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Friday, May 12, 2006

Immigration and the Border

It's about time somebody started using some common sense about the border. Placing the National Guard on the border or the U.S. Army on the border should have been done years ago. Only till the border is vigorously patrolled and sealed can we as a nation seriously look at our immigration issues. Travel to Europe and every single nation over there has their troops on the border so why shouldn't we?

This whole scenario is much like a plumber trying to fix a leaky sink but never shuts the water off. Of course its going to continue to leak. Once the water is shut off then you can go about patching the sink or the drain or the pipes that are the source of the leak.

President Bush is going to address the nation Monday night around eight o-clock so I'm getting the VCR warmed up and dusted off. He is supposed to talk about immigration and a few other issues and I just want to be able to hit rewind when I catch a mis-truth. This should be good.

Personal note: Thanks to the folks over at Crooks and Liars for the links and of course to my friends over at the Gun-toting Liberal for the link.


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Blogger Gun-Toting Liberal said...

Hey, I sure appreciate the linkage. It should be interesting to hear what President Bush has to say about the illegal immigration issue on Monday. Until I hear what he has to say, I'm not too excited about the news, which seems to indicate he is only going to guard the southwestern border and not the rest of the southern border, and NONE of the norther border. We need ALL of our borders secured. Blog ON...

3:53 PM  

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