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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Major Breakthrough for a Newbie

Okay I'm stopping my whinning about people not reading and supporting this little hobbie of mine called Blogging. Today MSNBC/Newsweek linked to this site and I have to say thank you to them for doing that. Not that the rest of my links are not just as important but this totally caught me off guard. I'm what you would call a newbie at this and to have them think that my writing and thoughts on their article was worth linking is a big boost to this idiots ego. Trust me I'm just a regular idiot, not a supper idiot or medium idiot. I'm just a regular kind of guy.

I feel like one of those movie stars that just won an Oscar or something and I want to thank my Mom and Dad for always believing in me and of course my plumber, the guy that delivers the mail, the lady that lets me cut her off in traffic every morning, the local gas station that takes my money every couple of days, the supermarket cashier for her infectious smile and I could never forget my dog Max for always being my friend.

Enough is enough of that...


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