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Monday, May 15, 2006

Bush..Immigrants = Terrorists?

See the link above for the full text of President Bush speach on immigration tonight (5/15/06) on a couple of the networks.

I think I won the bet from earlier today on his linking immigrants to terrorists but I lost the bet on the number of times he said the word terrorist. One thing I did win was that my oldest sat with her Dad and watched it with me. Mom who is not political went to bed and my daughter and I talked about the speach when President Bush finished. What he did say and what he didn't say. You would be surprised the questions a fifteen year old can come up with and have her very political father be dumbfounded. Who said teenagers don't listen to thier parents? She's been listening to her Dad after all!

Okay so now we need to figure out what the spin doctors in the news and talk radio will be saying tommorow. I'm picturing alot of people saying that he really didn't say anything. Even his die hard supporters like The Factor and Uncle Bill are wavering on him. If there is a positive spin on the "Bush Immigration Plan" it will be on Fox News.

I can't wait to hear what Imus in the Morning has to say. That is going to be a great morning drive to work. It's kind of scarey when the only voice on talk radio you trust is a recovering Cocaine addict? Not that he is right all the time but the cranky old jerk just says what he thinks and does not care who is on the other end being interviewed. I pitty the Senators that are on the air with him tomorow.

I'm going to check out some of the blogs around the internet and see where the spin is going. One thing I do know is that our nations immigration issue had no answers from our nations leader tonight. Which should make you wonder if it was just President Bush putting his neck out for the rest of the Mini Publicans about to be slaughtered come November?


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