to call protecting all of us Americans against terrorists. I'm glad that he is looking out for us but I honestly think he believes that he is above all laws no matter what the circumstances. I would hate to be the one to wake him up from his Napoleon Bonapart dream but somebody has to stand up to what he is doing from the Congress. What is the safe guard for a President that has lost his way? I don't think we will see the end of how far he will go any time soon. When the Congress gave him the authority to defend our country against terrorists they gave him a blank check to go on a shopping spree. Now is the time to take that authority back. Both sides of the isle see his intrusion into the data gathering of Americans is big brother at it's worst. What is next, is he going to be opening our mail? Doing the George Orwell thing and planting cameras in our homes? What is next?

I heard earlier today on the radio that they have in this database every single call from all of the customers of the companies that supplied the information. Bush claims they are not listening in to these calls but he also said months ago that they were not tapping Americans? Which statement is the truth? Which Bushism do you listen to?

This all starts with 9/11 and the horror of that day. Bush took it and ran with it. Point the countries aggressions outside of our borders and pound the message home repeatedly. Check his campaign style and it is the same. Find the message and repeat it over and over till the people believe it. Fear is a powerful human emotion. Then you put in place something that average law abiding folks would never have a problem with when "Terrorists" are out to get us all and call it the Patriot Act. Take away a few civil liberties here and there and let it bake at 350 degrees then raise the temperature to take away a few more civil liberties till golden brown. Let rest and tap the phone lines of all Americans and serve. No laws broken here. The Congress gave him the right to do it to us and we have a nice piece of cake that none of us should ever swallow.

You have to really think about it for a while to see the big picture. If the Congress gave him the authority to defend the country without stipulation then is he breaking the law? To that question I have no idea. I'm not a lawyer or a Republican. As a Democrat I say he has broken more laws than I could ever dream of but then again I'm just a blogger. The Republican AKA Mini Publican controlled Congress is never going to really go after him for any of this. It isn't in their own best interests to do so. You have to remember that they take care of their own. Karl Rove will never see a day in jail no matter what he is accussed of and the same goes for Scooter Libby. If Bush told them or ordered them to do it then they will all eventually walk away unscathed and held up high on the pedastal of the Mini Publican party. Presidential orders are followed with pride no matter the cost.

I honestly can't wait for the November elections. Clean Sweep! Both the Congress and the Senate are going to go a far swing to the Democrats and rightfully so. Enough is enough. It took Bush less than one term to wipe out all the good that President Bill Clinton did for the country and it will take decades to wipe the George W. Bush legacy from the face of this nation. History is all about what you did that made a difference in peoples lives. President Bush will only be remembered as the President that sold his nations trust to the highest bidder.


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