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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Republican Party Crumbles

The fallout for the Mini Publicans is coming fast. Of all things to happen the Congressional Ethics Committee woke up today after a couple of years doing the Rip Van Winkle thing. This is the committee that if one of our congressional folks pulls a no-no then these people send them for a time out. Well it turns out that while they were sleeping all hell broke loose and many a member lost their way. The leaders of men had looked the other way for so long that it became inevitable that many more would go astray.

I’m sure that we have all seen the email out there that comes around every couple of months or so listing how many crimes that have been committed by our elected leaders in the past. I believe that one started with the check writing scandal back years ago. I think the current crew has topped that old email and made the record unbreakable. Jack Abramoff was looking to get a gold medal for a few of our elected elite. If he was ever successful we will see down the road.

Saying that they all do it does not make it okay either. This whole thing about being in an elected office and thinking that you are above the laws of our land is wrong no matter how you paint it. The end result will never justify the means if you broke the law to get there. I heard this in a speech the other day about immigration from somebody important but I forget his name where he said that we are a nation of laws. Now is the time for those laws to apply to those in government that have broken them.

The Democrats had the full power of the Senate and the House for forty or more years before the Newt Gingrich “Contract with America” campaign that ripped the seats right out from under the Democratic Party. Were there scandals of this caliber before the Mini Publican's took over our capitol? I can't really recall any that would match this magnitude? What ever happened to Newt Gingrich anyway? Why was he cast out of office? He was cast out because he forgot why he was elected to begin with. He forgot the people that put him their. The voters.

There is a theory that I have been working on for some time regarding politics and politicians. Politicians are the worst kind of salesman there is. They will sell you a vacuum but deliver a broom because it serves the same purpose. We all know that they will say anything to get there but which ones really mean it? The answer to that one is beyond me. They all claim to have high values and speak to the constituents on what they want to hear during an election. That is how they get into the worlds most exclusive club. This is a club with benefits beyond belief because the members say that it should be so. All the while they pass laws that hurt the people that can least afford it and reward the people that paid for the campaign to get them elected.

Republican’s politicians today try to mirror the way of Ronald Reagan and his message to all the people. Granted, President Reagan had some serious issues but he knew how to tap into the hearts of the people. Reagan had his own ideology and core belief systems and that is what made him good for the country. He didn’t have to copy anyone else because he had his own voice and stump to shout from. Mini Publicans today are still playing off of his Presidency with bumper stickers of “Reagan, me too” mentality but without the personal belief to back it up. Once elected it seems like a dive for the feeding trough of special interests for the majority of them. What is in it for me mentality! That is where they lost the message of Ronald Reagan. Reagan had principles and core beliefs that he never wavered on or had to hide from. That was his most admirable trait. He was just Ronald Reagan.

So the ship in Washington, D.C. is sinking and now the Ethics Committee thinks that it should speak up. To damn late for that! Your day in the sun was about eighteen months ago. Go back to sleep. House Speaker Nancy Pilosi will wake you in November. By the way Mr. Congressman, this subpoena is for you, and you over there get one, and you and you and you and Dick this one has a gold sticker on it so this one is especially for you. The rest of you go stand in the corner till your voted out of office.


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